2007 Professional Edge Seminar

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 Jan 31st, 2007 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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PROFESSIONAL EDGE CHAT 1/31/07 sworrall: MuskieFIRST Welcomes Keith Terlinden of Professional Edge, Rod Builder Supreme, Lure builder, and accomplished angler…welcome, Keith! sworrall: Let the questions begin! Professional_Edge: glad to be here isworrall: Keith, let’s talk custom rods first sworrall: When did you begin building Muskie sticks? Professional_Edge: I have been building for several years locally Professional_Edge: this is a basement hobby out of control Professional_Edge: got to meet alot of great people on the way MN_Jackpot: Hey Keith what is the difference between Diamondback blanks versus the rest? Professional_Edge: Diamondback is sure one of the best Professional_Edge: Diamondback uses DGS graphite that allows for lighter weight and more strengthProfessional_Edge: I talked to st croix today about their tournament blank…really niceProfessional_Edge: they added an inside wrap that has beefed up the blank without adding weightsworrall: What brand rod blanks do you offer? Professional_Edge: I am building on St Croix, diamondback, and the edge seriessorenson: with the recent popularity of huge baits, will the rod blank industry be able to keep up and still allow for a ‘usable’ stick? Professional_Edge: I talked about that today with st croix Professional_Edge: the xxxh heavy is a monster stick Professional_Edge: soon it will have to be glass again Professional_Edge: 20 + ounces with the xxxh Professional_Edge: it has a good tip on it tooProfessional_Edge: I have built some sticks with the tarpon blank that Johnny turned me onto..that is really niceToof_Rivers: that edge rod sucker stick can handle ANY bait …Professional_Edge: toof river it sure can but does not have much tipToof_Rivers: for gliders…perfect rod though Johnny_Dadson: what is your favourite blank to build on? Professional_Edge: sure like the db best price and the best stickProfessional_Edge: tournament is nice but it is $300Professional_Edge: I like the edge series stick to Professional_Edge: kind of the reason I started to build so I could have a good stick at a good price…edge series is that lambeau: what’s the realistic length limit for rods made on the blanks you’re using? long rods are very popular recently. Professional_Edge: I can build a 9-6 on the tournament musky Professional_Edge: that is really long and I think that is the end of it Professional_Edge: we ready for a 10 footer? sworrall: Not me! snowdog: I’d buy a 9’6″! heck ya…sounds good Professional_Edge: diamondback I build to 9 feet…..that is what I used last year lambeau: how do the performance characteristics change on a 9 – 10 foot rod compared to a 7 – 8 foot rod of the same blank? Professional_Edge: the blank stays the same but I think the performance changes Professional_Edge: thats alot of rod in front of the reel seat MN_Jackpot: A 9Ft rod that seems awfully long . sorenson: does balance become a problem on the ultra-long rods? Professional_Edge: i think it does…..when does the fish get the advantage? Professional_Edge: I think it does over 9 feetMuskyMadness: Keith, for the price it seems the Edge Series is an awesome rod!!! What lenghts do you normally buid on those rods? Professional_Edge: edge series can be built to 8-4MN_Jackpot: Whats the difference between the Edge series and your Diamondback blanks? Professional_Edge: they are a awesome blank…do not let the price fool you Professional_Edge: edge only comes in one action and that is a medium heavy multi purpose MuskyMadness: I pick up an Edge Series at the Chicago Show, awesome rod and you can’t beat the price!!! Not much difference in the weight from the Diamondback is there Keith?Professional_Edge: not much at alltuffy1: Who makes the Edge blanks?Professional_Edge: edge series is an imported blanksworrall: Isn’t it true that some of the best graphite blanks are made overseas? Professional_Edge: you are right steve….diamondback is still made here but china has really changed the fishing market guest: how big is the fore grip on your rods, I like to hold in front of the reel Professional_Edge: any length…..it is a custom stick…you pick Toof_Rivers: Keith…are you able to put regular sized cork for those who dont want the oversized Professional_Edge: sure can…it is just harder when you extend a blank….base is really thick Slamr: Keith, what is average length of handle that you see custom ordered, and what comes on your “stock sticks” Professional_Edge: I build a 15 inch rear and a 5 inch foregrip Slamr: can you make up to 18 inches? Professional_Edge: you bet…right lambeau? lambeau: 18″ with the fat cork make an awesome fulcrum point for big figure 8’s…! Professional_Edge: it is my experience building that people spend the most on sticks but know the least about, that is why I take every order by phone Toof_Rivers: explain what ppl assume, and what they dont knowJohnny_Dadson: Which rods do you prefer to throw yourself? Professional_Edge: I throw the MH diamondack alot…but I throw the edge just as much MuskyMadness: Are there any “pros” that you build for? Professional_Edge: Pros? arent we all…hahhahahhah Professional_Edge: Mike Hulbert, Rob Kimm, Dan Craven, Jack Burns, Lambeau, Johnny Dadson Professional_Edge: Or is that going to far? lambeau: pro? yes, that’s going too far. Professional_Edge: no laughs out of johnny and lambeau? Johnny_Dadson: hahaha i’m dying over herelambeau: ‘I’m just a bill’, but i am extremely impressed by the Pro Edge Diamondbacks i’ve got. outstanding work on a great blank. MuskyMadness: I thought I saw something in In-FishermanProfessional_Edge: Robb Kimm wrote about me a couple years ago in in fisherman snowdog: what oz weight is the limit for a 9′ diamondback? Professional_Edge: up to 7 ounces on the heavy snowdog: Have you seen the musky innovations 9 footers and how do you think they compare to your DBs? Professional_Edge: I have not seen the MI sticks so I cannot comment Slamr: Keith, why/how do most customers break rods, and what can be done to prevent this? Professional_Edge: they do not take care of them Toof_Rivers: Keith, elaborate on why you take orders by phone? Professional_Edge: or try to do to much with it Slamr: “they do not take care of them” what does that mean? Professional_Edge: I get calls of people throwing pounders on my heavy DB. Not good.sorenson: any tips on proper care? Professional_Edge: do not drop them on the side of the boat Professional_Edge: it can cause a sore to start and get worse over time Griz619: Define a “sore” just a weak spot? sorenson: “sore” – any fix for that before it gets out of hand? Professional_Edge: it does cause a weak spotProfessional_Edge: everybody has breakage but I only had 2 last year Professional_Edge: that is the amazing thing with DBSlamr: two out of approximately how many rods? Professional_Edge: couple hundred last year sworrall: that’s allot of basement work, Keith. True Customs.lambeau: what are the various rod eye options you offer, and what are the advantages of each? Professional_Edge: I have changed to fuji as a standard guide Professional_Edge: there is silicon carbide and zirconium like you got, lambeaulambeau: what are the key differences?Professional_Edge: all guides can handle super lines Professional_Edge: zirconium is a harder metal and looks more attractive Professional_Edge: they are a really nice guide Professional_Edge: fuji is a good guide…i do not like their alconite guides though Toof_Rivers: whats wrong with alconite? Slamr: what is the best way to avoid the bending of the guides which causes the inner ring to come out? Professional_Edge: Which guide are you talking about slamr? Slamr: basically, any and all of mine seem to come out. about 5-6/yr. Professional_Edge: 5 or 6 guides a year? what kind are they do you know?Slamr: no clue what kind Slamr: i’m tough on rods, that i admit Toof_Rivers: and, when they come out, what is a good adhesive to reapply them? Professional_Edge: I do not put them back…i retie new ones in MuskyMadness: How long does it usually take to get an order finished if I wanted to order a few more Edge Series Rods?Professional_Edge: I am not sure how behind I have gottenProfessional_Edge: I know I have lots of work to do before Milwaukee in a couple weeks Professional_Edge: for those thinking custom…just remember custom can be a better price then over the counter MN_Jackpot: Are you going to be at the Blaine Expo?Professional_Edge: I will be in Blaine MN_Jackpot: I know that this chat is about rods,but how was your year up on Leech? Professional_Edge: leech was awesome…just love that lake Professional_Edge: nobody goes there anymore sworrall: Funny how folks forget the source of the Leech Lake fish, isn’t it? Griz619: That’s fine as far as I’m concerned Professional_Edge: it really is steve Professional_Edge: leech is the true musky lake Professional_Edge: one piece of advice……foot of waterlambeau: can you tell us about your new lure, the Krook? Professional_Edge: I think the book will be written on the Krook during the year Professional_Edge: I know what it did for me last year MuskyMadness: Your new double 10’s Krook looks to be a buldging maching!!!! Can’t wait! Professional_Edge: the Krook will sure be a different topwater bait for 07 Professional_Edge: It seems like I am bragging when I talk about it…i hate that lambeau: tell us about the concept and how it works. Professional_Edge: I would say look at the video sworrall: Not to worry, Keith, that is a unique bait sworrall: Brag, please, that thing will catch fish Professional_Edge: Rollie and Helen’s ordered a bunch Professional_Edge: I cannot wait to throw it in the tank in Milwaukee Griz619: Yeah but if you miss, I will have to laugh Professional_Edge: the double 10 is going to amaze peopleJohnny_Dadson: how does it feel to have guys like Jack Burns say how impressed they are with your baits? Professional_Edge: I sure was happy he liked it because if he didnt he would let me knowlambeau: so how’d you come up with the idea of the Krook? Professional_Edge: fishing a foot of water Professional_Edge: how to keep a bait high in the water without speed Professional_Edge: I did several different kinds including a bobber Professional_Edge: I caught a nice fish on that one but all the cork was on the water when I got the fish in the bag sworrall: that lure will shine on the Goon and some of the river/reservoir lakes I fish Professional_Edge: the wood allows it to float and bulge sworrall: I got a kick out of how the bait sits at rest Professional_Edge: i am told there is another style on the way….first knockoff….that is why the Krook Professional_Edge: i have a bunch more colors coming Professional_Edge: the first 150 are gone lambeau: people will seek out the original – this will get a lot of time on the water this year and the pictures will pour in! Professional_Edge: I have another 120 for Milwaukee and I hope a bunch for blaine Johnny_Dadson: so nice to see true innovation.. MuskyMadness: Do those come with one or two hooks? Professional_Edge: one hook…if I use two it interfers with the blade Professional_Edge: at slow speed that is Professional_Edge: i think there will be alot said about this bait this year MN_Jackpot: Hey Keith you use Cortland line. I was using Masterbraid line and really like it but it faded a bit did you ever notice this?Professional_Edge: there is a small amount of fad in bronzeback but it still holds upSlamr: does line fade affect line strength/durability? Professional_Edge: I do not think so…I rotate my line every yearGriz619: Keith, What is the approximate diameter Equivalent for the 130 MBProfessional_Edge: about 25 lb monolambeau: can you tell us some more about the Cortland line? what are the advantages of Masterbraid/Bronzeback?Toof_Rivers: is it a LOT different than cortlands spectron? Professional_Edge: line is almost the same but the waterproof agentProfessional_Edge: the cortland line has a waterproof element that is put in the line Professional_Edge: unlike some others that comes off when you put it on Professional_Edge: more weaves per inch Professional_Edge: and the best part is it stays round on the reel Professional_Edge: it is really good stuff sorenson: what is the advantage of staying round? Professional_Edge: it does not dig in the reel as much during back lashes lambeau: what rods in your lineup do you suggest for trolling applications, or do you focus on casting rods? Professional_Edge: I do not do much trolling stuff…I tell folks to save their money buy a ugly stick and get a good casting rod…right kurt? Professional_Edge: dougj has approached us to look at trolling sticks…they are in the works kurtg: Glass? lambeau: what blanks are you considering for those? Professional_Edge: glass graphite mix…kind like the tarpon rod Johnny D turned me onto…nice blanks Professional_Edge: cortland is going to make their own…might be a mid year addition Professional_Edge: when my site is complete it is going to have a message board where I will post products all the time sworrall: How would one reach you to order a rod, or line, or a Krook or 10? Professional_Edge: best is by phone…612-802-4629…my current email is [email protected] but that is going to change soonProfessional_Edge: I will offer show specials on this site until the end of the blaine show MuskyMadness: any idea when your new site will be done? Professional_Edge: it is getting close lambeau: we’ll update contact info on MuskieFirst as it becomes available/changes! Professional_Edge: It will be really nice when it is done Professional_Edge: my current site is really old Professional_Edge: so much has changed since that was done sworrall: I’m looking at the front page now, it looks goodProfessional_Edge: I saw that steve…it will be really nice Professional_Edge: The new site will allow me to change info as we go lambeau: about how much time goes into one rod? Professional_Edge: I would say 2 hours or so Professional_Edge: I have really been pumping them out the last month Professional_Edge: I build when my kids are in school and them become dad when they get home Johnny_Dadson: can anything be done about the shipping issues for longer rods? Professional_Edge: make a two piece Toof_Rivers: what do you need longer rods for D? your figure 8’s? Professional_Edge: I am really working on it…shipping is the bad part…that is why I deliver so many to shows Professional_Edge: I do not do much thread art Professional_Edge: I do but I do not advertise it Professional_Edge: I like building fishing rodslambeau: how did you get interested in building rods in the first place? Professional_Edge: I am a fishing nut and did not like what manufactored sticks offered Professional_Edge: for those that have ordered custom you know what I am saying Professional_Edge: better cork…guides…length of cork….thread color tyee: What is your ideal bucktail rod? Professional_Edge: the 8-6 MH Diamondback or the M DB…. Professional_Edge: depends on size of bait lambeau: the medium action is a dream for “normal” bucktails and inline topwaters. Professional_Edge: or the 8-6 two piece DB…I throw that one a bunch Professional_Edge: I am currently out of that blanktyee: and jerk bait rod like a 6″ jake?Professional_Edge: DB heavy or jerkbait stick…depends if you like tip bend Professional_Edge: I do not so I throw a 7-10 jerkbait rod Professional_Edge: the db jerkbait does have tip bend unlike others Professional_Edge: the heavy is the best all around blank…it can throw everything Professional_Edge: after folks have that one I try and match to a specific bait they are throwing MuskyMadness: Last year I used an 8 foot diamondback for every lure. Definately a great all purpose rod Professional_Edge: it sure is a nice stick Professional_Edge: I think DB has something nobody else has Professional_Edge: little weight and tough sworrall: Another hour has passed us quicky by, Keith, MuskieFIRST thanks you! Professional_Edge: I would like to thank you guys Professional_Edge: I appreciate the time….I hope I can offer your site some information on sticks Professional_Edge: and now a bait lambeau: you’ve done a ton – it’s much appreciated. Professional_Edge: stop by in Milwaukee and Blaine sworrall: Thanks again, sir lambeau: contact info one more time…? sworrall: and your ice rod ROCKS!!!!! Professional_Edge: 612-802-4629 or [email protected] Professional_Edge: anytime…..just leave a number I can call back if I do not answer

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