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 Feb 9th, 2005 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Steve_Worrall: MuskieFIRST welcomes premier Wisconsin Guide and bait builder, Madison Chain Expert…Lee Tauchen! Slamr: Lee, can you tell us just a bit about your home waters, the Madtown chain? Lee_Tauchen: metro fishing at it’s finest, algae weeds and pleasure boating Badfish: Lee – best time of sumer to fish? (month) Badfish: summer Esoxalot: Lee, do you have a website? Lee_Tauchen: last year aug, normally july when panfish suspend tuffdaddy: How is the trolling bite out there? Badfish: decent trolling bit? Netman: Lee What lake of the chain will produce the big fish? Lee_Tauchen: not yet , soon will be leelures.com dog_fish_don: Lee, best spring time water on madison chain along with bait Lee_Tauchen: trolling is great when panfish suspend Snowcrest_6: best topwater action is when/where? Lee_Tauchen: waubesa and figure 8 spinnerbait tuffdaddy: bigger baits, or smaller to mimmic the panfish? (Pewaukee style) Lee_Tauchen: late may -mid june Lee_Tauchen: doesn’t seem to matter, based on activity Slamr: explain based on activity if you can Lee_Tauchen: active fish larger baits, less active smaller baits Lee_Tauchen: best trolling bait, firetiger little ernie ESOX_Maniac: Lee- what’s your favorite time of year for big fish? Slamr: how do you judge that? based on patterns from weeks past, or just day to day? Lee_Tauchen: turnover ESOX_Maniac: spring-summer-fall ESOX_Maniac: so fall turnover? muskyboy: What’s the biggest fish. length, weight to come out of the Mad Chain? Lee_Tauchen: day by day or hour by hour Lee_Tauchen: yes fall Lee_Tauchen: i helped a bass head relesse a 49.5 last season Slamr: Lee, can you tell us general patterns (somewhere to start) for what you see in Spring, then Summer, then Fall on the Madtown chain? muskyboy: wow, sweet ESOX_Maniac: Nice- alway great to help a fellow fisherman. Steve_Worrall: Is there a lake on the system you prefer for action? Lee_Tauchen: waubesa through first week june, then monona till july, then troll waubesa when panfish suspend, then go to canada or minn bullhead_bob: Why do you think the big name tuornaments didn’t come to madison last year Lee_Tauchen: Waubesa seems to be easier to catch, momona has the bigger fish ESOX_Maniac: Is Wabesa a clear lake? – it seems ToddM mentioned that it was really clear in the spring? Lee_Tauchen: because the city doesnt’give any money or recognition Lee_Tauchen: Waubesa is clear until mid june Netman: Lee is Wabesa a low light bite? bullhead_bob: favorite color solection on waubesa bullhead_bob: selection Lee_Tauchen: not once you have an algae bloom Lee_Tauchen: fire tiger or black/gold spinnerbaits Esoxalot: Do you use spinnerbaits often? Lee_Tauchen: very often, but a lot of surface too Phil_Drupp: Do you find that carp colors do well on the mad chain? Esoxalot: What do you like to use on surface? muskyboy: Like the Chopper? Slamr: do you reserve using the topwaters for more low light conditions? Badfish: love those carp Lee_Tauchen: i like to use white baits also to immitate sheephead Steve_Worrall: a bit slower, guys, let him catch up Netman: White spinner or soft bait? chuckls: Lee, was in Rollies yesterday. Jay showed me your baits, NICE!! Lee_Tauchen: surface I like to use chopper, h2o, Lee_Tauchen: thanks chuckles muskyboy: What do you think of the H2O Recon? Lee_Tauchen: not familiar? Lee_Tauchen: what is it bullhead_bob: ]do you jig fish waubesa at all muskyboy: Brand new topwater Lee_Tauchen: jig fish…ahhhhh not so much Lee_Tauchen: not heard of it sorry chuckls: The Recon, walk the dog bait? Steve_Worrall: we need to get out in the boat out there, Lee… Lee_Tauchen: yes we do Slamr: Lee, for the beginner on the Madison Chain, what do you suggest to start on the Madison Chain (along with hiring you as a guide) Lee_Tauchen: I have a great walk the dog called the Fish Stick Lee_Tauchen: check it out chuckls: Saw it Lee_Tauchen: Hire me chuckls: looks good Lee_Tauchen: heehehe Lee_Tauchen: Beginner: start on wingra for action chuckls: Lee, how much glide is there on the Stick? Lee_Tauchen: Then Wauby ESOX_Maniac: Ok- Lee, when not fishing the Mad Chain – where do you head? Lee_Tauchen: as little as you want, will stay in one place if you want Lee_Tauchen: basically it is a 3 hoook jackpot Lee_Tauchen: Lac Seul, Eagle, Mille lacs Slamr: wingra is somewhat small, but you can tell us what do look for on Waubesa (at least on the map) as to where to get started? Steve_Jonesi: COOL esoxmn: Is it heavier? chuckls: Lee, you need to show Jay how to catch fish. He is having trouble in Minocqua. LOL Lee_Tauchen: Waubesa, Hog Island, Rock Pile of christys and the south end is good bullhead_bob: lee are there certain water temps you look for to determine where you start on the chain . Can you tell us what temp makes you go shallow verses deep Lee_Tauchen: yes it’s heavier Netman: Lee do you fish the Milwaukee area. Pewaukee Oconomowoc Okauchee? Lee_Tauchen: Find the warmest water in the spring ESOX_Maniac: Lee- is //19 Phil_Drupp: Is the river fishable between any of the lakes or below kegonsa for musky? Lee_Tauchen: any temp under 75 I fish shallow Lee_Tauchen: No on milwaukee area bullhead_bob: what about mud lake ESOX_Maniac: shallow is? Lee_Tauchen: Phil : wouldn’t waste your time except opening week, but alot of lookers Lee_Tauchen: Mud Lake, good early but I don’t spend my time there Steve_Jonesi: yeah man Lee_Tauchen: Esox Maniac: 5 or under Lee_Tauchen: fyi, Lee is now dictating! ESOX_Maniac: Lee- what’s your favorite spring bait/presentation? Lee_Tauchen: Esox: twitchin 6″ jakes, figure 8 spinner baits, small ones, and Fish Sticks ESOX_Maniac: thx Slamr: Lee, tell us a bit about how you approach Eagle, and what sections you fish Lee_Tauchen: keep em comin Lee_Tauchen: Eagle: based out of Herbies, love fishing the rocks in the western arm muskyboy: And your Lac Seul experiences, where do you fish and how have you done? Lee_Tauchen: From Hudson to Perch Ripple area Lee_Tauchen: The fish are everywhere, hrjohnny: For all the lakes you fish…the one bait you would take? Slamr: on Eagle, what are you throwing and what time of year are you there? and why….. Lee_Tauchen: I usually fish under 4 feet of water for Lac Seul.. Lee_Tauchen: One bait, spiinnerbait Snowcrest_6: color? Lee_Tauchen: Eagle: mainly fall, mag dawgs, in golden shiner custom Lee_Tauchen: Spinnerbait, white orange blades bender: In early spring which of the Madison lakes would you concentrate on? Lee_Tauchen: Early spring , waubesa ESOX_Maniac: brand?store? price? sorry I couldn’t resist! //11 Lee_Tauchen: Spinnerbait, I use the Figure 8 spinnerbait alot bullhead_bob: what is your favorite way to present a spinner bait , burn, slow roll? Donkey: Lee, can you avoid the pleasureboaters on the Madison chain in the summer….times, or places….and still get to chase muskies in relative peace? Lee_Tauchen: bullhead, spinnerbait, burned as fAST as i can reel with the 7000 big game bullhead_bob: even in spring Snowcrest_6: ever troll spinnerbaits? Lee_Tauchen: donkey: pleasureboaters are bad on weekends and some evenings Lee_Tauchen: bullhead: if fish are moving yes, even in spring SuzQwral: Lee, do you use heavy gear with the spinnerbaits? Lee_Tauchen: snowcrest: no, but i should bullhead_bob: ever see some nice eye candy on the chain,lol Slamr: do you TARGET pike, or just catch them while going after Muskies? bender: What hours would you perfer to fish in early spring? Lee_Tauchen: Suz: 8’6″ All Star x heavy with big game 700 HSN ESOX_Maniac: Lee- How do you rate the Mad Chain for Muskies 1-.> 10 scale? Lee_Tauchen: Slamr: I go to mendota strictly for pike in the fall Steve_Jonesi: Tiller or console? Phil_Drupp: Is there a good open water trolling bite on the chain? Lee_Tauchen: bender : last 4 hours of the day Lee_Tauchen: Esox: action : 10, size : 5 Lee_Tauchen: TILLER tuffdaddy: why tiller? Lee_Tauchen: Phil: yes when panfish suspend july/aug ESOX_Maniac: cool beans! Steve_Jonesi: BOAT CONTROL? Lee_Tauchen: Tuffdaddy, Room, trolling, open space 2Rodknocker: Just do it Jonesi Steve_Jonesi: I DUNNO Lee_Tauchen: I run the boat from the back so I use both front/back trolling motors at once bender: What colors do you recommend for the Madison lakes, in jerk baits, crank baits and spinner baits? Plitz___: how rough does the water get out there? Steve_Jonesi: NICE Slamr: do you incorporate live bait into your presentation in the fall, or even early spring? why and how? tuffdaddy: what boat do you run? ESOX_Maniac: they eat panfish- SHHhhhhhhh! //2 Lee_Tauchen: bender: jerks: walleye, spinnerbaits, white, cranks perch Lee_Tauchen: plitz, ROUGH at times Plitz___: I have a 14′ Lee_Tauchen: Slamr: fall yes, cuz it works, sometimes! 1 over the side, 1 back on a float Lee_Tauchen: TD: this season I will have a new 618 tiller Plitz___: Would I get thrown around pretty good out there? Slamr: what rigging do you use on your suckers? Lee_Tauchen: plitz: depends on your boat ESOX_Maniac: Lee that sound like great way to control the boat -what brand trollers are u using? Lee_Tauchen: rigging: my own quick set rig i make Lee_Tauchen: Esox: minn kota Esoxalot: Is there anywhere on the web to buy or view the lures you make? bullhead_bob: are there any local tournaments on the chain for muskie this year ESOX_Maniac: are they networked? -> one control? Willy: when does the topwater bite start on the madison chain? Lee_Tauchen: Smokeyes carries a few Choppers, H20’s. Rollies will have everything at MKE, and their new catalog Lee_Tauchen: Esox, No ESOX_Maniac: thx muskyboy: Tell us about the Chopper, sweet bait as scene on Badfish II Lee_Tauchen: Willy: really gets going 3rd week of may til the weeds get too bad Lee_Tauchen: Muskyboy: the loudest, most durable, bite sized, revised version of the Le Lure Thumper Plitz___: any pics? Slamr: how shallow are you throwing your topwaters? Lee_Tauchen: slamr: as deep as 14″ muskyboy: Yes Frenchy baits rule and I say you at the Capital Cities presentation with Chad and Frenchy as guest Lee_Tauchen: 14 feet Steve_Worrall: Lee, I saw at the Madison Muskie School last year that you use 8’PLUS rods, is that all the time, and why? Lee_Tauchen: SW: castability, boat side, and forgiveness Lee_Tauchen: all but 7’6″ for jerks and Fish Sticks Steve_Worrall: thanks Lee_Tauchen: I even use a 9 footer !! for Bulldawgs, and cranks etc rob: easier figure 8’s? Steve_Worrall: If one wanted to hire you, how can you be reached for booking? Lee_Tauchen: Rob: yes, you don’t have to lean Slamr: when you read a map for the first time, on a new lake, what are you generally looking for? Lee_Tauchen: Call me at 608-276-0177 ESOX_Maniac: excellent answer! Lee_Tauchen: points, neck downs, areas of possible current Lee_Tauchen: and ROCK, i like rocks ESOX_Maniac: too both questions. Steve_Worrall: What brand rods do you recommend? rob: Lee, do you know any Muskie Lake in Michigan besides St. Clair? tuffdaddy: is there alot of current on the chain? Outside of the channels Lee_Tauchen: The name of my surface baits are Lee Lures: Water Chopper, Top H20, Fish Stick, Whopper Popper Lee_Tauchen: Rods: currently use All Star but unclear of company status ESOX_Maniac: Lee- seriously- what’s your favorite reel? Lee_Tauchen: Rob: no Lee_Tauchen: TD: just wind current Lee_Tauchen: IE Dick Pearson Lee_Tauchen: Esox: Daiwa Millionaire for all around, otherwise Big Game 7000 Phil_Drupp: People are now having to sort for keeper panfish on the madison chain, something as a kid, never happened. Are people up there pointing to the musky or the pressure for the reason? Lee_Tauchen: Phil: panfishermen point to musky, they are living the lie Slamr: explain what that means Phil_Drupp: that is what i thought, that stinks Lee_Tauchen: sorting due to panfish explosion rob: Isn’t that usually a sign of a LACK of predators? Lee_Tauchen: usually but not in this case Lee_Tauchen: the chain with it’s fertility supports amazing numbers of pannies muskyboy: Lee how much fun did you have doing that Next Bite episode that just aired? Lee_Tauchen: MB: can’t wait to do the next one!!! 2Rodknocker: I got booted for bit, what rods do you recommend? Lee_Tauchen: any comments on the Next Bite from you guys? Snowcrest_6: pete needs a haircut Lee_Tauchen: 2Rod: I use All STars but status of company is unclear Steve_Worrall: Great show, Lee rob: wish I could get it! Lee_Tauchen: So do I’ve been told Phil_Drupp: Great show tuffdaddy: how do you think the 45″ size limit is going to effect the population? I would think with the bigger water, it should do well Esoxalot: Next Bite is great-mainly musky. Steve_Worrall: don’t listen to that, my hair fell out Steve_Jonesi: Lee, your favorite Minnesota waters and will you be guiding there this year Slamr: other than panfish and sheeps head, what are the Muskies/Pike on the Madison chain foraging on? Steve_Worrall: wish now I could have it long again Lee_Tauchen: TD: don’t think it will do much people weren’t keeping them anyway overall but size will get better due to years of stocking ESOX_Maniac: No – it’s a sign of overharvest- 1 36″ muskie can’t eat 25 panfish, yet 10 guy’s take 250 home. Multiply the greed. Soon they are sorting. ESOX_Maniac: Sorry slamr! Lee_Tauchen: Jonesi: millelacs, and i’ll be there july to nov. Steve_Jonesi: See ya there! Lee_Tauchen: Slamr: bullheads Snowcrest_6: lee – what’s your favorite tactic on Mille Lacs and which area do you prefer? ESOX_Maniac: black has to be good color? Steve_Worrall: That surprises some folks, Muskie LOVE bullheads muskyboy: No kidding! rob: somebody’s gotta love em Steve_Jonesi: Got any red dawgs???LMAO 2Rodknocker: great live bait, they dont die…ever Lee_Tauchen: Mille Lacs, mag dawgs, during tullibee spawn, area: garrison, 3 mile, Hennipin Phil_Drupp: bullheads on the mad chain are not small ESOX_Maniac: blach w/ yellow belly or white belly? zb tells you: remind me to call mona tomorrow to check on our stuff Lee_Tauchen: Have Red Dawgs will cast Steve_Jonesi: You bet Slamr: why red on Mille Lacs? Lee_Tauchen: don’t use black Lee_Tauchen: Seems to work best on ML Slamr: any idea why? tuffdaddy: it’s purddy Lee_Tauchen: because it’s very visible to stupid large fish ESOX_Maniac: Looks black Lee_Tauchen: Don’t need suckers there 2Rodknocker: Lee ever spend any time fishing the Southern waters of the range Lee_Tauchen: Kinkaid, Shelbyville only, not Cave Run Esoxalot: Ever fish Vermillion in MN? ESOX_Maniac: Lee- how much has electronics changed the way you fish? Plitz___: Are you in the bad fish vid.? if so was in in madison. Lee_Tauchen: no Vermillion Slamr: how do you approach southern waters differently than Madison Phil_Drupp: are the small lakes connected to mill lacs good(without nasming them)? Lee_Tauchen: Esox: all I need to know is how deep it is Slamr: no wabulls at the show, so says FFA Lee_Tauchen: Plitz, Yes, and yes ESOX_Maniac: cool! Plitz___: nice Kid_Derringer: Vermilion is CLOSED!! Lee_Tauchen: Slamr: shad concentrating on bait more than structure muskyboy: Wabulls at Extreme Chicago it sounds like Lee_Tauchen: Phil: haven’t spent time love Big Water Willy: Lee whats your best color on the chain Lee_Tauchen: Willy: white or firetiger 2Rodknocker: Lee do you find that shad related lakes usually have less topwater action, and why? tuffdaddy: Do people still chuck purple hair on the chain? musky_nuts: Lee ever fish southern Illinois lakes, ie Kinkaid in the early spring? Snowcrest_6: purple hair rocks ESOX_Maniac: Do you use GPS trolling on Mendota? Steve_Jonesi: Springs on Monona? Lee_Tauchen: 2Rod: no but people don’t seem to throw them in open water muskyboy: Purple Hair one of the best patterns ever! Lee_Tauchen: TD: I use purple silicone ESOX_Maniac: i.e., to come back to bait balls? Lee_Tauchen: MN: just kinkaid and shelbyville tuffdaddy: adding to SJ, do the springs hold the fish shallow longer? Lee_Tauchen: Steve: don’t troll Pike on Mendota but I do for walleyes Steve_Jonesi: Temp related? Steve_Jonesi: not yet Lee_Tauchen: Steve: no musky_nuts: Lee ever in late winter & early spring (when you got ice there) Lee_Tauchen: TD: on waubesa throughout the summer yes Lee_Tauchen: Hotter the summer better the springs are Snowcrest_6: lee – when you do troll for pike, what lures are you using? tuffdaddy: very cool Phil_Drupp: Is kegonsa worth fishing or is better time spent on the other lakes, how is boating/ fishing pressure in comparison? Lee_Tauchen: No season isn’t open muskynuts after Nov 31 musky_nuts: Lee, do topwaters work well in cold water? Lee_Tauchen: I don’t troll for pike, just cast, with dawgs, squirkos, spinnerbaits Slamr: do you still fish Pike after Nov 31? Lee_Tauchen: Kegonsa: better spent time on other lakes musky_nuts: We don’t have a season, and we don’t have the ice (Usually) Lee_Tauchen: nuts: absolutely yes, my best topwater bite was last oct. 28th, 6 fish in the boat, in 3 hours, 51 degree water Snowcrest_6: nice Lee_Tauchen: Slamr: have but not regularly tuffdaddy: what type of topwater was that? Lee_Tauchen: td: Choppers and h20s musky_nuts: Ever try in even colder water, 40 plus temps? bender: Lee- Do you use boards when trolling for Muskies? Lee_Tauchen: this included a double header, 36 and a 41 Steve_Worrall: wow Slamr: how and why do you choose a walk the dog versus a prop bait for topwaters? Steve_Jonesi: Do you troll the Big Pond? tuffdaddy: sweet!!! muskyboy: Very sweet Lee_Tauchen: the coldest I know of is 39.4 we got fish on top Lee_Tauchen: bender, yes use boards if weeds permit Steve_Worrall: One more time, Lee, if one wanted to hire you, how can you be reached? Lee_Tauchen: slamr: walk the dog to coax em, and prop to piss em off musky_nuts: Any suggestions for baits in 30 something water? Slamr: when do you know when to piss, or when to coax? Lee_Tauchen: JonesI, prefer to cast but will troll Slamr: how do you know? Lee_Tauchen: 608-276-0177 Steve_Jonesi: dipseys, boards? Lee_Tauchen: Nuts: 10 jakes, dawgs Lee_Tauchen: Slamr: activity level will tell you what they want musky_nuts: You mean 10 inch jakes & dawgs? Lee_Tauchen: 3 baits are going in the boat, first results will tell you what they want Lee_Tauchen: Nuts, for 30 degree water temps yes Slamr: you have 2 of 3 running topwaters? Snowcrest_6: do you have a specific lure progression? Lee_Tauchen: No dipseys, and I use Mr Walleye boards and will downrig more this year musky_nuts: Larger baits then rather than smaller in cold water? Phil_Drupp: Do you think having 3 mild summers in a row has made the girth of the mad chain fish like they were this year? Lee_Tauchen: 2 of 3 yes ESOX_Maniac: aaaaaaaaaaah – they’re like women! Lee_Tauchen: S6: No as long as the last bait is coaxing Lee_Tauchen: nuts: no depends on activity again Lee_Tauchen: Phil: no, they have always been stocky fish musky_nuts: Active after shad, match the size? ESOX_Maniac: sorry sue! Lee_Tauchen: No shad here, gils, perch, sheepshead are what they eat Steve_Worrall: Sue agrees, EsoxM bender: What bait would you take with you in early spring on the Madison Lakes if you could only take one? Lee_Tauchen: bender: mini boss Figure 8 spinnerbait Netman: Lee What size dawgs and how do you fish them in spering tuffdaddy: do you slow roll it, or burn it. (bad short term memory) Netman: spring musky_nuts: Lee, so you try to match color & size to what they’re eating Lee_Tauchen: Netman: any size, jerkbait fishing it muskyboy: What lodging do you recommend in Mad town these days? Lee Tauchen: TD: medium if water temps stable, burn if increasing lambeau: muskyboy – my house. anytime. Lee_Tauchen: No, activity level will dictate that Lee_Tauchen: MB: american inn on broadway Lee_Tauchen: Big baits work just as good early spring as late fall Slamr: any other questions, just a few more minutes Steve_Worrall: does clear VS cloudy have a big effect on the Mad chain action? Lee_Tauchen: What muskies won’t eat a 10″ perch in the spring as opposed to a 6″ perch Slamr: what do you think of Kegonsa, and why isnt more made of it? ESOX_Maniac: Lee- what percentage do you troll versus cast? musky_nuts: Lee, sorry I’m stupid, how’s activity level dictate lure presented? snowdog: Who will have your baits at Milwaukee show? Lee_Tauchen: SW: clear when water under 70 degrees then it gets cloudy Lee_Tauchen: cloudy water is better overall Lee_Tauchen: Slamr: there isn’t enough fish to keep me there Lee_Tauchen: I troll about 15% ESOX_Maniac: thx Steve_Worrall: MuskieFIRST thanks Lee Tauchen for an excellent hour!!! We hope you will be available again, I’m sure there are more questions to be answered another time. Thanks again!! Lee_Tauchen: if they are more active I go to bigger and faster Snowcrest_6: one more time with the phone number to book a trip? Lee_Tauchen: Rolly and Helens will have them tuffdaddy: Thanks Lee. Very cool info. Lee_Tauchen: 608-276-0177 Thanks to Lee for an excellent hour!

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