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 Jan 25th, 2007 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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MuskieFIRST Welcomes back to the chat room Frank Walsh, of Walsh’s Bay Store Camp. Thanks for joining us Frank! Frank_Walsh: You’re very welcome. Slamr: Let the questions begin MNesox: what was the largest fish caught out of your camp this year? Frank_Walsh: Largest was 56″. By a pair of guys that had, if I remember right, a 50, 51, 52, 53, and 56 that magic week. Netman: Frank you have such changes in weather what strategies do you use to trigger big fish for your clients? Frank_Walsh: When things stop working, do something else. Typically downsizing, and moving deeper off the structure. Slamr: Frank, can you tell us a little background to Bay Store Camp (location, how long you’ve run the camp, etc)? Frank_Walsh: We have been in operation 13 years. Not being able to find what we were looking for, we purchased basically a closed down business in a great location. Basically sink or swim. A-ROZ: what are some common patterns that develop in early or mid august on LOTW? Frank_Walsh: Early to mid August is a time of transition. From the shallow summer pattern, to deeper structure. You just don’t know what day it will be. Things just stop working. mavmskyb8: Frank- The water level was low last summer, how has the precipitation been this past fall and so far this winter? Frank_Walsh: Barring any strange weather pattern, I expect it to be as shallow, or shallower than last year. lambeau: what does “shallow” mean in your part of LotW? Frank_Walsh: Water depth is relative. Shallow compared to the established mean depths, of that you favorite underwater rock is now exposed. Pretty much the same. muskie!_nut: i heard right now lotw is 2 ft low and they never got any major rains in the fall and snow cover is not that much ESOX_Maniac: Frank- Water levels were low when I was in Nestor Fall’s last week of september 2006. How is the current winter affecting/shaping your plan’s for the upcoming Canadian opener ? Frank_Walsh: Low water will make a lot of early seasons spots unfishable. Probably get the fish to the rocks quicker. Slamr: generally, how far are people travelling from camp to get onto fish? Frank_Walsh: Traveling far from camp is not required. Over half the big fish come from a few mile radius. I travel for a reason. To escape bloom or pressure for example. Netman: Is there any tecnique that you found fishing muskie that continues to produce time and time again? Netman: Besides on the water from morning till dark Zman: Do you ever fish the Basil Channel and if so how does it compare to the A ngle? Frank_Walsh: No to the Basil. Used to duck hunt there. Netman: How many fisherman can the camp handle at one time? Frank_Walsh: We can handle about 30 people.Slamr: Frank, there are obviously more muskie fisherman these days going to LOTWs, how is that affecting the fishing? or are higher size limits of greater impact? Frank_Walsh: No question it has an impact on the fishing. Have to work a lot harder finding fresh spots to avoid pressure. Just don’t find as many aggressive fish stacked up in the old favorites. Frank_Walsh: I don’t think the higher size limits have a great impact. I don’t think people were keeping fish before. Slamr: no increase in overall size, or year classes? lambeau: to what do you attribute the apparent upsurge in trophy muskie catches in Canada, if not higher size limits?Frank_Walsh: We have only had 3 fish ever kept, and 2 were after the 54″ limitIAJustin: more fisherman? Frank_Walsh: Greater talent, equipment, and information. The average guy starts with a gps, and 20 years of experience today. Netman: Frank how has the border been for crossing, do you still have to call in every morning and night? Frank_Walsh: Nothing has changed on the border from last year. I think they will need a year or two to get their act together. Especially with the NEXUS program. Slamr: what is the NEXUS program (sounds like Star Trek to me) Frank_Walsh: NEXUS is a preapproved border crossing permit that works both ways. Just being implemented as we speak. Netman: Not like the I-pass Slamr: can you tell us a little about early season muskies on LOTWs, where to start? ESOX_Maniac: Rock’s, so many rocks, rocks. Yeah like Slamr said!- where to start? Frank_Walsh: Opening day I would start in the shallow spawning bays, and gradually work my way out if not working. Depending on how the weather progresses, fish can be on main lake structure on the opener. Crazy_Crank: Frank, do you ever fish trout water if so how do you fish it differently than the dark water?? Frank_Walsh: Don’t get to the out and out trout water, but kind of the transition area. Biggest difference is lack of weeds. Slamr: When does the bloom start, and how often is it that you cant escape it? IAJustin: were large double #10’s hot last summer on LOTW? (Double cowgirls, ect) Frank_Walsh: Cowlgirls had some impact last season, but not like on Eagle. I know Nixon got a 50 on one. However if people are not using them, they don”t work. ESOX_Maniac: Frank- What are your thoughts on color? Bold & loud or soft & subdued? Netman: White Jake, white bulldog, white bucktail, white tiger tube muskie!_nut: white jackpot too Frank_Walsh: Color…..yes. Both depending on water clarity. Natural when clear. Hot or white when stained. Frank_Walsh: Superman has been a great color. Same with a glow Bulldawg, but can’t say big impact.Slamr: your choice for top 5 or ten lures? Frank_Walsh: Top 5 lures for July, Bucktail, spinnerbait, Top Raider, Suick, Jake. lambeau: are most of your guest strictly muskie guys or do you see a lot of multi-species fishermen? Frank_Walsh: Probably multi species guys before the musky season, and a mix in the fall. July, early August, and October. All muskies. Slamr: summer patterns (generally)?mattgawlik: Hey Uncle Frank! Do you still have rooms available for July? Frank_Walsh: Hi Matt, Still have a few July dates. muskie_man: do you have rental boats at camp? kreegz: and what kind of boats and motors do you rent out? Frank_Walsh: No rental boats anymore. Netman: Frank are your nieghbors boats still available if needed Frank_Walsh: We can probably find a boat somewhere. Netman: What time of year were the 50’s caught? Zman: When is the best time to fish LOTW as far as numbers and size Frank_Walsh: Most 50 last season were early July, and late October. A lot has to do with the talent level of who is here, when. Frank_Walsh: I think the best time is mid July to mid August. And the last week of Oct., early Nov.Slamr: When does muskie trolling really become most affective? Frank_Walsh: Trolling is most effective with water temperatures hit the 55 degree mark. Really love it under 40.Slamr: do guys cast late into the season, or is trolling that much better? Netman: Do you live bait fish in Ocotober, Suckers? Frank_Walsh: I am not aware of anyone fishing live bait here. Slamr: Frank, what is the best way to reach you for booking or further information on Bay Store Camp? Frank_Walsh: Best way to reach me right now is e-mail [email protected]: or, http://www.baystorecamp.comFrank_Walsh: Or call after dark (800) 214-2533Netman: Frank I will say that if these guys who want to fish hard with a guide that gives them a morning till night youre the guy. Slamr: MuskieFIRST thanks Frank Walsh of Walsh’s Bay Store Camp for another great chat!

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