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Jason_Smith: John Posey with Lamiglas rods is here tonight to talk about muskie rods. Lamiglas makes a great product that I have been proud to use. Welcome John and let the questions fly.John_Posey_Lamig: I’m looking forward to sharing some information about Lamiglas and learning about your needs as musky fisherman, thanks for having me.Doc: John, what can you tell me about the Hughes River rod?PunchandJudy: What is your best all around trolling rod?John_Posey_Lamig: The Hughes River rod was designed to throw the large baits. It wasn’t for just that specific bait, it was for most of the larger baitsDoc: Thanks John, do you know how much the rod actually weighs? Will it throw the 10″ shaker, about 9.5 ozJason_Smith: John, I still have a few of the old “muskie specials”…why was that great twitchbait rod taken out of the line up?Guest: What weight lures are we talking for the Hughes rod?John_Posey_Lamig: We are seeing a trend back towards fiberglass for some trolling applications, so our XCF 705 which is a 7 foot rated for 10-20 pound line will work….MikeHulbert: John, Tony Grant really got me into Lamiglas rods a few years back. The older ones seemed a little bit heavy, but the new Inshores are AWESOME!!!John_Posey_Lamig: Paul Hartman is a big fan of the GC80XH and 86XH for trolling RAZE1: John, what’s the outlook for the greater strength/weight reduction ratioMikeHulbert: I have a few Inshore 8 footers, that I wouldn’t trade for the worldJohn_Posey_Lamig: As for the twitchbait rod, we saw a drop in sales and had to let it go…..like an old quarterback!Jason_Smith: GC80XH…is the best rod Lamiglas ever made….it is the best all purpose rod in my opinion.John_Posey_Lamig: Raze, we are always pushing that limit. We are working with different graphites and different ways of putting it all together, from blank to finished rodGuest: rod sizes/weights are available from your company for Muskies?MNesox: 8′ Lamiglas is the best!ToddM: besides longer rods any new trends in musky rods?John_Posey_Lamig: Guest, yes we can make anythingJohn_Posey_Lamig: Todd: we still see a lot of figure 8 specials going out the door, but the longer rods in a number of fisheries seems to be the latest trend.Guest4538: what makes Lamiglas fishing rods so expensive? if you are someone who doesn’t have much money they are way to expensive for me to buy. But I really want to buy one. I have held them in the stores and really like themMikeHulbert: Guest4538, Lamiglas Rods will last so long that by the time you buy 3 or 4 of your other rods you could of bought a GREAT RODJohn_Posey_Lamig: Guest4538. A Lamiglas rod takes over 2 weeks to make from start to finish. All steps are done by hand and quality is ensured throughout the process.Guest: 2 weeks, wowDoc: John thanks for your earlier response. Do you know how much the HR rod weighs? Can it throw the 10” shaker, 9.5ozGuest4538: 2 weeks is a long timeJason_Smith: One thing I have heard and tend to agree with is the lack of “lure keepers” on the rod. Is it possible to have that same lure keeper that you put on some bass rods on the muskie rods.John_Posey_Lamig: There isn’t some magic machine that we toss everything into to make the rodsMikeHulbert: Plus the Customer Service is excellent compared to bargain rod companiesGuest4538: ok thanks for the infoJohn_Posey_Lamig: Doc: Which rod?Doc: 6’10” Hughes river rodJohn_Posey_Lamig: If you guys want, I can take you through the steps in building the rodMNesox: john, does Lamiglas sell muskie blanks?John_Posey_Lamig: Doc: I’m not sure of the exact weight, but it is recommended to throw up to 8 ounces.RAZE1: My Hughes River is so strong, I’m thinking about taking up Pole VaultingJohn_Posey_Lamig: MNesox: Our blanks are available through Anglers Workshop, Merrick Tackle, Southern Connecticut Tackle, Jann’s Netcraft and othersDoc: I don’t currently own a Lamiglas, but am going to buy the HR rod soon…John_Posey_Lamig: Onto the process……..John_Posey_Lamig: The first step is cutting the graphite which is delivered to us in large rolls….it is then rolled out onto a table cut into patterns to make the specific rod we are makingJohn_Posey_Lamig: We currently make over 300 different fishing rods, so there are lots of different patterns. Next step is to be put on a mandrel. These are the metal “poles” that we attach the graphite or fiberglass to.John_Posey_Lamig: The graphite is then rolled onto the mandrel by a special rolling machine. It is a critical step as you want the material to roll smoothly. Any wrinkles and the rod/blank can break or be crookedJohn_Posey_Lamig: From there to a cellephane machine which wraps the mandril and graphite tightly. This is done, because we have to bake it and the graphite would melt and become a pile on the groundbuckeyesfan: can I buy blanks if I wanted to make my own rods?John_Posey_Lamig: Next the blanks is removed form the mandrel, sanded, coated, and sent to the rod shop to be built into you guys next rod!John_Posey_Lamig: all in all it takes about 30 people to touch the rod from start to finish.ToddM: What guides do you use on your musky rods?John_Posey_Lamig: buckeyesfan: Yes, our blanks are for sale at the distributors I mentioned earlierbuckeyesfan: I left for a few min can you please repeat themJohn_Posey_Lamig: ToddM: We use Fuji on almost everything we make. All of the Musky series rods have FujiJohn_Posey_Lamig: Anglers Workshop, Merrick Tackle, Jann’s Netcraft, Custom Tackle supplyJohn_Posey_Lamig: Let me ask a question or two…..What do you guys want in a fishing rod?John_Posey_Lamig: What are the features you like?matt: light weight fast action and a ton of back bonebuckeyesfan: light weight and is balanced correctly. Most rods aren’tMNesox: 8′ Lamiglas is perfecto for bucktails/spinnerbaitsJason_Smith: Basically……….the 8′ footer is the best rod I have every used……I would love to have lure keepers on it.MikeHulbert: I like the fast action of the Inshore 8 footers for both casting and trollingSchuler: I want a rod like the 8’6″ Lamiglas of now but with a lighter tip so it bends more to fling bucktailsMNesox: yes, leader holders would be coolToddM: I like what matt said but for my jerkbait rod I like a stiff tip on it tooGuest: I like a longer handle, and a rod that has a lighter tip than most, but loads quicklySchuler: thick handle too, don’t remember if Lamiglas has a thick handle or not, st croix size handles are goodMikeHulbert: Schuler, Lamiglas makes some of the best rods with lighter tips for smaller to medium sized bucktailsJohn_Posey_Lamig: We offer a model X80MBCT, which will throw the smaller baits, but has good backbone. Will throw up to 6 ouncesRAZE1: John, I just weighed my Hughes River Special, does 11ozs sound right?Guest: do you underwrap the guides on any of the Muskie rods?John_Posey_Lamig: Guest. We do not underwrap any, as we find with the Fuji guide quality that there is seldom any problemGuest: I have a rod that would be in demand by a few muskie anglersMikeHulbert: John, what is the biggest difference in the older rod compared to the newer rods, as in the difference of weight.Guest: There are very few thought out ‘creature’ rods out thereGuest: seems to be a common question onsite, where can one be foundJohn_Posey_Lamig: Graphite is the key to lighter. We use our first generation graphite in most musky rods to achieve the action and to make a durable rod that will hold up to the heat you guys can put on the rodsJohn_Posey_Lamig: Not sure what a creature rod is? I’m from Washington, we have critters!Guest: Spinning rod, built to handle about 3OZ maxDoc: Thanks John, take care everyone. Going out to buy a Lamiglas….Schuler: what is the Lamiglas secret to durable rods? I looked at one at the Chicago show and it seemed to bend beyond what I would imagine doing with any other muskie rod?Guest: for casting jigs and plastics designed for big fish, fast action, but able to handle big stuff some tooJohn_Posey_Lamig: IN spinning, you’d have to go to G1217, but it only throws like 2 ouncesGuest: but the new creatures with the larger jigs can exceed thatRanger: John, I have a Bass Pro Shop “Spiral Graphite Pro Series” rod. I like it ok, it’s held up well, but it feels pretty “dead”, with a fairly slow action. Any comments on the strange spiral design?John_Posey_Lamig: Also, the IC70HS….great rod for throwing up to 3 ounces. Long handle, foam fighting buttJohn_Posey_Lamig: Ranger, hard to tell without seeing it, but it is probably imported and the off shore graphite down not match up to the good ole USA!RAZE1: Is titanium a material we could look for in the future of Muskie rods?MikeHulbert: Raze, Tony Grant used the Titanium rod for his “Kentucky” record, killer rodJohn_Posey_Lamig: Raze: We utilize the titanium shaft in rods where you need a ton of sensitivity….steelhead and salmon can be very tough to detect.MNesox: any thoughts on Titanium guides?John_Posey_Lamig: We have made some of the Inshore rods in titanium and I have to test one that would work perfectly for musky.MikeHulbert: The titanium rods are excellent for bucktailsJohn_Posey_Lamig: But it’s $400!muskyone: Cheaper by the dozen?Guest: $400 isn’t that bad for a perfect toolGuest: I have paid large amounts for rods that don’t hold upmuskyone: I will say that I picked up a Lamiglas at last years MN expo. Almost bought it, it was the best feeling rod at the show.John_Posey_Lamig: The titanium is the spendy part…..then we put all the best components on the rod to make it the best it can be.Jason_Smith: One of my favorite muskie rods by Lamiglas is not in the muskie rod line up….its the Backbouncer and it the best crankbait rod, spinnerbait rod and bucktail rod out there…Jason_Smith: John you should up that in the muskie line upJohn_Posey_Lamig: muskyone….thanks….we’ve just celebrated 50 years building rods.muskyone: Couldn’t afford to buy a whole setJohn_Posey_Lamig: Jason, most of our bouncers will work perfectly for a variety of applications.Schuler: John, what is your favorite Lamiglas muskie rod?muskyone: You know how it is, I carry at least ten rigged rods on boardJason_Smith: only 10John_Posey_Lamig: Schuler, we don’t have musky out here, so I don’t get the chance often. We have some tiger musky here, but as for my fav. rod in the musky is the GC80XH…used it in Mexico for huge everything!Guest: I am headed to the Gulf Coast for Bull Shark this Spring, and suggestions as to the right rod? I am using a fighting chair, but want to use ‘light’ tackle. Will a Muskie rod be OK?John_Posey_Lamig: Guest, I think you’ll be a bit on the light side, but it would be fun. depends on how long you want the fight to last!John_Posey_Lamig: Raze: Our rods are warranteed against defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner.Guest: Like I said, $400 isn’t that bad…John_Posey_Lamig: This is always a sticky subject, but we believe we are very fair.RAZE1: Great, my personal experience with the warranty dept has been fantasticTUFFY: where are you located?Jason_Smith: John…Who is your Lamiglas rep in the Chicago/Milwaukee markets?John_Posey_Lamig: Guest….$400 is just for the titanium…most of the rods are under $200.John_Posey_Lamig: Jason, currently we have Al Tumas from Wisconsin.Dave_K: John, Are there any dealers in the Chicago area?muskyone: John, who will be at the MN expo reping for you?Guest: even a better deal, but I want one of the titaniums.MNesox: who is your North Dakota rep?ToddM: John have you ever had the chance to musky fish?John_Posey_Lamig: Raze…..only about 1-2% of rods are actually due to manufacturers defects….generally its something that’s happened after the rod left the factory….smacked in the store, wife beats you with it Ranger: John, I have a Fenwick HMG that I received as a replacement after a reel seat stripped on another. New rod, years later, same damn problem. If I send it to you, will you give a big discount on a replacement?Guest: How is the handle of the rod assembled, meaning the cork? I NEVER had a wife willing to break a $$400 rod to beat me, they used a stick..John_Posey_Lamig: Dave, Corens Rod & Reel is a great dealer for us.MikeHulbert: John, Did see a response to why no hook hangers on the rods? Will they have them soon?John_Posey_Lamig: Guest. We buy preformed cork grips. The larger “rear grip” is glued to the blank. Next comes the reel seat, which are all Fuji, then the top cork or “fore grip” is glued on.John_Posey_Lamig: Mike, we talked about hook keepers or hangers…I’ll pass that on in the next product meeting. Your guys’ feedback is great!Jason_Smith: thanks John….I would love hook keepersRanger: John – one of my newer rods has a hook keeper that is too small for the dang hooks. Don’t do that. Glad I could help.Guest: going to start using baits with hooks now Jason?Schuler: except be careful with hookhangers, lots of other brands put on cheap ones that break easilyJohn_Posey_Lamig: Schuler…..we hand bend them after work.John_Posey_Lamig: They’re toughJason_Smith: What about the 6’6″ muskie special…..going to make that rod again?Dave_K: John, does your company manufacture a rod designed for larger heavier baits such as HR Shaker or Magnum Bulldawg?John_Posey_Lamig: Jason, we have talked about that one as well. It is a possibilityJohn_Posey_Lamig: Dave: The GC6108 is a top rod for them.Jason_Smith: Very cool!!…….Larry Zonka sat on one of my last ones….I am down to only two muskie specials.Dave_K: John, will Corens have that rod in stock?John_Posey_Lamig: Dave, if they don’t they will order one for you and it should be there within a week-10 days.John_Posey_Lamig: Larry sat on mine too!Ranger: John – what retail catalogs have the best selection of your rods?ToddM: Larry is too big for my boatJohn_Posey_Lamig: Ranger, we are not in many catalogs. Anglers Workshop right here in Woodland has a lot of Lamiglas.John_Posey_Lamig: We will have a newly updated website in the next month and we’ll let you know where to buy Lamiglas and answer other questions.Guest: web address?John_Posey_Lamig: www.lamiglas.com/Guest: thanksRanger: I know Rollie and Helen’s has a bunch. I’m going to go check out that GC80XH you mentioned. John_Posey_Lamig: email for general questions is [email protected] and my e-mail is [email protected]_Smith: John Posey….Thanks for the information on Lamiglas. I have been a proud pro-staffer for years, its it because of service. For the last rod you will need to own, look at Lamiglas. Thanks for the Chat.

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