2007 Shack Attack Lures Chat Room Seminar

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 Feb 7th, 2007 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Slamr: MuskieFIRST Welcomes to the Chat Room Andy Belleine with Shack Attack Lures, thanks for coming in tonight, Andy. Andy_Shack_Attack: thanks for having me Slamr: Andy, can you give us a little background about Shack Attack Lures, as a company Andy_Shack_Attack: i started making swim baits in England a few years ago Andy_Shack_Attack: then I came to the States and carried on Slamr: in England, making them specifically for pike? sworrall: please tell us about the swim baits DoubleM: We were fortunate enough to shoot the marketing video for Suzy Sucker…18 fish in 20 some days…outstanding action. If you haven’t thrown one of these yet, hurry up! Andy_Shack_Attack: I made a 8″ swim bait for pike fishing Slamr: Can you give us a quick overview of the products offered by Shack Attack Andy_Shack_Attack: i was fed up using other baits that did not last, so that how I came out with the external rigging system Andy_Shack_Attack: we offer the 6″ curly and Suzy Sucker 9″ and 13″ MuskieMike: When are the big curly sues coming out in formula x? Andy_Shack_Attack: they should be ready for the summer Andy_Shack_Attack: the 11″ will be here in March sworrall: Do you still sell baits overseas? Andy_Shack_Attack: i have a business in England called The Lure Shack, they are selling like crazy over there Andy_Shack_Attack: The Lure Shack and Shack Attack Lures, get it ?BenR: These baits sound nice, do you know if they are available on the east coast at all? and can they be used in saltwater also Slamr: Can you tell us a bit about each bait, what actions they have in the water, etc. Andy_Shack_Attack: i have net had any one try but they should work fine California_Muskie: yeah musky_grrr: when were these baits first available in the u.s.? Andy_Shack_Attack: the Suzy Sucker gives off loads of vibration with the paddle tail and then the bait wobbles as well DoubleM: Andy, you’re being waaay too modest here. Guys, unlike other plastics, these baits DO NOT ROLL on the drop. The weighting system is superb, diving like a submarine and that’s when the big girls hit.DEMolishedyou: you plan on making a top water style? Andy_Shack_Attack: I first started making them for testing over a year ago BenR: What type of retrieve is preferred and best for the bait DEMolishedyou: that would be pretty sweet Andy_Shack_Attack: I have a top water bait that I am working on, this should be ready in the summer Andy_Shack_Attack: I have been told that a straight retrieve works, fast or slow and then some people like to jerk themDoubleM: Long pulls, take up the slack and let ‘er drop a bit then retrieve. Killer presentation Slamr: DoubleM, sounds like you’ve worked with Andy filming the baits at least, with some success….can you tell us about working each of the lures? DoubleM: Used them all of Oct/Nov last year in our video. Didn’t know what to expect until the fish ate them continuously Slamr: long pulls on both the Curly Sue and the Suzy Sucker? DoubleM: we’ve only tossed the Curly’s in the pool because they weren’t available when the water wasn’t stiff for us Andy_Shack_Attack: they can be seen this weekend at the show Slamr: Andy, where are the lures available for purchase online? DoubleM: They really imitate live suckers like you’ve never seen DoubleM: Can’t wait for the 6-inchers this spring for walleye, either Andy_Shack_Attack: R&H, Guides etc Andy_Shack_Attack: the new Formula-x 6″ stands on its head when it hits the bottom musky_grrr: I’m always amazed by you luremakers… what’s the creative process when creating something like the Suzy Sucker? Slamr: Andy or M, do you see guys using heavier sticks than usual for the larger sized baits? Andy_Shack_Attack: I will tell you the story DoubleM: XH at least sorenson: do you plan to market them in the west much? Many states out here don’t allow live minnows, they seem like a good substitute. California_Muskie: Andy… What was your thinking when you molded the paddle tail facing up rather than the majority of baits that are poured with the tail down. More vibration? Andy_Shack_Attack: an old musky angler wanted a sucker looking bait, so we took a real sucker and froze it California_Muskie: I haven’t thrown them so I was wondering Andy_Shack_Attack: if you put the tail upside down the shaollw 9″ will work on the surface and the tail continues to beat MuskyStalker: tpaddle tail up makes a wake on the surface Andy_Shack_Attack: if its the other way it does not work California_Muskie: makes senseMerckid: Hey Andy, I did the videoing for you at the Chicago show with your baits, I didn’t notice these baits blowing out or rolling at all, have you done something to them so they don’t roll or do they roll? musky_grrr: so how long did it take to replicate the frozen sucker? Andy_Shack_Attack: Its just a good design!!!!! Slamr: to your knowledge, has anyone used the shack attacks for big bass, such as out in California? Andy_Shack_Attack: a couple of hours to freeze and then over night for the first mold Andy_Shack_Attack: then it took a few weeks tweeking Andy_Shack_Attack: i have a guy going to Texas I think this weekend with the 6″ for bass Merckid: DoubleM or andy, how many fish have you taken on one bait with form X and still had the bait hold up good DoubleM: Unfortunately, the X plastic wasn’t out yet when we used it California_Muskie: Us whack job Californian’s would be throwing the 13 inchers for Bass. MuskyStalker: I trolled the Big Suzy behind a dipsey. Andy_Shack_Attack: Its a little too early to say, but you only have to stretch it too see how it will last DoubleM: The hand-poured stuff was great. Five fish on one lure and only a few holes Slamr: Do you pour the baits yourself? DoubleM: We did abuse one of the new ones in our tank, and so far, so good Andy_Shack_Attack: i pured the normal regular plastic baits, now the Formula-X is injection moldedpfish: what temperature do you melt that plastic at? Weird_AL: it the formula X softer than the plastic version? MuskyStalker: Andy is an artist with the plastic Andy_Shack_Attack: Regular plastic is about 375f any higher and it burns Andy_Shack_Attack: Formula-X is a lot higher Slamr: any thoughts of bringing out larger or smaller sized baits, as in much larger or smaller pfish: what is the chemical structure of the Form. X? Andy_Shack_Attack: i will be doing a 4″ Suzy and that should be it MuskyStalker: I have a 4″ Suzy…my secret weapon Andy_Shack_Attack: Secret!!!! Slime_King has left the room. Andy_Shack_Attack: i know it has bubble gum in it//0 pfish: you said it melts at a lot higher temp than the regular stuff? Andy_Shack_Attack: just for you mike Slamr: to your knowledge, what is the largest fish taken on a shack attack lure so far? The_Nate: Andy have you given any thought to a shad profile bait? MuskyStalker: Andy, I recently put a large safety pin spinner arm on a 6″ Suzy and rolled it along the bottom…looked great! Andy_Shack_Attack: i have been told of fish around 50′” DoubleM: Can’t speak for Andy but ours comes in at 47-1/2 MuskyStalker: Andy’s Sub Zero Shad swims great!Team_Rhino: Are there any show colors for Milwaukee? MNesox entered the room. Andy_Shack_Attack: I have a new swim bait coming out, its called the Evolution swim bait, it can be seen this weekend Slamr: can you tell us a bit about the lures you market, beyond the Curly Sue and Suzy Sucker DoubleM: Oneida Co fish!! BenR: How long do they last? Andy_Shack_Attack: no show colors just yet, the bait is too new Netman: Andy do you use any special leaders for the 2 lures? tuffy1: How do you put on the replacement tails to keep them on good? Andy_Shack_Attack: the Suzy Sucker has taken all my time the last 8 months Andy_Shack_Attack: just fluro sworrall: That lure looks alive in the water Netman: 80 lb Andy_Shack_Attack: ask John Andy_Shack_Attack: he makes my leaders Andy_Shack_Attack: the Dunwright and my baits are made from the same stuff Merckid: andy, what kind of leader does the best for your baits sworrall: Where did the Formula X material originate? MuskyStalker: Formula X has been in use by the bass guys for years Andy_Shack_Attack: you should need to replace the tails on the new Formula-X baits. the 9′” tail will stretch to over 40 ” tuffy1: what about with the bigger baits that don’t have formula x in them yet? Andy_Shack_Attack: I have only used fluro, I don’t get much time to try different leaders tomyv: what pound fluro are you using? Andy_Shack_Attack: 13″ Formula-X should be ready late summer Andy_Shack_Attack: I am not sure what fluro, John Musky Hunter makes them, he sent me bunch Netman: Whats the leader lenth? DoubleM: IMHO – better control early on. I haven’t thrown the X that much to compare equally Andy_Shack_Attack: the mold is a lot of money Rome was not built in a day Andy_Shack_Attack: not sure the length 14″? The_Nate: Once all your baits all go to formula x is the production of “regular” plastic baits done? sworrall: I watched them in the poool at the Tri Esox, very impressive muskihntr: yes fluoro leaders are ebout 14″ overall andy Andy_Shack_Attack: I don’t have enough time to pour baits and develop different baits, so yes they will all be made from Formula-X pfish: will price be affected in the change over to form. X? BenR: will you have show special poured baits? Andy_Shack_Attack: the price has gone down a $1.00 DoubleM: If anyone wants more info, they can contact me at Guide’s Choice Pro Shop, [email protected] or see us in Milwaukeesorenson: was there any substantive weight change when switching to formula x? tomyv: the sub zero, on average, how deep do you fish it California_Muskie has left the room. tuffy1: Can you see all of the baits on your website? Andy_Shack_Attack: I have a shallow sub zero that I really like or the sinking one can be used over 20ft musky_grrr: what’s the sink rate of the curly sue or suzy suckers tomyv: shallow one sounds interesting Andy_Shack_Attack: the sinking suzy 9″ is about 1ft a second, the shallow one will suspend just below the surface (Formula-x) DoubleM: In the fall, the fast sink Suzy is a true countdown Slamr: how many colors do the curly sues and suzy suckers come in?muskihntr: guys the sub zero is a highly underrated bait that gets overshadowed by the suzie, they are definetly worth having and work great. Andy_Shack_Attack: 7 colors for the curly and 5 for the Suzy Sucker, more coming soon BenR: Was curious how they hold up to multiple fish… DoubleM: Hold up better than most others Elby: Andy I came in late so I’m not repeating someone. I have one of the original shallow runners that seems to come in a bit sideways. Is there anything I can do to “tweak”it? Mark_H_: Josh from Hawgseekers and I were throwing 13” Suzy’s most of the fall. They hold up well… Andy_Shack_Attack: see if the back hook is in the middle of the bait and not too far back DoubleM: We recommend bending the top hook more parallel to the body — better hookups Andy_Shack_Attack: if the hook is too far back it bends the bait a bit and it will turn Elby: I’ll check that – thanks!! Andy_Shack_Attack: if it not right i will replace it tomyv: what size hooks are used on the suzy Andy_Shack_Attack: the top hook is an 8/0 mustad the bottom is either 5/0 or 4/0 depending on Formula-X or not Slamr: Andy, what is the website where people can view your lure lineup? Andy_Shack_Attack: www.shackattacklures.com sorenson: can you order off the website, or retail outlets only? Slamr: and what retailers will be selling them at the Milwaukee Show this weekend? Andy_Shack_Attack: Retail only, i don’t want to compete against retailers DoubleM: And we appreciate that Andy_Shack_Attack: Guides and R&HAndy_Shack_Attack: I will have my own booth this weekend if any one wants to say hi Andy_Shack_Attack: in the old plastic in the paddle tail i can make any color you want Andy_Shack_Attack: not sure about the pool demos sworrall: Andy, I wanted to thank you for donating the lure package for the show DoubleM: Milw has the Hawg Trough sworrall: LOTS of entries.. Andy_Shack_Attack: I am going to give bit more than advertised sworrall: great sir, thanks again Netman: Were all interested Andy_Shack_Attack: I would like to thank everyone for registering for the drawSlamr: MuskieFIRST thanks Andy Bellinie of Shack Attack Lures for giving us some great info on some really innovative new products! sworrall: See you this weekend Andy Andy_Shack_Attack: thanks guys, see you over the weekend

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