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 Feb 8th, 2006 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Slamr: MuskieFIRST Welcomes Steve Jonesi of Mille Lacs, MN. guiding fame and Muskie Mojo Tackle, maker of the Weagle, Wabull, and XXX Bucktail BenR: What are your thoughts on the larger baits that work on Mille Lacs..due to lake size or forage or just because people are throwing them… Steve_Jonesi: Thanks for having me, thanks to my partner in tackle, Bady, for showing up BALDY: yo Steve_Jonesi: bigger fish are eating bigger forage but plenty of walleye guys are catching fish on small stuff too sworrall: How long you been chasing Muskies, Steve? Steve_Jonesi: on Mille Lacs we’re targetig the biggest fish in the system and I just feel that bigger baits will attract bigger fish out there at certain times of the year Steve_Jonesi: 06 will be 31 years BFH: Do you have a better chance of catching bigger fish on milles Lacs with big baits? Or is it just popoular to throw big baits on that lake? ally59: hi Steve_Jonesi: 05 was pretty good to me though Steve_Jonesi: hi ally sworrall: Where did you get your start chasing the toothy critters? Muskydr: what are some of the early season patterns, areas on THE POND? Steve_Jonesi: I think its just the big fish, big bait mentality which I suscribe to to a point Steve_Jonesi: northern WI upper post lake Steve_Jonesi: weeds are always a good start but the fish also relate to harbors, docks and even the sand ally59: hi dad i love you Steve_Jonesi: flowing water is a key early in the season as well ally59: how are you doing dad Steve_Jonesi: nice to have my daughter here tonight, hope nobody minds… Mark_H_: Hi Ally, you have a pretty cool dad.. sworrall: not at all, sir Muskydr: how many baits at Milwaukee? sorenson: not at all, Steve_Jonesi: 50 weagles and 10 XXX MikeHulbert: Have you ever fished the Rum River? BALDY: 48 weagles mskyhntr: what are some go to lures on the pond for early season Steve_Jonesi: no but I’ve heard some good things and my tub of a boat would get destroyed Steve_Jonesi: llungen tails, showgirls, and of course the weagle Steve_Jonesi: opener last year had fish going nuts on the weagle Steve_Jonesi: then they disappeared Steve_Jonesi: must of scared em sworrall: How many acres of water on Mille Lacs? Steve_Jonesi: 132,000 sworrall: wow Steve_Jonesi: give or take a couple Slamr: Steve, where do you start chasing muskies on Mille Lacs in the spring? shallow, deep, in between, rocks? weeds? sworrall: does the size of the water effect your spot selection? Steve_Jonesi: depends on the weather patterns leading up to the opener Steve_Jonesi: typically I’m starting in weeds divani: my my, what’s going on here? 🙂 Steve_Jonesi: and areas of creek mouths and areas of flowing water Allstate48: Is the opening in June? sworrall: Does the size of the water effect your structure selection? Steve_Jonesi: June 3rd this year mskyhntr: What water temp does the action start to heat up on the pond ally59: hi dad how are you Steve_Jonesi: just like I would do on lotw or a big canadian lake, I break it down in smaller sections and look for particular structural elements Mark_H_: Steve. you ever run the deep water off of the north shore or just up on the break and on the sand..? Curious if there’s a suspendo bite off the break? sorenson: on a pond that big, weather obviously plays a role in site selection, but barring weather, what first do you run to? ally59: hi uncle dave Steve_Jonesi: upper 50’s low 60’s will bring some active fish but as they increase the action increases as well GOTONE: What chip do you think is the best for Mille Lacs? ally59: HI bnelson: good question got one! Steve_Jonesi: Mark-there are fish there between there and the flats but it can be a needle in a haystack thats why I’m always within a couple casts of the break Steve_Jonesi: my honey holes!!! Mark_H_: Thanks Steve_Jonesi: I run navionics in the rear and lake master of the bow. Both are awesome and very accurate bnelson: why do you run 2 different ones? i think a buddy of mine does the same bnelson: do you think one is more accurate? BFH: What tactic / bait put the most fish in your boat this year? Steve_Jonesi: I can zoom in closer with the lakemaster to run specific breaks, navigate with navionics, locate with lake master. Steve_Jonesi: They both rock tuffy1: Not sure if you covered this yet, but you put a TON of fish in the boat on the 8. What would you say are some important things to know about 8’s? Steve_Jonesi: bucktails at night and large cranks on the rocks in the fall Steve_Jonesi: speed kills man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muskydr: who was in the boat with you the day you saw shamoo??? Steve_Jonesi: change of depth as well as change of direction and doing a HARD L as opposed to a banana L Steve_Jonesi: clients Steve_Jonesi: which shamoo?? bnelson: what is your take on why you get SO MANY follows on the lake …do you think conditioning plays a part? Muskydr: that one in Sept>? Slamr: what do you see most less advanced muskie fisherman doing wrong on their figure 8s? Steve_Jonesi: thers an art to the 8 MikeHulbert: How big do you think is the biggest fish you have seen out there? ally59: HI UNCLE DAVE Steve_Jonesi: conditioning without a doubt, lots of pressure ally59: HI Steve_Jonesi: yes she does tuffy1: 🙂 ally59: HI DAD bnelson: I got into a bit of a debate with Greg T about conditioning..he didn’t believe it mattered…at all out there…. Steve_Jonesi: Slamr-not being ready when a fish appears suddenly and reacting to the fish MikeHulbert: 100% TRUE Jonesi Steve_Jonesi: Mike-upper 50’s and as big around as a railroad tie tuffy1: So I know that you throw ginormous baits out there, but do you think throwing average size baits, and smaller baits could turn some of the followers into eaters? Steve_Jonesi: I’d say its more the action of the particular bait and getting it in front of an active fish than size of the bait Steve_Jonesi: they eat lots of walleyes, ciscos and suckers. Huge schools of suckers roam the pond. Slamr: as you move into summer, where are the muskies moving into? BFH: So do you target open water fish around pods of baitfish much??? BFH: Or mostly fish structure? Allstate48: What colors are you throwing? Natural, or wild? Steve_Jonesi: hopefully the bottem of my net, lol sworrall: Steve, how would one contact you to hire you for a day or two? Steve_Jonesi: BFH-not very often, only when their off of structure. Open water is to vast Steve_Jonesi: Allstate-Love wild on the pond but white does really well mskyhntr: when will the Mojo website be running? Muskydr: after seeing all those walleye guys trolling at dark, have you ever gotten in line with some big ol crankbaits and joined the conga?? Steve_Jonesi: through my website, Thorne Bros, or 612-799-2034 archerynut36: mojo baby mojo Slamr: when do you switch from weeds, to rocks, Steve? BALDY: muskiemojo.com will be online next week Steve_Jonesi: absolutely, I acquired several Rapalas last fall. They get really close. ddfenner: Does Mille Lacs thermocline during the summer months and if so, on average, to what depth? Steve_Jonesi: weeds begin to die in sept. and although there are still muskies to be caught in the remenant weeds the focus shifts to rocks ally59: HI sorenson: once you go to rocks, do you fish deep or mainly up? Steve_Jonesi: no thermocline on Mille Lacs due to its relatively shallow depths and wind swept nature bnelson: i had heard the late fall bite wasn’t there like in years past despite the ciscos being up on the rocks…any clue why the skis’ didn’t go nuts like they did in 03/04? Steve_Jonesi: high spots on the rocks to the edge Snowcrest_6: what’s a weagle? sworrall: Do you put big Pike in the boat on Mille Lacs? Steve_Jonesi: in my opinion a fricken bazillion large ciscos, tons of food St__Germainiac: Is miller still releasing his fish on the run from that pontoon of his? ally59: HI DAD Steve_Jonesi: Snowcrest 6-a phallic symbol with hooks and a pretty paint job Steve_Jonesi: on occasion as well as monster small mouth Slamr: whats your overall approach in the fall, beyond just fishing the rocks Snowcrest_6: good one steve! Snowcrest_6: it looks like a big Jimmy ally59: HI sorenson: naaa, he had it typed for him BFH: even better .. BFH: Any wabulls in the near future? Steve_Jonesi: I let the bait fish(ciscos) dictate what I do, big baits and fishing into the night ally59 hugs Steve_Jonesi: you betcha, but not sure when exactly, probably Blaine St__Germainiac: Did the water levels affect which landings you were able to use last year? Steve_Jonesi: late in the year it was horrible, right Dave? sworrall: What is it like out there for pressure after dark? bnelson: the nite bite seems to be really good up there…if a guy only fished say from 6pm at nite to 6 am in the morning if he could..think he’d do better in july / aug than everyone else?St__Germainiac: I tried to use that Malmo launch a couple years ago in the fall and it was a joke Steve_Jonesi: geting worse, but with 132,000 acres theres always lots of water to fish without pressure Steve_Jonesi: forsure!! bnelson: thought so… Slamr: Steve, when and where will the weagle be next available ddfenner: I think we could have used some hip boots at that November landing, but who would have thought to bring them? sworrall: dd, good one.. Steve_Jonesi: chappy Steve_Jonesi: milwaukee, on friday Steve_Jonesi: we will be in the muskie first booth all weekend Steve_Jonesi: thanks guys!! ally59 gives TUFFY a hug Steve_Jonesi: god I love my daughter sworrall: How many hours do you spend on the water for a ‘guide day’? ally59 gives TUFFY a hug Steve_Jonesi: a full day is typically 12 to 16 hours. gotta be out there when they eat Pete_Stoltman: You guys seem to favor red in lures for Mille Lacs . Am I correct and why do you think that may be effective? lambeau: do you have any “tricks” for staying focused and on your game for that many hours day after day after day? Steve_Jonesi: Pete-I have no idea why red is so good but I’ll keep throwing it as long as they keep eating it theedz155: Is it all red? Or red highlights that get eaten more? Steve_Jonesi: I keep saying “ya never know”, take breaks, drink plenty of fluids, and eat something, even if its candy bars Steve_Jonesi: all red ddfenner: The Weagle is complicated lure to learn to fish correctly. Besides the written word, any plans for an instructional DVD in the furture? tomyv: Mr. Jonesi, sir, how big is the XXX? Steve_Jonesi: will be shooting a lot of video this summer and will include weagle instruction Steve_Jonesi: 15″ long and approx. 4 ozs. mskyhntr: can it be worked with any kind of speed or is it more of a slow presentation? tuffy1: So it’s built like me. Tall and skinny sorenson: it doesn’t look that skinny Steve_Jonesi: bulging it will produce a 6″ wake, but I prefer to slow roll it Muskydr: calcutta reel and a 8′ heavy Lami, will I be tired out after 10 minutes??? Steve_Jonesi: not if you eat your wheaties BULLETPROOF: Thinking about comming up to the pond in late June-any advise for a first timmer? sworrall: speaking of that. what is your choice of rod and reel? tuffy1: Hire Jonesi 🙂 Steve_Jonesi: 4.71 on a calcutta is perfect Steve_Jonesi: Bulletproof-do your reasearch, watch the weather and take small sections and disect them esoxmenasha: Mr. Jonesi, i got an email saying that you guys bought the rights to and were going to produce more and that they would be available in bait shops. esoxmenasha: Is this true? BULLETPROOF: Thank you… Steve_Jonesi: I use Thorne Bros customs, as well as customs from Franks Custom Rods. And for reels my boat will be full of luna 300’s from Daiwa ally59: HI DAD Snowcrest_6: steve – for a guy in the market for a new Weagle & the XXX, what retailers – in the near future – are going to carry them? Thorne Bros, and…… ddfenner: During the warm weather periods, do you consider water temperature differences factoring into your preferred structural locations? Steve_Jonesi: esoxmenasha-Absolutely, within weeks esoxmenasha: Where??? ally59: ARE YOU DONE YET sworrall: 15 minutes, ally Steve_Jonesi: Rollie and Helens, Blue Water in Bemidji and a few more hopefully to be added this weekend ally59: ARE YOU DONE YET DAD Steve_Jonesi: not as much water temp differences but more light differences including shade esoxmenasha: You are the man!! I can’t seem to get my hands on any. BULLETPROOF: Thanks mskyhntr Steve_Jonesi: soon, very soon esoxmenasha sworrall: Do you and Mojo Tackle have plans for new lures in the near future? Steve_Jonesi: we have a couple things in the works and will be testing them this summer, would never put out something before some serious R & D ally59: DAD Steve_Jonesi: No, Baldys the man!!! sworrall: any info you’d like to ‘leak’ about what you have in the works? Slamr: what situations do you recommend the weagle vs. the wabull for? Steve_Jonesi: think there would be any interest in a Magnum Weagle? BenR: any plans for crankbaits…in the future sworrall: hmmm sworrall: I wonder… esoxmenasha: The bigger the better. Steve_Jonesi: 20% bigger than the original tomyv: mag anything, I’ll bite on that Snowcrest_6: how magnum is “magnum” ? fish4musky153652: mag suick would be nice Steve_Jonesi: Stevie wants a 10″ deep diver, lol BALDY: i like em big bturg: I need a chiropracter after throwing one now BALDY: you wanna want it bob Snowcrest_6: how about an automatic weagle caster? chucks it out there for ya….. BALDY: you gotta want it i mean tuffy1: Any plans for a figure 8 machine. Steve_Jonesi: or a figure 8 machine, right dude bturg: I’m in on the auto caster tuffy1: lol Steve_Jonesi: yeah man Slamr: any other question as we’re getting towards 9PM BULLETPROOF: Steve-what has been your best day so far an Mille Lacs? lambeau: just snap jig it! bnelson: How did the pounder dawgs produce for you this year on the pond Steve? ally59: HI sworrall: Steve, what was your best fish last year on Mille Lacs? Steve_Jonesi: 5 fish up to 46″ in 2.5 hours with other follows and misses. With Gregg Thomas 3 years ago BULLETPROOF: awesome….. . Steve_Jonesi: best fish last year on Mille Lacs 53″x25″, on a 10″ Slammer deep minnow BULLETPROOF: Makes me wanna quit my day job!!! bturg: how deep was that fish bnelson: get some more over 50 this year? Slamr: Steve, for big fish, the biggest possible, where would you head? Mille Lacs, LOTWs, Eagle, the Goon? lambeau: are you going to have time for any non-working days on the water this year? going to any of the outings? Steve_Jonesi: bnelson-loved the pounders, biggest was a 48×24 Steve_Jonesi: thanks Dave ally59: HI DAD Slamr: and btw, let me take a moment to welcome to the MuskieFIRST Team: Lambeau bnelson: if you could only get those followers to eat everytime!!!! ally59: HI Steve_Jonesi: in the States, Mille Lacs. Canada-flip a coin between Eagle and the goon bturg: hi ally ally59: HI ARE YOU DONE YET DAD Steve_Jonesi: almost done ally MNesox: what is the average girth on a mille lacs 50″, in say August BenR: any plans to fish out east, vacation or the such ally59: I MISS YOU Slamr: yet you head to LOTWs every year, why there versus Eagle or the Goon? Steve_Jonesi: Lambeau-don’t know yet, hopefully the Goon trip in July BULLETPROOF: How big do the waves have to be before you call it quits? Steve_Jonesi: MNesox-depends, weed fish or rock fish? Steve_Jonesi: rock fish tend to be fatter MNesox: either ally59: HI ARE YOU DONE YET Steve_Jonesi: average girth on a Mille Lacs 50-22, 23 sworrall: Steve, anyone fishing jigs/creatures on Mille Lacs? MNesox: cool, thanks Netman: Steve are you coming down for the Milwaukee show Steve_Jonesi: been fishing it a lotlonger and its my happy place-Slamr Steve_Jonesi: bulletproof-Never Steve_Jonesi: pull the boat out and drive around to calmer water ally59: DAD DONT GO TO THE SHOW BULLETPROOF: sounds like fun!!! Steve_Jonesi: sworral-lots of plastics but I haven’t heard of anyone fishing jigs or creatures Steve_Jonesi: yes we’ll be at the Milwaukee show ddfenner: 48×24 Indeed… For those considering it, come fish Mille Lacs with Steve and enjoy the Thrill Of The Hunt Guide Service. 14-16 hours is going to go by very quickly and this trip will be worth it!! Steve_Jonesi: thanks Dave Slamr: final questions? BenR: Steve do you pick up clients at the airport? Snowcrest_6: gotta book steve for a trip… theedz155: Airports, bars, rest areas.. you name it.’ Steve_Jonesi: sure, or I’ll pay my girlfriend to BenR: sounds like I have to make it out there Snowcrest_6: still up for a smallie trip steve? sworrall: One more time, Steve, Baldy, how would one contact you to book a day or buy a Weagle? Steve_Jonesi: I’ve been getting the tackle ready for 2 weeks BALDY: for baits, [email protected] Snowcrest_6: website up and running, baldy? BALDY: next week Steve_Jonesi: Stevejonesi.com to book a trip or 612-799-2034, phones always on!! Baldy covered the rest BALDY: too busy with baits right now Snowcrest_6: you’re forgiven! Steve_Jonesi: smallies on Mille Lacs are insane!!!!!!!! sworrall: One last question, Steve, what’s your prediction for Mille Lacs this coming year? Steve_Jonesi: My girlfriend will catch the state record on a Weagle, lol BFH: wow that sounds fun, Smallies on Milles lacs Steve_Jonesi: seriously, I’m looking for great things due to the mild winter Slamr: MuskieFIRST wants to say a big thank you again, to Steve Jonesi and Muskie Mojo Tackle for a great chat tonight! bturg: smallies rock on ML lambeau: how do you see the mild winter factoring in? Pete_Stoltman: Thanks for the insights Steve, See ya! sworrall: MuskieFIRST would like to thank Steve ( and Ally) for the great chat tonight! theedz155: Thanks Steve sworrall: Thanks again, sir! Steve_Jonesi: I want to thank MuskieFIRST and everyone for joining in, and especially my girlfriend, Tawni, for typing for me tonight Snowcrest_6: ally is a hoot! sorenson: thanks SJ, as always, a pleasure

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