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 Mar 10th, 2008 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Slamr: MuskieFIRST welcomes Keith Eldrup and Matt Snyder of Llungen Lures to the Chat Room! Thanks for joining us tonight! Matt_Snyder: Thanks for having us, MuskieFIRST Slamr: Let the questions begin, but please give Keith time to answer them dougj: Keith: do you have 13’s coming? Extreme_One: Krusher man!!! KEITH: We are still working on some mega blades they are more like 12’s Okoboji_Muskie: does your 11’s come in hammered blades? KEITH: we will have some at the minn show Matt_Snyder: not yet Okoboji smellslikebass: how many ounces and how long are the 12’s KEITH: Hammered? Not at this time mikie: pls. tell me about your night baits Matt_Snyder: Vince the blades are custom to us and are actually like a 12.5 KEITH: the 12’s. are approx. 12″ long and around 3 ozsmellslikebass: very nice floydss: do you have a release date? dougj: Are you doing any flashabou? KEITH: we should have our production run by mid April AJ_is_here!: is the nite bite promotion still going on? jlong: Will the 12’s have 2 hooks? Matt_Snyder: AJ we still make the nite bite and if you select two baits you get a free headlamp KEITH: No flashabou. we run our stuff with silicone. yep 2 hooks Matt_Snyder: we will have the whole nite bite lineup at the upcoming Blaine show Matt_Snyder: as well as headlampsAJ_is_here!: thanks floydss: anything else new for 08Okoboji_Muskie: doing the custom baits as well at Blaine? KEITH: yes free head lamp with any 2 night bite. Matt_Snyder: yes Okoboji KEITH: Yes we will make to order any lures form our line up jlong: So Llungen has 9’s, 10’s, 11’s, and soon to have 12’s? Can you explain when you’d choose one over the other? KEITH: when ya feel tough 12’s when your tired 9’s jlong: Heh heh heh… I get that. But what about the 10’s and 11’s? Matt_Snyder: I like the 9’s for faster burning but still a large profile Slamr: What’s been your top seller over the last few years Keith? AND, what do you think people are missing out on most in your selection?Extreme_One: The DC9’s were just rite when the 10’s were just producing follows. They ate the 9’s. dougj: Good answer, wait till you are old! Matt_Snyder: I normally start the day with all three in the water and see what the fish want that day jlong: So its a trial and thing… and you guys are just offering more options to “try”? Matt_Snyder: we came up with the 9 for people who didn’t like the 10’s Matt_Snyder: the 12’s are for those who love big blades Matt_Snyder: when I say didn’t like them I mean the pull of the 10 Ranger: I would like to see your stuff. Do you have a website I can quickly visit? Matt_Snyder: muskyarmor.com Ranger: Thanks. KEITH: We made the 12’s for those who want a bigger profile we don’t have an 11 muskybones: Llungen lures pretty much re-invented the bucktaildougj: As far as you can tell is there any difference in catch rates between the different blades. KEITH: Jason we want to provide many tools for the fisherman. Matt_Snyder: Doug in my boat some days the 9’s really out produce the 10’s i have yet had enough time to fish the 12’s so I can’t speak to that Extreme_One: Kieth, you do custom baits at all the shows? So people can get exactly what they are looking for even if you don’t have them made already. That’s huge in my book for the guys/gals. jlong: I understand. I’m just trying to figure out what tool to use for which job jlong: Will the 12’s come in the “nite bite” pattern? Slamr: Can you explain the best ways to work a Jerko and the Squirrley Jerko….that is still a bait that confounds me. Extreme_One: Matt, smaller blades for calm days and larger blades for the windy, call them in days. Would that be a fare start or just try both? Matt_Snyder: I like to try both KEITH: slamr its a tough deal to explain basically slack line taps Matt_Snyder: some days the fish really respond to one over the other KEITH: no night bite 12 at this time Matt_Snyder: however when it’s windy I prefer the 10’s jlong: Can we assume you PL AJ_is_here!: just 8s and 10s? AJ_is_here!: for the nite bite? Jomusky: which retailer has the best selection of Squirko jlong: Can we assume you have plans to eventually offer the 12’s for the Nite Bite? KEITH: what tool for the job a hammer for nails and a screwdriver for screws! jlong: What if you don’t know if you need nails or screws? Matt_Snyder: if you have two or more in your boat try them all Matt_Snyder: you can quickly find which one is working for that day jlong: How deep will the Krusher troll? Ranger: Very nice website! Like the variety you offer. Matt_Snyder: ty ranger Extreme_One: What’s the top speeds for the Krusher? KEITH: Jo: Smokies, Rollies and Thorns have Squirkos Ranger: To add to Mike’s question…..Does the Krusher “wander” at higher speeds? muskydeceiver2869: matt…..I was asking Hulbert some questions last night and he said to ask you, How do you target the open water bite for muskies chasing ciscoes on the Big V?? Locations, finding them, cast or trollmuskydeceiver2869: presentations and techniques KEITH: I hit 20″ with the Krusher. Normal trolling 16-18 and casting 6-9 Matt_Snyder: during the fall I troll and use my electronics to find the mega schools Matt_Snyder: after I locate them I troll the edges Matt_Snyder: of the school Mike_Hulbert: yeah, they are gone Matt_Snyder: you would be surprised how large the schools are KEITH: I hit 7 mph didn’t notice any wander but I also didn’t spend much time at high speeds muskydeceiver2869: I am going to be at the late July muskie first outing and have been reading that there might be some in that pattern, would this be possible jlong: In the fall are you targeting ciscoes in the basin or are they staging for the spawn? Matt_Snyder: both jlong dougj: Any thing coming that’s bigger than the Krusher, that doesn’t run as deep? Bret_Wold: what would be one piece of advice for “attacking” the Big V? Matt_Snyder: as the water temps drop the food goes shallower Matt_Snyder: run and gun Reelwise: Whats up Keith? How do the Krushers fish in the wood? Do they bounch right off…or get hung up pretty easily? Reelwise: bounce** Matt_Snyder: cover water and don’t get discouraged Matt_Snyder: there are fish everywhere on vermilion KEITH: We should be getting samples of our 9″ Krusher 1 shallow 3 foot or less and a deep diver, can’t wait Matt_Snyder: some spots hold more than others though jlong: Awesome news on the 9″ models. Any chance a shallow version of the original will be a possiblity too? dougj: Those sound interesting! sworrall: can one grind a bit of the Krusher bill to shorten the dive curve? Kreegz: will the 9″ model have rattles? KEITH: reel wise Chad ran them in the timber last fall he said he was surprised on how well they bounced off, the rear hook on the bottom vs back helps Reelwise: sweet Reelwise: cant wait to get my hands on an orange one. Extreme_One: Looking at your supply of Krushers and the unbelievable amount of colors and patterns it’s hard to NOT find some that will work. Huge selection at the shows. I hope the 9″ will come in as many colors Slamr: so far, what has been your top seller in the Krusher lineup, color-wise? jlong: To put a twist on Steve’s question…. can you grind the lip down without losing “action”? I want to troll the Krusher in the 3-5 foot zone. Is it possible? Mike_Hulbert: Matt, speaking of colors, do you think color matters, or is it more about presentation and action? Matt_Snyder: I think it’s more about presentation and action Kreegz: Keith have you ever timed how fast you can build a DC10? Matt_Snyder: casting angles baby Mike_Hulbert: What is your favorite color at night, when the moon is out? Matt_Snyder: pink Mike_Hulbert: how about when the moon is not out? Extreme_One: Looking at a Krusher I can see about 3/4 of an inch you could grind off if anyone wants to try it. Matt_Snyder: the darker the better for me AWH: As a retailer…the walleye, old sucker, chart belly shad and lemon head Krushers have been my top sellers . KEITH: Lip grinding don’t know yet its in my plans as well Mike_Hulbert: Matt, when do you really need to BURN the DC-10’s? jlong: Keith… please let us know how those “grinding” experiments go. I’d rather have you figure it out for us to avoid destroying some lures.Matt_Snyder: I like to burn ’em all the time except for fall then I slow down a little KEITH: colors we have 10 stock colors no trend on colors yet but the Lemonhead kills! KEITH: J why don’t you buy 10 or so and get your saw out!! & let me know!!!! jlong: Umm… that’s what I’m trying to avoid. ChadG: like Jlong is afraid to mess with a bait KEITH: Try Corking one!!! jlong: Did you dig that out of the archives? Matt_Snyder: hahaha dougj: When do you think the 9″ Krushers will be around? Mike_Hulbert: Keith, are you still making the Squirko’s or is that on hold??? Squirko’s ROCK! KEITH: Doug Mid Summer for final samples if all goes well Mike_Hulbert: Matt, when is it time to throw something small like the regular Llungen Tails vs. the DC 10’s on Vermillion??? jlong: Or anywhere for that matter… Matt_Snyder: I do very very well on the in-line when speed is the ticket Matt_Snyder: you can flout out move that bait Matt_Snyder: *flat KEITH: Mike Sill doing squirkos just slowing down a bit I have a new batch coming soon Mike_Hulbert: So Mid to Late July? Mike_Hulbert: Very cool Keith!! Glad to hear it! Matt_Snyder: sometimes I burry my rod in the water and reel my Luna as fast as possible if you do that just hang on tight dougj: In time for fall trolling it sound like. lambeau: what things tell you to go the “flat out speed” route, Matt? Matt_Snyder: when the fish are very aggressive on the lure Mike_Hulbert: Matt, do you have success on the “Double Reefers”? Matt_Snyder: you can tell by reading the fish lambeau: so, more aggressive follows = speed up your presentations? Matt_Snyder: I have had some success on the double reefer I prefer the original better though KEITH: Doug that’s the Goal Matt_Snyder: yes lambeau sworrall: Keith, the Nutbuster sounds ME AN undewater…. Matt_Snyder: as soon as I see the follow I speed up and read into what happens next with the fish Matt_Snyder: if the fish speeds up I speed up jlong: If the fish backs off when you speed up… what do you do? KEITH: it really has a unique feel on the rod tip how did it sound? What model did you run? Matt_Snyder: I normally try to keep my same retrieve and then slow down on my next few casts Extreme_One: Speed and water temps, is there a temp you speed up or just trial and error with speed? Matt_Snyder: you can not go fast enough sometimes on these big girls Matt_Snyder: normally the warmer the water the faster I go Ranger: (Very cool to split my screen and look at the baits you are discussing!) sworrall: The single 10, Keith sworrall: it’s LOUD steve_fiorio: at what water temp would you start to throw these? Slamr: Keith, can you custom make a 10 and an 8 on a spinnerbait, or a 12 and a 10? Matt_Snyder: I throw the 10’s in mid June and have had limited success, normally that is when the reefer is doing better Matt_Snyder: 68 and up has worked best for me KEITH: Slamr for the shows we have a #9 and a #8 nut bust it is my fav Bret_Wold: what do you prefer for leaders when throwing the 10’s & 12’s Kreegz: Keith who’s idea was it to sit and make up custom tales all day at the muskie shows and do you think you will always continue to do so… Mike_Hulbert: Matt, I know from our summer conversations on the phone that you really did well up north in 2007. How many over 50 did you end up with??? Matt_Snyder: I use Stealth leaders for both Matt_Snyder: Mike I ended up with 23 fish 50 inches or bigger in 07′ muskydeceiver2869: WOW Mike_Hulbert: That is money dude…Keep up the good work! muskydeceiver2869: what was your most successful technique, lure, time of day etc…. on the V ?Matt_Snyder: by far the DC-10 was my number one Matt_Snyder: I got my first 12 blade in late Oct KEITH: It’s something I decided to do after many requests. George Wall and Shumway have done it before with picking blades colors AWH: 23…that’s crazy. Nice work, Matt! Slamr: any last questions for Keith and Matt? Matt_Snyder: I cant wait to get the 12’s in the water earlier in o8 sworrall: Tell ’em about the Armor headlamp, Keith sworrall: that thing is unreal AJ_is_here!: you can get the headlamps separately correct? c1650h40: East or West side of the V? Mike_Hulbert: The 12”s I got at Rockford are SICK!!! Sick means YUMMY Matt_Snyder: I fish about 60% east 40% west . KEITH: The Musky Armor head lamp has 3 brightness settings and a red flash super bright Slamr: what does it retail for? KEITH: Lamp is $15.00 or Free with any 2 night bite lures Kreegz: sweet Extreme_One: 2 night bite baits and get a head light. Can’t beat that deal. Matt_Snyder: Its a great headlamp because it shoots a beam of light Kreegz: I love all the Llungen deals… getting a free hat every year is awesome enough… now I need a new headlamp sworrall: I use mine alot, hunting and fishing, brightest headlamp I own, and I have quite a few muskydeceiver2869: Matt, what colors do you use on the V the most in late July? Matt_Snyder: blue’s , purple’s and black mostly darker stuff muskydeceiver2869: even on bright days? c1650h40: Is there a water color difference between the east and west side? Matt_Snyder: I will be at the outing and will have some baits on hand so you can see them in the water Matt_Snyder: yes c16 there ismuskydeceiver2869: Great! Ranger: Can I order the 2 baits from your website? Will R&H do it too? Extreme_One: Anyone looking for custom colors should just get to the shows and make Kieth build them. He is a machine, keep him working. lambeau: thanks again to Llungen/Musky Armor and Matt Snyder for helping to sponsor the MuskieFirst Vermilion outing! Kreegz: Keith can make up a lure in like a minute I swear… he is quick AJ_is_here!: Thanks so much Keith and Matt! KEITH: Ranger R&H has the night bites Mike_Hulbert: Good Job Boys! Bret_Wold: I will put him to the test on SaturdayMatt_Snyder: thank you guys see you in Blaine and on the Big V! Kreegz: yeah Keith thanks for my double 9 gold /gold / orange/brown/black tale and hat Extreme_One: Smokey’s has all Keith’s baits. Ranger: Ok, I’m in for 2. Extreme_One: Later Matt and Keith!!! bass: thanks for chatting dougj: Thanks guys!

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