MuskieFIRST Online Seminar Series Welcomes Professional Edge Custom Rods

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 Feb 14th, 2008 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Slamr: MuskieFIRST welcomes Keith Terlinden of Professional Edge rods to the Chat Room! Thanks for coming in tonight! Professional_Edge: thanks again muskiefirst lambeau: please allow Keith time to answer the questions before overwhelming him with more! Professional_Edge: I will type fast Bret_Wold: how long do you think the rods will keep gettting? Professional_Edge: I have an order for a 10 footer Professional_Edge: it is a big bald guy that throws weagles Iowa_Muskie: what action is possible in a 10′ lambeau: why the demand for longer rods? sorno: did you build rods for yourself before deciding to go the selling custom route for others? Professional_Edge: I built a 9 footer and loved it..sold all my 8 footer Professional_Edge: action stays the same…it just added length Professional_Edge: lots of up side to longer Professional_Edge: can move a bait..easy casting Professional_Edge: I did build for myself..dad…brothers BenR: Do telescopic handled…where the blanks slide into the handle hurt performance and do you make them Professional_Edge: then decide to build for others…now look Professional_Edge: my wife would like the basement back Professional_Edge: I do not do telescoping at this time Iowa_Muskie: when does length start to become a problem? Professional_Edge: I am really interested in finding a blank that would work BenR: Me too, thanks Professional_Edge: i am not sure…it is all preference BenR: I would order in a minute if they were available Professional_Edge: i think over 9-6 is to long Professional_Edge: i will continue to find something Slamr: what percentage of your customers prefer the ‘fat cork” versus the skinnier cork styles? Professional_Edge: everybody but one Bret_Wold: with the added length, does it put more stress on the rod when handling/fighting bigger fish? Doesn’t the rod have to bend more during the fight? Mike_Hulbert: I wish I could get thicker cork!!!! Slamr: no, seriously, I am actually asking a question Professional_Edge: I have not sold thin cork in a long time lambeau: when you were starting out, how/why did you settle on emphasizing Diamondback blanks? Professional_Edge: it is true….you and one other guy…that is it Professional_Edge: at the time they offered the best action in a blank that was not heavy Professional_Edge: and they have a awesome tip for casting Professional_Edge: there are very few blanks like the DB gtp888: Is your new style “cork” gonna be standard equipment on your rodsin the near future, or is it just in the “we’ll see” phase right now? muskie_tim: Keith, what’s the advantage to the longer rods, say an 8’6?better casting distance or ability to handle larger baits (like pounders) Professional_Edge: it is good stuff Professional_Edge: syncork is the future…i promise you that Professional_Edge: longer sticks Professional_Edge: i watched a couple movies this year where they were using my sticks Pointer: Why is syncork the future? Professional_Edge: deep figure 8s without bending over Smokin_Joe: Keith, explain the warranty you offer, and also the blanks, and what is your fee for re-building a warranty rod? Slamr: what is the advantage to syncork over traditional cork? Iowa_Muskie: does syncork have a better grip than cork when wet and cold? Professional_Edge: I tried to paste my post on my web page for syncork didn’t work jigstop: Other than the foregrip who even touches the cork? netman: Is syncork the same make-up as the wine corks have gone too? Professional_Edge: one year warranty on all my customs Professional_Edge: most blanks that are bad will break within a year Professional_Edge: manufactured sticks can offer them when they are imported…you can change them out several times and still make money Professional_Edge: no it is like styrofoam that is more dense muskie_tim: what about the ones that make it past one year, longevity it a rare thing in the musky tackle business Professional_Edge: very light weight… Professional_Edge: muskie tim…confused what you are asking Professional_Edge: all the orders in Chicago except maybe three were on syncork muskie_tim: just historically, how long do your rods last Professional_Edge: I have very few warranty issues…there are always bad blanks no matter what name is on them Bret_Wold: Do you have the exclusive on syncork or will other makers be following in your footsteps? Professional_Edge: right now myself and throne bros have it Professional_Edge: it will be out there by later in the year Mike_Hulbert: muskie_tim, I have one that has over 500 muskies on it….they last a LONG TIME! muskie_tim: that is a LONG time Professional_Edge: mike uses one rod all year Professional_Edge: that is almost a lifetime for others Smokin_Joe: Is the “edge series Smokin_Joe: as good as the DB lambeau: what do you enjoy most about making rods for people? muskie_tim: more than a life time for me probably lol Professional_Edge: as good????? very close….very close jigstop: No offense but I have seen different synthetics come and go over the years and after a year or two fad cork is still king Smokin_Joe: Thanks netman: What is the best set-up for throwing the cowgirl or the new 13 blades? Professional_Edge: DB has its place…anything 6 ounces and under it is the best EdBZ: for someone that is used to 7’6-8-0 rods and was interested in going longer would you reccomend 8’6 or the 9’ Professional_Edge: good cork is hard to come by…I have seen that stuff to…time will tell on syncork Professional_Edge: the heavy action db or the new edge series netman: How big are they going to go? Professional_Edge: the new edge allows you to throw mag dawgs with itIowa_Muskie: what rating does the edge go up to? Professional_Edge: edbz…I built a 9 footer and sold all my 8 footers Professional_Edge: all my new sticks will be built 9 feet with syncork netman: Dipsy rods Professional_Edge: the new edge will handle a big Suzy sucker….pounder Smokin_Joe: Does the Edge have a softer tip than the DB? Mike_Hulbert: I had Keith make me a 9’6. Kreegz: where can we go to buy professional edge rods? Professional_Edge: softer no…the same yes Professional_Edge: only one place to get them and that is by ordering from me Tdiddy_and_Abbie tells you: Lots of dipsys coming our way Professional_Edge: I am in no stores and I am not sure I will be in any Kreegz: what’s your website Professional_Edge: that takes the custom out of it and makes it a manufactured stick Professional_Edge: proedgefishing.com gtp888: Keith, you mentioned to me that really good cork is the differentiator in price points on rods…what will syncork do to pricing? Bret_Wold: what can we expect for a turn around time from when we place the order til we receive the rod from you? Professional_Edge: plus I will never be caught up to build inventory at this pace Slamr: have you ever, or have you ever thought of, building on Lamiglas or Loomis blanks? Professional_Edge: syncork is the same price…I make no more money using it…I am selling it because it is that good of a product lambeau: what makes your custom rods, “custom” as compared to manufactured/retail sticks? Professional_Edge: yes on those slamr..I am not held to use any blank Professional_Edge: if folks want something different I will build it Professional_Edge: guides…type of cork…thread color…I put two coats of glue on Professional_Edge: keeps water off the threads Professional_Edge: cork length is another big factor EdBZ: what is the standard handle length on your sticks? Professional_Edge: lots of folks do not care for the short 12 inch handles offer netman: What type of reel do you recommend for you 9ftr throwing a magdog? Professional_Edge: it is custom so I will build to any length but 15 inches is standard Professional_Edge: I build about 90 percent to that length Professional_Edge: I sure like the Okuma muskie_tim: What’s your best advice for guides not freezing up? Professional_Edge: good reel at a good price…never had a problem with it netman: thanks Professional_Edge: that is a hard question on guides Professional_Edge: I had a guy that wanted batteries hook up to his guides to keep the ice off Professional_Edge: rec has a guide that bends easy and will knock off the ice Professional_Edge: okuma with a power handle that is Smokin_Joe: What reel seats do you use? curleytail: Many people say a custom rod “feels” better/different. What factors make a rod feel different besides the handle? Professional_Edge: I use Fuji and some other stuff…Baston has some very good quality components that I use EdBZ: are the zirconium guides that you use Batson guides? Smokin_Joe: Thanks Professional_Edge: yes on the zirconium EdBZ: sweet jigstop: What kind of tip do you use jigstop: how do you rate carbaloy tips Professional_Edge: curleytail…all I can say is I have lots of repeat orders with happy people… I think there is a big upside to custom Professional_Edge: I have been using stainless steel tips Professional_Edge: musky guys reel the leader in to far and knock rings out batman: yup, I will have 5 Pro Edge rods in my boat this season. two 9 foot db’s last year sold me Kreegz: never…. hahahha Professional_Edge: there is no ring in stainless steel Professional_Edge: I do not want rod returns for warranty work Professional_Edge: so I use the stuff I feel will keep performance and eliminate breakage Dave_Jonesi: The balance of rod to reel is an interesting subject, is this your most important aspect in building a rod? Professional_Edge: it is very important Professional_Edge: what I have found is use a blank that is not heavy and you are in good shape lambeau: there’s a lot of emphasis/discussion on what is the proper reel for hard-pulling baits (magnum plastics, double-X bucktails, etc.)…what role does the rod play in reducing strain? Professional_Edge: I think the rod helps but to be honest muskie_tim: Do you have a “center point” that tells you when a rod is perfectly balanced? Professional_Edge: it is the reel…I started using power handles and it make all the difference EdBZ: do you use Fuji soft touch reel seats? Dave_Jonesi: what is the weight difference say in a 7 foot blank that you would normally use as compared with a 9 footer?? Professional_Edge: rod helps in the casting Professional_Edge: depends on the blank….if it is extended it adds more weight in the rear to balance it Professional_Edge: I do use soft touch Professional_Edge: one thing to remember when going longer Professional_Edge: the base of the blank has a larger diameter netman: Is there a balance weight available Professional_Edge: so it limits the reel seats you can use EdBZ: are the soft touch standard? Professional_Edge: like a db 9 footer takes a 22 reel seat muskie_tim: That makes sense, more weight in the rear for balance Professional_Edge: there isn’t many of those on the market Professional_Edge: balance weight? You mean the perfect balance from tip to butt? Professional_Edge: you do not feel tip weight on a good blankProfessional_Edge: st croix tournament, db and the edge series are not heavy netman: so the ultimate set-up is what, 9ftr, Induron and 100lb powerpro? muskie_tim: The perfect balance weight for ease of casting is what we mean, I think. Professional_Edge: so you do not have a bunch of weight up front Dave_Jonesi: what is the most expensive rod that you have put together, what were the components?? Professional_Edge: do yourself a favor and use bronzeback Dave_Jonesi: right on with the bronzeback Professional_Edge: fuji cermet guides gold….was over 400 Professional_Edge: I do not do much thread art Professional_Edge: I try to build sticks to use for fishing Ballistic: Describe the ‘spine’ of the rod and how you set up guides etc. in relation to it. Professional_Edge: spine…million thoughts on spine Professional_Edge: i build on spine….there are some that build off to increase power Professional_Edge: spine is something that manufactures do not take into account in most cases BenR: What is the worst condition a rod has been returned in for warranty? Professional_Edge: for the average guy they would not know without being shown Professional_Edge: I have 6 of 9 guides stepped on and the rings out Professional_Edge: made me wonder what happened curleytail: spine and balance…maybe explain that good “feel” of custom… Professional_Edge: it is hard to explain spine on a computer Iowa_Muskie: what % of higher end factory rods are built “right”” say Croixs, Loomis ect BenR: are any of the blanks starting to incorporate kevlar Professional_Edge: I have two loomis imx walleye rods…they are built off spine Professional_Edge: makes a big difference in the walleye world Professional_Edge: I have not seen any Ben…how about carrots? You see the carrot stick in Cabelas? Iowa_Muskie: my Loomis say muskies though lol’ Professional_Edge: I think they are built on spine if they get lucky floydss: loomis? BenR: carrot stick? Professional_Edge: you will feel the rod roll if it is built off spine on a walleye rod…rod is under more load Iowa_Muskie: gotcha Professional_Edge: check out cabelas…there is an orange stick made out of carrot materialEdBZ: can you still get your hands on Croix SCIII blanks or is that all done now? Professional_Edge: more load meaning more bend gtp888: What is your breakdown percentage-wise between the various species specific rods you make? I’m guessing the vast majority are musky rods. Professional_Edge: the SCIII is done…I was told the premier was upgraded so close to the avid they decided to stop making the avid Professional_Edge: the fast growing part of my business is bass and walleye Professional_Edge: the walleye stuff has been getting some press curleytail: do you agree that the premier rod is very close to the Avid? Professional_Edge: Diamondback makes the best live bait walleye rod I have ever seen muskie_tim: that’s interesting, I thought you were mainly a musky rod guy Professional_Edge: I have not build on the premier so i do not know…i think they are nice looking at them in the st croix booth Professional_Edge: no I build more walleye rods then musky and a bunch of bass stuff BenR: any fly rods? lambeau: what are some things that muskie fishermen could learn about rods from the walleye/bass world? Iowa_Muskie: is there a blank made to throw baits between 3-10 oz? Professional_Edge: yes on the fly rods…float rods…ice rods… Professional_Edge: 3-10…st croix tournament and the edge series…the tournament is a great blank EdBZ: do you build many glass trolling and sucker rods? Ballistic: I can vouch for the ice rods, very nice sticks Professional_Edge: lambeau….catching fish is fun:) muskie_tim: Do you make many of the old time beef sticks, like the 5 and 6 footers Professional_Edge: I have built some sucker rods Professional_Edge: here is my take on trolling rods when asked…same the money and get an ugly sticks Professional_Edge: put your money into a casting blank Professional_Edge: having said that i got a bunch of 9 to 10 foot fiberglass two piece trolling blanks that i might build on crackpot: what are some new technologies or materials you see coming in the future for blanks and components Professional_Edge: I cannot remember the last time I built a musky stick at 7 feet or less…I will build them to any length it is just there has not been a demand Professional_Edge: st croix really changed blanks last year with the tournament Professional_Edge: I think others will be playing catch up crackpot: how so? Professional_Edge: the design of the tournament is just out of this world…almost over designed Professional_Edge: they changed the taper every half inch Professional_Edge: most rods that three tapers total in an entire blank cowboyhannah: What are your thoughts on number of eyelets on a stick? What are the drawbacks to placing additional eyelets? Professional_Edge: along with that they increased the hoop strength without adding material Professional_Edge: making not heavy gtp888: Just so I’m clear, Keith, you recommend the DB blank for 2-6 oz baits and Edge or SCLT for above 6 oz. am I correct? Professional_Edge: additional eyelets will stiffen the rod blank Professional_Edge: yes on that 888 crackpot: do you build muskie sticks on the tournament blank? Professional_Edge: I have built a bunch of tournament stuff Professional_Edge: fuji did a study on guides Professional_Edge: they added guides and it increased casting distance Professional_Edge: line did not explode as much between guides muskie_tim: With everyone in the fishing world contacting you to make custom rods, how many hrs do you work per week? Professional_Edge: but the distance was not enough for me to think it is worth making a blank stiffer Professional_Edge: i have a real job and sneak downstairs when the kids are at school…i love building Professional_Edge: i do not build much in the summer Professional_Edge: it amazes me to be doing this volume out of my basement Professional_Edge: with no store front Slamr: where do you get most of your business? floydss: for someone just starting out what advice would you give them? Professional_Edge: I would read lots of folks articles and now I am building for them muskie_tim: That is amazing, congratulations on such a successful business!!! lambeau: have you ever, or have you considered, offering rod-building classes? Professional_Edge: almost all word of mouth Professional_Edge: I have not been part of any paid advertising Professional_Edge: I am doing one for some troubled kids next week…i am looking forward to that Bret_Wold: website?????? netman: phone number? Professional_Edge: 612-802-4629 lambeau: http://proedgefishing.com Professional_Edge: I hate saying it but do not wait to order Rebel9921: Did I miss anything about your new Edge series??? Professional_Edge: I am getting behind and my biggest show is coming up in a month Professional_Edge: people here have been good to me lambeau: so when you’re through with teaching the kids is there a Rod Building Road Rules in the future??? Maybe the night before the Blaine and Chicago shows each year??? Iowa_Muskie: got a feeling I’ll be placing an order at Blaine Professional_Edge: if anybody is in the leech area call and come fishing Professional_Edge: I do this for the love of the sport….this allows me to meet a bunch of good people netman: Thanks PE Professional_Edge: that would be a good idea lambeau Professional_Edge: lets think about that lambeau: MuskieFirst thanks Keith Terlinden of Professional Edge for spending time with us in this chat tonight!

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