2008 MuskieFIRST Online Seminar Series Welcomes Tony Grant

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 Feb 6th, 2008 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Slamr: MuskieFIRST welcomes Tony Grant to the Chat Room, thanks for joining us again on this snowy (up north at least) night! Ballistic:Welcome, Tony mikie: Tony, have you tried the #13 blades yet? Tony_Grant: Thanks for having me Tony_Grant: 15’s coming in 2009 muskie_man: Hey Tony. Have you had any worthwhile luck on throwing cowgirls on the cave Tony_Grant: fair amount of success . J_Sloan: to add to that, any luck in Vilas on cowgirls? Tony_Grant: Plenty of night time fish on the girls Tony_Grant: Fair amount during the day Iowa_Muskie: any color seem better than others at night? Tony_Grant: Those baits work everywhere, I’m convinced . Slamr: Speaking of the double 10 and up style lures, what’s your rod/reel compliment for throwing these? Tony_Grant: I think the blade color is most important BruceKY: sounds like more of a lateral line thing rather than visual nwild: Tony, we’re seeing more big fish out of the cave in the spring, is that a case of the fishery maturing or moving away from the hollers to find the bigger gals? Tony_Grant: I like a soft tipped rod with my Okuma with POWER HANDLE Tony_Grant: less stiff Tony_Grant: Power handles on any reel makes all the difference after 8 hours baldeaglefisherman: what color blades do you use Iowa_Muskie: any problems on loosing fish on a softer tipped rod? Tony_Grant: At night under low light I like pink, red, orange wiza: Hey Tony: prespawn fish in the spring, are you throwing/trolling mag baits opposed to smaller post/spawn baits Tony_Grant: Bright nights I like naturals, seems to be a pattern with most guys I know Tony_Grant: I personally think that soft tips and LIGHT drag ups my percentages Ballistic: what test line/brand line? Tony_Grant: Pre spawn really means a mixed bag for me Tony_Grant: For line I us 80lb Power pro Ballistic: Have you had a chance to use an Okuma Red Isis? dougj: Tony, how the muskie population in the “Cave doing? Better/worse or the same? Tony_Grant: Yes, great reel not much better for the buck Slamr: Tony, you fish with a ton of guide clients every year, what would you say is the NUMBER 1 bit of advice you would give to those newer to muskie fishing? Tony_Grant: I believe we have a great population of fish, just so many changing conditions and places to hide Smokin_Joe: Tony, the Road Rules Schools, would you ever consider holding one on North and South Twin in Vilas? muskie_man: Tony, I got to thinking the other day about the number of fish on the flats at the cave. Do you think that those are resident fish that stay in and around the flats year round or do ya think the fish travel from other areas of the lake Tony_Grant: A lot of bait on the flats at times fish seem to swim in and out J_Sloan: Your observations on the state of N.WI muskies over the last 4 years? Tony_Grant: We had a school on North Twin for 2 years great luck but not too many interestred in coming Tony_Grant: I think Northern Wi is coming along, its tuff at times there but there are big dougj: What’s you best spring week to fish the Cave? Tony_Grant: I think all lakes go thru there ups and downs I see it every where I go they all make a comeback Tony_Grant: year in and year out the last 2 weeks of March are the best Ballistic: Number one piece of advice to a ‘new’ muskie angler? Tony_Grant: Stay focused and remember EVERY bit of info you hear Tony_Grant: Collective intelligence is the key to muskie fishing muskie_tim: Tony, do you use glide baits often…if so, does a 130# flouro leader make a big difference in the action? Thanks Tony_Grant: My success has been from working around great fisherman, guiding, tournaments and pleasure baldeaglefisherman: whats your PB musky Ballistic: so absorb like a sponge… Tony_Grant: 54.5Tony_Grant: Another key that I have several fellow guides agree SLOW. wiza: You throw alot of topwater? J_Sloan: if you had to pick one time for a big fish on the cave….spring or fall? Tony_Grant: I have watched women fish that don’t fish alot they move the bait slow and they out fish there Avid husbands Ballistic: As in slow down, fish slow, or both? Tony_Grant: Fall by far, big girls come and go in the spring but fall they hang around much more muskie_tim: with SLOW, do you have fish hit on the pause or when the bait is moving Tony_Grant: both Ballistic: thought so, thanks muskie_tim: how long of a pause? Tony_Grant: November is a very consistent big fish month on the CAVE dougj: what’s your best spring technique? Tony_Grant: a pump more than a pause muskie_tim: so, not a long pause? Tony_Grant: Rattle baits and side to side gliders Shallow Tony_Grant: I know there are big fish deep its just what I have become use to Slamr: Tony, what is the biggest change that you’ve seen in muskie fishing over the last 5 years? BruceKY: does a sledge count as a side to side glider Ballistic: How would someone wishing to book you as a guide North or South reach you? Tony_Grant: Biggest change maybe the baits they have come along way muskie_tim: I thought the sledge was a prop wash troller Tony_Grant: 1800-452-1600 [email protected] Ballistic: cool, thanks Tony_Grant: Sledges are great early season up tight to steep banks J_Sloan: How many guides are on you staff in KY? Tony_Grant: we have 7 this year mikie: Who are these new guys, Caesars? muskie_tim: Tony, do you ever get skunked? (for us normal musky guys..) Tony_Grant: The Cave is the most difficult lake anywhere to fish, changing water colors and levels make it challenging I love it J_Sloan: nothing like spring break in March on the Cave… Got_Esox: Tony, what changes do you make in your presentation when targeting Tigers? Tony_Grant: Thats Darrell and Lance father son team. They are tuff throw only big rubber Tony_Grant: Tigers like small baits and they follow small perch find the small perch staging areas and there’s the tigers J_Sloan: Battled any big tigers up north lately? Tony_Grant: 6 over 40 last year in 5 weeks not great but a beautiful 46.5 J_Sloan: very cool Tony_Grant: The past two hot summers have slowed down the younger perch in the shallows Ballistic: what waters are you guiding this year, other than the cave? J_Sloan: does your resort still have openings in March/April? Tony_Grant: June July Vilas Co August Sept Minnesota muskie_tim: Seriously, I get skunked most days, what’s it like for you Tony? .muskie_man: have you got a chance to fish Melton hill down in Tn any? Tony_Grant: I hate getting skunked but it happens often, too often Tony_Grant: Minnesota may just be the BIGGEST change in muskie fishing over the last 5 years Tony_Grant: Noy yet but I hear good things Smokin_Joe: Tony, are you going to try Green Bay this year? Tony_Grant: I am going to hit Green Bay for fun in June but I have NO desire to work thereSlamr: How to approach the larger waters in MN differently then the smaller lakes you’re hitting in Vilas County? Smokin_Joe: Are you going to fish the WI early season? muskie_tim: Clear Water: How important is a figure 8 if you don’t see a follow? Tony_Grant: I won’t be to Vilas till Mid June Got_Esox: When do you start fishing the night bite in N WI? muskie_tim: I fish clear water a lot, and you always see them coming Tony_Grant: Figure eights are the most important factor clear or dirty muskie_tim: clear water? Tony_Grant: Trigger them before they get to close, make them hit it away from the boat or aggressively chase it inTony_Grant: Ther are times in clear water that the only hit you may get is boatside at the 8 muskie_tim: For example, I see my lure coming in and there’s no fish in site, have you ever had one come from under the boat and hit? muskie_man: Tony whats the best way to figure 8 so called “dead at the boat baits” like mantas? Is it best to just try to pop them around the best you can? Tony_Grant: Night time the figure eight plays a much more important part Tony_Grant: Mantas are tuff jsut keep them swinging any way you can Pointer: or just figure 8 the mantas muskie_tim: maybe I need to figure 8 more Tony_Grant: The look ugly at the figure eight but occasionally they do get hitJ_Sloan: are you emceeing Milwaukee this weekend? Tony_Grant: Yes Jason looking forward to it Iowa_Muskie: Tim we got 5 on 8’s last year that came up or from under muskie_tim: Iowa, was it clear water at night or during the day Tony_Grant: My 3 biggest fish last year all 52.5 ate at the boat Slamr: Tony, anything new that you’ve seen at the shows that you think has strong potential for use in your boat in 2007? J_Sloan: Milwaukee is always fun Ballistic: Let’s talk about the Road Rules clinics and classes.Ballistic: Where is the next one? Tony_Grant: New baits I like are the new Red October tubes, Crusher, Shad Clone Tony_Grant: The clinics are great I truly learn new things at each event. J_Sloan: Have heard nothing but rave reviews on your Road Rules clinics, glad they are going well for you BruceKY: the PMMT is in early this year on the cave. any predictions Tony_Grant: Milwaukee clinic the 16th Pewaukee, Ty and Dennis do a great job. Dennis gives up everything about Green Bay muskie_tim: Tony, someone as experienced as yourself, as you learn more do you still stick to old fish catching habits more or try the new stuff Tony_Grant: My bet is rattle baits finally win some money . Tony_Grant: Over the last 2 years my goal is to try new stuff and its paying off Tony_Grant: Deep water has opened my eyes over the past few years Ballistic: Describe ‘deep’ for us, please Iowa_Muskie: whats the deepest you have caught a muskie? Ballistic: how deep?Tony_Grant: fishing in the upper 8 feet over 25 plus feet of water floydss: do you think the big bladed baits will continue or do you see trends going in a different direction?Tony_Grant: I think they still have a few years in them. I am amazed at the production on these baits many great guides use them 90 percent of the time muskie_tim: Tony, the upper 8 feet….how would you approach that…baits, etc. Tony_Grant: I was most convinced when I seen a gal catch 7 between 32 and 38 on the Eagle Chain J_Sloan: so are you going to get out rowtrolling with me this summer or what? Tony_Grant: I knew then they would work anywhere Ballistic: Tony, please tell me you will make Jason row..mikie: while you film it! Tony_Grant: Deeper with Dawgs and cranks then move up Gregg trolled Cowgirls 15 to 20 feet down and caught a great number Cady: Tony can’t row…his arms will get blocked by his stomach muscles Got_Esox: do you generally use a slower retrieve or “burn” in the bladebaits?muskie_tim: weighting the cowgirls? Tony_Grant: Caught 1 38 incher in the short time I used 13’s muskie_tim: Do you use planar boards trolling the cowgirls floydss: cant wait to try the couple we made Tony_Grant: Slow has been best for me with big blades in weeds fast around rocks where they easly can find it Iowa_Muskie: good question how do you get a cowgirl to troll down 25′? Tony_Grant: I haven’t trolled them netman: downrigger Tony_Grant: Lead balls about 15 feet from bait muskie_tim: Tony, have you fished out east much…boy I’m just full of questions tonight muskyboy: when is the best early time to fish the CAVE Tony_Grant: I love New York at Chat Tony_Grant: over the past 3 years the first week of March has been great Thats not always true J_Sloan: best week in November? Ballistic: what acreage(size) are the lakes you fish in Vilas? Tony_Grant: March 15 till April 15 has year in and out been the best but early May can show some big ones Tony_Grant: first or second week of November is great Smokin_Joe: Tony, whats your favorite lake in Vilas? Tony_Grant: Kentuck and the Twins mikie: Tony, thanks again for all the help and encouragement Tony_Grant: Always will listen to anyone muskie_man: Tony, what was your biggest off the cave last year? smellslikebass: last march on the cave water levels were low, hows it looking for this spring?Reelwise: Tony, not sure if asked this yet, but have you or Greg ever tried trolling rattle baits? Tony_Grant: 50, 48 and 46.5 Smokin_Joe: Whats the biggest tiger you have caught on Kentuck? fish_hunter: Tony I wanted to know if any one knew about this rod Tony_Grant: yes trolling rattle baits can be good tough with years the weeds come up early or dont ever leave fish_hunter: lamigas gc6106 hr special Tony_Grant: 50 tiger with 21 over 46 Smokin_Joe: NICE! Ajohnson: wow! Iowa_Muskie: nice tigers Tony_Grant: Thats a very stiff rod made for Hughes Rivers Ballistic: do you ‘lake hop’ while in Vilas, changing lakes a couple times a day, or pick a lake and stick to it? ciTony_Grant: I it 2 to 3 daily with a return possible Ballistic: interesting Tony_Grant: Some days I just plant and cast Got_Esox: how much night fishing do u do in the summer/ Tony_Grant: last year I fished over 80 nights Iowa_Muskie: do you believe all lakes get a night bite? Reelwise: Tony, how many fish did you and your clients boat last year? Or is it hard to keep count over so many? Tony_Grant: If you don’t put as many hours night fishing as you do in the day you are missing the boat Slamr: MuskieFIRST thanks Tony Grant for a great night of chatting. Be sure to check out Tony’s ongoing clinics, the Muskie Road Rules Ballistic: Tony, thanks sir, see you in Milwaukee

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