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 Mar 26th, 2008 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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MuskieFIRST Welcomes Baldy, Owner Of Muskie Mojo Tackle! BALDY: Thanks for having me guys sworrall: Absolutely! Ajohnson: hey luke, what makes a weagle so much better than other walk the dog topwaters out there? BALDY: heavier bait that moves more water sorno: Hey Baldy, of the lures you make, which is your favorite to fish? BALDY: doesnt get blown out like others Bret_Wold: Baldy, how has the reaction been to the new Howie bait? BALDY: sorno, probably the baby wabull BALDY: Howie has been popular so far BALDY: seeing it in action really gets people going Ajohnson: did the howie 2.0 sell good at Blaine? BALDY: that bait will catch a bunch of fish this year sorno: Baby Wabull now being made of wood again? BALDY: 2.0 did well in Blaine. I prefer that model…LOUDER BALDY: yes, everything is back to wood Ajohnson: how much for the 2.0? BALDY: $30 for 2.0 Ajohnson: and when will both versions of the howie be on the mojo site? Got_Esox: I was out testing my Howie today, LOVE IT! BALDY: Not sure AJ. Working on getting them into Reeds right nowRebel9921: Seems like Howie’s the popular bait for 2008 BALDY: you can always email me Ajohnson: ok thanks Luke Got_Esox: How long did it take to select the right lip on the Howie? sworrall: Luke, could you list what is new in the Mojo linup for 2008? BALDY: not long. Basically the same as a hawg wobbler lip. BALDY: new for ’08…WA Weagle, WA Wabull, Howie, Howie v 2.0, Mag XX (#12’s) Ajohnson: YUMMY! sworrall: Describe a WA Waegle for us, please Rebel9921: Baldy… mind explaining how you came up with the names for your baits? BALDY: Steve, basically just a Weagle with a soft tail. BALDY: the tail adds a nice little bit of action clark: Any plans for a WA Baby Weagle and WA Baby Wabull? sorno: I know how he came up with ‘WA’ BALDY: clark, protos are being worked on Ajohnson: cool! clark: COOL!!! BALDY: Reb, just brainstorming man. Weagle and Wabull were named when I got them. sworrall: Hows tha action on the WA Weagle, compared to the Weagle? sorno: did you solve the second hook placement problem? BALDY: Howie is named after the man himself, the designer Howie Meyer BALDY: Steve, action is just about the same, but the tails throws a little extra water BALDY: sorno, I think I have it sorno: field test volunteer… The_Nate: Does the tail on the WA series slow the action of the bait down at all? muskellunged: Personally speaking, have you had any success slow-rolling the Double XX’s BALDY:Nate, not at all. Once I found the right tail the action was not effected in the least BALDY: llunged, slow roll at night for sure nwild: BALDY: what kind of rubber tails are you using on the back of the WA’s? BALDY: Norm, action plastics super goober 6″The_Nate: excellent! BALDY: 8″ on the 10’s The_Nate: will the 10’s be available in any stores in the near future? cou: Is there a 10 inch wabull in the works? BALDY: Nate, I don’t think so…but I do have some in stock right now. nwild: Do I understand there is a WA 10″ weagle? sworrall: WA Wabull, does that run like the Wabull? BALDY: have not tried a 10 Wabull yet Rebel9921: Baldy… what are the standard colors for Howie? tuffdaddy: Yes there is Norm. ๐Ÿ™‚ BALDY: you bet Norm muskellunged: any tips on working the Wabul to a first time user? nwild: I gotta get me some BALDY: Steve, wa wabull runs just like the wabull BALDY: with a little tease on the end sworrall: tease…like a Wabull doesn’t..sounds great! The_Nate: will do BALDY: reb – black, blue/silver, frog, fire bandit Ajohnson: how bout any custom colors for the howie… BALDY: more to come Rebel9921: Pink??? Heh Ajohnson: That’s what I wanted BALDY: I can do just about anything for colorsRebel9921: What are the hooks you put on your lures? BALDY: I use all Mustad…3551 and round bends tuffdaddy: Any secret baits in development this year? BALDY: diddy, WA Babiestuffdaddy: yikes!!! Bret_Wold: are we going to see a Muskie Mojo crankbait out sometime soon?Got_Esox: any Thumper variations? BALDY: not sure, bret. havent gone down that road? You never know Got_Esox: Thumper clark: Do you offer custom colors? BALDY: the Thumper was in very limited prod this year BALDY: going to try 12’s on that sucker tuffdaddy: This might have been asked, but are you going to do any double 9’s or 8s?Ajohnson: can we still buy thunpers from you? BALDY: custom colors can be done. Just have to be patient with me BALDY: AJ, you can Ajohnson: sounds good showmuskie: so why cant I find any weagles you gonna make some more! BALDY: diddy, maybe, mostly been focusing on the wood recently. BALDY: bucktails are EVERYWHERE tuffdaddy: for sure BALDY: got a few orders i am working on right now. Slamr: what makes the XX/XXX different from what you might see in other double ten bladed bucktails? muskellunged: Which of your baits works best trolling? BALDY: slamr, I think i use tougher components than most…062 wire BALDY: XX/XXX work awesome for trolling BALDY: put some lead in front muskellunged: interesting! Rebel9921: What color sells the best for each bait? BALDY: black and perch are definitely the most popular in the topwaters Slamr: how much lead would one need to keep a XXX down to say 3′ if you were to troll around 4mph with it? Ajohnson: what’s your favorite color tuffdaddy: 8ozs Slamr MARINE1: Have you considered any tails with silicone skirts? BALDY: AJ, blue/silver tuffdaddy: or slam the rod tip down in the water to get it down 3′ BALDY: slamr, 3oz about 30 feet behind a board will get you there The_Nate: How much of a lead do you put between the weight and the bait when trolling? BALDY: Marine, already got ’em manBALDY: Nate, depends on depth. I have sinkers up to a pound tuffdaddy: How difficult is it to come up with new ideas with all the baits out there? muskellunged: I think Nate meant distance wise BALDY: nate, misread…4′ leader between sinker and bait The_Nate: ahh got ya BALDY: diddy, pretty tough man. a lot has already been done. Just gotta keep thinking I got lots of ideas Rebel9921: How big of a success was the Howie while it was a Prototype?BALDY: Howie Meyer did very well on the bait BALDY: calls it his best hooking % topwater muskellunged: Which bait/model/presentation works best when the bite is either sluggish or over pressured? MARINE1: How about a Buzzzbait that actually has a decent hook %? tuffdaddy: What was the key to his success with the Howie? BALDY: littel wabull in their face, llunged muskellunged: thanks BALDY: diddy, S-L-O-W BALDY: he fished gin bottles, Howie is a pretty subtle bait BALDY: I think the tail helps with hookups also Slamr: Do you HAVE TO run the weagle slow to catch fish on it? tuffdaddy: Can the double jointed one be fished a bit faster? clark: Howie’s overall length and the Howie V2 ? pro_edge: how is the howie fished….slow or fast? BALDY: absolutely not, ask Mr.Worrall sworrall: that’s a fact BALDY: the weagle can handle speed, and fish will still eat it MARINE1: I second Mr. Worrall sorno: so can the wabull…and the baby wabull showmuskie: where can I find a weagle I tried to order on from rollie and helens and from thorne bros they are all out. BALDY: diddy, double jointed can definitely be fished faster BALDY: howie is fished slow Slamr: Since Steve is here, and a Mojo Pro guy, can you tell usa bout how you run the Wabull, and how that might be a bit different than most would? BALDY: v2.0 can be fished slow or fast clark: Length of the Howie and the V.2? BALDY: just filmed v2.0 today…tune it right and speed makes it go CRAZY muskellunged: wow.. a 2.0? is that a double jointed Howie? tuffdaddy: Excellent Rebel9921: Any plans on making a prop-style Baits? BALDY: clark, probably around 10 and 12 inches sorno: is the XXX still as popular as when it first came out or has it fallen in popularity to the XX? BALDY: v2.0=jointed howie BALDY: props may be in my future…if i can improve on something already out there sworrall: I work the Wabull VERY fast, erratic, then *pop* it down at the boat, let her g l i d e BALDY: sorno, xx has taken over. xxx is still all i use in the fall. Trolling too Rebel9921: What is the weagle made out of? BALDY: show, RH and Thornes both just ordered some baits…working on them now The_Nate: sweet!! is the joint central or locate d closer to the head or tail? BALDY: rebel, wood pro_edge: is it time for a bass howie? BALDY: nate, the two pieces are the same length BALDY: bass howie? maybe, tough to find the right lip BALDY: lily carp The_Nate: excellent that gives me a good image of what it looks like BALDY: video of v2.0 will be up soon Slamr: two part question: what is the highest selling weagle color, and what color do you hear most people catching fish on? BALDY: black and perch sell the most. BALDY: blue/silver is a deadly color on the right water Bret_Wold: How much does the Howie weigh? BALDY: i probably hear most catches on perch The_Nate: what do you suggest for a quick fix on hook rash and teeth marks that have gotten down to bare wood? BALDY: never weighed it Bret…similar to a weagle Rebel9921: Is there a way you can modify a Weagle into a Prop-Style topwater lure? BALDY: Nate, brush on some 5 minute epoxy. Not pretty but effective. BALDY: rebel, it could be done I guess. The body shape is correct MARINE1: Are the weights of the Mojo Weagle a little more consistent than they were under Nut ownership? BALDY: definitely more consistent sorno: with regard to leaders, do you have a preference when working wabull/weagles? BALDY: leader doesn’t really matter. BALDY: works with solid steel, floro, seven strand. I use floro sworrall: are you posting the new Mojo lure videos to upload.outdoorsfirst.com? BALDY: you bet, SW MARINE1: How should a Weagle sit in the water for Max effect? Top, A little under, Half under? clark: Largest Weagle and Wabull fish that you know of ? BALDY: water level is generally to mid-eyeball BALDY: largest Weagle fish – 53×24, bunch of other 50+ tuffdaddy: Why do I always have to cut hooks out of fish when they eat weagles? tuffdaddy: ๐Ÿ™‚ MARINE1: Was that Jeff Anderson’s fish? BALDY: Wabull – not sure, definitely 50 or over. Worrall caught that oneBALDY: marine, yep BALDY: diddy, cause they EAT them tuffdaddy: Indeed they do.Will: schultz and worrall both have 50′ on a wabull muskellunged: What lakes do you fish most or do you like to spread it around? BALDY: yes, i forgot about Will’s tank, beauty BALDY: I spread it around. A lot of metro stuff since its close muskellunged: Logical. Any new waters this year? Rebel9921: Baldy whats your personal best and which lure was it caught on? sworrall: How much of the wood bait build is by hand, and by you personally? BALDY: Haven’t even thought that far ahead…I’ve got baits to make Got_Esox: What rod do you use when throwing the Weagle? Slamr: has anyone ever caught a muskie in Crazy Man Bay, or does he affect the fishes with his crazy? BALDY: SW, I get the body the way it is, then drill, weight, prime, paint, clear. BALDY: I’ve got a helper, but i touch every bait BALDY: slamr, the crazy definitely scares the fishes sworrall: that guy is just a little off… BALDY: use whatever rod you are comfortable with BALDY: short to long will work the bait just fine once you learn to use it sorno: he makes for a memorable trip to the Goon though sworrall: How many steps in getting the blank into final form? BALDY: you will need some tip action for the weagle though BALDY: steve, about 7 seperate processes for a weagle…9-10 for a wabull sworrall: So building a wood lure is more complicated than some may think… BALDY: definitely Johnny: Why do the older weagles seem to sit lower in the water? BALDY: because they are a little heavier Slamr: have you heard of catch rate differences between heavier and lighter weagles? BALDY: slamr, not really. lots of fish being caught on weagles. old and new sworrall: I can guarantee my catch rate has been better with the new ones, but that’s me BALDY: more people using new ones, so probably more fish on them sworrall: Is there a ‘best speed’ to work a Weagle?sworrall: speed tuffdaddy: I liked them both, but definitely catch a buuunch of fish on the Mojo weagles. BALDY: speed depends on the situation muskellunged: Which bait/s are good “throwback” lures? Will: will the weagle and wabull ever go the way of the babies and become plastic? BALDY: definitely fast if searching, but SLOW when you know she is there clark: do you have an ideal when the WA babies will be out. BALDY: will, babies have actually gone back to wood Will: excellent! BALDY: clark, testing this year. We’ll see…next years shows maybe BALDY: llunged, weagle is an awesome throwback The_Nate: Any reason for the change back to wood? BALDY: baby weagle too, and Howie BALDY: plastic supplier flaked on me, and I could not get new baits that were to my standards. BALDY: I know I can make them the right way out of wood Reelwise: Any new bait ideas in mind BALDY? ๐Ÿ™‚ sworrall: that’s sort of funny, Baldy… BALDY: RW, WA Babies are in protoReelwise: sweet BALDY: WA Baby Wabull…MMMMMMM Bret_Wold: I think you should develop a bait called The NormSworrall: Above the Norm, topwater, below the Norm, Gliderโ€ฆ The_Nate: I’ll second the sweet The_Nate: a WA baby wabull would be killer on a certain shad based lake I fish, it would be a great profile sorno: yeah, WA baby wabull… BALDY: killer lots of places I think BALDY: any more questions? Bret_Wold: favorite lake? Kreegz: just got here, but where is the best place online to find a 10″ weagle BALDY: kreegz, email me [email protected] Kreegz: okie dokie BALDY: bret, the woods Ajohnson has left the room. Bret_Wold: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kreegz: i’ll be there this july sworrall: Is there a clear advantage to throwing the 10″ over th 8″? Norm seems to think there is BALDY: 10 moves WAY more water…actually easier to work The_Nate: how much wider is the 10″ in relation to the 8″? BALDY: better in waves too sorno: what’s the 10″ weigh? BALDY: around 6-7 or so BALDY: nate, 25% more girth sworrall: Have you heard of stopping a Weagle DEAD in the water at boatside when a big girl follows but doesn’t eat? BALDY: SW, not really. That a trick of yours? Bret_Wold: so would you prefer the 8″ in a calm situation? Rebel9921: what would be the best way to drill a hole in a body that’s about 5 inches in length??? BALDY: Bret, I really fish the 8 more always. Norm has changed my mind though Will: stop and hover… big girls can’t stand it Rebel9921: drilling lengthwise that is sworrall: Norm told me about that trick, tried it…and it works Bret_Wold: Seems Norm is holding out on us………….speak to us Norm Will: same with the wabull sorno: pauses work on the baby wabull too nwild: Norm knows nothing Slamr: Norm’s asleep BenR: word BALDY: wake up norm sorno: most fish you’ve boated in one day on a Mojo bait? BALDY: sorno, 3 for me, 4 for the boat BALDY: gotta send some positive MOJO out to Charlotte Winther…get well little lady Bret_Wold: AMEN brother nwild: hear ya there baldy sorno: right you are sworrall: for certain… Pointer: yep clark: yes Will: ditto sworrall: MuskieFIRST Thanks Luke from Mojo Tackle for an informative and entertaining hour…Thanks sir! Will: thanks Baldy! sorno: thanks Luke BALDY: It’s been real. Thanks everybody

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