Muskie Mofia Tournament Announced

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 Feb 20th, 2008 by OutdoorsFIRST 

Modified Feb 20th, 2008 at 12:00 AM

Muskie anglers are ‘different’.Not long ago, a small group of Muskie anglers form the Chicago area got together, fished the PMTT, shared info and compared notes. We worked together, talking over what we would like to see happen locally in that process, and formed a plan.Looking at the sport of Muskie Fishing from different perspectives can be a very challenging; where the sport or the industry is headed, what does it mean to be a Muskie Pro, and more.We looked into forming a muskie chapter that was more responsive than existing groups to what we as Muskie anglers feel needs to be done in the Chicago-land area. So we formed an ‘underground’ organization.We want to promote Musky fishing in our Home waters,working with Illinois State officials,biologists, and sportsmen and women. We would like to work hard toward improvements for the good of the sport-fishery!We will have a sign up sheet petition to raise the size limit on Lake Heidecke from 36″ to 48″, for example.Revenue raised from the tourney will assist us in taking this project further, looking to help improve habitat, offer assistance with stocking funds, etc.The tournament is scheduled April 19th 2008 at Heidecke State Fish and Wildlife Area, Morris IL. sponsored and generously hosted by the IMTT..Entry is $65.00 per team. IMTT rules and regulations apply including site specific rules.Payout to the top 3 teams,one-two person Teams, Limited to75 boats, first come first in. A percentage of the entry fees will be given back to the I.M.T.T.and we will list in all revenue returned back into the fishery and how it will be applied to improving our Muskie fisheries here. You do not have to be an IMTT member to participate. The Muskie Mafia, more than just a name, we are a Muskie oriented and concerned a group of guys in the Chicago-land area;we are asking for support from ALL muskie fishermen locally and from all across the range of the Muskie! With your help we can together turn Heidecke into a Class A Muskie Fishery.ContactsIMTT www.illmuskie.com Del Colvin 815 365-2103 Bert’[email protected] Drew 815 [email protected]

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