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 Mar 29th, 2005 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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MuskieFIRST welcomes Howie Meyer, Guide and Muskie expert from the far north in Wisconsin!Let the questions begin:7islands: The very far Northtz: Where do you fish?7islands: Presque Isle Wisconsin area7islands: I was tempted to say on the waterSteve_Worrall: Howie, you are known as a deep water specialist, what do you look for to find the muskies out there?7islands: Steve I look for baitfish on those type of lakeshrjohnny: What type of lures are you using to target those fish?Plitz: favorite open water bait?EsoxDan: What is something you always keep in mind when fishing deep clear lakes?7islands: Well I’m known for throwing lots of soft plasticsPlitz: Cast or Troll?7islands: casting only7islands: I keep the area of the thermo cline in mind as a key7islands: one key anywayPlitz: do you fish the rubber swim baits much?7islands: and that can be 35′ on some of those lakesWildlineman: What type of structure do you find the bait fish around in clear lakes?7islands: yes I fish them a lot a real lotEsoxDan: How do you locate the thermocline, by a temp probe, if so what kind?7islands: Deep rock humpsSteve_Worrall: Is structure an issue, or just open water?7islands: but sometimes far off of that structure but still related to ith2os2t: Howie how deep do you work your baits deep or does that depend on the bait fishSteve_Worrall: thanksFishwater1: Do you do much jigging around the deep structure?7islands: its an issue but doesn’t play all the time7islands: I don’t really jig but will run the baits slowly along right on the structure7islands: it depends almost exclusively on the depth of the baitfish7islands: lots of people fish above the baitfish7islands: Im known for fishing right at their levelDavid_4: Is there any problem bringing fish up from deep water?7islands: I fish flowages also so don’t be afraid to ask other methodsPlitz: 7islands: How do you prefer to run your swimbaits? What are some of your better ones?7islands: yes in very warm water you dont want to fish the very deep waterSteve_Worrall: Do you feel you have a better chance for a big fish deep, or on traditional structure on a flowage?7islands: Ill then fish the same type of lake but with somewhat shallower structure7islands: I feel its the same because of the areas I fish On the flowagesh2os2t: Do you play the current a lot in flowages or does it not make a difference7islands: I am fishing selected areas on very large flowages7islands: yes the current, the main river channels are keyWildlineman: So you’re saying that you use a more subtle approach when fishing deep in clear lakes.hrjohnny: What is your all-time favorite bait?7islands: yes very subtleSteve_Worrall: selected areas, as in certain depths or types of structure?7islands: right now for the deep lakes I throw almost exclusively Huddleston swim baits7islands: on the flowages and other lakes Im a glide bait freakPlitz: Where can one find these?hrjohnny: which ones?7islands: California bait shops or on huddleston .com check thatKidDerringer entered the room.Plitz: thx7islands: H20s Hughes Rivershrjohnny: Good to hear… lol7islands: I can see you like themSteve_Worrall: What do you look for on the flowages you fish, key areas, etc?7islands: I like structural elements like stumps, sand bars, area where trhe channel swings sharply over to shore brush piles7islands: to name a few7islands: lately I’ve been finding bait fish right in the river channels7islands: all of these things will be closely related to the deep channelsWildlineman: When do you fish shallow structure on deep clear lakes?7islands: so I eliminate 75% of a flowagehrjohnny: Do you think the musky fishing has improved from thirty years ago in these areas?7islands: when its to hot to fish deep or that’s the depth the baitfish are holding at7islands: Yes decidedly7islands: we just know more about the locations and have better toolsSteve_Worrall: What’s your average fish there now, Howie?h2os2t: have you found certain conditions that bring the fish out of the channels7islands: to exploit those areas7islands: for the last few years its 44.25 inchesbrat: “too hot to fish deep”… as in the thermocline does not allow?7islands: yes very high water will make them move out of the channels7islands: no dangerous to the fish to bring them up from deep water in very warm waterSteve_Worrall: great average!Wildlineman: excellent pointRyan_Schmalz: define warm??7islands: well Its the areas I fish that raises the average size7islands: to me its 75 degrees or warmerSteve_Worrall: so like a restaurant it’s the ‘location’, eh?7islands: well I like the 5 star restaurantsSteve_Worrall: good one, sirSteve_Worrall: What rods to you prefer?Wildlineman: Heck, and I always go for fast food with no stars!!Ryan_Schmalz: howie.. how much live bait fishing do you do??7islands: Actually I fish quite simply But have a lot of confidence in that simplicity7islands: I use a lot of suckers in late fall but usually not until November7islands: I want the water under 47 degreesRyan_Schmalz: u use sucker in spring??7islands: I use a variety of Saint CroixsSteve_Worrall: Reels, your favorites?7islands: a few gifts from Thorne Bros.7islands: Usually with a strong base over 7.5 feet some play in the tip7islands: no suckers in spring7islands: I like the Calcutta TE7islands: very smooth7islands: but use others for specific applicationshrjohnny: what is your favourite application?7islands: for instance a slow reel for surface lures7islands: slow and deep if that’s an applicationh2os2t: Do you work all surface baits slowMuskyboy: What is the biggest musky you have seen?7islands: yes I love slow surface baits H20 recon took a 47″ late fall for my client7islands: I ave seen exactly 3 fish over 60″ in my 49 years of Musky fishing7islands: My biggest fish was 57.5 inchesSteve_Worrall: wowh2os2t: even prop baits do you work slowhrjohnny: WOWh2os2t: thems soom big fish7islands: yes even those those I don’t throw many prop style baits7islands: Thank youEsoxDan: How about lure color verses water clarity? What’s your favorite lure color scheme?Steve_Worrall: How would a person interested in hiring you get in touch with you, Howie?7islands: I use natural color swim baits on clear water Trout is my fav color7islands: 715 686 7155 or seven islandsguideservice.comAllstate48: What’s your choice of top water color ?7islands: black is beautiful7islands: I should mention I Use alot of double bladed boo tails on the flowages also7islands: usually yellow and orange hair dressed with a gapen tail7islands: blades in copper and bras or chartruese orange7islands: that gives me max vibration and seems to work when all else failsAllstate48: I’ve heard other people say Trout. This has to be because of color. There’s not many Trout up north. Is there?EsoxDan: Do you use Mono for any applications? If so, please explain.7islands: well it looks a lot like cisco or smelt but on some of the lakes I fish there are trout7islands: I dont use mono anymoreSteve_Worrall: Do you use superlines now, and if so, what brand is your go to line?7islands: I’m a power pro guy now7islands: usaully 80#EsoxDan: Cool!7islands: I do use a lot of flouro leaders howeverMuskyboy: What pound flouro on the leaders, me 1007islands: sameEsoxDan: Did it increase your catch?Wildlineman: What advantage have you found while fishing flouro leaders?7islands: I think so at least for some applicationsEsoxDan: clear waters I imagine?7islands: I like things to look as natural as possible because they see well on those clear lakes7islands: and im going slow they could follow all day7islands: those big fatties are tough to foolh2os2t: you feel the big girls like it slow7islands: yes I do except in ambush positions in heavy cover7islands: then I use a lot of speed7islands: I mean buried in weeds or lined up under a log etch2os2t: is that where you throw the bucktails7islands: yesWildlineman: Do you use many gliders or jerkbaits?7islands: and I burn hell out of them when I know I’m in a good spot at the right timeh2os2t: spot on the spot7islands: gliders a whole lot but for specific presentations7islands: yesSteve_Worrall: Howie, how do you think the DNR Muskie program budget cuts might effect our fishing up North?EsoxDan: I have always thought that warm water speeds up metabolism. That said, wouldn’ t you fish deep/cooler waters slower?7islands: yes it will hurt7islands: they don’t use our license money just for fishing7islands: I fish dep waters exclusively slowlyFishwater1 has left the room.7islands: deep sorry7islands: thats just what works for me others may have success another waytuffdaddy has been warned by server7islands: a big fat fish is lazySteve_Worrall: like me…7islands: they dont chase a lot of baits in deep water7islands: and meSteve_Worrall: What’s your absolute favorite time of year for big fish?7islands: well give me November when the cisco spawn7islands: but I’ve caught 40#s in high heat no cloudshrjohnny: Just wondering what year you caught your 57.5″ and what she ate?7islands: 1989tuffdaddy: If one was to fish say… the LDF in say, the 3rd week of July, what time of the day would you prefer to fish. Night, mid day, morning?7islands: that was on a flowage by the way7islands: evening definitely7islands: moonless evening7islands: she ate a homemade soft plastic lure I madetuffdaddy: Thanks! One more, you do a lake tour I saw. What types of things are you showing when you go out for this?EsoxDan: Why moonless?7islands: all the structural elements when to fish them and what to fish them with7islands: we can share those things now because of catch and release7islands: years ago we couldn’ttuffdaddy: Sign me up for say the 3rd week in July. 🙂7islands: I gues moonless makes them less leary they seem to hit not follow on a new moon on those flowages7islands: will dospallgard has left the room.EsoxDan: Interesting…7islands: im not a full moon fanh2os2t: when working slow do you retrieve consistantly or mix it up a littleSteve_Worrall: One more time, Howie, how would one interested in hiring you get in touch?7islands: I mix it up a lillte but keep it slow7islands: 715v 686 7155 sevenislandsguideservice.comtuffdaddy: What’s your favorite bar up there?7islands: If I could type Id be dangerous on heretuffdaddy: :)Steve_Worrall: me too, Howie7islands: The retreat bar presque Isle or Skyview lodge7islands: Im there after fishing most nights loltuffdaddy: I’ll keep an eye out for you!7islands: I believe in celebratory cocktailing after fishing7islands: not duringSteve_Worrall: What was your best day to date, far as numbers?7islands: Gee I think for the bigger fish it would be a day on Fence lake we took seven muskies all over 45″7islands: will doSteve_Worrall: THAT is a good day!tuffdaddy: That is nutz!7islands: that was in 2001 and it was a space odysseySteve_Worrall: What do you think this year is bringing?7islands: not sure yet want to see some wet spring weather our lakes are lowh2os2t: on Fence7islands: thanks yes it can be hard on fence no doubt7islands: Id hate to list the fishless daysEsoxDan: How about 1 more tip about Fence Lake?7islands: baitfish baitfish baitfish and Huddlestonstuffdaddy: I might have missed this, but did they kill the smelt off in the chain?7islands: They are expensive and I have to buy them but they are special for those applicationsEsoxDan: Excellent! Point taken. Thanks Howie!7islands: Tell Him I sent you. Gee I need a price break on those7islands: Also Fence = patienceSteve_Worrall: MuskieFIRST Thanks Howie Meyer for a great hour. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us all, and we are looking forward to having you on as a speaker again!hrjohnny: Thanks Howie..Ryan_Schmalz: thanks howie7islands: Thank you Steve this is the very best site on the webEsoxDan: Thank You!h2os2t: Thanks HowieSteve_Worrall: Thanks, sir.

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