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 Feb 15th, 2006 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Slamr: MuskieFIRST Welcomes Jason Sloan of Badfish Outdoors to the MuskieFIRST Chat Room! Slamr: thanks for coming in tonight Jason! Jason_Sloan: yeah, tough to talk to everyone Jason_Sloan: been looking forward to tonight. Slamr: questions boys and girls….. Mikes_Extreme: Ok spill it: Lakes, baits, everything………LOL Slamr: Jason, can you tell us a little about the history of Badfish Outdoors? esoxmenasha: Jason you and the Badfish boys put out some great videos. I just got my copy of Muskie Town. Got anything else planned? Jason_Sloan: Muskie Madness III Jason_Sloan: Started filming in high school with some buddies, just kept doing it Slamr: when/how did the idea of actually producing fishing and hunting videos come about? Jason_Sloan: kind of came about by accident, talking over a few brews one night. madmusky: Are we going to see any new faces in Madness III? Anyone who wasn’t in the first 2 and muskie town? Jason_Sloan: like to get out with Marc Thorpe, plus some locals out West for some tigers Slamr: How long do you generally spend in the boat filming for each segment of each video (on average)? Jason_Sloan: Bill Schwartz, Herbie, Manthei, Sheahan, etc. lambeau: i heard you may be filming in Utah this year…is that true? Who will you be going out with? Jason_Sloan: averages out to about five days filming per segment. Jason_Sloan: Utah-hopefully Sorenson Jason_Sloan: another five days editing lambeau: that will be very cool! Mark_Gostisha: Sorno is good out there Mark_Gostisha: quality family tuffy1: How did you get into row trolling? Jason_Sloan: that’s the rumor Mark_Gostisha: also good stick Mikes_Extreme: Sorno is the man out West Jason_Sloan: learned to muskie fish by trolling, then they banned it on us. Put two sets of oars on the ranger and kept going Mark_Gostisha: Do you row all year or only in fall? Jason_Sloan: heard nothing but good things about sorenson. Jason_Sloan: only in the summer lambeau: what speeds do you try to row-troll at? Jason_Sloan: 2-3 mph lambeau: is that with one person rowing or two sets? Jason_Sloan: two sets esoxmenasha: How do you set up your rods when row trolling Netman: What baits work the best Jason_Sloan: fall is for shotguns and rifles madmusky: can you describe your oars? plastic? brand? 8inchcrank: Jason, have you noticed that when Joe H. row trolls the speeds increase to 9-11mph? lambeau: if you could, would you troll faster, or are you targeting that speed range? Jason_Sloan: big aluminum oars. we snap wood and plastic. 8 and 9 footers Jason_Sloan: certain times would like more speed Jason_Sloan: baits – jakes, dr’s, ddd’s, legends Jason_Sloan: old grannies if you can find ’em lambeau: how do you decide when to speed up and when to slow down? water temp? time of day? Slamr: Row trolling versus power trolling, what can you do rowing, that you can’t do power trolling, and vice versa? Netman: what kind of depth do you reach?Jason_Sloan: we mix speeds constantly all day Jason_Sloan: fish in Vilas and Oneida counties. BenR: will the fish hit a short line rowing like they do trolling? Jason_Sloan: silent Jason_Sloan: they hammer the short lines 8inchcrank: Sloaner, if you were to have the ultimate rowing boat would it be a specific-made wood boat, aluminum deep v or the old Esox? Jason_Sloan: can reach down to 40 if desired, but target much shallower Jason_Sloan: the old esox is the best row trolling boat made Mikes_Extreme: Do you target baitfish pods or structure Jason_Sloan: pods and structure, hopefully a little of both. Structure gives up the bigger fish most often lambeau: how do you like to rig your boat for row trolling? madmusky: do you steer with oars? rutter? idle motor? Jason_Sloan: oars and rudder Jason_Sloan: rig with two sets of oars, six rod holders BenR: have you had the oars bit before? madmusky: can you describe what you use for a rudder lambeau: what about electronics, etc? Jason_Sloan: no oars bit. plenty of boards cracked, though BenR: do you use topwater Jason_Sloan: outboard for the rudder, not running, of course Jason_Sloan: topwaters are awesome trollled tuffy1: What types of baitfish are you targeting usually? Panfish, cisco, suckers? or if all of them, when do you find you target certain bait fish Mikes_Extreme: long-lined top water? Jason_Sloan: lowrance locators and gps. mapping units make life a lot easier Jason_Sloan: topwater on boards Jason_Sloan: cisco and panfish. whatever is ten feet down over the basin Slamr: when do you row troll, versus casting? Jason_Sloan: I row troll 99% of the time. but i’m dumb like that. lambeau: for someone who wanted to try row trolling out (before investing in it), what do you suggest? Jason_Sloan: find a 14′ duck boat or the likes and go with that madmusky: can you describe a seaching with row troll baits what you start with, how far the boards are out, how far back the baits are from the boards, I assume it varies but what do you start with? Mark_Gostisha: Are there many guides hat offer a chance to try row trolling? Jason_Sloan: a few guides do it. Doug Smith for one is a great troller Jason_Sloan: i stagger my lures, outside boards up high Jason_Sloan: middle ones deeper Jason_Sloan: flat lines about as deep. Mikes_Extreme: Snap weights, inline weights, downriggers? Are these part of you arsonal? Jason_Sloan: mike’s trolling guide has a lot of info on line lengths Jason_Sloan: downriggers Jason_Sloan: lead core and wire Jason_Sloan: snap weights to keep weeds off the baits Jason_Sloan: most fish caught within 10 feet of the surface, including my biggest Mikes_Extreme: That covers it. I can see that working well Jason_Sloan: second biggest came 20 feet down, so you never know Netman: Whats the biggest advantage to roll trolling madmusky: what is your personal best? Jason_Sloan: doing where motor trolling is illegal Jason_Sloan: 51×24 Jason_Sloan: june fish madmusky: WI or MN? Jason_Sloan: WI Jason_Sloan: MN run the motor Jason_Sloan: WI – fish haven’t seen trolling approaches fish4musky1: little guy,huh? lol, jk Jason_Sloan: i almost decided to eat him Jason_Sloan: j/k Netman: No Vic Taney for you after a summer Bulldawg_Bob: Which season produces bast for row trolling? esoxmenasha: do you prefer row trolling to power or do you do it just cause power is illegal here in WI Jason_Sloan: Vic Taney fishes with me in August lambeau: how long do you typically spend on the water at a time or in a day? Jason_Sloan: do it mainly because motor trolling is illegal Jason_Sloan: I usually fish in 5-hour stretches. Depends who’s in the boat lambeau: do you tend to target smaller “windows” since you’re rowing…what times do you target? tuffy1: Do you think that they will ever break from the “old times” and legalize trolling again up in Vilas and Oneida? Jason_Sloan: pre dawn, evening, low light. last year had a great mid-day bite going, never know esoxmenasha: Are there any advantages that you have found to row trolling instead of power? Jason_Sloan: no, they won’t legalize it Jason_Sloan: have never rowed on motor trolling lakes. it does not spook fish, i do know that Mikes_Extreme: Ever fish North Twin? Some real suspendo hawgs there. Jason_Sloan: never heard of north twin…………:)) Slamr: when do you stay tight to structure, versus hitting the suspendoes in no-wheresville? Jason_Sloan: depends on the pods. if i’m not seeing pods i hit structure a lot more. Mikes_Extreme: North of Eagle River. Phelps Jason_Sloan: Phelps……now i remember Mark_Gostisha: Doesn’t matter; there are no muskies in North twin//0 Mikes_Extreme: Magnums Mark Jason_Sloan: is that near ottawa? lambeau: what’s the most important part of a trolling bait for you? (action…size…color…etc.) Netman: Do you actually use down riggers, what at turnover buddy: Hey Mike – SHHHHHHH Slamr: back to the video for a moment, what is the LONGEST time you’ve needed to spend to get fish on film for one segment? Mikes_Extreme: LOL Jason_Sloan: trolling bait – all are important. color is huge, but need a lure that runs at slower speeds as well. big is always better CiscoKid: I assume you cast for suspendos as well as troll for them. When do you choose one over the other? Mikes_Extreme: Travis, He gave it all up already Jason_Sloan: filmed for 8 days in canada and caught 1 fish at 40″ . ouch CiscoKid: Don’t tell me that Mike! I was hoping to learn something about suspendos! Slamr: what baits DON’T work at the 2-3mph speeds that people use more often for power trolling? Mikes_Extreme: You’re the suspendo master, we all know that Jason_Sloan: 13″ baits and larger usually won’t work Jason_Sloan: need to add weight esoxmenasha: Do you ever run bucktails while row trolling. If you do which ones? Jason_Sloan: don’t use bucktails, although Brad Hoppe is designing some stuff for me to try Mikes_Extreme: Jason if you had to choose one bait for the year, what would it be? Jason_Sloan: 10″ superman jake, or old cisco granny CiscoKid: Do you spend much time running lead core? Do you run your baits deeper than 20′? lambeau: do you prefer straight vs. jointed lures? or for certain applications…when do you like one over the other while row trolling? Jason_Sloan: I don’t usually run deeper than 18′, I do run weighted lines to keep the length of line shorter to run tighter to structure madmusky: What percentage do you troll vs. casting? Jason_Sloan: I do way better on straight cranks. Jason_Sloan: troll 99% lambeau: why do you think that is? (straight) CiscoKid: If I wanted to get into row trolling, what is a good starter boat to get into? Jason_Sloan: I honestly don’t know lambeau: doesn’t matter why if it works, right? Luke_Chinewalker: when/why would you have confidence in jointed baits? Jason_Sloan: starter boat – find a used 14′ aluminum lund esoxmenasha: When you row troll does the size of the lake come into question? Jason_Sloan: size doesn’t matter ha CiscoKid: Maybe I should start with what kind of boat do you run? Jason_Sloan: tuffy esox Netman: Do you have to target smaller lakes because of the boat size or weather Jason_Sloan: i have some good smaller lakes, usually no ciscos, though. crappies and gills suspend, too CiscoKid: That suprises me. I would think that is a pretty heavy boat to row around. Jason_Sloan: best shot at a hog is a cisco lake Jason_Sloan: sounds harder to row a tuffy than it is. use the wind and dual oar locks CiscoKid: What speeds do you try to row at? I know when I am casting slowwwww is always better. Jason_Sloan: 2-3 mph. turns slow down the inside boards and speed up the outside ones. lots of changes in speed to trigger fish to eat 8inchcrank: In non-cisco based waters, what would you say the major forage of large fish are when suspended? Jason_Sloan: they eat a lot of white tailed carp in the open water too Mikes_Extreme: Do you night row trolling? I could see some real good action once the bait moves up after dark. 8inchcrank -) Good answer. Mikes_Extreme: quicker Jason_Sloan: night time is the right time, especially after the fourth. once the ciscos hit the surface, it’s over for a few hours, then picks up for pre-dawn esoxmenasha: I fish a lot around Minoqua and Lake Tomahawk what lakes would be good for a first time row troller? Jason_Sloan: tom is great, good evening lake CiscoKid: Why is it the action slows once the ciscos hit surface? Jason_Sloan: i have some theories, but once they hit the surface i go home. LOTS of time trying with minimal results CiscoKid: Is it the running depth of your baits? Jason_Sloan: i think they feed when they’re on the way up Jason_Sloan: i run boards clipped to the leader, run topwater, shallow as hell. CiscoKid: I would have to agree with you Jason. esoxmenasha: How much lake can you cover during a session of row trolling? Jason_Sloan: I row about 8 miles every half day out CiscoKid: Have you had any luck row trolling jerks, if you do it at all? If so, what jerks work the best? Jason_Sloan: eminem made a movie about me Mikes_Extreme: clipped to the leader——now that’s short lined Jason_Sloan: cool hits on those short lines lambeau: how long of leaders are you running? what type? Jason_Sloan: never rowed jerkbaits Jason_Sloan: 3 foot, hand tied flourcarbons in 80lb lambeau: you are confident with the fluoro? Jason_Sloan: open water, trolling, they t-bone every bait. no inhaling like might happen with a dawg Mikes_Extreme: Ever try Bull Dawgs row trolling” Jason_Sloan: yep Slamr: Jason, how does one contact you for a day of guiding? Mikes_Extreme: Ever have flouro break or get bit off? Jason_Sloan: email me at [email protected] Jason_Sloan: never had a bite off in 500+ fish Netman: should you bring oars Jason_Sloan: knock on wood, big time lambeau: how many days are you able to guide, considering your filming schedule? Jason_Sloan: hopefully guide about 50 this year CiscoKid: Have you spent any time on Long Lake near Phelps? Always wanted to row troll that baby, but just couldn’t muster up the energy for my 17 footer. Jason_Sloan: too much hunting to be done in the fall lambeau: what’s the one thing a client could do to prepare for going out with you? Jason_Sloan: Cisco – email me Netman: eat your wheaties Jason_Sloan: we work very hard, hit numerous lakes if necessary Slamr: when do you see the next Badfish coming out? Mikes_Extreme: Jason, it sounds like a great experience row trolling. Stealth, then screeming reels. Jason_Sloan: might be two years on the next one. have to out-do ourselves. Jason_Sloan: lots of deer hunting to film CiscoKid: Jason, has there been any talk of an informational video? Jason_Sloan: yes, we have discussed the possibility of an instructional video. LOTS of those out there already, though Mikes_Extreme: Jason more videos please, I watch them in the ice shanty while waiting for walleyes. Jason_Sloan: good to hear mike, i’ll get you a copy of ‘icemen 2’ when it comes out Slamr: biggest fish so far on film for Badfish? CiscoKid: Lots on other aspects of musky fishing, but very few on row trolling. 8inchcrank: smallest fish so far on film for Badfish? Jason_Sloan: 2 fish over 40lbs. Jason_Sloan: smallest fish was the one 8″ caught and ended up not being used Slamr: being a guide, and filming/fishing with a number each year, what do you see pros doing that most others don’t CiscoKid: A row trolling video would be one that a lot could learn from, 8inchcrank: Jason, was that a crappie by chance???? 🙂 Jason_Sloan: sticking with their game plan, more than anything. Jason_Sloan: yes, nice crappies Jason_Sloan: cisco – sometimes hate to give away the shop Slamr: just a few minutes more, any more questions? Mikes_Extreme: Never give up the whole shop CiscoKid: I hear ya there. Do you really think a lot of people would take it up, though. Jason_Sloan: probably not. Mikes_Extreme: Too much work for most CiscoKid: Thanks for your time Jason! Jason_Sloan: get tight lipped sometimes esoxmenasha: Thanks. Keep up the great work and great article in the latest Esox angler. Netman: Great Topic lambeau: for someone who wanted to try row trolling on their local water, what are one or two “key” things to keep in mind? Jason_Sloan: thanks Slamr: Where can one buy the Badfish Outdoors Videos? Netman: I sorry I sold the 12 Mir o now Jason_Sloan: two key things – run shallower than you might think – natural colored cranks Mark_Gostisha: Thanks for the great chat Jason Jason_Sloan: our Web site badfishoutdoors.net or rollie and helen’s at muskyshop.com Mikes_Extreme: Good stuff Jason, Thanks for the tips. 8inchcrank: Gander Mountain Appleton, massive piles. Jason_Sloan: is the hour up? esoxmenasha: Gander in appleton has them, too Slamr: http://www.badfishoutdoors.net and http://www.muskyshop.com Jason_Sloan: sorry J, gander has them in Appleton Slamr: just about done, last questions….. 8inchcrank: www.hooksetters.biz Mark_Gostisha: I think that Gander in Appleton might have some of the videos 8inchcrank: Yeah and if they don’t Gander in Appleton does. esoxmenasha: Thats what i hear Slamr: MuskieFIRST wants to give a big thanks to Jason Sloan, who did a great job in his first appearance as a Chat Guest!

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