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 Mar 19th, 2008 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Slamr: MuskieFIRST welcomes Mike Hulbert! Thanks for joining us Mike . MIKE_HULBERT: Thanks for having me! Ballistic: Welcome Mr. Hulbert MIKE_HULBERT: Thanks Steve tdp51: How much ice is still on webster? MIKE_HULBERT: Webster is still about 75% frozen tdp51: next weeks forecast for your area? MIKE_HULBERT: cold, but above freezing Las_Vegas_muskies: is the fishing pressure that Webster receives hurting the fishing MIKE_HULBERT: Yes it is MIKE_HULBERT: to skinny and lots of scars Got_Esox: is it more numbers or quality fish management in Indiana? Slamr: but why do you think that is evidence of “hurting the fish”? MIKE_HULBERT: numbers, but lots of nice fish from 44-47 mseybert: Do you think the shortage on the stocking in 2007 will be a negative for the fishery? MIKE_HULBERT: No, I look at the shortage as a positive thing. I think we stock to many fish muskymadness: how is the pressure hurting the fish on Webster? MIKE_HULBERT: to skinny and to many scars. Bret_Wold: is that something that time will take care of? Ballistic: what is your go to presentation on Webster when she opens up? muskymadness: Are there reports out on that we can look into? MIKE_HULBERT: I don’t think so, pressure will always be there. tdp51: Any idea where the perch schools have been located? (kevin): whats your favorite early season ice out bait? MIKE_HULBERT: Open water right off the bat, with big baits MIKE_HULBERT: Perch are near the sand tdp51: deep sand? MIKE_HULBERT: There is plenty of harvest MIKE_HULBERT: Not really deep, less than 10 feet tdp51: thanks muskymadness: The reports I have read from the dnr show about 1% harvest…do you think it is more and if so how much? Got_Esox: could you elaborate on the types of big baits you use in the spring Don_Pfeiffer: whats the main food source there? bighick: and colors MIKE_HULBERT: Mag Dawgs, 9 inch Grandmas, 10 inch Kickin Minnow, Large glide baits like the 10 inch Hugheys MIKE_HULBERT: Gizzard Shad MIKE_HULBERT: I don’t worry much about colors, I’m more into the action MIKE_HULBERT: I also like sucker fishing in the early spring Slamr: do you vary your size of suckers early in the season vs. late in the fall? muskydeceiver: Do you think there is a time and a place for small baits at all Mike? Bret_Wold: I assume you can fish more than one line in IN? tdp51: any where to buy suckers near the lake? MIKE_HULBERT: It really all depends on what size suckers the bait shops can get in MIKE_HULBERT: I don’t throw many small baits, but I do throw rattle baits in the spring. MIKE_HULBERT: 3 lines in Indiana madmanmusky: Mike whats the first thing you look for when fishing a new lakeMIKE_HULBERT: depends if it is in Indiana or MN madmanmusky: Mn MIKE_HULBERT: Deep weeds (12 foot) or rocks mseybert: ok, how about new water in IN MIKE_HULBERT: You can get suckers at Ye Olde Tackle Shop on 13 MIKE_HULBERT: Open Water in Indiana tdp51: thanks Ballistic: How long do you guide Indiana before heading to MN each year? MIKE_HULBERT: This year I will be heading to MN June 9th.Ballistic: What waters in MN do you Guide?MIKE_HULBERT: Our waters have gotten really hot by June, well over 80 degrees, and 80 degrees 14-16 feet down MIKE_HULBERT: I guide in and around Bemidji and also travel down to Mille Lacs from time to time MIKE_HULBERT: During early June, me and Jason Hamernick guide and fish the Metro area Ballistic: What waters in the Metro? Slamr: Is Jason coming down this early season to fish/guide Indiana? madmanmusky: when fishing open water do you find any bait fish schools or do you look for something special MIKE_HULBERT: Forest, WB, Bald Eagle, Eagle, Minnetonka MIKE_HULBERT: Any bait will do. John_Quigley: What kind of reels do you prefer? MIKE_HULBERT: Yeah, Jason will be down with me again in Indiana MIKE_HULBERT: I use a bunch of reels, but I really like the Calcutta 400 TE’s. Got_Esox: What is the most productive presentation you utilize in MN during summer? MIKE_HULBERT: I also throw a lot of Gander Mountain reels with TE handles on them . MIKE_HULBERT: Most Productive: bucktails Slamr: When you say bucktails….. Bret_Wold: What is the longest rod you have and will you continue to go longer? Slamr: which ones, what structure are you throwing at….? speed times? MIKE_HULBERT: Double 10’s have obviously been the HOT ticket madmanmusky: Are you using Jasons rods and how do you like them. MIKE_HULBERT: Jason’s rods are nice, but I use Pro Edge rods in my boatMIKE_HULBERT: I have a 9’6 rod from Keith MIKE_HULBERT: Speed when the sun is out, slow during the evening with the bucktails. MIKE_HULBERT: and when I say speed…..I mean SPEED!!!!!! MIKE_HULBERT: Most of my clients won’t or can’t reel as fast as I would like them to. To get fish to eat during the day, speed is a HUGE key madmanmusky: Mike whats your P.B. Ballistic: keeping the bucktail just sub surface? mseybert: I haven’t given the double 10s a great shake yet in IN. Have you had the same luck on IN waters in them? Muskyfvr: Is speed still a factor in fall MIKE_HULBERT: Yeah, just under the surface, but I do like to go slow through the thick weeds at times. MIKE_HULBERT: I am fishing Indiana in the fall. pro_edge: What was a day filming with musky hunter like? MIKE_HULBERT: Filming with Jim is alot of fun, I have done it 3 times now and will do it again this summer in MN pro_edge: Northern MN or central? MIKE_HULBERT: Northern MIKE_HULBERT: unless the bite it crazy somewhere else. Then I will head to another lake pro_edge: Good thing I screwed up on three fish in one night with you then….give everybody else a chance at them MIKE_HULBERT: For sure….Thanks again for that Keith…. . madmanmusky: is the gas prices effecting the guiding prices? MIKE_HULBERT: I am still at $300 a day Ballistic: How long is a Guide day with you, Mike, how many hours? Hatcher: How many people do you allow to fish with you in a boat? MIKE_HULBERT: My guide dates are as long as you want to fish. I had one guy fish with me 18 hours one day! MIKE_HULBERT: I fish with 2 and myself MIKE_HULBERT: I don’t have a set number of hours. Most full days run 12-15 hours Merckid: how many cans of monster do you go through in a day? mman: do you allow a follow boat?? ESfishOx: Mike, how much do you pay attention to moon phases, weather fronts, wind directions MIKE_HULBERT: I stopped drinking mosters….to bad for the stomach! MIKE_HULBERT: Yes, I allow follow boats MIKE_HULBERT: I always know the moon phases and always watch the wind madmanmusky: whats the number 1 question you get asked by clients MIKE_HULBERT: Do figure 8’s really work? tdp51: What pays the bills? Teaching or Guiding MIKE_HULBERT: Both mman: As far as follow boats – is there a charge?? MIKE_HULBERT: Follow Boats are an extra $50.00 ESfishOx: do the rattle baits stay in IN or do you use them in MN too MIKE_HULBERT: Don’t use them in MN MIKE_HULBERT: Topwaters, Dawgs, Bucktails in MN Bret_Wold: Do you do any trolling? Ballistic: What’s your favorite t opwater in MN, Mike?MIKE_HULBERT: No trolling….but this year I bought some rod holders!!!! ESfishOx: do you rip the bulldawgs, straight retrieve, jig, etc? MIKE_HULBERT: Favorite Topwaters: Weagle, Pacemaker, Klunker MIKE_HULBERT: RIP and RIP them hard Ballistic: Klunker? MIKE_HULBERT: I use the Mag Shallow dawgs most MIKE_HULBERT: Klunker by American Hardwood Lures Ballistic: Thanks! MIKE_HULBERT: Amazing calm water lure ESfishOx: do you not worry about color for baits in MN waters ? MIKE_HULBERT: Not really. I’m not a huge fan of color. Only at night when the moon is out vs. not out. muskymadness: Are you going to fish the Hoosier Muskie Classic this year? Got_Esox: or any other tourneys? MIKE_HULBERT: No, I am not fishing it. I will be giving a seminar with Steve Heiting and guide all weekend. muskymadness: plans to fish it in the future? MIKE_HULBERT: I wanted to fish the PMTT this year, but ran into a few issues. Fishing the Metro tourney in June madmanmusky: Are you booked up this year? MIKE_HULBERT: I will be hitting new lakes in MN MIKE_HULBERT: I am booked up pretty good, but I do have some dates open, but not very many…. Ballistic: How would one reach you to book you for a day of guiding? MIKE_HULBERT: e-mail: [email protected] or call my cell: 419-553-6570 or through my site: http://www.mikehulbert.com smellslikebass: whats you favorite mn lake? Don_Pfeiffer: mike you need light to have color. even a full moon is not enough to help show alot of color, so why should color make a difference at night MIKE_HULBERT: I really like “Lake X” LOL MIKE_HULBERT: Because the muskies have told me so….HUGE difference in painted blades vs. unpainted when the moon is out vs. not out MIKE_HULBERT: I like Bemidji alot…hard to get me off of that lake. Got_Esox: What percentage of your fish ar caught at night? MIKE_HULBERT: 70% or so at night Bret_Wold: Do you ever fish Planteganette? MIKE_HULBERT: Yes I do fish there. ESfishOx: what’s your normal start time for hitting the water? Slamr: Do you see more fish being caught at night in Indiana or MN? MIKE_HULBERT: In MN I fish from about 4:30 am till about 11:30 then take a break all after noon, then fish from like 5:00 till 1:30 or so, unless the feeding windows are weird Got_Esox: When fishing at night besides fishing slower what adjustments do you make in your presentation? MIKE_HULBERT: More at night in MN MIKE_HULBERT: Slow down at night and always do at least 1.5 figure 8’s. . Muskyteer: Do you free spool your figure 8’s? MIKE_HULBERT: yes I do. muskydeceiver: What is the advantage of that? Muskyteer: Do you teach your clients to free spool as wellBallistic: Do you find your clients prepared to fish after dark for the most part? MIKE_HULBERT: You can give the fish some room to move with only a few feet of line out, don’t lose as many fish. Riverman: Would you approach a lake with “tigers only” differently than those with pure strain? MIKE_HULBERT: If they are experinced musky fisherman with a few figure 8 fish under their belt, I will teach them to figure 8 in free spool, but if they are new, usually I don’t MIKE_HULBERT: Never fished for tigers, so I would say I would do the same old same old! Muskyteer: How many figure 8 backlashes have you witnessed? DCates: Sorry about being late to the party. What new articles are coming from you? MIKE_HULBERT: many….way to many….but I am pretty dang fast with the net, so it usually isn’t a huge problem Got_Esox: Do you prefer to set the hook in the direction of the “8” or set against the direction of the bait when figure 8ing? MIKE_HULBERT: Writing a topwater article soon, when to throw them vs. when NOT to MIKE_HULBERT: Against the body, you want to turn their head muskydeceiver: do you throw topwaters form ice to ice? MIKE_HULBERT: I stop around 40 degrees in the fall muskycraz: With all the guides up there in the North Webster area why would a first time musky fisherman want to take you over others? What makes a day on the water with you special? What do you offer different? Got_Esox: Do you use topwaters when fishing open water or is this only an option for the 2nd or 3rd angler in the boat only? DCates: How about a book? Maybe a complilation of articles? MIKE_HULBERT: I teach….teach….teach….. MIKE_HULBERT: I throw a lot of topwater over 25-50 foot of water On_The_Chew: You mentioned that you use primarily shallow mag dogs. Why is that? MIKE_HULBERT: No time for a book….maybe when I am done…. Bret_Wold: When you getting married? MIKE_HULBERT: I would say sometime in 2056 muskydeceiver: how long have you been fishing for muskie? MIKE_HULBERT: Better action on the Shallow Mags CowboyHannah: Big fish in your boat last year? State/Bait? MIKE_HULBERT: Since 1995Ajohnson: how did muskie fishing become an interest to you MIKE_HULBERT: Big fish was 55.25 in MN on a Cowgirl…what else.. Ballistic: Favorite leader material, length, and pound test? MIKE_HULBERT: My dad took me to fish with Rizzo in 1995 for a week. Ever since that it’s been Lights OUT On_The_Chew: What percentage of your big fish come on Cowgirls vs. other baits MIKE_HULBERT: I only use Stealth 130-150 pound Flouro leaders. For jackpots I will use a 174 pound steel leader Got_Esox: Weagles too? MIKE_HULBERT: Alot of big fish on double 10’s but I throw alot of other’s like DC 10’s as well MIKE_HULBERT: Weagle is definaly a BIG fish bait for me. I always have a box with 10 or so ready to rock Ballistic: The new Polar Kraft ready to rock? MIKE_HULBERT: The new Polar Kraft is being rigged as we speak and I can’t wait!!!! Got_Esox: As the fish see more and more double 10’s do you feel the other sized blades (smaller and LARGER) will become more effective? Muskyfvr: What kind of braided line do you use MIKE_HULBERT: Bucktails will always be effective, big and small. On_The_Chew: Are there certain conditions where you will throw a DC10 over a Cowgirl and vice versa? MIKE_HULBERT: I use 80 cortland spectron or Bronzeback MIKE_HULBERT: Not really, I like both of those bucktails alot, as well as the new Spanky Baits. greenduck: Do the Klunkers retain their sound? The hawg wobblers tend to get soft and lose that loud original sound. Any trouble with that? MIKE_HULBERT: Not really, they are built like tanks. MIKE_HULBERT: You can also reel them in faster than a Hawg Wobbler Bret_Wold: have you had a chance to fish with the Super Cowgirls? MIKE_HULBERT: Yeah, I threw the Super Model, really not much difference than the 10’s….MIKE_HULBERT: as far as pulling goes, but you can’t BURN them with regular reels Ballistic: When do you select a jigging technique over any other? MIKE_HULBERT: Your forearms will fall off . DCates: “Dawgs, Weagles, Cowgirls…what’s the next great bait? MIKE_HULBERT: I vertical jig during the late fall, after turnover when the bait is deep. I also like jiggin on NASTY cold days when the fish arn’t super active MIKE_HULBERT: DCates….I can’t tell you!! LOL CowboyHannah: Everthrown 10s w/trinidad/torium/saltist….experience? ….line of choice? MIKE_HULBERT: I don’t have to much experinece with the trinidads, but I do have one coming…. muskydeceiver: biggest fish you have ever seen? DCates: Will the ice EVER leave? Bret_Wold: Mike, what is your prediction as to what body of water the next WR will come out of? MIKE_HULBERT: I don’t know….big…..really big….can’t really say….didn’t hook it… One on Bemidji, one on Mille Lacs…one on Eagle….all three were just GROSS big Got_Esox: Who has been the most influential person in your fishing career? MIKE_HULBERT: Next world record….it wont be beat in my life time MIKE_HULBERT: Tony Grant Ike: what do you think is so special about a bulldog MIKE_HULBERT: Tail, profile, displacement of water…yummy bait! mseybert: Do the curly sues work in the same situations for you as dawgs? MIKE_HULBERT: yes they do Okoboji_Muskie: have you used the curlie sues or suzies in place of the dawgs MIKE_HULBERT: Yes I have, great baits, but I love my dawgs! muskydeceiver: how do you fish the suzies? ESfishOx: do you modify the baits or use them right out of the package? MIKE_HULBERT: yes, we have MIKE_HULBERT: I don’t change much…hook size and split rings is about it for me ESfishOx: what hooks do you prefer? Bret_Wold: how often do you retie your line to leaders? MIKE_HULBERT: Mustad and VMC Ike: how about a 15” soft plastic minnow bait that floats with a large tail . On_The_Chew: What do you think about the shad clone? Will it be a hit on Webster? MIKE_HULBERT: I retie about every 5 days, or whenever I need to MIKE_HULBERT: Shad clone will work MIKE_HULBERT: It has been redesigned this year and works. Slamr: Again, how can people get in touch with you to plan a day on the water? . mseybert: How is the action of the clone compared to the kickin minnow MIKE_HULBERT: 419-553-6570, [email protected] or http://www.mikehulbert.com Slamr: MuskieFIRST thanks Mike Hulbert for another great chat! Join us next week when Luke Breyer of Muskie Mojo Tackle will be our guest.

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