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 Mar 15th, 2006 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Slamr: MuskieFIRST Welcomes Joe Peterson of Trueglide Lures to the chat room, thanks for coming in tonight! Pikiespawn: Do you get two tails with that rubbertailed glider uptown: Thanks Slamr: Thanks Joe, and guys, you may now open up the questions! Allow Joe to give full and complete answers Capt_bigfish: Joe, what do you have for new lures coming out this year? uptown: I have a Rubber tailed glider and a walk the dog topwater( the heckler) Snowcrest_6: joe – what’s your best-selling glider? uptown: Pikiespawn. I am only selling it with one. The curly tail is not holding up the way I would like Slamr: Joe, can you tell us a little history of Trueglides uptown: I would say that the Guppie is the #1 selling style Snowcrest_6: any tips on how to get the most out of the action? uptown: I started making lures about 18 years ago in school. I did not start selling them until 2004. Thanks to my good friend capt Bigfish uptown: Snowcrest. Most of lures are pretty straight forward and require little taps of the rod. I would say use a split ring at the line tie and use a solid leader Snowcrest_6: leader length? uptown: Most people have a tendency to overwork my lures at first. Light is the key Pikiespawn: They are definitely unique – will you make the tremor in the small and larger versions? uptown: I like to use a 6 in leader sorenson: single strand? Snowcrest_6: thanks uptown: Pikie- I make a 7″ version and a 12″ version. I plan on making a 10″ soon muskyme: Will you be doing more trolling lures? uptown: Single strand Capt_bigfish: You read my mind on the 10″tremer uptown: I make two styles of trolling lures. They are both 13″ and have different actions. One is a dropbelly style crank and the other is more shad shaped. The dropbelly will troll at slow speeds Slamr: what are the names of those baits, Joe? Capt_bigfish: Joe, why do you think baits are getting bigger and bigger? DEMolishedyou: when do you send out the leftovers e-mail uptown: They will go to about 10 and 18 ft lambeau: on average, how many hours of work go into making/painting one of your lures? uptown: DEM- Trend right now, but they do catch fish! And they are fun to use. uptown: Leftovers will be send out in the next couple of days Pikiespawn: Will you continue to service “we addicts” by email with offerings or do you have something new in mind uptown: Lambeau- It scares me to know the truth//6 //6 //6 So I don’t time it ToddM: Are the crankbaits availalable off your website? Musky911: what is you website uptown: ToddM- Not yet. They will be soon though. I am in the process of updating the site uptown: Trueglide.com Slamr: http://www.trueglide.com uptown: For those who are about to ask- I will have a color chart in the next couple of weeks on the site Musky911: how lures do you think you make a year uptown: At most 500. I make about 8 different styles. Pikiespawn: And how does your ordering process work, Joe……… Slamr: speaking of colors, what is your main seller, and, what is the color that most fish seem to be caught on? ESOX_Maniac: Do you do all your own paint? sorenson: do you typically have lots of baits in stock, or do you make to order? Slamr: let Joe catch up….. Musky911: What is your personal best on a trueglide and which lure was it on uptown: If you are interested in the lures. Send me an email and I will include you on my “list”. I then email the “list “when I have a batch of lures done. Then it is first come first served. Also, Thornes and Pastika’s carry certain styles Bukes: ah… the list Slamr: to get on the list…[email protected] uptown: Slamr- Colors vary widely! I like anything in Black and white with silver, but the walleye color has done really well last year. uptown: I do everything myself, including the paint sworrall: beautiful work! ESOX_Maniac: Joe- What about unpainted, are they available? uptown: Sorenson- I always have something in stock uptown: I don’t sell unpainted. Musky911: what is your personal best on a trueglide and which lure was it on ESOX_Maniac: k- I can respect that. Thanks. lambeau: check that email spelling: [email protected] uptown: My best lure is a 9″ Hustler and i am only up to 46″ on it, but lots of fish as well. The best on one of my lures so far is 56″ on a Guppie in Walleye Pikiespawn: Does the smaller Hustler have a different action than the 9″?? I love the 9″ sworrall: The help is to buy more Trueglides MuskyJay: I got 20 at Blaine uptown: PS- yes it has a lighter action than the 9” and it doesn’t glide quite as far. VERY esay to work uptown: Sworral- see it worked already. LOL ESOX_Maniac: Joe- That Guppie looks like a “pin fish” – do you have anyone fishing them in saltwater? uptown: Esox Maniac- Not that I know of yet Musky911: how large is a guppie uptown: 6 3/4 ” and about 6oz. Killer action, even on a straight retreive Pikiespawn: Will we see studfinders this year?? And are you doing any new colors??? Musky911: if you use wood for your lures what type of wood do you use uptown: PS. I have some now and I have a lot of them ready to paint uptown: Cedar. uptown: This isn’t so bad- Only one finger and I am keeping up. LOL uptown: You guys know that we also have Capt bigfish here? He makes the Supernatural and I paint them for him ToddM: good thing you use all 10 fingers to make your baits! Musky911: after you paint your lures, do you put any hard coating over them Pikiespawn: Joe, how long did it take you to perfect your line? Just wondering MuskyJay: Duff someone was looking for one of your baits on one of the posts earlier uptown: I use a custom two part epoxy. The coats are thicker than most out there. I also use a custom sealer. I had one of lures with only half the topcoat on and I soaked for 4 weeks in a pail- No Problem! ESOX_Maniac: Joe- what’s the price on the Guppie? uptown: PS- I like to think that I am constantly learning new stuff. Keeps me going. This current line took me about a year to get where I think it is “right”Pikiespawn: Duff, Tell us about the “Super” It is one heavy duty sucker, i truly think it would survive a shark hit. I can’t wait to drag mine in Canada!!!! Capt_bigfish: supernats are 18″ baits made for pulling over rock reefs uptown: EsoxM- All of lures run @ $40.00. Some of the big stuff is more as is the RT and Studfinder. I back up everything that I sell though. No questions asked. If you are unhappy or just have buyers remorse. No prob. I’ll take it back. ESOX_Maniac: Joe- Not bad for works of art! //0 uptown: Thanks you Capt_bigfish: Mr. Spawn I hope you don’t have to wait MuskyJay: My girlfriend even approves of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now that is saying something!!! Pikiespawn: Whats the biggest fish that the super has taken?? uptown: MuskyJay- That is the secret to a long and happy relationship- buy more lures. LOL Slamr: Joe, can you tell us a little about situational uses for the trueglides, starting with early season Capt_bigfish: I popped a 52x 27 on Mille lacs last Nov uptown: Slamr- I like to use the smaller version of the Hustler in the spring and work it a little slower than in the summer months. When the water warms up- like the guppie because you can absolutely work Slamr: how shallow can you work it? ToddM: uptown, i am sure this has already been asked, how big is your topwater and is it available yet? uptown: it fast!! I do fish the 9″ hustler a ton throughout the year fast and slow. The Tremor I like to use in weedy conditions as you can back it out of the weeds and work it very weed free. ToddM: walk the dog topwater uptown: ToddM- The Heckler is out and is @ 8 1/2″. I do have some still in stock and have a large batch coming out in the next month and half (The “List” lol). Pikiespawn: Joe, do you troll your baits much…… Which ones work best trolled?? MuskyJay: how do we get on the list? uptown: SlamR- You can work all of the baits right under the surface without them popping up uptown: PS- Besides the large trollers(Undertows). I troll the Humpback and the Guppie in the propwash, up to 8mph. They look great about 6 to 8 feet back! uptown: MJ- Email me a message at [email protected] and say, “put me on the list”. Elby: Joe-does the Tremor have any side to side action? uptown: Elby- You can “tune” them to have a very nice side to side by dogearing the tail corners slightly. lambeau: have you experimented with other types of wood at all? and/or what do you like about cedar? sorenson: do you get more sales from your ‘imitation’ colors or your ‘attractor’ color patterns? uptown: Lambeau- I have tried many types of wood, but feel that Cedar is the most consistent. You always know what you are going to get. I also think that it has a little better action than some of the others. uptown: Sorenson- I sell a ton of natural colors Slamr: Joe, what do you recommend for fishing deep suspendos, especially late fall? uptown: Capt Bigfish- Are you watching me through the window again? Pikiespawn: Jay – 20 trueglides…….I thought i had it bad!! MuskyJay: I have a serious problem MuskyJay: I guess MuskyJay: I like baits uptown: Slamr- i would fish the 9″ Hustler. You can work them slow and deep and they have a really nice wooble and flash that seem to trigger those fall fish ESOX_Maniac: That silver w/ blue back Guppie on your website looks like you put hooks on a live pin fish. lambeau: have you had any interesting “flops” in your bait experimenting? uptown: esoxM- That has been a very good producing color Snowcrest_6: flops are good learning tools! Pikiespawn: Can we expect more foil baits or are they a pain to make?? uptown: Lambeau- LOTS! ESOX_Maniac: It should be excellent on cisco lakes uptown: Snowcrest- Same thing I was thinking MuskyJay: Joe when are you going to have more 12 inch gliders like I got at the show lambeau: any particularly memorable ones? would only float upside down or something? uptown: PS- I am making about 9 different foils now- They are hard to make, but they look really good- I can’t stop! ESOX_Maniac: Joe- have you tried any of the new “phase shifting” paints? uptown: MJ_ They will be emailed out @ June with more 12 tremors uptown: esoxM- I have been experimenting with some. I have a few new colors on the way.Pikiespawn: Why did you go from the bulging eyes to the flat ones on your baits. I kinda liked the bulgers………… Elby: Joe are you attending the extreme show this weekend? ESOX_Maniac: cool beans! //1 uptown: PS- I liked the looks of the inset ones. But I can make them any way you want Snowcrest_6: joe – are the “bulging” eyes custom made? uptown: Elby- No more shows for me this year. Pikiespawn: Does the “Capt.” help you with any of the manufacturing process or does he watch?? uptown: He makes fun of me a lot- No he does give me advice- Like, “Don’t cut your arm off or else your wife will kill me” and that kind of stuff Slamr: again, Joe how can someone contact you to get on the list, what retailers sell Trueglide and Supernaturals uptown: Actually he has helped technically A Lot! Slamr: and everyone make sure to check out…..http://www.trueglide.com uptown: Slamr- Email me at [email protected]. Thorne Bros and Pastika’s carry my baits as well. Slamr: any last questions? ToddM: any baitshops in illinois on your list? uptown: TM- Not Yet. ToddM: fishing connection in tinley park would carry them in a heartbeat Slamr: MuskieFIRST thanks Joe Peterson of TrueGlide lures, and Captain Bigfish maker of the Supernatural, for a great chat tonight!

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