2007 Seven Islands Guide Service Seminar

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 Mar 7th, 2007 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Slamr: MuskieFIRST would like to welcome Howie Meyer of 7Islands Guide Service back into the chat room! 7Islands: Hello!fish4musky1: Where do you fish? 7Islands: Presque Isle area and the 70 lakes in the area muskie!_nut: Do you start on the border lakes early? 7Islands: Yes Cisco Chain fish4musky1: Ever go to crystal falls area? 7Islands: The Brule river as well as the Paint river are both great areas.sworrall: Let’s start with opener, what techniques do you use? 7Islands: For the early part of the season, I fish normal size baits new weeds inletting water. I usually stick to more dark water.sorenson: With so many choices, do you generally prefer to fish clear or dark water?7Islands: Regular season clear if its that kind of daysworrall: Why the darker water, and do you target current?7Islands: In the spring I like current, and I work the darker systems because of the warmer water.ESfishOX: Do you run live bait all year long, and if not, what are the approx. times you do. 7Islands: I only run live bait in October and November. I get better results once the water temps drop under 50 degrees. It depends on the water temps, but I usually start when water is 60sworrall: Why do you use standard size lures, when so many claim one needs smaller baits? 7Islands: Its just what works for me but I work them slower than most, and some are plastic baits. greenduck: How much early season open water suspendo fishing do you do? 7Islands: muskie!_nut: Like what kind are you talking about?Muskyboy: What percent of your time would be suspendo versus shallow? ESfishOX: Were standard size lures define or would they be like shallow raiders/DRs 7Islands: 7 inch stuff, so normal.Mr_Musky: How did you do during the cisco spawn last year? Was it later then usual? 7Islands: Right on time for the spawn, it was a great period from November 9th up until the 20th last year.Mr_Musky: Was there any one bait that outproduced the others while suspendo fishing last summer? 7Islands: Yes, Shack Attack baits were great for me last year. The large suzy suckers, mostly.greenduck: Jigging plastics? Bulldawgs? Do you count any all the way down and then rip them off the bottom? 7Islands:We’re talking spring, so no ripping Mr_Musky: What kind of retrieve did you use on them? 7Islands: Let me state something about plastics: when fish are neutral or inactive I use a subtler tail like a shad tail active I like the long curly tails. Thats been a good secret of mine.greenduck: What types of open water areas do you hit? Baitfish pods, hard bottoms? Couple casts off main lake structure? 7Islands: Usually its humps that top off near a depth that the baitfish are using greenduck: Are you in agreement with many, from your experience, that people fish too deep for open water fish? 7Islands: No they don’t fish deep enough let me explain: fishing high usually produces more fish but not the big ones juveniles like to run up and grab baits. For the big ones its better to be at the depth they are at with your lure.greenduck: So the big girls are generally deeper? 7Islands: Decidedly yes on clear cisco waters.Slamr: When you sucker fish, you have your clients actually HOLD the rod that has the sucker on. Why is that? 7Islands: Because, just like last year it was a very very light bite, no clicks off the reel when the fish grabs the sucker. My clients had to hold the rods to feel the fish when they ate.Mr_Musky: What is the deepest you will try to fish to ensure youre being safe for the fish during the warm water periods? 7Islands: Good question You don’t want to be over 20ft. or so in water over 78. However, in the fall Ill fish in 45ft or more, but Im usually around 35ft. of water. But if the water is very warm the fish generally are shallower due to oxygen depletion at greater depthsMr_Musky: Do you find a certain depth that you concentrate on then? And do you find the fish hang out at that certain depth most of the season? 7Islands: No it varies and you have to establish that on a day to day basis. In the fall, its easier because they are down deep period on those type of lakes sorenson: as a rule, do you generally prefer more natural or more high contrast colors of baits? 7Islands: Natural on the clear lakes and with a good fish profileMr_Musky: What is your favorite moon period? 7Islands: New moon sorenson: Do you fish much at night? 7Islands: Yes a lot during the warm weather sworrall: how do you select the lake you will fish on any given day with over 70 lakes to fish up there? 7Islands: Well its all weather related on choosing a lake, and I fish two flowages.Netman: Can you tell us a little about how you got started? 7Islands: My dad made me row him around for muskies when I was 6 years old, he had lost an arm in WWII, and thats how he had to fish.ESfishOX: lakes known for tigers? 7Islands: There are a few up here that have huge tigers, Presque Isle being one of them.Netman: How does someone get in touch with you? 7Islands: 715 686 7155, via email at [email protected]. All my contact information can be found at http://www.sevenislandsguideservice.comsworrall: do you construct your own quick strike rigs? 7Islands: Yes, the infamous Presque Isle rig Slamr: Howie, of all the clients you have in your boat in any year, what would you say is the NUMBER ONE thing that most people either do wrong when muskie fishing, or could greatly improve? 7Islands: They do not accurately and correctly work a lure, to get the maximum they should from that bait. They don’t make speed changes and directional changes with bucktails for examplesorenson: When fishing the fall, do you feel you can predict to any degree (whether it be moon position or whatever) when the fish might come through? 7Islands: Yes it gets easier in the late fall to predict those movements. But, Im well known for waiting them out in one spot.Mr_Musky: Do you do better suspended fishing on bright and sunny days or cloudy overcast days? 7Islands: Equal actually for both kinds of days according to my records. But remember I’m usually not just out in the void.sworrall: What leader material do you prefer? 7Islands: Flouro for clear water and some surface baits. Actually leader selection for a given bait shiould be carefully consideredMr_Musky: Has the increase in fishing pressure changed the way you fish? 7Islands: No theres not a lot of pressure for the way Im fishing.sorenson: what physical conditions must be available in a spot before you decide to sit on it for a while? 7Islands: Well, for the late fall I want a very steep drop off shoreline structure as a starter.Muskyboy: how often do you use soft plastics percentage wise? 7Islands: 70 percentMr_Musky: what kind of leader do you use on your quickstrikes? 7Islands: seven strand Muskyboy: Fish the pounder at all? 7Islands: Yes great bait also Slamr: When you run suckers, do you want that line vertical in the water? And do you feel like more weight to keep them that way can ever keep the muskies from eating?7Islands: Yes, straight down, and Im using 1 and 1/2 oz. weights to keep them down.Slamr: ESfishOX: Dead stick or slip bobber? Netman: Do you use the superbraids?7Islands: 80 and 100lb Power Pro. Mr_Musky: Do you find a preference for more natural or flourescent colored Bull Dawgs? 7Islands: I use natural but have had luck with bright on some days.sworrall: Do you prefer any certain size sucker? 7Islands: Usually in the 15 to 17 inch range Slamr: are there many times when you have any appreciably better success running the “mongo” large suckers over 20″? 7Islands: not lately SlamrMr_Musky: Do you use Triple D’s at all? 7Islands: Not too much as they don’t sink fast enough for most of my applications. They are good row trolling lures though.Netman: Do you twitch any big baits? 7Islands: Yes, 10 and 13 inch minnow baits, usually at night Mr_Musky: Whats your personal best from Wisconsin? 7Islands: 57.5 inches and 52lbs. in 1989 on the Brule River Mr_Musky: OMG!!!! 7Islands: WELL IF YOU DO IT FOR 50 YEARS ONE OF THOSE WILL POP UP!!!Mr_Musky: Have you seen your average size go up throughout the years? 7Islands: Yes, when I started going deeper to chase fish. But, thats due to the type of lakes I fish; get the right lake and they can be very shallow like on the flowages.Mr_Musky: Do you feel that the lakes in the Presque Isle area are managed properly w/the size limits on them? 7Islands: No, limit should be at least 50″sorenson: how would you compare the quality of fishing now vs. 30-40 years ago? 7Islands: its just as good maybe better, the 70s were no bargain Slamr: what are your basic approaches to fishing the shallower waters of the flowages you hit? 7Islands: I hit structure related to the river channels, and I love big bucktails cranked super fast, along with some of the newer surface baits. One trick on the flowages: I’d not to treat all rear bladed surface baits equallysorenson: how would you compare the quality of angler vs. 30-40 years ago? 7Islands: They are much better anglers nowadays for sure, they come with a lot more knowledge.Mr_Musky: do you target the open water fish right off the bat early in the season? 7Islands: When the water gets over 60 degrees, Ill hit the open water fish on the bigger lakesSlamr: you’ve been to a few shows this winter, anything new that caught your eyes? and why? 7Islands: Yes, I like the new big bucktails, and I bought a Musky Magnet. The hooks are on the side of the jerkbait, nice body roll that pulls the hooks to the down side. It looked intriguing in the water.sorenson: how has advances in technology changed your game?7Islands: The better, longer rods, super braids, better lures, it all is improved.sworrall: When up in the Presque Isle area, where do recommend a fellow finds a cold beer and a good meal? 7Islands: Skyview Lodge off of Highway W, 2 miles south of town. Im usually there every night of the open water season. I like to have a beer with my clients after fishing. You can check out their website at http://www.skyviewlodge.comESfishOX: any maps or books of the area you’d recommend? 7Islands: yes the new series by Ken Jackson, “Fishing the North Country”.Muskyboy: Do you ever fish the Mani chain? 7Islands: Yes but not often till fall too crowded, but I love Clear and rest in the fall for BIG FISH.Muskyboy: hit the UP much?7Islands: never ever overlook the entire Cisco Chain, its a winner.sworrall: tell us again how to book you for a day, Howie… 7Islands: just call me at 715 686 7155 or e mail at [email protected] and my website is http://www.sevenislandsguideservice.comSlamr: MuskieFIRST wants to thank Howie Meyer for a great chat night, thanks again for joining us! Muskyboy: Thanks Howie, see you in November 7Islands: Its always a pleasure ESfishOX: thanks Howie and M1st sworrall: Thanks Howie!sorenson: thanks Howie; see ya in October

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