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 Feb 28th, 2005 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Jason_Smith: Ok…Lets start the CHAT….MuskieFIRST welcomes for the first time in Cyber Space……CHAD CHAIN…..Thanks for coming chad and folks start the questions.davep: gizzard shad seasonal movements? Chad?sponge: Chad, timbered points…if the water temp is what degree?Mauser: Been looking at map of Cave Run and I already know where they’ll beChad_Cain: that is pretty general, we fish them a lotdavep: They spawn in spring right?Mauser: In someone elses boat fer surChad_Cain: the shad or the muskiesJason_Smith: Chad what kind of baits are good on Kinkead..in the springdavep: shad??0723: i like to fish a bay with no timber about 18 feet down close to shore ,have u had any sucess thereChad_Cain: mostly cranks and jerkbaits real early in the seasonDoc: Chad- going to Shelbyville Memorial Day weekend, never fished Shelbyville before. What advice can you give me on where to go, what to use and how to use it.Chad_Cain: I have fished there at that time, and we caught a lot of fish casting bucktails right off the banks near LithiaRManthei: chad, for all the muskie nuts that have to wait until may to fish, when can we start fishing kincade (normally)??Chad_Cain: shad spawn in the spring when the water hits about 60Chad_Cain: we start fishing every year the middle of FebruaryChad_Cain: hey RobChad_Cain: spell it right though, it is KINKAIDsponge: what baits + where at 50 degrees?Mauser: how many people are bringing boats to the “Cave”?Jason_Smith: Chad…what times of the year do you fish topwater on KinkaidRManthei: chad, I assume Feb. is pre-spawn? on Kinkaid (oops)Chad_Cain: that is pre-spawn, fish feeder creeks and i usually twitch big cranksMauser: how big Chad?0723: chad do u like to fish bays heading lest after the boat launch?Chad_Cain: 8-10″Trophymuskie: Chad_Cain: in Feb what are the water temps and where are fish locater shallow or deep?0723: rightChad_Cain: the best topwater is usually in april and in sept and octChad_Cain: water temps in feb are usually 40’s, and shallow in the afternoon, deeper in the morningChad_Cain: 0723, don’t understand your questionTrophymuskie: Chad_Cain: the sallow structure is mosly wood but what is the deep structure?0723: the bays right after the boat launch,i think there is like 4 of them maybe more no wake to enterChad_Cain: creek channels for the most partJason_Smith: Chad, Do you propwash troll?Chad_Cain: when i do troll, i keep my baits extremely close to the boat, except on planer boards of courseDoc: Chad-what is the main bait fish at Shelbyville, have you had any luck trolling in May? ANy color preferencesToddM: Chad, do you fish the bluffs on kinkaid?Chad_Cain: shad, and i didn’t troll in May. Bright colors worked well, but the water was murkyChad_Cain: i have never had much success on the bluffsJamie_Schmidt: Chad you fish WI too, right?Chad_Cain: used toChad_Cain: quite a bitJamie_Schmidt: what is the biggest difference between fishing a natural lake in WI, and a reservoir down south?Jamie_Schmidt: location, baits, etc?Chad_Cain: down south, everything revolves around shad, up north, forage is different and you have to adjust0723: i no u are a big bait fan,have u found any bass size baits to be effective?Chad_Cain: not reallyJason_Smith: Chad, Will Kinkaid hand out a 50″?Trophymuskie: it betterChad_Cain: only time will tell, haven’t seen one in two yearsJamie_Schmidt: ever fished Pomme?Chad_Cain: lots of mid-to-upper 40’s thoughsponge: do you fish suspended fish often?Chad_Cain: never fished PommeChad_Cain: I only fish suspended fish when the shad suspendTrophymuskie: when does the shad suspend?davep: Chad.. you mentioned in the past about some success with night fishing. Any reason why its not better? Stained water? any idea?Beaver: Do the fish respond to current increases when they pull water like the bass do?Chad_Cain: they suspend in the early summer before I leave, and then again late in the fallsponge: ok!ToddM: Chad what do yout think about cedar, little grassy, egypt and murphysboro as possible musky water?Mauser: How deep do you find shad suspending?Chad_Cain: when they brought the lake down in 97′, the fish went out deep for awhile, and then came right back inChad_Cain: Cedar would be the best, tons of forageTrophymuskie: where do you go in the summer ? and from when to when is that?RManthei: chad, with all this talk about trolling, what speed do you prefer? Is tequila rose a good color on Kinkaid?ToddM: I agreeChad_Cain: I leave kinkaid the middle of June and return mid september, I go northBeaver: Do they use the dams for generating power?Chad_Cain: not on kinkaidDoc: Chad, Besides Lithia, any other spots you like on Shelbyville in late May? Also, what would you expect water temp to be in late May?Chad_Cain: I troll fast 6-7mphBeaver: Not alot of current?Chad_Cain: should be lower 70’sChad_Cain: not much current in kinkaidJason_Smith: Chad, Any other lakes down near Kinkaid with muskies?Chad_Cain: i have caught fish up near Findlay marina as wellToddM: just my wishlistJP_Uk: chad do u ever troll with natural baitsChad_Cain: Jason, closest lake is 2 and a half hours awayChad_Cain: yes, i try to mix it up, but i do throw natural baits in the arsenalDoc: Chad, do you guide on Shelbyville?0723: chad have you fished any areas far awy from lithia springs on shelby?ToddM: Chad, do you fish the clam lake area and what lakes do you like there?Trophymuskie: what is you favorite bait? color?Chad_Cain: actually, i lied, there is one about an hour and a half, little fish though, just recently stocked with puresJason_Smith: Chad…are jigs effective on kinkaid in the timber?Chad_Cain: I do fish the clam lake area, lots of fish, just not a lot of big fishToddM: okChad_Cain: no, they are usually not deep in the timber, but more suspendedsponge: Ever fish cave Run Chad?Chad_Cain: day, mineral, and upper and lower clamToddM: thanks chadChad_Cain: i have fished the cave several timessponge: Thoughts on it?Trophymuskie: what is your favorite bait and color for Kinkaid?Chad_Cain: pretty nice lake, a wide variety of size fish in it. I catch way more fish over 40 inches than those guys on Kinkaid, but they get the real big fish. Kind of weirdDoc: Chad, what rod/reel/line do you prefer?RManthei: chad, what is the size limit on Kinkaid?Chad_Cain: 10″ jake for cranks, squirko for jerks, funky chickens for spinnerbaits and a wide variety of colorsChad_Cain: 48 inchesChad_Cain: I use the Maina sig series rods and reels from Bass Pro, and I swear up and down about Cortland 80lb Spectron. Best line I have found for the stumpsTrophymuskie: ever troll deep? like your lure down 20+ feet?Trophymuskie: and when?Chad_Cain: only late in the year after turn-over, and have had limited success down to 23 ftTerry_JNR: Chad, what’s your favorite length rod?Chad_Cain: shad rarely go super deepChad_Cain: 8 foot rodsToddM: Chad is there a fall sucker bite on kinkaid?Chad_Cain: no, and I have tried, even with suckers from Kinkaid lakeTrophymuskie: ever tried it when water temps get to low 40s in the fall?0723: chad have you or any 1 been catching fish at kinkaid lately?Chad_Cain: If I could use big shad, that would be a different storyDoc: Chad- How would you compare Shelbyville to Kinkaid?Chad_Cain: last I fished was dec 23, and we boated 3 I have been up here in chicago all month doing shows and seminarsChad_Cain: i still prefer KinkaidChad_Cain: Shelby is ugly tooJason_Smith: Chad,,,,Do you have to “BUMP” the timber to catch fish?Mauser: `0`4`0`apretty good day in my bookChad_Cain: it has never been that important, but I do it0723: not a musky question but does 17th street deliver ups of fed x press?Chad_Cain: yes, they will pack the ribs on dry ice, and ship themTrophymuskie: Chad are there a lot of resorts and places to stay on Kinkaid?Chad_Cain: the lake has no development, it is in a national forest. There are hotels in town though ten minutes away, and camping is allowed on the lakeOneida_Esox: How is the fishing pressure??Ballistic: How many acres of fishable waterChad_Cain: pressure is still light because it is six hours away from Chicago, and there is 2750 acres of waterChad_Cain: oh, fishable, yeah, almost all of itBallistic: thanksOneida_Esox: We’re six hours from Chicago and the pressure isn’t light HAHAHAHAChad_Cain: it is in the heart of bass country, which i call “green carp”Jason_Smith: What colors…are the best on Kinkaid?Chad_Cain: Firetiger and KotexJason_Smith: Explain kotex?Chad_Cain: Red and whiteJason_Smith: thanksToddM: Is there still some weed beds and if so are there more weeds now?Chad_Cain: the weeds were the best last year that I have ever seen them0723: chad u fish that weed bed in front of the marina?Chad_Cain: there were weeds where I had never seen them beforeTrophymuskie: Whats and average day fish wise on Kinkaid? seen, missed, caughtChad_Cain: we usually don’t get a lot of follows, but the fish we see hit for the most part. I averaged about three a day in the boat last fallDoc: Chad, Have you fished a Bull Dawg with any success?Oneida_Esox: This may be a dumb question, but does the water get too warm to fish in mid-summer???Chad_Cain: bull dawgs work wellRManthei: ballistic, did you get my question before?Ballistic: noToddM: How clear does the water get in the fall?Chad_Cain: 95 to 98 degrees is obviously way too warm!!!!!!!!!!!RManthei: ballistic, I asked if you had a chance to work over dickyH yet?Oneida_Esox: Oh Yeah, thanksDoc: Chad, whats the average day fish wise on Shellbyville in May?Chad_Cain: the water gets pretty clear in the fall, down to about 6-7 ft visibilityRManthei: Chad, Speaking on water temps, have you approached the Ill DNR to close musky season during the severe stressful months?Trophymuskie: anyone get the feeling doc is going to fish Shellbyville in may?Chad_Cain: you should be able to catch a few fish a dayToddM: With that kind of vivibility it surprises me that suckers would not workRManthei: thanks steveBallistic: yupToddM: visibility0723: do you ever folow blugill,crappie,carp instead of shad?Chad_Cain: I have asked the DNR to close the summer months, and they say they can’t . The game wardens do harrass people in the summer if they see them fishing for muskies. Pretty cool, huh/Trophymuskie: got to be dumb fishing for skis in 90+ water tempsJason_Smith: Chad,,,Are there spotted muskies in Kinkaid..?Chad_Cain: No, the muskies do feed on other forage beside shad, but they travel with the shad all year longOneida_Esox: Too bad they can’t just close the season, we are closed in early may to protect them so they can spawn??Chad_Cain: You will kill 99 to 100% of the fish you catch on Kinkaid in the summer months. Please don’t fish it, and spread the word!!Chad_Cain: No kidding, OneidaDoc: Chad- Thanks Much – If anyone can offer advice on Shelbyville, please e-mail me at [email protected]: I bet some fish would be dead before they got to the boat in those high tempsChad_Cain: there is a wide-variety of fish in Kinkaid from different stockings, but very few “spots”0723: any idea how many fish r lost in summer months?Chad_Cain: you are right, they may die before you land themTrophymuskie: any of the fish reproduce or all stocked?Chad_Cain: Not many people fish in the summer anymore, so it is much less than years agoToddM: Does the thermocline get pretty high in the water column in the summer like alot of illinois lakes?Chad_Cain: all stocked, never any proof of nat reproChad_Cain: about fifteen feet down, and in the mid of the summer, water will be close to 80 degrees fifteen feet downJason_Smith: When does it cool off?Chad_Cain: pretty scary, huh?ToddM: some lakes are 8-10ft downToddM: I knowbaitmaster: Thats a hot tubTrophymuskie: man i wouldn’t want to swim in there in the summerChad_Cain: mid September, that is when I start fishing it againChad_Cain: i don’t, you won’t even cool offToddM: the spillway used to be a partyJason_Smith: Chad,,,How do you attack a cove of timber on Kinkaid?0723: have u had any luck fishing boat docks there?Trophymuskie: 0723, no population ! what are the docks for?Chad_Cain: Kinkaid is an awesome lake to extend your season. Start early, fish late!!! Just fish your other lakes in the summer. That gives you a chance to fish almost year round0723: marina loaded with big boats trophyChad_Cain: Start with the channels that run through the timber. Most fish hang off the sides of the channel even in the stumpsToddM: kinkaid is a very pretty lake to be onChad_Cain: there is a marina, and that is it. I have caught a few, but the lake is absolutely georgeous, hate to fish around houseboatsTrophymuskie: I was going to ask that but even in the winter?0723: ah yesToddM: Does kinkaid ever freeze completely over?Ballistic: sure you didTrophymuskie: man no wonder he never sees any followsChad_Cain: It did last year, and that is the only time it has since I have lived down thereJason_Smith: Chad,,,,I was told you caught a 31″x19″once…now that is a very little….FAT fish!Trophymuskie: did you sat fat ?Trophymuskie: It was more like a bent one heheChad_Cain: not quite that huge, but it was 33 with a 17 inch girth. Prespawn fattyChad_Cain: it looked funnyJason_Smith: still fatBeaver: I was 31×19 at birthDoc: Chad, last question, whats your favorate crankbaits on Shelbyville?ToddM: DDo the muskies relate to the weeds at allChad_Cain: Did well on the shallow Invaider, in a tennessee shad color0723: do u like fishing by dam area on kinkaid chad?Trophymuskie: man my 33s ahve 12-14 inch girthsTrophymuskie: Chad_Cain: personal question here. Does your name have anything to do with the Shad in the lake?Chad_Cain: They do relate to the weeds on Kinkaid, but only at certain times of the year.Chad_Cain: huh???Trophymuskie: shad and chad sound and look alike thats allChad_Cain: there are only a few good spots by the dam, but they are good spots and hold some big fishBeaver: How long is the dam?Chad_Cain: ????Beaver: Wide?0723: u might have sumpin trophy shad cainChad_Cain: couple hundred yardsBeaver: Locks?Chad_Cain: I have even heard ” Shad Kincain” before. Catchy, huh??Ballistic: is, yesBallistic: look good on the boatToddM: I bet you used that name at Gatsby’s ChadChad_Cain: maybe if I lived in KentuckyBallistic: hahahaChad_Cain: anything goes thereBallistic: nearlyTrophymuskie: be a great name change when you become a big writerChad_Cain: Just kidding kentucky boysTrophymuskie: Ever been to eastern onterio Chad?Beaver: Nothin’ goes where I don’t want it to0723: dou still have your seat at the chelet?ToddM: Are you glad they stocked muskies in kinkiad instead of devil’s kitchen?Chad_Cain: the chalet grosses me out0723: nice bathrooms there thoughJason_Smith: Hey Times up!!!!!…..Great Job Chad and MuskieFIRST as well as its viewer would like to thank you for spending some time with us…Your Welcome anytime……And keep sticking some Slobs done there!!!!RManthei: Chad, good job. Give me a call later (about the boat stuff)Chad_Cain: DK would not be a fun lake to fish for muskies, one the hp limit would suck, and there are actually too many stumpsToddM: way to many treesBallistic: 0723, next time there, tell them you know me, you will get a better seat!Chad_Cain: don’t tell them you know me, you may get thrown out0723: i would rather stand there might stick to seatToddM: Thanks chad for doing the chat and thanks again rob for last week.Ballistic: Chad, Thank You, we were lucky to have you here tonight!0723: thx alotChad_Cain: thanks, SteveTrophymuskie: ty ChadJason_Smith: Chad….who is going to win,,,,,the Pack or the Rams?Chad_Cain: thanks, JasonJason_Smith: you’re welcome…glad to have you

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