A Chat with Tony Grant

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 Mar 16th, 2005 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Steve_Worrall: MuskieFIRST welcomes Muskie Master Tony Grant!!! Steve_Worrall: Tony, welcome Steve_Worrall: Let the questions begin Slamr: I’ll start, basic question: Tony, how’s the fishing been? archerynut36: hey tony do u know if u have any rooms open the fist wek of april Steve_Worrall: Tony, how’s the Cave right now? archerynut36: thinking about taking kids to the cave Tony_Grant: Fishing has been very tuff this week coldddd down here just little fish Muskydr: Is this a late spring for you down there??? Tony_Grant: The Cave water level is great but water temps are around 42 degrees mikie: what color rattlin-shads are working for you now? Tony_Grant: Spring is running very late Lowerider: Tony, whats your favorite lake and bait when your in Wisconsin during spring/summer/fall? Thanks Steve: 2060? hrjohnny: That area has coughed up some seriously girthy fish the last couple years.. what do you think are the determining factors? Tony_Grant: Love Kentuck Seven Mile and Horsehead Tony_Grant: Mixed bag Rattlin Shad colors no rael pattern Muskydr: fish are still out deeper eh Tony? Tony_Grant: Wisconsin is very underrated once you get away from the tourist lakes Tony_Grant: No all fish are very shallow that we have come across Lowerider: When do you leave to Wisconsin? muskzilla: any new lures your you cant wait to get wet or have big hopes for Tony_Grant: Next weeks forecast looks great just an unusual 7 day cold front here muskie_man: hey Tony. I hear you guys sometimes talking about donavon point Tony_Grant: I have 48 Sledges coming in tomarrow mikie: whoo-hoo! Sledges! Muskydr: yellow?? Mike_Hulbert: BANANAS!!!! Tony_Grant: Donavan point is BIG FISH AREA bruceky: Tony, are the fish chasing rattle baits exclusively now or should we throw some glide baits too? Tony_Grant: Looking forward to throwing the new muskies innovations baits as well as the Hellhound looks great bruceky: or sledges? Kid_Derringer: HellHounds look good in the drink sorenson: Tony, I know most of these guys want to hear about the Cave, but I’d like to hear about some big tigers,what’s your bait of choice for a big girl? Steve_Worrall: Tony, what do you think will be the ‘hot’ pattern for the MuskieFIRST outing on the Cave in two weeks? Tony_Grant: Throw the rattle baits next week and score hrjohnny: Tony, what is your favourite topwater presentation? Tony_Grant: I would say pale crawfish and chromes will do the job muskzilla: do you use floro leaders with traps Tony_Grant: Topwaters I like a bunch but Pacemakers, Lowriders and Triklops are my favorites muskie_man: Tony are you going to try any jigging down at the cave this year. I am looking forward to trying this tactic Tony_Grant: with rattle baits I am using Tyger leader material with no snaps or sweivels wire or 7 strand looks good Slamr: how are you tying the Tyger leader to the bait? Kid_Derringer: What’s gas going for down there? Tony_Grant: Jigging is my new thing this year I am going to give it a great try tomorrow Mike_Hulbert: What kind jig are you gonna be using? Tony_Grant: Split ring and a double uni knot or blood knot Tony_Grant: Cobra from baitrigs Tony_Grant: Never seen prices over $2.00 Slamr: with the cold temps you’ve been seeing down there, what does that say for the rest of the sping, or for the season? Kid_Derringer: Cool, thanks Esoxalot: Tony, do you think they’ll come shallow if it warms up next week? Got skunked at the Cave last Fri-Sun. Tony_Grant: 42 degrees and warming to 45 or so after sun Reef_Hawg: Are they similar to the jmac? Tony_Grant: They are shallow Tony_Grant: yes rubber shirt and grub Slamr: Tony, in general, how do you approach your Southern Springs and Falls differently, to your Summers in Wisconsin or Canada? Tony_Grant: I really don’t I stay shallow most all thye time I know it may wrong at times but shallow is underrated Tony_Grant: I stay pretty shallow most all the time Tony_Grant: guys work next week just like the last 2 years and you will have muskies Steve_Worrall: What do you consider shallow, Tony? hrjohnny: Tony, will the cave fish respond well to a big bait presentation? Tony_Grant: I like to keep my boat in 6 feet or less and fish shallower Steve_Worrall: got it,thanks Tony_Grant: Yes in fact 3 years ago in late March 52 degree water big baits scored big Slamr: I know you’re probably tired of talking about it, but I know Tigers are something you’re getting somewhat famous for….what is your key to the big Tigers you’ve been getting the last few years? hrjohnny: waiting in the bullrushes…lol sorenson: boy, am I ready to hear that… Tony_Grant: BIG Tigers= Shallow hot water sorenson: baits? Slamr: hot shallow, how hot? mUSKYDR: The lakes you are fishing up north such as 7 mile offer you a different opportunity though JmuskieG: good early season spot JmuskieG: such as Tony_Grant: 72 to 76 degrees sorenson: have you found that they prefer smaller baits that their purebred counterparts, or is that pretty much a myth? Reef_Hawg: 7 mile…..no fish in there.. Tony_Grant: Small baits at times large at others depending on baitfish hrjohnny: Tony, how good did it feel to hold that record fish??? JmuskieG: Tony where do you fish tigers Tony_Grant: BIG FISH is about all I can say just a big fish Slamr: You head north from the Cave to avoid the heat of summer, what water temps do you feel are too hot for safe muskie cpr? Tony_Grant: Kentuck; Big Sand mUSKYDR: were those fish in the same spots Tony?? I have a buddy that has caught a tiger he feels is the same fish 2 years in a row, out of Big Sand Tony_Grant: It is not all water temps it has alot to do with dissolved oxygen level Slamr: Tony, what would you tell the newcomer to the Cave (other than of course hiring you)? Muskie_Matt: Tony, How do you work your rattle traps? mUSKYDR has left the room. Tony_Grant: Rattle baits fast and shallow Steve_Worrall: What rods/reels do you prefer, and why? Tony_Grant: Lamiglas Rods and Okuma Reels Esoxalot: Do you troll much on the Cave? Slamr: what is your combo for the rattlin shads Tony_Grant: Lamiglas have been very good for me for over a decade light strong and duable Okuma reels are the best $ 100 you can spend on reels Tony_Grant: I do troll when all else fails JmuskieG: HR any rattle traps for sale Tony_Grant: Fast tip long rods with small profile reels 50 LB powerpro Frenchburg_Resident: So Tony how is the the lake running Tony_Grant: Slow and cold Slamr: what Lamiglas rods are you using for what application? Frenchburg_Resident: Spoce to get some snow tonight, hopefully it will warm up SOON. and can get on the lake SCarson: Do you ever use spinnerbaits (say 2 or 3 oz’s) Tony_Grant: LGM 80 H Tony_Grant: Thats Lamiglas Tony_Grant: SNOW NOT GOOD warm good Muskydr: is that the Hartman rod Tony??? muskyboy: What are the biggest muskies you have caught, pure and tiger (I know you have a monster tiger) Bruce: Tony do you feel that you’ll be better off fishing with Laura Morrison in this years PMTT vs. last year with Mike Hulbert? Tony_Grant: No Hartman rods were dicontinued I designed these much lighter longer handle Tony_Grant: NO BIg spinners Slamr: i have one in the other room (the 8′), really nice rod, nice long handle, strength in the rod itself, but big time whip in the tip Plitz: Does the jerk bait rod have a longer than avg. handle? Tony_Grant: Mike is unable to fish all the events I like fishing with both of them cause they fish hard and often hrjohnny: Tony, is there a fairly good glidebait bite down there? Tony_Grant: Laura looks better pulling up the trolling motor I must say Tony_Grant: All the Lamigls muskie line have the longer handle now Mike_Hulbert: Thanks Tony Tony_Grant: Mantas are great here as well as Jerkos and Hounds Slamr: what retailers carry the Lamiglas Rods? Frenchburg_Resident: Hey Tony, is Scott fishing much? Steve_Worrall: Tony, how would one hire you either on the Cave or up North? Tony_Grant: Scott is pounding the water every chance he gets every day for the last 5 or 6 Esoxalot: Do you think color of the Rattlin Shad matters in sunny vs cloudy? Tony_Grant: 1-800-452-1600 but full this year here and up north till fall Frenchburg_Resident: tell him hey and will see you on the lake when the snow quits falling and dont have to work Tony_Grant: Thanks slamr muskie_man: Is David still guiding or is he still out on the race track everyday SCarson: This last fall was my first trip to the cave and every boat was on the flats. My question is, is there any other good spots beside the flats in the fall? lambeau: it sounds like you’ve found the Rattle Trap bite to be very temperature specific…mid 40s? SCarson: We didn’t catch any fish but we didn’t fish the flats…we fished coves Tony_Grant: Dave’s a racing suffering from muskie guide burn out over the last 14 years Tony_Grant: Flats are an easy place to work weeds without much boat control, there’s fish everywhere SCarson: ok thanks Slamr: tell us a few words on Eagle, which you fish in the summers (at least for a little while) Steve_Worrall: Tony, are you approaching the big Tiger waters different than if you were fishing for pures? Al_Swearingen: West end? Tony_Grant: The river on the cave is 4000 acres overlooked our club is working on bouys to mark channel great weeds forming there Tony_Grant: Tes the tigers are shallower while the trues seem to be on the deeper weed edge hhhhhhh: Tony, are you going to fish the Classic on the V this year muskzilla: tony have you ever fished georgean bay lambeau: at what temperature (high) does the Rat-L bite slow down/stop? Tony_Grant: I will do the Classic if there is at least 60 boats muskyboy: Do you catch many tigers at night? Al_Swearingen: me too hhhhhhh: cool Tony_Grant: Rattle baits slow after 62 to 65 degrees Tony_Grant: Have caught none at night but have a friend does muskyboy: Me either sorenson: if you fish a lake w/ only tigers (no pures) would you still fish primarily shallow? Tony_Grant: If I am going at the big girls during hot weather muskie_man: i have got to ask Tony, how do you think our BIG BLUE will do in the tourney Tony_Grant: I will stay shallow sorenson: thanks Tony_Grant: Young team they need some luck looking forwar to uc match up Slamr: just a few more minutes left, lets get the rest of the questions flowing Bruce: tony do you fish the cave at all after dark? David_4: What does next week look like for the outing? Plitz: Tony_Grant:What are your guiding fees Tony_Grant: Eagle Lake is the only place I fish in Canada Corner and Indian Chains too archerynut36: tony how is the cave usually the first week of april Tony_Grant: $275 per day guiding Steve_Worrall: Gotta get you on the Goon, Tony Steve_Worrall: you’d be at HOME! sorenson: uh oh, he said Goon… Tony_Grant: Not too much night fishing here for me doesn;t pay off well Esoxalot: Does color of Rattlin Shad matter in sunny vs cloudy? Tony_Grant: Steve I will if a guy like you shows me it Tony_Grant: Early April is flat out AWESOME Tony_Grant: Color does matter chromes or Holograph in sun naturals in low light and color in MUD Slamr: (question from the peanut gallery behind me) do you believe in fish “conditioning” to lures/presentations? lambeau: oh boy. muskyboy: Not this again! Tony_Grant: NO i don’t much believe in pressured fish Its just another muskies excuse Al_Swearingen: if it moves, it’s food Slamr: amen to that lambeau: hurrah! Mike_Hulbert: hell I said that the other day and got slammed….weird…. Tony_Grant: Love to come to the bay but guiding 225 days and tornaments limit me Mike_Hulbert: Thanks AL, I know your my #1 fan Slamr: ok, more questions? muskyboy: Biggest musky pure and tiger archerynut36: will probly do for the first week of april archerynut36: after the ice out archerynut36: if it goes away Tony_Grant: 54.5 pure first weight 46 lbs muskyboy: Awesome Kid_Derringer: Huge Slamr: best day on the water….numbers vs. size so far? Tony_Grant: Tigers 50, 48,45 plus true 43.5 awesome day in wisconsin esoxlady: WOW Kid_Derringer: Cool Reef_Hawg: on the pink lady? Kid_Derringer: Goood Job sorenson: awesome muskyboy: I read about that, what a day. I would get a replica of a big tiger for sure Tony_Grant: True 46.5 45 43 38 35 all top waters CAVE RUN Slamr: MuskieFIRST would like to thank Tony Grant again for another great Chat Night, and we hope to see all of you down at the Cave starting next wekend for the 4th Annual Cave Run Outing! Steve_Worrall: Thanks to Tony G rant for an informative and educational hour!! sorenson: thanks Tony

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