Doug Kloet of Musky Magic Tackle and Karen Dipietro

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 Mar 16th, 2005 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Slamr: Its 8PM, time to welcome Doug Kloet of Musky Magic Tackle to the MuskieFIRST Chat Room Slamr: i’ll start…..what new products are available from Musky Magic for 2005? Doug_Kloet: Little Instigator, Slippery Slider, Super Surface Slider and available in May Magic Tail. Doug_Kloet: Slippery Slider is a round body glider with a rubber tail and has sold out at all the Musky shows this winter. Steve_Jonesi: I’ve seen it and it looks SWEET! Doug_Kloet: Little Instigator is a small verison of the Instigator, Super Surface Slider is a 7 1/2″ topwater walk to dog. Slamr: let the questions flow, boys (and girls) Mike_Hulbert: Wazz up! Slamr: Doug, in terms of your products, what do you see as hot for early season action? Steve_Jonesi: Doug, what are the sink rates of ,say, the instigator or the slidin shad?Do they “hang”? Doug_Kloet: For those of you that are going to Minnesota I will have a DVD of all the baits in action Mark_Gostisha entered the room. BruceKY: can we find these on a website? Doug_Kloet: The sink rates on the Slidin’ Shad and Instigator are about a 1 per second. Steve_Jonesi: Any special or custom colors at the show? Doug_Kloet: The webstie doesn’t have the new products on it yet Doug_Kloet: I will have custom colored Slidin’ Shad and Instigators are the show. Slamr: what color patterns sell best, versus what do you see guys catching the most fish on?Doug_Kloet: Colors that sell the best are Perch, Orange Crappie, Sucker. Hotest producing color is perch Slamr: can you tell us situationally, where your products shine? hrjohnny entered the room. BruceKY: I like my slidin’ shad. it has a great wobble while it sinks Doug_Kloet: Spring time and tournaments I would go with the Slidin’ Shad and Little Instigator. Steve_Jonesi: How do the baits handle speed Doug_Kloet: Bruce glad to hear you like the Slidin’ Shad, over the last couple of years that bait has done really well for a lot of people David_4: There was a bait that was chart with black lines that looked really cool, what is the color called? Doug_Kloet: as for speed I prefer to work most of the baits slow to get the best action David_4: You had one at the Columbus show Slamr: what baits would you suggest for running over weed tops, during mid summer? Doug_Kloet: the color is Fankenstein and was a really hot producer last fall pgaschulz: Any new baits coming out in the near future? If so can you tell us what kind ? Doug_Kloet: Super Surface Slider and Slippery Slider Doug_Kloet: There are a few new baits coming in the future maybe one more this year a probably 3 – 4 for 2006. Slamr: when do you see the squirrley tailed baits really showing increased effectiveness over the non-squrirllys? Doug_Kloet: For fall fishing I would go with the Instigator, Slidin’ Shad and Slippery Slider. Doug_Kloet: The squirrley tailed baits really work well under tournament conditions and fall when Muskies start to slow down and want a easy meal hrjohnny: Any chance of increasing the size of the Slidin’ Shad? Doug_Kloet: That is in the works, it will probably be about 7 inches long, not sure when it will be complete Doug_Kloet: I have had a lot of request for a Big Slidin’ Shad Slamr: how long has Musky Magic been around? where are you based out of? Doug_Kloet: I started the business in 1998 and based in Kenosha, WI. I have been building baits for about 16 years Steve_Worrall: Where can one buy a selection of your lures? Crash_McG: How do you come up with bait shapes, sizes, weights, etc? sorenson: do you have a website? pgaschulz: Fishing Connection in Tinley Park carries quite a few of your baits and I have bought 3 Slidin’ Shad from there. Was wondering is there anyway to get list of the all the colors you offer? Mike_Hulbert: Have you found that a certain rod works better than others, say like a 7’6 MH over a 7 footer? Doug_Kloet: Go to my website for retailer availblty, but can be found at Gander Mountain, Rollie & Helens, Thorne Bros Etc Slamr: which of your baits do you find easiest to run? Doug_Kloet: I come up with shaps and sizes by trying a lot of different things Doug_Kloet: Please email me your address and I will be glad to send you a color chart Slamr: (to your knowledge) what is the biggest fish caught on a Musky Magic Tackle Product so far? Doug_Kloet: For rod length I prefer a 7 foot heavy action a 7 foot MH would work for the Slidin’ Shad and Little Instigator DCates: What tips or tricks do you recommend for using the Slidin’ Shad? Doug_Kloet: Slidin’ Shad Doug_Kloet: biggest fish caught is 53 inches that I know of Slamr: are you still guiding? if so, where? Doug_Kloet: Short jerks and a slow retrieve of the reel handle, if the bait does not work slow down Mike_Hulbert: Any plans to make bigger versions of your baits? Doug_Kloet: I will call greg on Wednesday Doug_Kloet: Yes I still guide Doug_Kloet: Mike there a plans for a Big Slidin’ Shad Slamr: where do you guide….how can one get in touch with you for a day on the water? Doug_Kloet: I guide April, May on the Fox Chain. June – September Eagle River, WI area, and Oct., Nov. Silver Lake Kenosha County. Contact me at [email protected] Slamr: any final questions for Doug? Slamr: and again, your website address doug? pgaschulz: On the Fox do you cast or troll more? pgaschulz: When you guide? hrjohnny: just wanted to say..you have an awesome logo… Doug_Kloet: it has been fun, it is time to get back to working on baits Steve_Worrall: Doug, thanks for spending a half hour with us at MuskieFIRST. We appreciate all the info, and will archive your semianr as quickly as possible for those who missed it. Steve_Jonesi: See ya in Blaine! Mark_Gostisha: Thanks Doug Doug_Kloet: Thanks, for the comment on the logo tuffdaddy: looking forward to reading bout the chat Slamr: Karen DiPietro and Producer Tackle are SUPPOSED to be here now… Doug_Kloet: Thanks everybody and for contact information call me at 262-605-8247 or www.muskymagictackle.com muskyone: Thanks a bunch Doug Karen_DiPietro: Hey Guys Mark_Gostisha: Hi KAren! tuffdaddy: correction-for Steelhead, and brownies Karen_DiPietro: Hi mark! Steve_Worrall: Hello, Karen! Karen_DiPietro: Hi Steve Mike_Hulbert: YO KAREN! Karen_DiPietro: right back at ya Mike_Hulbert: I’ve heard you guys have been catchin some fish!! GO RATTLIN” SHAD! Karen_DiPietro: We have done very well considering the conditions lobi: purple craze rattlin’? Mike_Hulbert: Keep up the good work!!! Only wish I was down there! Slamr: Though fashionably late, MuskieFIRST welcomes Karen DiPietro, maker of the Rattlin Shad bait line to the Chat Room! Karen_DiPietro: Thanks pgaschultz Slamr: let the quesitons begin! Karen_DiPietro: Honey is Chris!! by the way… Mike_Hulbert: Karen, tell us about this week down at the cave on the Rattlin Shads Karen_DiPietro: We have been down here filming with North Country Adventures Karen_DiPietro: !! fish on film… Karen_DiPietro: I mean 11 pgaschulz: Nice.. Josh: Very nice archerynut36: kool good job Muskyboy: What colors have been best? Mike_Hulbert: any piggies yet? Karen_DiPietro: Weather has been tough….Cold, windy and some rain/snow archerynut36: later lobi Karen_DiPietro: Colors… lobi: watin’ on colors hrjohnny: pink??? cisco: how does 2 below sound for cold? thats what i’ve got hrjohnny: lol Karen_DiPietro: Threadfin, Firetiger, palecrawfish,Blue Shad,Bumble Bee Karen_DiPietro: sorry….no pink Mike_Hulbert: Threadfin and Blue Shad…… MY FAVORITE! Karen_DiPietro: -2* brrrrrrrrr Slamr: Karen, tell us a little over view of the Rattlin Shad Karen_DiPietro: Threadfin has been the best producer thus far ESOX_Maniac: What’s the hot pattern for fish – location/presentation? Karen_DiPietro: The Rattlin’ Shad is a lippless crankbait that is made for muskies….but the steelhead and bass guys are doing very well with them too! Karen_DiPietro: The action has been on the south end/creek (beaver) Slamr: why do you say “made for muskies”, say versus other lipless cranks? Mark_Gostisha: How is the design differnt for muskies, than other rattle baits? Karen_DiPietro: water temps have been below what we normally see. Karen_DiPietro: 40*-45* bil_jon_ramsey: bass pro billy miller hasd been doing good at despalines river and braidwood on the rattlin shads Karen_DiPietro: It’s nose is re-inforced and the hardware is tough….VMC hooks and Wolverine split rings Karen_DiPietro: right on! Karen_DiPietro: The bass guys love the 3″ baits Karen_DiPietro: The 3″ baits are new this year Karen_DiPietro: 3/4 oz and real beefy Mark_Gostisha: Do you have another size? Karen_DiPietro: 6x VMC Gladiator hooks on ’em Slamr: Karen, for someone who hasnt thrown a Rattlin Shad, where to you start? what are some of the best approaches for muskies? tuffdaddy: The rattl’n shads don’t float right? If not, are you going to come out with a floating version? Karen_DiPietro: 4″- 1 1/4 oz and the 3″ are 3/4oz Karen_DiPietro: nope they sink like a rock! tuffdaddy: Ever speeeeeed troll them??? Glideboy: Karen, any plans on making a bigger model or a floating one? Karen_DiPietro: The best way to approach it is to work shallow and fast muskyone: Karen, will there be any at the MN expo this weekend? Karen_DiPietro: the shad are moving into the shallows to feed and the muskies as the water temps rise, so does their metabolizim Slamr: when you say fast… Karen_DiPietro: Gregg Thomas will have them in his booth Karen_DiPietro: I mean FAST! Karen_DiPietro: They seem to provoke a reaction strike! Mark_Gostisha: Are the shad scattered or in thick; pods Luke_Chinewalker: do you ever troll traps fast? Karen_DiPietro: They usually pool together Karen_DiPietro: yes they can be trolled Mark_Gostisha: Do you fish thru the pods of bait or on the edges, like a weed edge? Slamr: when you say shallow, how shallow are you throwing them? Karen_DiPietro: I suggest short lines…..40 ft at about 3-4 mph Karen_DiPietro: be sure the rod tips are in the water. Steve_Worrall: Please desribe the ‘perfect’ rod and reel for this bait.. Karen_DiPietro: edges muskyone: Have you tried for open water fish that are suspended with the Rattli’n Shad? Karen_DiPietro: the best rod/reel combo would be…a 7-8ft rod with a fast reel…..6500-c4 works well muskyone: Line? Karen_DiPietro: yes I have tried open water and find it work well as a locator bait Karen_DiPietro: if your fishing timber……80lb Karen_DiPietro: 60ish will do Slamr: do people use leaders with the Rattlin Shad? tuffdaddy: does the 80lb help the bait run a bit higher? (not to mention being able to pump those dudes outta the trees) Karen_DiPietro: yes…we use 6″ wire leaders with out snaps/swivels….. Karen_DiPietro: look for Tony’s article in MuskyHunter 3/15/05 tuffdaddy: I know in one of Tony’s articles, he said that you are dragging through the leaves and such when burning them in shallow. If you’re getting the leaves, are you running them right? Karen_DiPietro: the snaps/swivels make the baits roll and they tend to pick up more weeds/stuff Mike_Hulbert: If your not getting weeds or leaves every 3-4 casts, you are not shallow enough!!!! Karen_DiPietro: as my friend Scott Salchi says…if ya ait pickin’ up leavs and stuff ya aint fishin’ shallow enough! Karen_DiPietro: Right on Mike! Shep: What’s going on in here!? ( Editors Note: Shep has no clue most nights, has to askā€¦)Karen_DiPietro: Just doing my nails Karen_DiPietro: how ya doin shep? Slamr: what is the biggest fish to date on a Rattlin Shad? Steve_Jonesi: you bet Karen_DiPietro: 50 1/2…Gary Richards….MuskiesFirst’er Karen_DiPietro: 40 lb slob for sure! 0723: if you could pick one color and one bait what wood it be Steve_Worrall: That was a big fish, for certain Slamr: fast seems to be the ticket for early season success with the RSHad, what about later in the year, still fast? Luke_Chinewalker: do you ever bring suckers down to the cave and do you do well on them in the spring? Karen_DiPietro: I would say….Moonshine Karen_DiPietro: yes! Karen_DiPietro: hahahahaha Glideboy: Karen, what other states have you had or heard of really good success with your baits? Karen_DiPietro: Ohio,Wisconsin,Indiana, Illinois, Canada (LOTW),Missouri Karen_DiPietro: Minnesota too! Slamr: for Canadian Shield lakes, would you alter your approach with the Rattlin Shad? Mike_Hulbert: I don’t catch fish on them here!!! LOL! SHHHHH Muskyboy: Will you be at the Extreme Chicago Show? Steve_Worrall: They seem to be a great lure in dirty water, yet I hear of many fish caught on the bait in very clear water too Karen_DiPietro: Yes, in the Mountain Muskie Lodge booth sorenson: they seem to work as good in clear water as in off-color? Steve_Worrall: what’s your experience? Karen_DiPietro: yes… Karen_DiPietro: When the water is murky, I toss the bright colors Karen_DiPietro: when the sun pokes through I through some fllash at em’ Slamr: Karen, you fish the PMTT….how do you see yourself fishing DIFFERENTLY in tournaments, versus another day on the water? sorenson: but mainly always fast as far as speed goes? Luke_Chinewalker: do you have any luck with small top water baits in the spring like super spooks? Karen_DiPietro: It seems to make a difference….IWe fished day 1 filming with over cast skies…the sun came out for a few minutes and I switched to Threadfin(hologram) and scored a fish! Karen_DiPietro: not so much down here…. Karen_DiPietro: up north yes Shep: What color are those nails tonight? Karen_DiPietro: when water temps hit low-mid 50’s I start tossing topwater Karen_DiPietro: Electric Pink…Loreal Steve_Worrall: Bet prettier that yours, Shep! Slamr: anymore quesitons? Muskyboy: Do you find bright nails spook the fish? Mike_Hulbert: my final question: WHEN AM I GONNA GET MY BAIT??? Karen_DiPietro: We have had a good run this week considering the conditions…and switched colors to copensate for those changes(subtle) Karen_DiPietro: You gonna be at the extreme show? fred: no Karen_DiPietro: that makes me sad fred Slamr: Karen, where can one buy the Rattlin Shad? Karen_DiPietro: Mike…you gonna be there? Mike_Hulbert: Yes young lady, I will be there Steve_Worrall: Karen, thanks for spending part of your evening with us at MuskieFIRST. We will be looking for many large fish in your 2005 pictures!

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