2007 Opening Chat Room Seminar

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 Jan 9th, 2007 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Slamr: MuskieFIRST Would like to welcome into the chat room, to kick off the 2007 chat season; Steve Worrall Slamr: thanks for spending yet another night in the chat room! Slamr: let the Worrallian focused questions begin sworrall: One of many to come fish4musky1: whats your ideal rod for bucktails sworrall: there isn’t one Slamr: I’ll start: Steve, what overall reflections do you have from 2006, on muskies, muskie boats, etc? muskyboy: Steve, what was the most dramatic thing you learned this year? sworrall: depends on personal preference and the tail you are throwing sworrall: Slamr, that’s a huge topic sworrall: good fishing, excellent weather, and not enough time kreegz: reels for big bucktails like the XXX and XX and anything else with 10 colorados? sworrall: dramatic learning: sworrall: That muskies are indeed where ever they WANT to be, and do not read books lambeau: Steve, what is one (simple) thing that someone can do to help improve their boat control, and therefore their bait presentation? Slamr: where did you find the muskies this year, that you might not of in years past? Beaver: What was your best day of bass fishing in ’06? sworrall: I caught so many fish in less than 2′ of water this year… sworrall: best day bass, with Beav, 29 I think sworrall: Beav kicked my fanny muskyboy: Yeap amazing they park up so shallow sworrall: Boat control, easy fish4musky1: are they feeding in the shallows? sworrall: learn to read the water Pointerpride102: what was your single best/favorite memory of the past season? sworrall: and get a good electric motor lambeau: how do you mean “read the water”? sworrall: I also found muskies on the sand, in about 6′ allot Merckid: steve, can you sum up how you use your locater and your highway theory that you explained to me in the boat? sworrall: get rid of the surface image in your mind sworrall: learn to look at the water as a field sworrall: filled with water just to hold up the boat sworrall: they are LIVING in the shallows, 4 sworrall: TJ, the idea is really simple Slamr: best memory? sorenson: Steve, I noticed that the time I fished w/ you, your baits were very ‘loud’ in color – is that something peculiar to the Goon, or do you opt for the high contrast, get noticed baits most places? Beaver: Is that the theory of big bucks and big muskies using similar travel corridors, primarily edges? sworrall: the ‘road’ you need to stay on is the depth you need to be to present your lure to where the fish are sworrall: best memory….. sworrall: hard call, so many sworrall: I like contrast, Sorno sworrall: will do what I think with color to achieve it sworrall: surface baits, though black, mostly sworrall: and bright green jbmuskie entered the room. sworrall: one or the other . sworrall: so TJ, keep the boat on the road, your lure will be in the fishes face tkopke: Steve, how was the fishing on the “Dead Sea” as it is so elequently called last year, and what pattern proved to be the best in ’06 out there? . sworrall: Pelican was very good . muskyboy: Find the island queen yet? sworrall: We had three distinct patterns going all season sworrall: MB, no sworrall: didn’t see her this year muskyboy: bummer Beaver: A few years back there was a series of articles in In-Fisherman about tagged muskies that they tracked. They said that muskies moved shallow to be in warmer water to speed digestion only not to feed. sworrall: Rocks, SHALLOW from 8 to 10′ sworrall: any clutter associated, reeds and weeds on the rocks, isolated, shallow Beaver: Do you think that theory is wrong? sworrall: red cabbage sworrall: anywhere sworrall: and, of course, the SLOP tkopke: Why do you think the shallow pattern has been so good the last few years? kreegz: mmmm love the slp kreegz: slop sworrall: Beav, maybe sworrall: but most muskies caught are not feeding anyway . Beaver: Just reaction? tkopke: no doubt on the feeding sworrall: actually, Beav, it’s not ‘wrong’, and T, I think that pattern exists most every year, I just exploited it properly this year muskyboy: You believe in the trigger action strike sworrall: it’s too broadly based sworrall: MB, yes sworrall: the fish can’t help but react muskyboy: contrast helps with that reaction sometimes Pointerpride102: could that be a reason they hit in prop wash sworrall: the level of the reaction is based on the fish’s current ‘state’ and a thousand variables Pointerpride102: the vibrations drive them nuts? tkopke: What do you do to create reaction strikes, especially while fishing creatures? Is the sudden jump of the creature the trigger? sworrall: yes, that’s exactly what does it Slamr: Steve, what is the number one bit of advice you would give to new muskie fisherman? (other than of course to visit MuskieFIRST) sworrall: Creatures are, for me, jump lures sworrall: New muskie anglers? Cast over by that rock… Slamr: other than casting over by the rock jonnysled: cast what over by that rock? sworrall: inside joke Sled, I told Slamr that on SPider. Never caught a fish by that rock, but it LOOKS good.sworrall: seriously, learn the mechanics of the boat, boat control FIRST, that’s everything to the rest of any formula Merckid: I think that is very good advice for new muskie anglers specifically certain places on the dead sea MuskyHopeful: Is there always a “that rock”? I have trouble finding them. sworrall: Vibration is transmitted through water much faster than air, Pointer Pointerpride102: yeah MuskyHopeful: I’m hoping there’s a day when Steve points a rock out for me sworrall: pretty fast, so very LOUD, 4800 feet per second MuskieMike: What season do you fish jigs mostly? jonnysled: steve …. you texas rigging your creatures or carolina or both? sworrall: three football fields per second Pointerpride102: you would think that being right by a boat prop would almost be TOO loud sworrall: Strictly jigs most times, Sled, any season, but jigs shine when the fish are on the breaks Pointerpride102: but fish dont hear, they feel sworrall: it’s the world they live in every day, Pointer kreegz: Steve, with all these new big bucktails with Big 10 sized colorados…. what Reel do you recommend reeling them in with? sworrall: they DO hear, rudimentary inner ear, but lateral line is the king DEMolishedyou2: would you recommend the Luna? Pointerpride102: very true…..they get accustomed sworrall: a BIG reel sworrall: the lures are getting crazy kreegz: abu 7000 or HSN sworrall: WAY big kreegz: yeah i know DEMolishedyou2: Calcutta 700? sworrall: all are fine 0723: //55 how about gear ratio i hear lower is better Pointerpride102: how do you approach a fish that you have spooked….say hooked but lost? sworrall: High gear ratio means finer gearing sworrall: and more work, too sworrall: If I lose a fish, it depends on whether I think I ‘stung’ her good Beaver: Lower gear ratio means more power. It’s like first gear compared to third sworrall: Beav, exactly . sworrall: If I feel I didn’t, I will not leave that fish 0723: //28 Less work also right sworrall: if it’s worth chasing sworrall: Less work is good… Slamr: In your opinion, what is the biggest MISTAKE most muskie fisherman make (other than poor boat control)? 0723: yes any recomendations on a low gear big reel sworrall: If I feel I stuck the fish pretty good, I may leave her for an hour sworrall: maybe a day Beaver: Has old age slowed down your style of fishing? kreegz: how do you approach a very aggressive fish that won’t bite… but will follow 2 or 3 casts in a row? sworrall: depends on weather, where the fish was, so many variables sworrall: Beav, no, I was always this lazy Pointerpride102: do you expect the fish to be in the same spot or do you look to where it could have moved…..when you come back the next day? MuskyHopeful: Does a creature or jig hit the water every time you fish for at least a while, or are there days you don’t use them. sworrall: two follows means I’m not triggering the fish sworrall: extreme opposite of what I was doing comes next Beaver: I see those pics from the 70’s and I can’t help but wonder if it was sun-up to sun-down every day 0723: any other plastics like tubes lizards you throw sometimes sworrall: Muskies are not necessarliy in any one spot at any one time Merckid: steve, what time of the year do creatures get the most attention? sworrall: they move allot Pointerpride102: right Slamr: slow down with questions, let steve catch up sworrall: but at 1 PM sun time, on Thursday, I see a big girl on the stones, she will probably be there at 1 sun time next time conditions match Pointerpride102: ok sworrall: Creatures are year round sworrall: good lures fish4musky1: how big creatures Beaver: Do you pay attention to the solunar tables? sworrall: Bulldawgs, Shack Attack lures, etc are all creatures TUFFY has left the room. The_Rest_Are_Bait has left the room. sworrall: I caught one of my largest Wisconisn fish on a 4″ creature, on purpose sworrall: location sworrall: 2′ in a pocket fish4musky1: cool fish4musky1: fun fish4musky1: i wish i could do that sworrall: Solunar tables, Beav, you know that answer Beaver: I want to prod you to share jonnysled: run into lots of smallies that way too? .. sworrall: every living thing on this Earth reacts to sun, moon, earth relationships sworrall: LOTS of bass, yes Sled Slamr: but there are no meaningful moon periods prior to around 10AM, am i correct? jonnysled: ever had the ole smallie eats the creature and then gets eaten? Beaver: These guys haven’t been as lucky as I when it comes to spending time in a boat with you sworrall: Only if I am forcedPointerpride102: what can someone do in the offseason to help them out in the upcoming season in terms of becoming smarter about how they fish? Slamr: anything new coming out from Tuffy in 2007? jonnysled: use the ole wait til the water warms excuse steve? . sworrall: Solunar periods are nothing but measurement of that sun, moon, earth relationship sworrall: and the tides sworrall: a major is good, a major at dusk or dawn can be magic sworrall: Slamr, yes sworrall: lots sworrall: see the website in about a week sorenson: if you stick a fish in an ‘unlikely’ location (in you opinion) do you just take it for what it is, as a bonus so to speak, or try to dissect why it was there and make it a repeatable occurrance? Beaver: A major with crappy weather conditions is just that…crappy sworrall: Sled, yes, have had several bass and walleyes taken by muskies ghoti: Are your creature retrieves always the same , or do you sometimes do a straight type retrieve? sworrall: sorno, I try to figure it out sworrall: that fish was there for a reason sworrall: maybe that reason was it was lost, but I need to figure that out sworrall: Never straight, G sworrall: vary the speed, but it’s a jump lure Beaver: How much has muskie fishing changed since Al Gore invented the internet? sworrall: Beav, crappy weather can be good, or bad sworrall: Not all that much, Beav sworrall: contrary to popular opinion sworrall: just INFORMATION TRANSFER has changed sworrall: and that strictly in delivery via the web and TV kreegz: you don’t think the size of lures available has changed? sworrall: there were huge lures 30 years ago Beaver: But now we have guys from all over the country conversing and sharing info like never before. Gotta be a benefit, correct? Pointerpride102: do you think it has affected the sport in a negative fashion…as in the way people nit pick sizes and/or if it was kept? sworrall: now, it’s becoming an art form sworrall: not necessarliy driven by anything but the anglers wanting them because of anthropomorphism kreegz: lol im too young to think back 30 years….//8 Beaver: The new American Folk Art sworrall: I wish I was… Merckid: i wasnt thought of 30 years ago sworrall: Yes you were, TJ, but they had not anticipated what was the result…sworrall: so to continue on changes, equipment has become better sworrall: reels sworrall: rods sworrall: electronics kreegz: line sworrall: and of course, the biggie sworrall: GPS mapping sworrall: line is line sorenson: management… sworrall: I used dacron 30 years ago sworrall: mono 30 years ago sworrall: management has changed BIG Sorno Beaver: Slamr moderating things sworrall: but that really began quite a long time ago ToddM: good one beav Pointerpride102: when did the idea of C&R come into play? sworrall: if folks would drop the ‘damned dnr’ stupidity, they would see we have had extremely forward looking fisheries managers for the last 50 years sworrall: or we would not be where we are now sworrall: Slamr tilts gravitational fields some times Pointerpride102: well said steve Pointerpride102: the dnr rarely gets credit for what they do lambeau: what innovations can we expect to see from/at MuskieFirst in 2007? Beaver: C&R was voluntary in the 70’s for female walleyes and all muskies in my boat jonnysled: do you think that will lay down now that some huge wisco fish have been caught on the big pond? sworrall: and now, with new technology, we will be able to watch the new era of muskie management unfold in the middle of the best muskie angling we have ever had sworrall: Lambeau, video, big time sworrall: audio, too sworrall: new format coming eventually kreegz: Do you think a new WR Muskie could be caught in the next couple years? sorenson: us poor saps on dial up are toast… sworrall: WR Muskie, what is that? sworrall: is it 70#? kreegz: lol i dunno sworrall: 60#? kreegz: is there a real record fish? sworrall: therein lies the problem CowgirlAddict: just say 70 then? Beaver: I wish someone would catch a 70#er and put the crap to rest sworrall: I’m a card carrying member of the WRMA, so that should tell you something Reproduction_Rick: Amen to that!! MuskyHopeful: How many fish stories would you estimate have been told around the fire ring at the Hideout over the years? VMS: Even if a record is caught, will the crap ever end though? Pointerpride102: well whether or not 69lbs is the WR, it is the one recognized by the record keeping people so i think we have to set the bar at is there a 70lb fish out there sworrall: Hopeful, many sworrall: but not enough yet Beaver: Can I move into The Hideout for a month or two? sworrall: 60# is a real record, I feel sworrall: but what I feel doesn’t matter MuskyHopeful: I’m hoping to hear few there this year sworrall: Beav, you know you could kreegz: What lake do you think has the best chance at putting out a 69# fish? kreegz: or lakes Pointerpride102: Do you think there is a 70 lb fish swimming? Beaver: Lake Michigan? sworrall: according to the foremost authority, Dr. Casselman, the St Lawrence sworrall: upper confidence of 70# plus lambeau: Steve – you’ve handled a lot of big fish over the years; what are your tips for landing and safely handling trophy-class fish? what are common mistakes that you see, and what can we do to improve? sworrall: watch the video onsite, I believe he says that kreegz: long as its not caught by a walleye guy trolling in april…… Beaver: What exotics do you fear will do the most harm to muskie fishing?sworrall: Exotics: Milfoil, Rusty Crayfish, Gobies, zebra Mussels, and the list goes on. Keep your hull clean and your livewell disinfected. sworrall: that would be fine with me, K, walleye guys are good anglers too sworrall: Big fish handling… sworrall: play them smart and easy sworrall: big fish tire easily if you let them muskyboy: 57.5×27.5 caught on the Larry when I was there, guys spent 10 days caught just that fish sworrall: force them to the boat and you have a boatside battle, bad idea sworrall: let ’em swim Pointerpride102: what do you mean by let them steve? sworrall: don’t force the fish with your gear, FEEL what the fish wants to do, and lead it like a puppy on a leash ToddM: Steve, would you also add, keep the rod tip down to keep jumping and headshaking to a min? sworrall: if it jumps, start hoping Beaver: Do you think we have seen the good ol days, or are we living them right now? sworrall: I roll the rod tip over HARD if the fish starts coming up 0723: what lakes in wisconsin are you looking forward to fishing next year?sworrall: Moen, Pelican, Crescent, and a host of others, plus a bunch of little tiny lakes Keith and I are exploring lambeau: what about handling the fish once you’ve got it in the net? sworrall: sometimes that works, sometimes not sworrall: will almost every time on a big bass sworrall: muskies are shaped differently sworrall: the good old days are right now lambeau: tips for handling in the net, photos, etc? sworrall: best muskie angling we have ever had sworrall: handling the fish in the net…. sworrall: DON’T sworrall: use the release tools to unhook her sworrall: get the lure out of the way VMS: And if you are on your own when you catch it? sworrall: then get the fish by the gill plate, slide your fingers along the smooth area of the jaw Beaver: So, do you think the fears of spearing were simply premature shock? I know that walleye fishing is worse, is C&R saving muskie fishing? sworrall: PRESS down hard sworrall: and she will, most times, lock up sworrall: then you can get your other hand under her and hoist for the picture sworrall: Beav, CPR has taken out much of the effect of spearing sworrall: so has forward looking management . sworrall: but it is a reality, and still has an impact Beaver: Like higher size limits? sworrall: If you are on your own, remember the fish well, and do what you can to get a measure, and Dunright board is best sworrall: higher size limits are critical, Beav sworrall: but not easy to pass sworrall: lots of social issues Slamr: Steve, what new products have you seen this year that you recommend to the mases? kreegz: Steve, do you fish Minoqua area lakes with regularity?sworrall: Minocqua, the lake, yes. The area, not too much sworrall: on some waters, size limits need to be dropped, and harvest encouraged Pointerpride102: are you for statewide 45 or 50 inch limits or just for lakes that can support them? sworrall: how many of YOU would kill a 34″ muskie? jonnysled: in certain waters i think a bunch need to come out,Steve Pointerpride102: yeah, you kind of answered it sworrall: only where we can manage to convince the locals Beaver: I know that people used to blame resorts, but with the slow extinction of resorts “Up North” who’s holding us up the most? ToddM: Steve, last year for the opener, we had a heat wave that pushed water temps up almost 20 degrees in 7 days. what if anything would you do differently in this situation than you would a normal opener?sworrall: Fish the slop, Todd. Allot. jonnysled: flambeau river is infested with small males and the class has no stratification sworrall: If that’s the facts, Sled, the limit needs to come down and harvest needs to be encouraged there sworrall: Beav, resorts were never the problem sworrall: it was the REAL pressure sworrall: locals, like me Beaver: Bar room biologists?sworrall: those too, Beav muskyboy: What are your concerns of VHS out East spreading West? sworrall: it’s a serious issue, MB MuskyHopeful: Where do you see OutdoorsFirst five years from now? Can you picture it with a paid staff of say ten or more, columnists, reporters, etc.? TV production? . sworrall: but the feds and local biologists are working on what needs to be done sworrall: Hopeful we will see, we are growing very quickly, and Zach is implementing new technology all the time to improve our visitir’s experience. We are serious as a heart attack about our publications, and will make them better every chance we get VMS: With the onset of more pressure on many of our waters, what is your perspective on how this has affected the more popular fisheries out there? sworrall: No TV though, that is so diluted now it’s really very hard to get anywhere, and very expensive to buy the airtime MuskyHopeful: More of an online monthly magazine? sworrall: actually, more of an online information and news source, so yesMagruter: Steve what are some events icefishing first will be covering this year? sworrall: well, we can’t let the cat out of the bag quite yet about ALL the new MuskieFIRST features planned for ’07 sworrall: VMS, pressure is what it is lambeau: Steve…you’ve already hit some shows and know the industry well – so what’s on the horizon in the muskie boat market? sworrall: fish will be caught kreegz: steve, what one lure has put the most fish in the boat for you? and how many fish have you caught on it? sworrall: and relaesed sworrall: no matter the pressure, one has to learn to adapt Beaver: Where are people ice fishing. Retailers have to be taking a major hit this year. Are they ice fishing in Rhinelander? sworrall: Lots of new product, Lambeau sworrall: Ice events, the Icecanaba sworrall: yes, lots of ice here lambeau: can you offer some highlights on “lots”? sworrall: New sonars, GPS units, new boat models, and new outboards sworrall: but not many focused on our favorite fish lambeau: what about Tuffy? THEY pay attention to muskies!sworrall: new models, the 1760 G and GC Esox Deep V, 1890 G and GC, more on the way sworrall: Okuma has a new line of Muskie product on the way jonnysled: drilling 7″ in minocqua sworrall: and will be promoting that product in the Muskie world sworrall: here too, Sled sworrall: and a foot by next week jonnysled: cold bugger tonight Slamr: and doing a chat tomorrow night, Okuma will be (though that makes me sound like Yoda) kreegz: anything by okuma besides the new rods? Beaver: What kind of product? sworrall: New reels Slamr: for all Okuma questions, make sure to be here tomorrow night to talk to Mark Rogers of Okuma sworrall: as they enter and explore this market, expect more from them kreegz: kool Slamr: any final questions for Steve? ToddM: Does okuma have an 8fter out this year? sworrall: wow, an hour gone already? jonnysled: tipups on saturday on boom? …. i got 15 coming Reproduction_Rick: new rods by musky innovations sworrall: wish I could Sled, have to be at the Tri Esox fish4musky1: ill be there jonnysled: oooohhhhh forgot Slamr: final questions? jonnysled: put your new tuffy in the water yet? sworrall: nope, she resides in the showroom at the factory sworrall: 60 MPH, Sledjonnysled: i wanna talk to you about the stunted overstocked thing without slamr sometime Pointerpride102: what was your biggest this season steve? Beaver: Put my Night Fishing post back in general discussion. Slamr: MuskieFIRST would like to thank Steve Worrall for yet another great night in the chat room! sworrall: Was on Lake X, I think sworrall: No, but those there get really big sorenson: thanks Steve, as usual, I learned a lot Beaver: Thanks Buddy. Next time let’s do it in a boat sworrall: 47, I think MuskyHopeful: Thanks Steve, Tell Sue I’ll be there with the glass of Wine Sat. nite Reproduction_Rick: see ya this weekend . kreegz: Thank you steve sworrall: Beav, you are on sworrall: She will be anxiously waiting, Hopeful ———————————————-30——————————————————-

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