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 Mar 9th, 2006 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Slamr: MuskieFIRST Welcomes Chuck Nelson, of Pure Fishing and Nelson’s Choice Bait and Tackle! C_Nelson: Thanks Slamr Slamr: thanks for coming in Chuck sworrall: Welcome, sir C_Nelson: hello everyone C_Nelson: glad to be here snowcrest_6: lol C_Nelson: any questions to start Slamr: Chuck, can you start off by telling us what you do for Pure Fishing? C_Nelson: I am a territory manager. I cover Wisconsin border to border north to south down the central part of the state lambeau: what products/companies are all included under the Pure Fishing banner? C_Nelson: Abu Garcia, Fenwick, Berkley, Stren, SpiderWire, Johnson, Mitchell, 7-Strand C_Nelson: that should be it, lol sworrall: What’s new on the Reel horizon, Chuck? C_Nelson: Well, we have the Record series new this year. It is a pretty state of the art reel if you ask me. Slamr: can you tell us some details about the Record? C_Nelson: It does not have the computer chip in it, but a feature that is unique to that reel only. saint1: Looked at a record , Looks awesome Vince_Weirick: Chuck…question about some of my reels…6 of the 7 that I have were doing the same thing. While retrieving baits they would disengage and backreel. Any ideas? C_Nelson: The Record series has 6 bearings and a sensi-brake system. Vince_Weirick: most were 6500s Vince_Weirick: c3s C_Nelson: Features a carbon matrix drag system, new to all of the C3’s, C4’s, SSC3’s and Records C_Nelson: The sensi brake system allows you to crank down on the cast control knob all of the way without it affecting the retrieve C_Nelson: Vince, send them in Vince_Weirick: I did Vince_Weirick: just wondering why that many were doing it??? C_Nelson: most likely too much grease in the anti-reverse bearing saint1: Chuck when cleaning a 6500 should an y grease be put on the gears or just use reel oil lambeau: in layman terms: what makes the Record such a great reel? C_Nelson: Grease on the main gear only. Oil the rest of the reel. saint1: Thanks bud C_Nelson: The Records, as well as the rest of the line now, have tollerances that have been tightened up which makes them super smooth saint1: Lambeau you could use the record without problems laymans terms C_Nelson: The sensi brake system is unique to that reel only. No other reel on the market has that type of feature. sworrall: describe that feature, please lambeau: lol…i do have my problems. saint1: we all do C_Nelson: It is a very comfortable reel to fish with, as are the rest of the round Abu reels, but just more of a higher end reelC_Nelson: The sensi-brake system allows an angler to tighten the cast control knob, located under the star drag, down all of the way. The handle on the retrieve does not tighten up as it does on other reels. C_Nelson: A few buddies picked them up last fall and they absolutely loved that feature saint1: Chuck if I remember right? you don’t need a baching on the record correct? sworrall: so tight cast control doesn’t equal tight reel gearing in that reel? C_Nelson: On the regular Records, no. On the High Capacity 60, yes. snowcrest_6: amatuer abu question – do they make a power handle that fits the Abu? lambeau: as long as we’re focusing on Abu…have there been changes to other models in their lineup? C_Nelson: snowcrest, yes, C_Nelson: that is correct steve, it will not tighten the reel up C_Nelson: it is a spool and bearing design in the reel. C_Nelson: Wow, where do I start lambeau C_Nelson: give me some time here to type C_Nelson: six pin adjustable centrifugal brake system C_Nelson: new carbon matrix drag system, sweet system I might add C_Nelson: new corrosion resistant bearings C_Nelson: larger star drag C_Nelson: larger padded handles C_Nelson: nicer handle C_Nelson: new coating on the worm gear C_Nelson: all tolerances have been tightened as well Slamr: Chuck, you mentiond a new line of Line Counter reels…can you tell us a bit about them? C_Nelson: oh, by the way, the new drag system CAN go into the older multi drag system reels C_Nelson: Have not seen them yet slamr, but they are not a digital one like we had in the past from my understanding ghoti: Is the new drag system a dry system, like the older system? C_Nelson: More of a 6500 sized reel and one a little larger from my understanding C_Nelson: Yes, it is a dry drag system C_Nelson: they are very nice C_Nelson: very smooth C_Nelson: and can lock down tight C_Nelson: to a point where NO line can be pulled out C_Nelson: Back to the Record for a minute Chile_Relenos: any idea on a price for the line counters? C_Nelson: no price right off hand C_Nelson: should be out in the June time frame C_Nelson: The Record 60 with the vented spool will hold about 100-125 yards of 80lb test line C_Nelson: The Record 60’s are 5.3:1 ghoti: How about the adjustable brake system. Do the use the same blocks as the older models? C_Nelson: The Record 40’s and 50’s are 6.3:1 C_Nelson: No ghoti C_Nelson: all new adjustable 6 pin C_Nelson: very nice to be able to turn them all off saint1: Chuck you answered my question before I asked C_Nelson: sorry saint C_Nelson: I am a mind reader, lol saint1: I knew it C_Nelson: Other reels that guys should consider are the Big Game 7000 series Pointerpride102: whats the best all around reel one should buy for someone just starting musky fishing C_Nelson: the 7000HS, 7001HS and the 7000HSN saint1: I’m down with that idea C_Nelson: Just getting started the 6500C3 cannot be beat ghoti: Why doesn’t the manual that comes with the reel explain the adjustment on the brakes? Pointerpride102: even for someone with smaller hands? C_Nelson: priced right and with the improvements they cannot be compared to even last years models snowcrest_6: c3 is an awsome bucktail / spinnerbait reel Chile_Relenos: I ike the ssc3 for newbies, the thumbar really helps C_Nelson: smaller hands go with the 5500C3 saint1: Do they make a 7000 style reel that is not quite so large Pointerpride102: ok C_Nelson: True Chile C_Nelson: You must read minds as well C_Nelson: lol Chile_Relenos: I try Pointerpride102: ssc3? C_Nelson: I was just going to mention that the SSC3’s have the thumb bars which are really nice Chile_Relenos: it’a a c3 with a thumbbar Pointerpride102: oh ok Chile_Relenos: red C_Nelson: The SSC3 series is the same as the C3’s internally Slamr: Chuck, what do you suggest in terms of low-profile reels, but still “muskie tough” in construction? Chile_Relenos: or a C5 if you can find one C_Nelson: just maroon with a thumb bar Chile_Relenos: green C_Nelson: Saint, the 7000HSN is the one that you want then C_Nelson: As far as low pro’s the Torno series is a great reel saint1: You and I will talk soon Chuck C_Nelson: very well built C_Nelson: High speed, but good for the small stuff C_Nelson: nice early spring reel C_Nelson: The C5’s can be hard to find Slamr: is there still a 5.3:1 torno model for sale? sworrall: good creature spinning reel? Which would you recommend? C_Nelson: The Torono C_Nelson: are all 6.3:1 C_Nelson: Torno C_Nelson: sorry Chile_Relenos: will they handle bucktails? C_Nelson: Small tails, but stay small C_Nelson: High speed gears are NOT made for regular bucktail fishing Chile_Relenos: jerkbaits right? C_Nelson: The guys that complain to me at shows about the C4’s are funny Slamr: this might be a silly question, but Pure Fishing Tackle products bought off of http://www.ffo-tackle.com do they care the same warranty as all other products? C_Nelson: I tell them that they are using them for bucktails Pointerpride102: whats wrong with C4’s? C_Nelson: they look at me and say yeah, how did you know Chile_Relenos: Would you recommend a 7000 then for burning bucktails? C_Nelson: Yes Chile, jerks, glides, top water, twitch Slamr: Chuck, can you describe to us WHY people have so many problems with the 6.3:1 gear ratios, and how they can have less in the future? C_Nelson: 7000’s are perfect Pointerpride102: what do u recommend to throw with the C4’s? C_Nelson: The warranty’s are not the same on those, I don’t think C_Nelson: I do not sell that product from there C_Nelson: Sure Slamr C_Nelson: the 6.3:1 gears are the same diameter as the 5.3:1 C_Nelson: the 6.3:1 have more teeth C_Nelson: which makes them thinner C_Nelson: the tork and drag from a bucktail is actually quite great C_Nelson: this will actually roll the tips of the gears over with constant use C_Nelson: It will go from smooth, to a light buzz, to a heavy buzz to a coffee grinder C_Nelson: I smoked one in a week on LOTW bucktail fishing, no problems since with throwing jerks, gliders and top water ghoti: In addition to wearing out the arm of the fisherman. C_Nelson: Exactly ghoti, good point C_Nelson: Yes, there is a place for a 6.3:1 in your arsenal Slamr: so basically, the faster you want to run a bait….the lower the gear ratio you should use? C_Nelson: 5.3:1 is the best all around gear ratio if a person is looking at a reel though C_Nelson: not necessarily C_Nelson: the 6.3:1 will not hold up C_Nelson: much lower than a 5.3:1 and you will have a tougher time keeping the bait up C_Nelson: it is dependant upon the amount of line retrieved C_Nelson: that is why I suggest the 7000HS to many of the guys who can handle it sworrall: interesting Chile_Relenos: larger spool equals faster line retrieve? C_Nelson: 5.3:1, but the amount of line picked up of a 6.3:1 without the effort Pointerpride102: what is the worst reel out there or one you would encourage everyone to stay away from? C_Nelson: on that order Chile Slamr: when you add a power handle, to speed up the retrieves, are you putting that much more stress on the gearing? tcbetka: try a 4.2:1 with a jerk bait… C_Nelson: Sorry Pointer, I do not like bashing other reels tcbetka: definition of turn like mad Pointerpride102: ok, no prob C_Nelson: I will talk to you some time about it over a Point, LOL Pointerpride102: sounds good C_Nelson: the lower gear ratio like that tc is perfect for crank baits in the fall tcbetka: lol tcbetka: i know MikeHulbert: Chuck, would a HSN 7000 be a good bucktail reel then? tcbetka: i have a winch reel that’s awesome for depth raider C_Nelson: I have converted a 6500C3 to a 3.8:1 Slamr: Do you mind if we turn the conversation over to Fenwick rods for a moment? Can you tell us a bit about what Fenwick has to offer for a muskie angler? tcbetka: WOW C_Nelson: absolutely perfect Mike C_Nelson: Sure Slamr MikeHulbert: Good to know, thanks Chuck. Jomusky: howdy C_Nelson: Fenwick has two series C_Nelson: Hey Jo C_Nelson: the HMX, which is the lower priced, but not lower quality C_Nelson: and the Techna AV series C_Nelson: top of the line C_Nelson: both lines come in 6’6″, 7′, 7’6″ and 8′ C_Nelson: Many people have said at shows that Fenwicks are heavy, and then I literally toss a Techna at them Jomusky: I am amped up on the new ABU records C_Nelson: they cannot believe how light they are Pointerpride102: later guys…hope to be back later….halo 2 tournament calls C_Nelson: I am going to weigh our rods and our competitors C_Nelson: I will post the findings if people would like to know Jomusky: It sure would be interested to have a list comparing all the weights of everyones rods. C_Nelson: The HMX line runs right around $100 lambeau: what actions are offered in those rod series? Jomusky: interesting C_Nelson: The Techna’s come in at about $170-$180 Jomusky: Did you know that there is a picture of Chuck and I on the WDNR web site? C_Nelson: those are all MH, but they do change actions as you change the legth of the rod C_Nelson: They are really great rods, I actually used them before I was even with the company snowcrest_6: what are the berkley lightning rods like? never used one. C_Nelson: I really do believe in the products I sell lambeau: what kinds of lure weights will they handle? C_Nelson: the Berkley Lightning Pro Lites are very nice entry level rods priced right around $69C_Nelson: All of the Fenwick rods will handle a variety of baits lambeau: i saw a Berkeley catfish rod in your shop last year that looked like a good sucker rod…am i remembering that right? Chile_Relenos: Would the 6’6 be a little stiffer than the 8 fiiter then? C_Nelson: I have thrown Mepps Musky Killers all the way up to Mag Dawgs with my 8’ers tcbetka: glass or graphite? Jomusky: do any of them have fiberglass in them? C_Nelson: Nope, that was the Lightning Saltwater rod divani: say, does anyone know what the value of a vintage swim whizz 8″ in the cardboard box from the early 1970’s is worth? C_Nelson: all sold out C_Nelson: brought them in because they are PERFECT sucker rods tcbetka: all glass? lambeau: sold out as in not made anymore? or can you get some more? C_Nelson: great trolling rods as well in both the Heavy and MH Chile_Relenos: will you be getting more? C_Nelson: Glass and graphite Slamr: composite? Jomusky: do any of them have a lifetime waranty sworrall: good combination C_Nelson: guys could not believe the back bone on those things and what they will take tcbetka: works for shimano MikeHulbert: Chuch: I have a new HSN 7000, the spool is VERY loose inside the frame. You can actally move it, and create a gap between the spool and the frame….is this normal? tcbetka: and st croix tcbetka: etc… C_Nelson: The Techna’s have a life time snowcrest_6: what other brands are under the pure fishing “umbrella”? C_Nelson: Mike, play with the knobs and adjust them that way, it should be fine C_Nelson: One thing about our warranties MikeHulbert: I have tried that several times….no luck yet…… C_Nelson: you can basically take them back to any retailer that carries Fenwicks and do an over the counter trade C_Nelson: I would send it in then Mike, they will probably just replace it for you C_Nelson: SnowCrest, they are Abu, Fenwick, Stren, Berkley, Johnson, Mitchell, SpiderWire and 7-Strand sworrall: Nice thing about a good warranty, right Chuck? Chile_Relenos: Do you need to send a reciept in with the Abu’s? s there a limited time on their warranty? lambeau: what’s happening on the fishing line front? C_Nelson: Great with the warranty, fortunately I have seen less than a hand full of Fenwicks returned in the 2+ years with the company C_Nelson: Chile, send them in and they should take care of them C_Nelson: they are good with the warranty stuff unless it is used and abused MikeHulbert tells you: I was just curious if I was doing something wrong. Wasn’t trying to start anything. C_Nelson: Send it in Mike sworrall: Any new monofilament lines coming out? C_Nelson: The line is going strong MikeHulbert: Thanks chuck. I appreciate your help. C_Nelson: Stealth is really picking up speed C_Nelson: np Mike C_Nelson: They will take care of you C_Nelson: Stren Super Braid is doing very well too C_Nelson: As far a new mono Steve…. C_Nelson: Stren DuraTuf is the stuff Chile_Relenos: Can you tell us a little about 7 strand? I have never heard of that company? What are their basic products? sworrall: think it will be good creature fishing stuff? C_Nelson: self lubricating line that does not hardly fray at all when pulled over rocks and wood MikeHulbert: what pound test does DuraTuf come in? 80 or 100? C_Nelson: Great creature line, low stretch and really nice to work with C_Nelson: DT only goes up to 30lb C_Nelson: should do the trick with the creatures though MikeHulbert: Sorry I missed where you said it was mono! Sorry man C_Nelson: 7-Strand is wire and components for the most part C_Nelson: we also have salt water baits sworrall: good stuff, too C_Nelson: some of the baits retail for almost $200 snowcrest_6: 7-strand makes a good pike leader…. sworrall: whoa! MikeHulbert: WOW!!! snowcrest_6: ouch C_Nelson: Rollie and Helens sells a bunch of our 7-Strand products MikeHulbert: where can we see these baits at? Chile_Relenos: Thanks I will lookk into that for my leader materials C_Nelson: Check out the Pure Fishing website. www.purefishing.com C_Nelson: I am tops in sales in 7-Strand in the Upper Midwest lambeau: can you talk about Stealth superline for a bit? what are it’s qualities? C_Nelson: sleeves and wire does not add up to much though, lol sworrall: you’ll sell me some this year, finally almost out of 60# C_Nelson: Stealth is a a line that is Teflon treated and coated C_Nelson: It is one of the only lines that will not turn white, but it does get lighter than straight out of the box C_Nelson: Casts like a dream C_Nelson: resists digging into the reel much snowcrest_6: i hate that about power pro…..the whiteness C_Nelson: does not hold the water C_Nelson: I take the 5th on that one snowcrest, lol Chile_Relenos: Stealth is by far my favorite braided line snowcrest_6: lol Chile_Relenos: doesn’t backlash as much as others C_Nelson: I really like Stren Super Braid as well muskie_man: does the whitness of the line mean anything siginificant? C_Nelson: I was switched over from Power Pro before even being with the company lambeau: how do the Stren SB and Stealth differ? are there different applications for each? C_Nelson: not really muskie man, it just looks like it is getting weaker divani: nelson, just read you get offered 100$ a piece for original rapala magnums with two hooks. Are they really worth that much? I have one you see … snowcrest_6: the green is just a coating that eventually wears off…it’s encapsulated in a dye i think C_Nelson: The Super Braid does not have the coating C_Nelson: not a ton of difference, but Super Braid is not quite as stiff straight out of the box snowcrest_6: divani – what color is your’s? i have a blue mackeral…. C_Nelson: The Stealth limbers up quite nicely though snowcrest_6: 7.99 price tag still on the box Jomusky: check this out http://dnr.wi.gov/org/water/fhp/fish/pages/fishingreport/index.shtml Chuck is on the left C_Nelson: I did get offered that, Slamr: Chuck, any other new and exciting products before the end comes to the chat? C_Nelson: I should have dumped them sworrall: He’s always the ham, Chuck is divani: gold foil with black back muskie_man has left the room. divani: with the “shallow” lip C_Nelson: Well, we brought back some of the salt water Power Baits that guys liked C_Nelson: 8″ grubs C_Nelson: Eels C_Nelson: Sandworms sworrall: that sounds good C_Nelson: We also have a great 5″ shad bait that goes perfect on swimming jigs C_Nelson: rig it side ways and let her go snowcrest_6: berkley thinking about getting into the bigger plastics and competing with the bulldawg? C_Nelson: Not sure, we have asked for it Slamr: gotta ask: what overseas, rarely found reels, are really worth the extra $$$, for day in and day out usage? snowcrest_6: or just simply adding the brand name?!?!? C_Nelson: If there was a great salt water market cross over then it would probably go C_Nelson: The 6500 Chrome Rocket C_Nelson: SWEET REEL Slamr: how is it different than the stock 6500? C_Nelson: solid heavy sucker Slamr: ther than the chrome coating…. C_Nelson: All chrome Chile_Relenos: There’s one on that site you posted Slamr off? C_Nelson: The old two knob design C_Nelson: not the palming side plate C_Nelson: Rollie and Helens carries them Chile_Relenos: spendy? C_Nelson: Also, they run about $200+ jdsplasher: Will they ever come out With a line counter reel W/ a thumber? C_Nelson: VERY Smooth though C_Nelson: Not sure on that one splasher C_Nelson: I was asked that at one of the shows Chile_Relenos: How would a thumber help a line counter? C_Nelson: The Chrome Rocket also comes with a power handle C_Nelson: Easier for some guys to use Chile jdsplasher: Its alot easier to control a fish with the thumbar than the lever action!!! C_Nelson: For letting out the line Jomusky: How does the chrome differ from the Record? C_Nelson: and fighting Slamr: how do the Pro Rockets differ from the same size/series reels of the C models? C_Nelson: like splasher just said jdsplasher: Yes It was me probably. C_Nelson: The Chrome Rocket has many of the same internal parts, but the frame and everything is just that much heavier C_Nelson: The chroming is very pricey to do as well Jomusky: how much? C_Nelson: about $200-$225 or there abouts Jomusky: gotta see one, me thinks C_Nelson: Rollies Jo C_Nelson: They have sold a few at the shows sworrall: Well, an hour has slipped by, MuskieFIRST Thanks Chuck Nelson for a great talk about Pure Fishing products C_Nelson: Wow already C_Nelson: thanks much everyone snowcrest_6: thanks Chuck, great chat C_Nelson: It was fun C_Nelson: I will stick around for more muskyme has left the room. sworrall: great job, Chuck, thanks C_Nelson: Thanks Steve ghoti: Great info, thanks…

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