Rick Lax Reproductions Seminar

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 Mar 22nd, 2006 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Slamr: MuskieFIRST Welcomes Rick Lax of Lax Taxidermy to the MuskieFIRST Chat Room! sworrall: MuskieFIRST is pleased to announce the 2006 MuskieFIRST Trophy Muskie Contest Promotion Sponsored by Rick Lax Taxidermy, more later!! Reproduction_Rick: Thanks – we’ve been tweaking them for quite some time now. tcbetka: did you do any work with the cleithrum study? sworrall: Watch for the Contest to begin very soon! Reproduction_Rick: 10 or 15 years ago. Mikes_Extreme: The gills are also the best around in my opinion tcbetka: how many fish? Reproduction_Rick: Thanks Mike…………………….aroudn 100 a year back then. tcbetka: wow upnrthfisherman: I will agree with that mike Reproduction_Rick: Not so many now-a days with catch and release. Mark_H_: Rick, How many girth measurements are needed to get an accurate replica? Reproduction_Rick: 1 and a good clear picture will be fine. tcbetka: good question tcbetka: where is best? Reproduction_Rick: Fattest part of the belly. smokin_joe: The eyes are the best I have seen tcbetka: makes sense Pointerpride102: How does that contest work? Reproduction_Rick: Thanks – they are competition eyes. Mikes_Extreme: Rick, did you change the eyes you use lately, they look so real from all directions. upnrthfisherman: hay Rick how important is a photograph and whats the best way todo it muskyboy: get a couple girth measurements on pot belly fish though Reproduction_Rick: We just added those a year ago. They do look great! Mark_H_: Lax is most famous in our world for Musky replicas, what other species do you offer in replica fish mounts? Reproduction_Rick: Any fresh water fish. Slamr: contest will be like this: each fish over 45″ caught from May 1 to November 31st gets that fisherman an entry in the contest….at the end we will pick the winner from all the entries by blind draw tcbetka: I would like to see all the steps of mounting a fish… Reproduction_Rick: Good clear photo is key. sworrall: More on the Lax sponsored contest at the end of the seminar tcbetka: is there a DVD or something like that? Reproduction_Rick: Stop in, we’ll show ya! Pointerpride102: thanks steve upnrthfisherman: ok tcbetka: you let people watch? Mikes_Extreme: I have seen his Walleyes and they are so real looking. Reproduction_Rick: No DVD from us. Can’t give away the secrets! //0 tcbetka: figured as much Slamr: Rick, can you tell us a little history of Lax Taxidermy? tcbetka: makes sense i mean Reproduction_Rick: Sure why not. Shows how much work truly goes into one. upnrthfisherman: so how many molds do you guys have up there now Reproduction_Rick: We are molding 6 LMB right now over 15 pounds. muskyboy: What is the longest and also the heaviest musky you have mounted or replicated? Reproduction_Rick: Over 90 molds currently and still molding more. Reproduction_Rick: 63″ X 32″ is the largest muskyboy: Who’s was that? Reproduction_Rick: Family owned business for over 30 years. upnrthfisherman: whats your turn around time for any reproduction tcbetka: 77 pounds by the wilkinson formula Reproduction_Rick: I’ve been runningit for 3 years after working withmy father for 10. Vince_Weirick: The Webster Lake Musky Club had a replica of the Indiana state record done. One of the gills on each side have fallen down and are now only attached by the bottom. What can be done? Reproduction_Rick: 6 to 8 months. However if you need it by a specific date we will do our best to accomodate Reproduction_Rick: You could use a hot glue gun to put it back in place. Reproduction_Rick: Ron Lax is my father. tcbetka: have definitely heard the name upnrthfisherman: so how much work goes into a repo Reproduction_Rick: That good. Dad worked hard to get his name and reputation out there. Mikes_Extreme: Over 90 molds, WOW, you should be able to fit any dimensions someone might be looking for. tcbetka: thats why I asked about the study Reproduction_Rick: You don’t even want to know upnorth.!! Slamr: what % of your muskies are repos vs. skin mounts these days? 8inchcrank: His work speaks volumes on encouraging anglers to release fish. You’ve done a fine job filling the shoes! Reproduction_Rick: Sure can. we can gain or lose one inc h by where we place the head. Reproduction_Rick: 10% skin to 90% repro tcbetka: a good start Reproduction_Rick: Thanks 8inch. I appreciate that! AFChief: How many reproductions do you have in the works at any given time? I imagine you complete them in batches or stages. Reproduction_Rick: We charge the same price for skins and repro’s to encourage catch and release. tcbetka: excellent! tcbetka: great idea Reproduction_Rick: We do around 40 in a batch 8inchcrank: I appreciate you building the hanging musky! Can’t wait to get one. Reproduction_Rick: We’ll bring it down this summer. Hang in there!//1 AFChief: Wow, you must have a heck of an assembly line…. Slamr: can you tell us a bit about rates? Mikes_Extreme: With guys like you Rick, people can release trophys and still have the mount on the wall. That makes C&R a easy choice for muskie fishermen. tcbetka: what’s the strangest thing you have found in a musky’s stomach? Reproduction_Rick: Not really an assembly line. Each repro is custom made for each client. Reproduction_Rick: $12.00 an inch 8inchcrank: Rick, in the few skin mounts that you do, would you say…thanks tcbetka! 8inchcrank: Not many walleyes are there? Reproduction_Rick: Rocks is the first thing that comes to mind. Gotta be pretty hungry to eat those. tcbetka: wow AFChief: Understand, it must be a challenge to work on so many in a batch. I see why good measurements and photos are important. tcbetka: what was the thought process there, I wonder Reproduction_Rick: Actually we do alot of walleyes. 8inchcrank: I mean in the stomachs. tcbetka: lol 8inchcrank: Muskies aren’t eating many walleyes in comparison. Reproduction_Rick: Oh sorry, no not to often do we see one of those in the stomach. tcbetka: fascinating job you have rick Reproduction_Rick: Mostly suckers. Reproduction_Rick: Thanks tcbetka. 8inchcrank: That is good ammo for the upcoming hearings. tcbetka: 46% in that one study Pointerpride102: perch in the stomach at all? Got_Esox?: What is the largest Walleye you have replicated? tcbetka: about 20% I bet upnrthfisherman: whats the most important thing in getting a repo besides catching the big one Reproduction_Rick: yeah, some panfish. Reproduction_Rick: 36″ Walleye tcbetka: wow Reproduction_Rick: 18 pounds Slamr: can you tell us a bit of what each angler can do with pictures, girth measurements, to make sure to get exactly what they caught out of their mount? Reproduction_Rick: The photo and girth are essential. tcbetka: more so than the length? Reproduction_Rick: The photo is the big thing. Clear one with no flash is best. Slamr: where do you suggest people do the girth measurements, exactly? Reproduction_Rick: That’s normally the first thing a fisherman does it measure up. So , pho to is definitely important if you want the correct paint job. Reproduction_Rick: Just get as close as you can without harming the fish. upnrthfisherman: what does it take to get a reproduction started smokin_joe: Have you done work for any BIG names or companies?????? Reproduction_Rick: Catch it first!Mikes_Extreme: Rick, what is the most important thing you would recommend to us as far as pictures? 8inchcrank: Do you ever get “unbelieveable” measurements in comparison to photos? You know, like a guy with a 46 pounder saying its oh say 69? Couldn’t resist, serious question though. 8inchcrank: I mean 43″ picture fish that people say are 50’s? upnrthfisherman: is there any where I can get to look at your fish or mounts besides stopping in at your shop Reproduction_Rick: Cabella’s, Steve Herbeck, jim Sarac, Mike’s extreme, Steve Heiting, Pete Mania, the list goes on…….. AFChief: How do you duplicate a pattern of a fish off of a photo, is it strictly by hand with an airbrush? Your painting/patterning is awesome. tcbetka: pretty much says it all right there smokin_joe: WOW that is impressive Reproduction_Rick: All the time. It;s okay with us….we charge by the inch! Reproduction_Rick: Yes – all by hand with an airbrush. Pointerpride102: wow, impressive air brushing sir! muskyboy: What background options do you offer? tcbetka: how do you learn the art Rick? Reproduction_Rick: Driftwood, wooden plaque which can be plain or with a picture of your catch and lettering. Reproduction_Rick: From my dad and lots of practice. tcbetka: but if someone wants to learn… Reproduction_Rick: Not silly at all,,,,,,,I’m still learning. Got_Esox?: When you want to take a break from making our replicas where do you like to fish? smokin_joe: I see your mounts in Capras, Sportsmans Warehouse, and Gander Mountain in the Blaine, Coon Rapids Minnesota area, do you have to pay those stores to advertise there???????? Reproduction_Rick: I just finished a batch of muskies today. 8inchcrank: What is your favorite musky to paint? Leechers, Wisconsin’s, Goldies? Reproduction_Rick: No we don’t pay for advertising there. The_Mighty_Oak_Leaf entered the room. Reproduction_Rick: I fish on eagle Lake in Canada and Lac Seul Reproduction_Rick: My favorite lure is areff hog and bull dog. Slamr: can you tell us a little bit (without givining out too many secrets) about the process from picture to final finished product? upnrthfisherman: where do your biggest repos come from . Reproduction_Rick: I love to paint them all. They are all a good challenge. They are all different. Not one alike. tcbetka: it must be hard to do batches of them at a time then upnrthfisherman: how did you get your teeth in the mouth to look so realistic Reproduction_Rick: It’s hard to explain. we match the photo up with the best mold we have to fit it’s dimensions and the process begins……. Reproduction_Rick: We molded the mouth of an actual musky….. tcbetka: what happens then? tcbetka: grind here & there? Reproduction_Rick: Not really….we pour a batch of 40 at once. Then all get individual attention. upnrthfisherman: thts cool they look so real now i know why Reproduction_Rick: Not to much. Just customizing the head size, fins etc. sworrall: Do you try to match the markings on the fish if a picture is provided? MuskieMike: I’m wondering where you get the eyes, are they molded in from the get go and painted? Or do you use premanufactured eyes and set them in sockets? Reproduction_Rick: Absolutely….as long as the photo is taken on a cloudy day or with no flas turned off. the flash causes glare on the picture which can wash out the coloration. smokin_joe: When you mold the fish, is the head and body 2 different molds or is it 1 mold??????? Reproduction_Rick: We have a person who makes them for us. He’s our littel secret! Reproduction_Rick: 2 different Reproduction_Rick: We set eyes in the socket however. upnrthfisherman: are all fins on the mold or do you have to do them seperatly Got_Esox?: Do you provide driftwood or plaques for behind the mount? Reproduction_Rick: We’re working on even better heads right now. we plan to unveil them at the Chicago Show 2007. If you think the heads we have now look good….JUST WAIT!!! Reproduction_Rick: All are placed on separately Mark_H_: Rick, if a person breaks a fin on their mold, can it be repaired? Reproduction_Rick: You can have what ever your preference is behind your fish. Reproduction_Rick: Yes. it can be repaired. Mikes_Extreme: Rick, after talking to you at the shows I am very impressed with your open mindedness and drive to always get better. New fins, eyes, gills, molds etc. What is comming new next? Reproduction_Rick: Heads and semi-tranparent fins, two-sided allthe way around. sworrall: You hit the colors and markings on my 56.5 on the button, great work, sir muskyboy: Nice fish Steve !!! Reproduction_Rick: Thanks Steve..it was a pleasure. I’ve fished the lake//0 Mikes_Extreme: Very nice Slamr: Rick, about how many fish do you folks do a year? sworrall: That helped I bet , knowing what the Goon fish look like tcbetka: how do you ship a mount safely? Reproduction_Rick: Biggest job I ever had was for a restaurant up north. Over 20 mounts total. Mikes_Extreme: Holliday Lodge muskyboy: Any replicas in remote countries? Reproduction_Rick: UPS – Insured, boxed and bolted to the bottom, filled with popcorn. Reproduction_Rick: Yep – Holiday Lodge. Reproduction_Rick: We’ve had inquiries tcbetka: Rick, if a person wants a replica of a “classic” fish, say O’Brien’s, can you buy that? tcbetka: do you get those requests? Reproduction_Rick: We don’t really want to share the number of mounts we do a year. Sorry….. Reproduction_Rick: Yes – we can buy that. tcbetka: but can *we*…? Reproduction_Rick: We’ve had some odler St. Lawarence records requested. tcbetka: you do them? Reproduction_Rick: You can request anythingyouwant…lol 8inchcrank: I would like to request a new record! Reproduction_Rick: Yes Reproduction_Rick: Join the club……if you catch it we’ll mount it for free. tcbetka: i think he means “non fiction” Justin 8inchcrank: Preferably Wisconsin River gold! 🙂 8inchcrank: Can you remove the club marks? MuskieMike: LMAO Slamr: Rick, what happens when a fish bigger than 63″ gets requested for a mount? MuskieMike: “Bonk” Mikes_Extreme: Rick, don’t you have a magnum fish you made just for the shows? How big was that repo? Reproduction_Rick: Hasn’t happened yet… Got_Esox?: I hav seen the “LAX Boat, Ranger I think out every now and then, Is that usually yourself or your dad? Reproduction_Rick: Yeah…that was the 63″ x 32″ tcbetka: outrageous size tcbetka: 77 pounds… Pointerpride102: how much does that replica weigh? Reproduction_Rick: Couldbe either myself or the one of the guys. Mikes_Extreme: Cool to look at and dream…….. MuskieMike: could you theorheticly graft in an extension a smaller mold to produce a longer fish? If need be, say it ws larger than 63 and released? Reproduction_Rick: Ther’s tomany formulas to figure it out exactly. Slamr: but Rick, what happens, when I catch a 65″ X 34″ this fall, how can you make a repo of that fish? Pointerpride102: No i mean the weight of the mount? Reproduction_Rick: We can gain an inch or so with the head. However, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Reproduction_Rick: If you catch on that big, I’m guessing you’d keep it. tcbetka: you build it Slamr, they will come Mikes_Extreme: BONK Reproduction_Rick: Weight of the mount is about 20 pounds. Pointerpride102: wow, pretty light Reproduction_Rick: Yeah not to bad for a fish that size. tcbetka: lets talk about real fish mounts tcbetka: how long does that take? muskyboy: Learn about any hot lures or colors based on the big ones that come in? Reproduction_Rick: 6 to 8 months as well Mikes_Extreme: NO real fish mounts……let them grow..LOL Reelwise: sorry for the lame question, but how much would a 50″ muskie replica cost or a 21″ smallmouth? Reproduction_Rick: Bull dogs seem to be the lure of choice. smokin_joe: I saw your booth at the Blaine Show, very impressive work, the Oak Platforms with the lighting, will you do that for a customer or is that just something you made for the shows????????? Reproduction_Rick: $12.00 an inch Reproduction_Rick: We can do it for a customer. MuskieMike: 21 inch smallie? I would have kept her tcbetka: best $720 you’ll ever spend 😉 Reproduction_Rick: That’s rightsmokin_joe: It is worth every penny Reelwise: 600 bucks eh Reelwise: not bad Reproduction_Rick: Check out our website for photos of work www.laxreproductions.com Slamr: Repos versus skin mounts, which are better (and why) for longevity? sworrall: It took me several years to decide I wanted a replica tcbetka: since it probably will cost 100 times that to catch…IF you’re lucky sworrall: it is VERY worth it! 8inchcrank: I want one. Have to buy something much smaller first. Reproduction_Rick: replicas will last a life time and will not discolor, dry out or get brittle. C_Nelson: Rick, I have a skin mount that your dad did back in 1990, any problems repairing the cracked fins on it? Moving accident. Reelwise: ohh wait… are you the guy that had all the giant muskies at the harper show? Reproduction_Rick: Just drop it off, I’ll take care of it. Reproduction_Rick: Yes that’s me. Reelwise: duuuude amazing work! C_Nelson: Thanks Rick, I will drop it off when I pick Brooke’s fish up. Reproduction_Rick: nad it’s getting better every year. Slamr: what is the strangest mount you’ve had requested so far? Reproduction_Rick: Strangest? Two siders for in coffee tables. To each their own I guess. Hanging muskies. tcbetka: conover…wow Pointerpride102: Do you do rough species as well? Reelwise: ever mount a shark? a buddy of mine is catching 7ft’rs in florida right now tcbetka: carp? Slamr: does the type of hold in of the fish make a difference in the detail you can ad? Pointerpride102: like Carp, sucker, dogfish? MuskieMike: How much extra does a 2 sider cost? 24$ an inch? Reproduction_Rick: Just fresh water. Reproduction_Rick: $18.00 an inch Pointerpride102: so you could do a carp mount? Reproduction_Rick: No carp, sucker or dogfish Mikes_Extreme: Rick, are all the mounts done at the Holiday Lodge? That place is one place everyone should see sometime. Very cool place with mounts everywhere. Slamr: if one were to request a muskie chasing say….a sucker, what do you charge for the bait being chased? smokin_joe: Did that place burn down????? Reproduction_Rick: They will be in the Spring. Still replacing them since their fire. smokin_joe: Thanks Reproduction_Rick: $150.00 for the sucker Reproduction_Rick: Yeah – smokin joe – it did. MuskieMike: wow all that work up in smoke 8inchcrank: Do you use a single hook with the live ones and a quick strike on the repos? muskyboy: What is the most unique coloration you have seen so far? sworrall: Rick, if I decide to have a reproduction done and don’t have a picture, how do you ‘get the fish right’? muskyboy: I saw a musky from MI with a blue tint that was very cool Reproduction_Rick: Tiger Muskies out of the Detroit River. Reproduction_Rick: Very pretty muskyboy: I hope to get a 50 inch tiger repo some day muskyboy: beautiful fish 8inchcrank: Do you put a glow in the dark hue on the Fox River muskies? Reproduction_Rick: We ask that you look through a magazine or on our web site and find the fish with the closest coloration and pattern. Reelwise: now… is there a starting price for all replicas? say someone wants a 12″ bluegill…at around 150 dollars you would be losing money right? 8inchcrank: Ooo, 50″ tiger in nice! tcbetka: wow…nice job on patty strutz’ fish rick sworrall: That’s what I was getting to, lots of examples there Reproduction_Rick: Minimum charge is $150.00 Reelwise: lol glow in the dark hue for fox river muskies… i got pictures of fish I have taken from the fox and Ihave to say they are some of the prettiest fish I have seen out of ANY lake Reproduction_Rick: regard less of size. Reelwise: nice, thanks 8inchcrank: Agreed. Reproduction_Rick: Patti’s fish was beautiful. What a catch! tcbetka: WOW… tcbetka: that 60X31 st Larry fish! muskyboy: Who is your best private customer? Reelwise: 60×31??? Reproduction_Rick: He w ouldn’t private if I told you! Reelwise: got any pictures??? tcbetka: its on his website Reproduction_Rick: Patti’s fish replica is on the trophy page of our web site. Slamr: where do you see your most big fish coming out of? any out of the way places most wouldnt think of? sworrall: One more time, could you please provide your contact information? Reproduction_Rick: Phone – 715-547-3710 web www.laxreproductions.com located in Conover Wisconsin . Reproduction_Rick: Lake of the Woods and Minnesota . tcbetka: outstanding work Rick Reproduction_Rick: Thanks! Mikes_Extreme: Rick, I just want to say Keep up the great work tcbetka: unbelievable stuff C_Nelson: Rick, how do you go about making the molds? smokin_joe: what about eagle lake???? MuskieMike: wow that larry fish looks great Reproduction_Rick: Molds are made off of real fish. Slamr: site is all re-done since I last went there, very nice tcbetka: you see the larry fish slamr? Reproduction_Rick: Still wor king on it….. tcbetka: recent uploads section Slamr: what is the most commonly requested style of muskie mount? Reproduction_Rick: S- Curve is the most popular. sworrall: What does it cost to put a Muskie in a glass case, mounted 3 D? Reproduction_Rick: Depends upon the size. 1200.00 to 1500.00. muskyboy: When I catch the one, that is what I am doing!!! sworrall: Thanks, sir muskyboy: Glass case is way cool tcbetka: was that st lawrence fish based on a real fish rick? Reelwise: thanks for the chat… very, very nice work Reproduction_Rick: No problem. Thanks for having us. Reelwise: best I have ever seen! . 8inchcrank: Thanks Rick! Reproduction_Rick: No it was a fabricated fish. muskyboy: Rick, thank you for the informative chat tcbetka: thanks a million sworrall: MuskieFIRST is running a site wide competition this year Mikes_Extreme: Rick, did you have a secretary type for you? Wife Got_Esox?: thanx Reelwise: competition? sworrall: It’s sponsored by Rick Lax Reproduction_Rick: Biggest fish we’ve molded is a 57″ x 29″ out of the St. Lawernce. smokin_joe: Musky bait——$25 Musky rod———$200 Having Lax mount your prize fish——–PRICELESS sworrall: we will be setting up a very special area sworrall: for all muskies caught in 2006 sworrall: over 45” sworrall: to be posted with info sworrall: as to how and where it was caught Mikes_Extreme: Great idea Steve sworrall: at the end of the year sworrall: We will have the computer random select one of the entries sworrall: and that fish sworrall: will be done by Rick Lax in Replica sworrall: for the lucky angler Reproduction_Rick: Thanks Steve. Thanks for having us! thanks Rick Lax for a great chat tonight! sworrall: Thanks, sir.

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