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 Jan 15th, 2007 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Slamr: MuskieFIRST is pleased to welcome Mark Rogers with Okuma Fishing to the MuskieFIRST Chat Room Mark Rogers: Great website guys… good people and info Slamr: now let’s open the conversation up for questions about Okuma Slamr: first off Mark, can you tell us a little history on Okuma Fishing, the company itself? Mark Rogers: Okuma started as an OEM company building reels for other manufactures Slamr: about how long ago?Mark Rogers: 22 years ago Mark Rogers: Over the last few years we have gone pretty much to the Okuma brand with the popularity ESfishOX: can you elaborate on which manufactures? Mark Rogers: I can’t legally but I can tell you that we have built reels for most in the industry lambeau: what is Okuma planning for the muskie world in 2007? Mark Rogers: I am currently working on a full line of Muskie rods Mark Rogers: We have a few samples being sent out for testing to those guys in the south dougj: Mark: I’ve been one of the lucky on to have been able to use some of the rods you are coming out with, can tell us a little more about them? Lengths and actions settled on yet?Mark Rogers: Some of the rods that Doug is mentioning are rods I developed for swimbait fishing for largemouth.. I got my first few Muskies on them this year Mark Rogers: Doug… not yet… waiting for you to get yours to offer suggestions dougj: As far as I can tell they work great, used a 7’6″ as my topwater rod all summer and it was a great rod. Mark Rogers: We have a few guys that know what a muskie rig should be unfortunately… ice right now is hampering them getting to the water for testing.lambeau: what did you try to do when you developed them? actions…power…etc? Mark Rogers: I looked at the market. Obviously buying samples… testing strength… power etc Mark Rogers: We are thinking that we are going to bring out 6 new models on top of the two we have Mark Rogers: The market has been calling for longer rods so we are starting at about 7’4″ up to 8’6″ telescopics.lambeau: What advantages do you see Okuma rods bringing to the muskie market, and what sort of price points are you going to target? Mark Rogers: The rods will be in the EVX series (which we have a couple already).Mark Rogers: The rods will be $99 retail (target for all models) with a lifetime warranty ESfishOX: with all our options in the industry, I’m curious of your thoughts on “why Okuma”? Mark Rogers: We are a growing company that listens to our customers…. we strive everyday to improve our products… the lack of advertising dollars is why we haven’t taken off in some markets.ghoti: What type of retail outlets are you targeting? Mark Rogers: Smaller retailers although Gander is starting to carry our stuff tuffy1: What type of weight do they carry? Materials? Mark Rogers: The rods will be IM8 with Pac Bay’s higher end guides ESfishOX: rods you’d recommend for trolling too? Mark Rogers: By the way… I want to give a reel away so I will have a trivia question for you all near the end… I hope that is OK with MuslieFIRST.lambeau: absolutely! cool…and thanks! Mark Rogers: I am working on the trolling rod now… the samples were wrong dougj: Mark, That’s one of my questions also, what about trolling rods? Mark Rogers: Doug…. the rod I put together for the factory to build came out like a broom stick Mark Rogers: much too stiffdougj: Trolling rods should have a nice soft tip. lambeau: will you be looking to 1-piece or 2-piece rods for trolling? Mark Rogers: Right now we are looking at an 8 foot one piece but the factory is working on telescopic versions as we speak Slamr: until the muskie specific rods come out, what rods would you suggest that are already in the Okuma catalog, that could be used for muskie/salmon trolling?Mark Rogers: that’s the thing… I was looking for a rod and I don’t think we offer one with the right action even in our salmon sticksNetman: Why telescopicMark Rogers: as far as telescopic…. good question…. it’s either 2 piece or telescopic…. I prefer telescopic Mark Rogers: The rods that doug is talking about (GS-C-761XH) is a nice topwater / bucktail rod… that action is going into the muskie seriestuffy1: Did you ever think of coming out with a trolling “set” of rods. For example: a wash rod, down rod and board rod. Mark Rogers: Right now the focus is to get the bread and butter rods out. If they are successful… we can go into the technique types Slamr: just a minor detailed question, any idea the handle length on the GS-C-761XH?Mark Rogers: 14 inches rear lengthNetman: You have to have them for salmon? lambeau: yes…please suggest LONG handles. 18″ would be even better (rear length). Mark Rogers: the 8 & 8’6 rods I requested a 15 inch butt section Mark Rogers: How many of you prefer an 18 inch section over say a 14? Netman: the longer the better lambeau: what kind of end cap? Is it easy to remove to custom lengthen? Mark Rogers: yes and no.dougj: The swim bait rods that I used this past year where pretty nice. Handle the right length for me, and handled lots of different lures. Hope the muskie rods are similar. Netman: there ya go Slamr: 18″ is about right, at least for me willeysbucktails entered the room. Mark Rogers: can be modified but there’s a crushed cork butt cap rather than rubber lambeau: thanks. tuffy1: Longer is nice. Slamr: Mark, why the move into the muskie industry now? Mark Rogers: you would need to add a butt cap after modifying lambeau: when do you expect the full lineup of Okuma casting and trolling rods to be available? Mark Rogers: Why…. my first one was a 50 incher 🙂 Mark Rogers: I have the bug and when I get behind a niche market (i call Muskie a niche market) I am generally successful within the company Netman: What about new reels missourimuskyhunter: yes,sell me on the Convector Linecounter. Mark Rogers: I took the swimbait rods for conception less than two years ago and sold 2700 in the last 14 months…. for the California niche market… that’s good. I have the numbers from another LARGE brand and willeysbucktails: ANY DIFFERENCE IN GUTS (GEARS) BETWEEN CONVECTOR AND CATALINA? sworrall: Okuma is a worldwide company with a wide product line can you tell us what kind of long term product development commitment Okuma is going to dedicate to the fastest growing fresh water segment? Mark Rogers: You hit it Steve… we are one of the largest rod and reel manufactures in the world. Our commitment isn’t only to salt as we do fly, salt, etc…. dougj: Mark is a bass angler who caught a 50″ muskie as his first. I’ll bet there won’t be a bass rod made after that! Netman: Thats what I’m talking about Mark Rogers: We are comitted in the sense that we are expanding rapidly but still trying to maintain focus Mark Rogers: We have engineers in 5 countries now to get all perspectives on what is happening worldwide Netman: whats the web site address for product? Mark Rogers: www.okumafishing.com or www.okumafishingteams.com dougj: I’ve used Convectors line counters for years, they are great reels as far as I can tell. Every thing works the way it’s supposed to! sworrall: I’ve had a set for two years, no problems Mark Rogers: As far as reels go….. we have been building baitcasters for 4 years now. The baitcasters have had a rough start… lots of failures. We hired a guy from Korea with tons of baitcasting experience and have turned our reels around.lambeau: tell us some more about the Okuma trolling reels, before moving on to the casting reel lineup and what sets Okuma trolling reels apart.Mark Rogers: ok trolling Mark Rogers: The Magda’s have been a staple for Okuma: Inexpensive… yet durableghoti: How is your technical support for repairs/parts set up? Mark Rogers: We have repair centers around the country and 2300 square feet of parts in Ontario, CA missourimuskyhunter: going from the convector counter to the catalina counter, is there a big difference in performance?? Netman: I’ve got 2 of them for salmon Mark Rogers: Catalina has a machined frame… other than that… it has an upgraded star… same guts Mark Rogers: There’s quite a few guy trolling muskies with both the magda’s and Convectors…. I got a few guys testing the CT’s the fall to see what the color weather did to the reels… they held up great. Mark Rogers: I was worried about them getting too cold and the one way bearing failing… they didn’t missourimuskyhunter: thanks… muskie!_nut: i cant wait till i get to use my new induron 401xa Slamr: what is the warranty on Okuma reels? Mark Rogers: Standard warranty is one year… some product have 5 years and some lifetime Mark Rogers: Point is… you have a problem… we’ll take care of yousworrall: that’s what counts willeysbucktails: will new convectors have new pinion gear or same as last year?Mark Rogers: Willey…. Which model? we have improved our pinion gears to a “Speed Loc” system. How long have you had your reels? dougj: I’ll say that the trolling reels have great drags, and seem to work well. I have some that I’ve used for 6 years and they still work fine. Lots of fish and lots of snags involved.lambeau: great testimonial by Doug. i’ve seen lots of late season trolling pics of you with big LotW fish! MuskieMike: I’ve ran my magdas for 3 years now, not a single problem, love em … buying 2 more soon tuffy1: The Magdas have held up really well for me. Both, muskies and salmon. Netman: There inexpensive and reliable tuffy1: Now only if my wife would let me “upgrade” Mark Rogers: lol….. muskie!_nut: ca muskie, why do so many angler switch hands when casting? Mark Rogers: Im ambidextrous (sp?) so I can’t answer that Slamr: what are the gear ratios for the different trolling reels? for which sized of each line? dougj: I can’t feed myself with my left hand, so I have to switch! tuffy1: lol Mark Rogers: The smaller sizes (15 & 20 have a 5.1/1 Gear ratio while the 30 & up are 4/1 Mark Rogers: Most guys are using the 20 sized reels for trolling willeysbucktails: I have 2 convectors and one catalina line counters, okuma sent replacement pinion gears, at no cost, great service, love my reels, just wondered for the purchase of another one this year, trolling.lambeau: how big (physically) are the 30+ series reels? are those casting model in 4:1 ratio? how much line pickup/crank?Mark Rogers: Tough to describe on the sizing. I would say the 30 has the diameter of a baseballMark Rogers: 20’s pick up 23 inches per revolution and 24 for the 30’s MuskieMike: I’m using the 45s, adding two 30’s to the mix this spring dougj: I use the 20’s I like the higher gear ratio, and the line capacity is the same as a 6500. work for me! tuffy1: I think I run the 30’s lambeau, they were on the rods when we trolled this past fall for a while. missourimuskyhunter: will the trolling reels be at the Chicago show/swap meetMark Rogers: I wish I was there…. I go to Buffalo for a show so I couldn’t make it…. You will see a CV-20D that I donated to you guys at the lure swap lambeau: casting in 4:1 ratio? That’s important for some of the new hard-pulling bucktails. Pointerpride102: what would you suggest as the best all around baitcasting reel in your mind (for musky fishing)?Mark Rogers: Best for the Okuma lineup is the IDX-400A or 400LXA for muskie nut (LXA is left handed) lambeau: ok, so slightly smaller diameter than some…would make for even easier cranking with the low ratio. nice feature…it’s hard to find standard sized reels in the lower ratio. muskie!_nut: 401x tuffy1: The one’s I have take pleeeenty of line. Even for a scream’n cromer. (30’s or 35’s?) sworrall: I’m a jig/creature fisherman, and need a spinning reel that will spool 150 yards of 17 mono, what’s my best bet?Mark Rogers: Spinning reel Steve… V-45A probably Schuler: Is it possible to order a couple small parts for a nitryx x-400? Mark Rogers: Send me a PM…. we can do better than the parts muskie!_nut: thanks for pointing that out.lambeau: yes, please talk about the Indurons…what are their highlight features? lots of people getting them through the Muskies, Inc. promotion. Mark Rogers: Indurons: once again these are reels that have vastly improved over our older reels. Lots of upgrades and “beefened” up partsMark Rogers: 7 Ball bearings + the anti reverse bearing Mark Rogers: Machined frame like the Calcutta. Great drags you can lock down. Mark Rogers: There will also be one of these there at the lure swap for you all to see and maybe winlambeau: (Okuma is also giving away hats and stickers at the swap meet…)missourimuskyhunter: hats are good!!! that looks better when your hat and reels match. LOL!!! Mark Rogers: Retail price for $119.muskie_man: does the 400’s have an option for power handles dougj: I”ve got a couple of the 400, and they seem to work! Schuler: do you know how many lbs of drag it can hold? Mark Rogers: We just changed the drag washer material so I don’t have that info… I can find out for you Mark Rogers: If you get it… I’ll trade it out Slamr: can you tell us a bit about the Instinct Series, they compares to the Indurons? FYGR8 entered the room. Mark Rogers: We have a couple other series… but for the money… the IDX is the way to go muskie!_nut: naw wont be able to make it Mark Rogers: then why you cryin 🙂 Mark Rogers: Any of you guides use spinning gear for your customers? I have a muskie spinner in the works sworrall: I do Netman: Your learning about muskie fisherman tuffy1: Everyone I have taken out has picked up the bait casters so far. Mark Rogers: The spinner wasn’t my idea but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to see a sample Slamr: beyond the round reels, what low-profiles would you suggest for muskies, possibly for smaller baits and surface lures?Mark Rogers: All of our Low Pros are 6.3 / 1 gear ratio. The guts are all the same in all of them with the eception of the ball bearing count and quality lambeau: what would the muskie spinning reel offer over baitcasters? Mark Rogers: The high end is the V System… what separates that from most others is I put a spare spool in the box for different line capacities Mark Rogers: There is a switch to get to the spool that is easily accessible so i thought I would include a spool that nobody else does dougj: I switch they to bait casting as fast as possible! tuffy1: Do the low pro’s have large line capacity. tuffy1: That would be nice for younger kids dougj: Mark: Any thing coming out for the 400 as far as power handles? Mark Rogers: Funny you ask…. We do have a very nice power handle. (Doug… you don’t have them yet). If any of you buy an Okuma reel… I send you one. Mark Rogers: I’ll take a picture of the power handle tomorrow and put it up on the tackle page Mark Rogers: PM me on the power handles or shoot me a mail [email protected] Please be honest… I’ll have to take your word tuffy1: That would be nice. Slamr: any chance we can convince you to have the powers that be put out a low-profile with a 5.3:1 gear ratio with the same basic guts as an Induron…. Mark Rogers: The trend in bass fishing is high gear ratios… 7/1 is the craze right now… 5/1 probably wont happen lambeau: how can someone contact you about getting those power handles if they buy a Slamr: AND, a note for all in attendance….MuskieFIRST will be running a raffle (at the show/swap meet), giving away two reels donated by Okuma Fishing. Sign ups will be both online + at the show/swap Schuler: Does okuma have a 7:1 low profile coming out soon? fish4musky1: how much do the power handles cost? Mark Rogers: Retail for $19.99 dougj: Mark: (try again), any thing in the work for a big bait casting reel like a 7000 garcia? There’s lots of folks both fresh water and salt who use the 7000. Great size for muskies, and you can build up the gears so they don’t fail! Mark Rogers: I have been pushing for a 7000 size for 2 years now with my product guy….. hasn’t happened yet. We are finishing our 2008 product intros right now so it will be a while Slamr: What retailers (especially online) can MuskieFIRST users go to for purchasing Okuma products? . Mark Rogers: We just set up a buy bottom on the Okuma website…. It isn’t sold directly from Okuma but retailers we have set up throughout the country tuffy1: Have you ever thought of adding an extra spool for a trolling reel for different lines? Like Braided vs. MonoMark Rogers: Trolling reel extra spool… no but they are available tuffy1: From the site? Mark Rogers: Call (800) 466-5862 and ask fro service department…. any MuskieFirst participant will get 40% off of parts and spools You need to mention Mark Rogers and MuskieFIRST.tuffy1: Very cool. MuskieMike: “what exactly is your job?”Mark Rogers: I’m the Northern US Sales Manager….. But I have my hand in Pro Staff, Marketing, Developement, etc…. I have been with Okuma a while now Slamr: any more questions? lambeau: very informative Mark, thanks! And special thanks to Doug J. for lending his great expertise. tuffy1: Very informative indeed sworrall: I’d say it looks like Okuma has a long term commitment to the Muskie market. ghoti: Looks like your doing a great job, thanks! dougj: I’ve had good luck with them! Slamr: tell us a bit about your first muskie experiences….i understand some larger fish were caught? Mark Rogers: I am giving away an IDX-400A (or IDX-400LXA – Nut) to the person that can tell me…….. lambeau: drum roll… dougj: I’m ready! Netman: ok Mark Rogers: How many spinning reels Okuma produced form 1/1/06 – 12/31/06 Mark Rogers: worldwide muskie_man: 10 muskie!_nut: 1.2m MuskieMike: 25000 willeysbucktails: all of them tuffy1: 1.5 mil dougj: 1.5M Netman: 500000 dougj: 1.6M Mark Rogers: without going over muskie!_nut: 75000 Mark Rogers: Doug 1 vote sworrall: hahahahaha missourimuskyhunter: 500,789 muskie_man: 45000 Netman: 450000 dougj: 2.0M Mark Rogers: DOUG muskyboy: 675,000 tuffy1: 1.4 mil MuskieMike: 100000 Netman: 900,000 Mark Rogers: You have 2 minutes to get your vote in if you haven’t 1 vote only tuffy1: 5.3 gigawats muskie_man: a heck of a lot!!! muskie!_nut: a whole mess of em Netman: i’ll say 500,000 Mark Rogers: Anyone else Mark Rogers: come on ghoti: 972,321 fish4musky1: 75.000 fish4musky1: 75,000 Mark Rogers: Tuffy… 1 vote Mark Rogers: 🙂 Netman: only 1 guess Mark Rogers: 1 minute Netman: ok Netman: who is it tuffy1: Meeee!!! Mark Rogers: Still a few seconds muskie!_nut: you? Netman: do you need my address on line tuffy1: ha ha missourimuskyhunter: 3..2..1… tuffy1: I do Bruce. Mark Rogers: ok stop… let me scroll up Mark Rogers: to see who won esoxdoc: 33,000 muskie!_nut: hes in alaska so he behind Mark Rogers: Tuffy and Doug had the highest answer and Tuffy was first….. we actually did over 3.5 million Mark Rogers: Tuffy I need your address tuffy1: WOW!!! Netman: wow tuffy1: Wooo Hooo! lambeau: cool Mark Rogers: PM me tuffy1: Thanks! Mark Rogers: roger… any other questions?Netman: it was a great time missourimuskyhunter: thanks for your time!!! willeysbucktails has left the room. Slamr: MuskieFIRST thanks Mark Rogers from Okuma for a great chat night! We look very forward to seeing all the new products coming out soon for our little niche muskie market! dougj: Thanks for the info! Good luck with the California Bass and the Minnesota muskies! sworrall: Thank you sir, for the hour and the information Mark Rogers: Thanks Guys…. I vicariously live through you when I run out of frequent flier miles…. let me know if you have any questions

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