2009 MuskieFIRST Online Seminar; Spring Bay Resort Streve Amundson

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 Mar 20th, 2009 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Slamr: MuskieFIRST welcomes in Steve from Spring Bay to the Chat Room.  Thanks for joining us tonight!
SpringBaySteve: most definitely
lambeau: best resort north of the south!
SpringBaySteve: exactly!!

Spring Bay Resort

Slamr: Steve, can you tell us a little about Spring Bay, a little history around your family taking ownership and the such?
SpringBaySteve: my family took over spring bay in the fall of 07, i had just graduated college with a finance and business admin degree, but jobs were few and far inbetween, luckily my dad was retired and wanted to keep me up north since thats where i wanted to be.
SpringBaySteve: we have added 10 units and 10 boats to the resort since we took over, remodeled and redid alot to every cabin we are very involved with our guests
 SpringBaySteve: as their host, it is my intention to put them on fish and make their stay as comfortable and enjoyable
skinnywannabeefromwiscons: What is the weekly rate for a cabin and what packages do you have?
SpringBaySteve: cabin prices range anywhere from 800-1500

Ballistic: How about location on the lake; describe where the resort is and what the local waters are like
SpringBaySteve: there are basically 2 sides to the lake, east and west
SpringBaySteve: west end is out of cook, and the east is out of tower
SpringBaySteve: the east end has bigger water, more structure but less weeds
SpringBaySteve: the west side, which is where we are located, is tighter, clearer and in my opinion less populated
crankbaitmaker: How deep is the lake?
SpringBaySteve: typically the middle of the bays are 40 ffet
lambeau: how far from the resort to find good muskie fishing?
SpringBaySteve: not far at all, in fact, during the month of june, i fish right in spring bay
Rainman_JD: Do you do the majority of your fishing right there in Head-O-Lakes Bay?
SpringBaySteve: yes…i fish primarily within 8 miles at the farthest
SpringBaySteve: but typically i dont leave wakemup bay
KidDerringer: Dude yer missing a lot if you don’t move an grove!
SpringBaySteve: i don’t move very far because i’m limited to time on the water and i hate leaving fish. there is plently of fish on the west end

Ballistic: How much ice up there as of today?
SpringBaySteve: 2 feet still got cold out again
Ballistic: good snow pack, water levels looking good?
SpringBaySteve: water levels are looking just about perfect
lambeau: yikes…do you guys see much ice fishing up there? what about the snowmobiling crowd?
SpringBaySteve: last year we had way too much at the beginning of the year
SpringBaySteve: vermilion isnt your typical ice fishing lake, its actually really tough to fish, but you can stack up some ice houses in some channels and off some points
SpringBaySteve: snowmobile season is awesome up here and the trails are basically unlimited
suicknut: Can you give us an idea of how much snow you received this year and how much you currently have on the ground? And how you think it will affect lake leavels
SpringBaySteve: we got around 3 feet of snow and have barely any left. it’ll put lake levels at probably a foot above normal

lambeau: do you have any suggestions for navigating on Vermilion? how to avoid hazard mishaps? preferred map or gps chips?
SpringBaySteve: stay off the lake at night if you don’t have a gps!!!!
SpringBaySteve: i use a lake master chip and i found that to be very useful for night fishing. main boat channels have flashers, and can be great for navigation
tyler_k: how much algae bloom does Vermillion get?
SpringBaySteve: algae bloom is average, very typical

Top_H20: OK, Steve,….. walk us thru opening Muskie week on the west end of the lake…… where do you start and what do you do ??
SpringBaySteve: i start right in spring bay june 6 and i don’t go much farther than peterson’s landing which is southside of treasure island.
SpringBaySteve: richie’s bay, head o lakes, and partridge river entrance
SpringBaySteve: in all these spots, i throw small bucktails, 6 inch jake is my favorite. suicks.
SpringBaySteve: and cisco kid topper
SpringBaySteve: all are within say 5 miles, the muskies stack up in all these bays
KidDerringer: I see you have a few spring muskie fish faves…..for chage of pace…try something BIG an low an slow in fave areas….you will be very surprised what you bust a lip on.
lambeau: do you fish differently for action vs size?
SpringBaySteve: i do slow and small for action
SpringBaySteve: i’ve seen better results off of the jake than anyother lure

lambeau: what does Spring Bay have in store for us during the MuskieFirst outing in late August?
SpringBaySteve: for the outing, you arrive saturday, get a coup;le hours of fishing in, bring you to the landing for some appetizers and beer. wednesday is the steak fry at the resort with beverages
SpringBaySteve: friday is the fish fry at the landing
KidDerringer: Mmm fried fish!
lambeau: and maybe a little fishing?
SpringBaySteve: oh is that what they’re coming up for? some fishing?
KidDerringer: What do you think these guys will find most productive for time period they are up on muskie first adventure?
SpringBaySteve: cowgirls, creepers, and bulldogs are top producers
SpringBaySteve: these guys are coming up during an awesome time and have unlimited options
KidDerringer: Cool!

crankbaitmaker: Whats your favorite color combo??
SpringBaySteve: favorite color combo: typical perch pattern, firetiger or black and gold
SpringBaySteve: tons of black cowgirls with different added colors, definately a b.s. willy creeper, weagle, and bulldogs
Rainman_JD: In your opinion, would I have a lot better shot at catching a musky in the dark during late July / early August?
SpringBaySteve: early august due to pressure and patterns i found from tlast year
SpringBaySteve: i fish alot of scattered cabbage which is basically only found on the west end and these spots are not easy to find
Slamr: why do you think the pressure increases the chances at night?
SpringBaySteve: vermilion is getting fished hard seeing lure after lure

Top_H20: Does most of your success come by fishing weedy areas or rock piles/reefs
SpringBaySteve: success comes off more weedy areas for me, i love to fish in the weeds
SpringBaySteve: rocks haven’t been that good to me
Top_H20: What’s the BIGGEST fish you have seen but not boated………(Where) Haaaaaa…
SpringBaySteve: merry go round southwest corner!!!!!!!!!!!!
SpringBaySteve: or if you’re talking about the 57′ I hit with my boat
muskydeceiver: stove top and merry go round have some monsters on them
Rainman_JD: Those seem to take a beating, but it is hard not to contribute when you see them on those structures.  My best vermilion fish came off the merry-go-round.
SpringBaySteve: the open water reefs do get pounded but the results can pay off in a split second with a 50+ in the boat
SpringBaySteve: i do see bigger fish off the reefs or rock structure but not as many as in the weeds

Top_H20: Steve, what is your perfect client to guide?
 SpringBaySteve: perfect client to guide is people who love to be on the water all day and take advice well, they’re there for the love of the sport and hoping for the chance to boat a great fish

Ballistic: When is the ‘best’ time for the topwater bite up there?
SpringBaySteve: end of july through mid september at best , i even had action all the way into october on the weagle and creepers
SpringBaySteve: best individual week was august 8-16, 7 topwater fish
Top_H20: Weagles …… do you like them ?
SpringBaySteve: absolutely!!! wouldn’t go without it!
SpringBaySteve: g rome i know you have a few
lambeau: weagles and creepers are relatively slow moving; what do you reach for when speed is the trigger?
SpringBaySteve: i definately go towards pace maker, globe, and my favorite is a top raider
lambeau: how shallow do you target mid-summer topwater fish?
SpringBaySteve: i’ll work spots in and out but typically i like 7-12 feet

Top_H20: The Mac Tournament will be held on V in Sept. What’s your thoughts and will Spring Bay have any special deals ??
SpringBaySteve: spring bay will definately have deals and we are going to try pairing people in cabins kind of like the muskie first outing
Ballistic: cool
KidDerringer: I think I win that MAC deal?   Maybe?
SpringBaySteve: i’ll see what the feedback is from the fishermen
lambeau: during the MAC…you know where Jerome and i are staying!
Ballistic: what do you think of the chances of big fish/numbers during th MAC?
Top_H20: Steve, are you fishing the mac ? sorry ,,stupid ?
SpringBaySteve: big fish during the MAC……… great sticks on the best water around
SpringBaySteve: yes i’m fishing the MAC with dayis

Slamr: when does the casting bite change over to a trolling bite?
SpringBaySteve: first week or second week in october when water gets below 48 degrees
Slamr: how is the night bite versus the day bite that time of year?
SpringBaySteve: i didn’t cast much after 10 pm starting around that time last year so the best bite is going to be from 6-10pm
SpringBaySteve: if you’re planning a fall trip, i would book soon
Slamr: If one were to get the itch to run up in mid-october to mid november…..can we call a week in advance?  in case i get that itch?
SpringBaySteve: yes absolutely

Ballistic: Tell me about the big pike…where and when is best on Vermilion?
SpringBaySteve: for me, the west end because its really the only side i fish. they come off all the same spots as muskie but i throw more cranks
muskydeceiver: i was in the boat with a nice 40″+ pike at the outing last year……came off a rock hump
Ballistic: How about other species, walleye, smallmouth bass,  crappie, and the like for those of us who like a diversion now and again while chasing Muskies?
SpringBaySteve: vermilion is a great bass lake, walleyes are good at the beginning and get tough through mid summer
KidDerringer:  good question…you ever get into crappies?
SpringBaySteve: crappie can be found up till the middle of june but then seem like they become scarce
KidDerringer: Got me a few sweet spots……go with me to grave or trip back to Pluto
SpringBaySteve: the week before opener and through opening week you can hammer them back in black bay and norwegian
Ballistic: I might just try that…never know, may show up sudden like!
KidDerringer: Fun stuff..big blackies!

lambeau: you’re already famous for being such great hosts: can you highlight some of the ameneties that Spring Bay offers in terms of resort grounds and services?
SpringBaySteve: great lodging facilities, clean new linens and towels, fully furnished kitchens for cooking
SpringBaySteve: docks are top notch with power right to them
SpringBaySteve: not to mention the beverage fridge
SpringBaySteve: resort grounds are well kept
lambeau: power on the docks is a great feature for people bringing their own boats.
SpringBaySteve: help those who need assistance loading and unloading boats
Top_H20: AND…The  Landing….
SpringBaySteve: can’t forget about the landing!

lambeau: how can people contact you if they’re interested in staying at Spring Bay?
SpringBaySteve: they can reach me at the resort 218-666-5607, email:[email protected]
sorno: Steve, in general, how many weeks are you at full cabin capacity?  i.e., is an impromptu trip a reality or do you need to do some planning?
SpringBaySteve: definately need to do some planning, right now for prime season i’m 92% full
muskydeceiver: WOW that is a great number steve
Slamr: what do you consider to be “prime season”?
SpringBaySteve: prime season is may 30- august 29
Top_H20: How many RV spaces are you going to have?
SpringBaySteve: 3 RV spaces
sorno: Are you going to be running a fall special similar to last year?
SpringBaySteve: 180/person, 4 person minimum and a $60 a week docking fee per boat
sorno: that’s a steal
Ballistic: Steve, are you going to be at the Minnesota Muskie Expo?
SpringBaySteve: Yes i’l have my booth there
Ballistic: cool, see you there
Slamr: again, best way to contact you about bookings and the website address?
SpringBaySteve: at the resort 218-666-5607 and email: [email protected]

Slamr: MuskieFIRST thanks Steve of Spring Bay Resort for a great chat tonight!


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