2009 Steve Worrall Online Seminar

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 Jan 30th, 2009 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Slamr: MuskieFIRST Welcomes back Steve Worrall to kick off our chat
season for 2009.  Thanks for taking the chair for the first night, Steve!
Steve_Worrall: Evening, everyone
Slamr: Let the questions flow!
Steve_Worrall: Well, that stopped the converaation
Slamr: Feel free guys to ask about topics Muskie, Walleye, Ice, Tuffy
boats, the MAC or even MuskieFIRST wise!

Steve Worrall with a big Goon Wabull Muskie

sorno: With muskie, walleye, salmon, ice bass and whitetail, where does
Outdoor first venture next?
Steve_Worrall: We have a huge project this Spring and Summer, we are the
media company behind the new AIM circuit
Steve_Worrall: that will keep us busy for a few weeks
Steve_Worrall: new cutting edge technology at work, Zach will be really
Tuffdaddy: Are you going to make Salmonfirst more than just the message
board it currently is?
Steve_Worrall: yes, SalmonFIRST will be finished
Tuffdaddy: Sweet!

Tuffdaddy: With the cooler than normal year, did you notice a better
jigging bite than usual?
Steve_Worrall: jigs were pretty hot al the way to ice up
jdsplasher: Hey Steve; What is your favorite plastic dressing for your
jig heads today now there is limited plastic dressing on the market today?
Steve_Worrall: your creatures, JD
Steve_Worrall: hard to get good plastic in that sytyle now
Steve_Worrall: I use some lizards still, bought a huge bag a week ago
jdsplasher: Steve; You got to have a good stock of old creatures stored
up. What lizard style did you buy? From Who?
Steve_Worrall: I fould a bag of 8″ purple lizards in a blow out sale
Steve_Worrall: about 1000
Steve_Worrall: for 25 cents!
Slamr: How do you rig your creatures or lizards, and what style do you
use for cast and retrieve?
Steve_Worrall: I use jigs from 1/4 to 1 ounce
Steve_Worrall: superglue the plastic to the jig
muskydeceiver: are you actually walking that on the bottom?
Steve_Worrall: I retrieve the jig like a ‘jump lure’
Tuffdaddy: I always see jigs on your baits in the videos and such,  you
should film some jigging footage this year.  To show us what it looks
like when you jig.
Steve_Worrall: TD, good idea, I’ll do that
Tuffdaddy: I’ll help ya film. 🙂
Brandyn_Shepherd: steve, what are a couple of your favorite jigging
techniques (summer vs fall)
Steve_Worrall: let it hit the bottom, point the rod at the lure, reel
fast three times or so, repeat
Slamr: Can you describe the rod/reel combo you use for jigging?
Steve_Worrall: I use a spinning rod for creatures, also
Steve_Worrall: 7′ mediaum heavy rod
muskydeceiver: advantage?
Steve_Worrall: way faster with a spinning reel
Steve_Worrall: more line pick up
muskydeceiver: is that all you use the spinning combo for then?
jdsplasher: How do you view the bulldawg as being said to be a jig and
plastic, compared to a more finese type jig  fishing you do? Totally
different concept?
Steve_Worrall: Dawgs and other huge plastics are basically
sweep/jerk/straight retrieve lures
Steve_Worrall: different technique
sorno: line?
TJ: superline right Steve?  powerpro, fireline?
Steve_Worrall: nope
Steve_Worrall: monofilament
Steve Worrall: 14# line to 17#
sorno: gasp
Steve_Worrall: I miss to many on superline, set the hook too fast
Steve_Worrall: medium duty freshwater reel, large spool for fast line
pick up
Tuffdaddy: Do you let it drop back to the bottom most of the time, or
more of a swimming action.  I suppose it depends on the h2o temps.
Steve_Worrall: I ALWAYS make sure the jig hits the bottom, every time
guts: when do most of your strikes happen with the jig?
Steve_Worrall: always on the fall
Steve_Worrall: sort of an electric ‘click’ if it’s a muskie
muskydeceiver: blade or no blade on your jigs?
Steve_Worrall: no blade
Steve_Worrall: a blade makes it a spinnerbait
muskydeceiver: even the blades at the back of the bait?
Steve_Worrall: yes
Steve_Worrall: slows it way down
Muskyhunter247: Do you get many follows using jigs compared to other lures?
Steve_Worrall: yes, and alot more boatside pickups
Steve_Worrall: no figure 8
Steve_Worrall: if a fish comes in on the last reel rip, just open the
bail and let the jig fall
Tuffdaddy: I’ve caught fish on the flaptails (thanks Jim) but why do you
think they eat those things?  Just the subtle action, or something else?
Steve_Worrall: they eat ’em because they move
Steve_Worrall: FAST
Steve_Worrall: then fall…slow
Bromel: what do you think of the 8 inch reapers on a jig?
Steve_Worrall: I don’t like them as much as the 5″
jdsplasher: I think Steve will tell you that the sound of a flaptail is
far from subtle to the fish!
Tuffdaddy: That’s intersting JD
Steve_Worrall: Falptail surface?
Tuffdaddy: Steve, do you have the sound stuff of the flap tails?
Tuffdaddy: the jigs
Steve_Worrall: ah
Tuffdaddy: I suppose paddle tails
Tuffdaddy: whatever their called. LOL
Steve_Worrall: they are surprisingly noisy
Slamr: Steve, about what % of the time while on the water, chasing
muskies, do you actually find yourself with jig rod in hand?
Steve_Worrall: uesd to be 100%
Slamr: now?
Steve_Worrall: now probably 20%, but that includes fishng bass/muskie
waters with both in mind
Steve_Worrall: and, of course, walleyes on the weeds
 Muskyhunter247: What is your prefered depth to fish the jigs?
Steve_Worrall: there really isn’t any preferred depth, I like the
primary breakline alot
Steve_Worrall: although a few years back I spanked ’em on Pelican in
August on the 18′ line, almost no break there
Steve_Worrall: fish were suspended
sorno: do you find jigs more effective fished from deep coming up to
shallow or shallow dropping to deep on a contour?
Steve_Worrall: shallow to deep or parallel
Steve_Worrall: deep to shallow is asking for lost jigs
Steve_Worrall: fish in 12, cast to 4
Steve_Worrall: if you try to work a jig up a breakline and theres any
wood or rocks, you will spend alot of time getting un snagged
lambeau: you’re known for fishing slow…is there a jig application in
the heavy stuff or do you prefer other presentations?
Steve_Worrall: yes, there is
Steve_Worrall: smaller jig heads, 5″ tails
Grape_Crush: what type of jig head?
Steve_Worrall: stand-up
Steve_Worrall: like the diamond head
sorno: I was more thinking of areas where I have sand; after the water’s
gone down quite a bit…
Steve_Worrall: sand is perfect
Steve_Worrall: I fished literally nothing else for years, did very well
Steve_Worrall: and will find myself back to them as I get older, way
easier than a double 10

jdsplasher: Steve, Sounds like you have switched your topwater
presentation a bit towards swing baits like weagles, than going with a
straight retrieve lures.Don’t you incounter more frustration with swing
Steve_Worrall: jd, I used to, until I zeroed in my Weagle presentation
Tuffdaddy: What’s a weagle?
Steve_Worrall: that thing is a hoot to throw
jdsplasher: What are you doing to get better hookups with weagles?
Retrieve wise?

muskydeceiver: as an Old Bull………how do you find yourself working
the Wabull, I can get the Baby to do what I want, but it’s larger
brother gives me fits……just taps and pauses or am I missing something?
Steve_Worrall: Wabull…
Steve_Worrall: that lure can dance
Steve_Worrall: I don’t use it as a glider, I use it…well…
sorno: at light speed
Steve_Worrall: I’ve been referred to by Theedz as a Glider Savant
Steve_Worrall: whatever that is
muskydeceiver: rod always going toward the water or up swings as well?
Steve_Worrall: I use the wrist AND the reel in concert to make the lure
go side to dise, fast, pasue…
Steve_Worrall: quick downward tap, upward tap, side to side…pause
Steve_Worrall: VERY fast, I’m told
sorno: yeah, I swear I’ve seen your gliders actually teleport Steve
muskydeceiver: maybe I am going to slow……any pauses?
Steve_Worrall: at the boat, downward tap, let the lure cruise down
almost out of sight..upward tap, and wait for it…
Steve_Worrall: pauses are integrated and pregnant, sort of
Steve_Worrall: I’m not sure there is a ‘too sow’ I just don’t work mine
that way
Steve_Worrall: the muskies eat the thing pretty regular
muskydeceiver: when I tried working mine faster it wanted to come out of
the water
muskydeceiver: is that not a bad thing?
Steve_Worrall: I actually use a Wabull as a combination surfcae
lure/glider/jerk bait
Steve_Worrall: you want it to pop the surface, but then make it dive
Steve_Worrall: that’s the key
muskydeceiver: then i guess i was working it right and didnt know it……
Steve_Worrall: very hard to do with a rod longer than 7′
muskydeceiver: i use a 7′ rod
Steve_Worrall: which is why I use 6’10” to 7′ rods for the Waegle and
Steve_Worrall: I make the Weagle dance too, i guess, working it faster
than most, and can literally ‘talk them into it’ by varying the speed

Brandyn_Shepherd: Has there been any changes made to the Esox Magnum
since 2001? 🙂
Steve_Worrall: yes, tons of changes
 Brandyn_Shepherd: Care to list a a couple? Didnt notice any significant
changes on the boat at the show.
Steve_Worrall: biggest changes are the fiberglass dry stroage areas
Brandyn_Shepherd: That I did notice… and like very much.
Steve_Worrall: battery storage in the front, built in
Steve_Worrall: 100% composite construction
sled: ahhhhh the esox magnum
Steve_Worrall: new electrical. digital and every wire labeled
P_Stoltman: Can you define composite construction as opposed to…..what?
Steve_Worrall: composite is a term used to describe a new frp process
Steve_Worrall: synthetic, light, strong, never rot
Brandyn_Shepherd: Last question about the boat… do the new ones go any
faster? Mine goes 35 with an 01 Merc
sled: you got a tiller brandon?
Brandyn_Shepherd: Si,  60 horse tiller
Steve_Worrall: and yes, it’s a little faster
lambeau: i’ve been in a console Magnum with a 115hp E-tec going
52mph…scary fast that close to the water!
sled: i’ve got a 115 2 stroke merc and yep … fast

P_Stoltman: Steve, what’s your take on the current state of the fishery
in Northern Wisconsin?
Steve_Worrall: best it’s ever been, in my opinion
Steve_Worrall: CPR

pgaschulz: How important do you feel the color of the lure is?
Steve_Worrall: not much
Steve_Worrall: contrast is king
Steve_Worrall: color is misleading
Slamr: explain “contrast is king
Bromel: yeah please describe the contrast thing for us rookies
Steve_Worrall: ever hear the old dark day, dark leur, bright day, bright
lure statement?
Steve_Worrall: that is from Jason Lucas, a LONG time ago
Steve_Worrall: what direction do fish look all the time?
Steve_Worrall: UP
Bromel: up
Bromel: just doesn’t make sense to use a white lure with a bright
bluebird sky
Steve_Worrall: if they are looking up most of the time, what is the
background against which the lure must contrast?
Steve_Worrall: the sky
Steve_Worrall: if it”s a dark day, it is ‘dark’ why?
Steve_Worrall: clouds
Steve_Worrall: what color are clouds? White to grey
Steve_Worrall: dark lure against white, there you have it
Hamer: same at night?
Bromel: I read in esox mag use black at night for contrast
sorno: so can you explain to me those tangerine things you use?
Steve_Worrall: bright day…why a bright lure?
Steve_Worrall: lets talk science, not storoes
Steve_Worrall: blue sky as the background
Bromel: so on bright day the sun lights up the white color?
Steve_Worrall: BUT
Steve_Worrall: as one goes deeper, or light drops off due to sun angle
Steve_Worrall: and one loks UP
Steve_Worrall: the background goes to violet
Steve_Worrall: why?
Steve_Worrall: because the light is being absorbed by the prism action
of the water column
Steve_Worrall: bright bait against a violet/purple background…there
you have it again
Bromel: thanks for explaining that
Hamer: so bright at night?
Bromel: dark at night
Steve_Worrall: night, black
Steve_Worrall: always
Steve_Worrall: top of the lake looks like a myrror at night, if it”s
rough,like a bunch of busted glass
Steve_Worrall: balck will always be visible
Steve_Worrall: black

jdsplasher: IMO I would never use Flourocarbon leaders, Whats you take
on Flouro’s Steve?
Steve_Worrall: wire, JD
jdsplasher: Thankyou Steve,  Every time I see a flouro post I get sick!
guts: the only problem with wire is that it gets bent up by the little pike
Steve_Worrall: make a new leader, guts
Bromel: steve is there are relationship between jerk bait size and the
length of your wire jerk bait leader?
Bromel: or doesn’t it matter?
Steve_Worrall: not really, no
Steve_Worrall: my leaders all seem to end up being about 11″ long or so
guts: i guess i could but i like flouro so that when the leader gets
wrapped between the hook and the front of the baits on little pike with
flouro i can just check for kinks and keep fishing or get a new
jdsplasher: I trolled wire VS Floro for 30days and found wire got more
hits 5 to 1. Never went back to floro!
Ty___(Not_Sennett): opinion on heavier, i.e. 130 lb
Steve_Worrall: even the 130# or heavier, I’ll stick to wire
Steve_Worrall: can’t cut wire ever
jdsplasher: Ty Just pay attention to your equipment. Be concious of time
used with wire. Have extras ready to go.
sled: or just use fluoro

Bromel: do you use spinnerbaits much?  when?
Steve_Worrall: Love spinnerbaits, yes
Steve_Worrall: slop
Steve_Worrall: worst slop you might be able to find
sled: slop = moens
Steve_Worrall: slop+Moens

sorno: I know it’s real early, but do you expect the MAC to expand much
beyond minnesota and wisconsin?
Steve_Worrall: not initially, S
Steve_Worrall: The majority of the teams are from the upper midwest
lambeau: so the MAC tournaments…what made the time right to start
something now? what’s the goal from an organizers perspective?
Steve_Worrall: MAC was started to add depth to the sport of competitive
angling for Muskies
P_Stoltman: Can you elaborate on the idea of “adding depth” to
competitive fishing?
Steve_Worrall: all other competitive angling venues shoed us where we
needed to go, really
Steve_Worrall: it’s in MAC’s interest for all the existing circuits to
do well
lambeau: you’ve said that the MAC will be good for all tournaments. how so?
Steve_Worrall: by presenting the opportunity for those who want to take
the competition to the next level to those ready to do so
Steve_Worrall: the entire venue is different, more oriented to the Team,
less on anything else, and as a result, the Team’s sponsors
sled: how many teams will fish the Can-Am and how will they be selected?
Steve_Worrall: that’s in debate up there right now, but the teams will
be selected by a captain
pgaschulz: Steve to you have host resorts?  Will they have rooms open up
for those weeks?  How is that going to work?
Steve_Worrall: yes, host resorts and hotels, will be listed soon
sled: free spot in the boat and an extra room at my place if you pay the
Steve_Worrall: the MAC is a natural progression of competitive muskie
Steve_Worrall: and part of a shift in how the industry supports
competitive angling
lambeau: what will the tournament be like at the actual events?
Steve_Worrall: a truck will pull up, stage will get set up, plasma TV’s
installed, awnings deployed, and we ‘plug in’ to the rest of the word
via the internet
Steve_Worrall: and a professional stage presentation for each team
interviewed by Jim Kalkofen, live on the web
Steve_Worrall: the Sponsors will all have product and personnel present
Steve_Worrall: booths at the virtual weighh in
Steve_Worrall: food, drink
Tuffdaddy: Will you get to bring the fish in bags to the scales at the
stage?? 😉
TJ: lol
Bromel: I always wondered how musky tournaments measure/weigh fish?
Bromel: is it honor system?
Steve_Worrall: no weight
Steve_Worrall: this is a CRR event
Steve_Worrall: catch, record, release
Bromel: so they measure in the boat?  is there a judge in the boat?
sled: poor little bastards are gonna get hooked, scream in pain and then
held out of the water not breathing for a number of seconds
Steve_Worrall: anfd the DNR’s seem to be liking the format\Paul hartman
was the first to use the concept, pioneered it well
Steve_Worrall: bump boards and digital photography
Steve_Worrall: and the images and some video will be displayed onstage
as the team is interviewed
Steve_Worrall: with, of course, some KICKIN’ rock music
lambeau: marine band radios are required; how will they be used?
sled: push the green button that goes “beep”
Steve_Worrall: the boats will leave using radio communications
sorno: funny sled!
Steve_Worrall: and will be called in if weather commands, etc
Steve_Worrall: plus will check with the time boat same way
pgaschulz: Will there be any “no fishing” areas on any of the lakes?
Steve_Worrall: not at this point, no
lambeau: will Leech and Vermilion have more than one starting location
option in order to access different parts of the lake more easily?
Steve_Worrall: no, everyone will leave from the same location,L
Steve_Worrall: part of the challenge…
lambeau: where will the starting points for Leech and Vermilion be? what
parts of the lakes?
Steve_Worrall: we will be leaving from the East end on Vermilion
Steve_Worrall: Leech is yet to be fixed in place
Steve_Worrall: There will be some serious incentives, too
Hamer: like?
Steve_Worrall: Tuffy offers $1500 to the top finishing Tuffy team
lambeau: others? it’d help me decide on a new truck brand if there was
one of them…
Steve_Worrall: Toyota has the opportunity, we’ll see’
Steve_Worrall: We have committments from frabill, and from Stowmaster
for contingencies, and it looks like another boat company will join us
as a Sponsor
Steve_Worrall: Several Lure companies as well, good contingencies
Steve_Worrall: Outboard companies will also add contingencies
eventually, we are working on those now

Bromel: steve what kind of line do you use?
Steve_Worrall: Line..lots of different brands
Bromel: I just spooled up with the new Fireline braid 65 lb
Steve_Worrall: Like Spidewire, like American fishing wire’s brand too
Steve_Worrall: but then, I also like Gorilla braid
Steve_Worrall: just got a spool of that also, 1000 yards
Bromel: do you use 80 lb test?
Steve_Worrall: 65# to 8#

degnulleksum: Please comment on Tony Portincaso’s (R.I.P.1941-2008)
influence on the outdoors industry.
Steve_Worrall: Tony was a teacher, all the way
Steve_Worrall: He and my dad were good friends, I fished with Tony alot
Steve_Worrall: Tony was an excellent angler, a nice guy with a big
temper, and one hell of a teacher
Steve_Worrall: He was part of a group of anglers who changed the
landscape of our world of fishing forever

Bromel: do you do much traveling around the US to try new musky fishing
Steve_Worrall: used to travel alot fishing, still do some
Bromel: I’m out in Washington DC and we have a relatively new musky
fishery in the potomac —- pures and tigers were stocked around 1990
and after
Bromel: their just starting to get big now
Steve_Worrall: should be fun to chase them B
Bromel: I’m gearing up
sorno: Wabigoon still on your June agenda?
Steve_Worrall: Looks like August for the Goon this year

Slamr: MuskieFIRST thanks Steve Worrall for a great chat tonight!  Make
sure to check back every Thursday night for more chats as we move
through this long and never-ending winter!
Steve_Worrall: Thaks for joining us, everyone!

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