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 Jan 24th, 2002 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Smith_&_Ballisti: Ok…MuskieFIRST welcomes Larry Jones…A muskie First pro to inform all of you on the fine points of trolling and fishing the eastern waters….Go LarrySteve_Cady: THANKS FOR COMING LARRY!Smith_&_Ballisti: Larry…do you ever cast.LarryJones: muskzilla,there are a lot of Big Muskies being caught at night from the Detroit River trolling deep structure up stream slowly working break points and barsmuskzilla: thanx will try itEsox_Maniac: Capt- What do you call deep?ToddM: Larry, how deep do you troll and how far down?LarryJones: Yes I cast about 40% of the time ,usualy early in the season whern the fish are shallow,I like both topwaters abds jerkbaitsSmith_&_Ballisti: What is your favorite topwater?LarryJones: I call deep water 25 feet or deeper,i usualy have one set of Cranks crunching botton ,one 1/2 down and one near the surface by the washjPunch_and_Judy: Are you going to fish the deeper waters of lake erie?ToddM: thanks larrySteve_Cady: Larry if you HAD to catch a muskie let’s say to get into heaven…Clear bluebird skies and 80 degrees no wind what would your presentation be and what is on your 1 line that you are allowed?muskzilla: need a little advice trolling the mighty moon riverEsox_Maniac: Larry- How deep is the deepest you troll?LarryJones: My favorite Topwater is a Creper in Black worked ever so slowSteve_Cady: your bait that isEsox_Maniac: Larry- Do you ever troll bucktails? If so when?LarryJones: I would be cranking a Depthraider in Sucker color on the 30 foot drop near a chanel edge on the side toward the sun to get shadeSteve_Van_Liesho: What kind of muskie populations are you fishing? The Wisconsin DNR claims typical Wi muskie lakes have between 1 legal fish per 3 acres and 1 per 2 acres.Beaver: Do you ever pull boards when they’re shallow, or at all?LarryJones: I do not usely troll bucvtails,but I do troll 8 ounce Spinnerbaits up to 7 mphKrappie: WoW 8 oz spinnerbaits. Those are some heavy babiesEsox_Maniac: Safety pins???Oneida_Esox: 8 ounce are they home-made??MuskieMedic: Larry, how would you tackle a river that has a deep (25ft.) channel and large flat and shallow areas and sloughs. It is dark stained water with limited weed growth. Trolling is legal on my stretch.LarryJones: The population of Muskies over 50 inches here are more then anywhere else,the trrubble is that the fishery is directed by changing winds and water tempratures,they are here ,,then they are nottomv: larry, what’s your favorite jointed crank?Esox_Maniac: Larry- what your “go to” presentation – attack, i.e. when all else fails?LarryJones: Muskie Medic, I would work the 25 foot channel edges running the inside bait 1/2 way down the drop and the outside one close orv near bottom,Jakes seam to work well for me in dark waterSteve_Van_Liesho: What kind of water temperatures do you have to deal with?Oneida_Esox: Larry, do you use small lures at all, like the Baby DR or Baby Jointed ErniePunch_and_Judy: Do you think that the muskie’s follow the schools of perch and eyes around the lake?LarryJones: Favorite Jointed Crankbait,can change with weather ,time of year and speed of presentation,Trophy Diver,Deptthraider,Perchbaits and Wileys all have a timeGregM: are you or anyone else in WNY trolling wishmasters Larry?Krappie: How about Perrywinkle style baits? Are they in your arsenal Larry?LarryJones: I use small lures in the middle of the summer under gin clear water conditions,baby Raiders,Little Ernies Tuff Shads etcEsox_Maniac: What % do you spend trolling?LarryJones: I can’t get mysaelf to pat $250 for a Wishmaster, but I do own 11 Perrywinkles and 48 PlowsToddM: Larry, do you troll any algae bloom water and what lures/colors do you like?LarryJones: ToddM we don’t get much of any AlgeeBloom here,very little on Chautauquq Lakemuskzilla: wanna sell a parrywinkleKrappie: What’s the most peculair thing about river muskies vs. lake muskies?tomv: larry, do you fish lake erie?LarryJones: 60% Trolling because my watyers are gin clear to 30 feet and most fish that are big, hang right on the bottom behind rocks, in indentations out of 3 to 7 mph river currentymcurto: What kind of structure does the Buffalo Harbor contain?LarryJones: I have caught Muskies as far out as 7 miles from Buffalo in Lake ErieGregM: do you ever go up the barge canal??ToddM: Larry, do you use planer boards, what kind and do you set them to release or taken off by hand?LarryJones: There are rock and gravel/sand bars on both ends and then muck with weedbed drops =Channel edgesmcurto: How big is the harbor in acres?Esox_Maniac: Larry so the river Muskies position behind current breaks unlike lake Muskies which seem to position into wind currents on windward side of structure, saddles etc????LarryJones: I use Planerboards on Lake St.Clair,here on the Niagara the boat traffic is usualy to heavy,I have used them at night to run topraiders up near the weedbeds with the boat trolling upstream 5-0 feet outSteve_Van_Liesho: Is the river the same or different year to year? Is it productive in the same spots each year?LarryJones: The Buffalo Harbor is about 2 miles longMuskieMedic: Do you notice any drastic change in feeding after cold fronts on the rivers or big water you fish? What baits do you switch to if they get finicky?LarryJones: The River and the Harbor are dictated by the presence of Baitfish Schools, these schools move in and out depending on wind pushed surface water,so fishing can be very good for days and then the wind blows out toward the Lake and everything disappearstomv: lakes around here are always stained, but there’s a big differance between stained and what I like to call chocolate milktomv: I’m from PA, 40 miles south of Pittsburgh, on the WV borderToddM: larry do you fish glide baits and what ones do you like?LarryJones: TomV youy must fish Leesville thenmuskzilla: larry for moon river would you run jakes belivers up high or would you run parrywinkles , plows down deeptomv: yuptomv: and alot it wvGuest: so you must like east winds?ToddM: thanks larrytomv: larry, supposed to have dinner at the pittsburgh show with some guys, I was told you’ll be thereSteve_Cady: hey everybody in case you missed our guest tonight has donated a two day guided trip in 2002 or 2003 including lodging to be auctioned off for the Ashton fund…visit the buy sell swap board after tonights chat for more info Item #35Esox_Maniac: Larry- what do you prefer for landing Muskies- net? Craddle? Hand?LarryJones: No east is least but usualy means someone will get at least one Big Beast, but I like West or SW winds that kickup Lake Erie into big waves that push Muskies to predictable places at ends of protective walls etc.Punch_and_Judy: Do you think that the waters of Lake Erie are under rated?Esox_Maniac: Nice! Great jesture Capt. Larry//0Smith_&_Ballisti: Larry what is your favorite trolling speed and why?Trophymuskie: Hey Larry already at $400 and bids won’t open till Tuesday LOLLarryJones: I always use a Bechman FinSaver Net when landing Muskies,the fish are always in the water,the net handle is locked in accross the boat into two Down-East Rodholders,freeing both hands for cutting hooks ,then you get the camera ready then lift thEsox_Maniac: Larry- How was your 2001 season- What had biggest impact?ToddM: Larry do you prefer trolling crankbaits with a wide wobble or a tight wiggle?LarryJones: I troll very slow most of the time,Big Muskies can’t get moving real fast quick,I will make a statement I have never caught a Musky over 50 inches over 3.0 mph,and I have caught 57 of them going slowEsox_Maniac: WOW!LarryJones: Steve Cady,I’m a Factory Rep for St.Croix Rod Co. and that are the only rods on my boat as well0723: sleeps 4 365 aweek if you fish it great deal on the waterEsox_Maniac: Larry- Whats your favorite twitch bait rod?LarryJones: The 2001 season was much slower then most,lots of High Barometric Pressures all summer long,then the weather styayed warm way into the first week of Noember and the water temps stayed to high, most Big Fish were caught all in the last two weeksGregM: when you locate baitfish trolling, at what depth do you have the most success, level, 2′ above them, 3′ above them, etc.??muskyone: Larry, do you go to or guide on St. Claire a lot?Steve_Cady: Larry if you are throwing early in the season what type of structure are you working?LarryJones: Krappie,the most rods I run at any one time will be six,(2) 10 ft. Pro-Glass on the Outlines,(2)7′ Pro-Glas XHvy on the intermediate depth lines and two 6 ft St.Croix Ocen Standup rods for 8 ounce Spinnerbaits in the propwashtomv: Larry, any tips for the cave run outing?Krappie: Thanks Larry, that explains the 8 oz spinnerbaitsSchuler: Larry, how do you keep your lines from getting caught in each otherLarryJones: I don’t guide on St.Clair, I go over and fish with my friend Capt. Don Millertomv: wow, 8oz of spinnerbait is a lot of lureEsox_Maniac: Larry- do you ever cast for deep water suspended fish?Krappie: You use the FlouroCarbon leaders also?Steve_Cady: Captain Larry’s website is: www.mostlymuskies.com check out the “Real” feature. that’s cool!muskzilla: how can you stand don millers jokes for that longKrappie: She’s bookmarked Steve C.LarryJones: I use various different lines that track at different legnths and cross over and under each other,the outside lines are Leadcore 45 lb test and track the path of the boat,the middle rods are 30 lb test Co-Polymer Mono and are our furtherLarryJones: I can give don back enough jokes to make him nealdown and cry laffingSteve_Cady: Larry what line do you use?LarryJones: I use a lot of Mason Leadcore Line in 45 lb test and 60 lb testLarryJones: For casting I use mostly 80lb test PowerProSteve_Cady: What about a Aqua Vu do you ever use them?Esox_Maniac: What about reels?LarryJones: Yes,the Aqua -Vu is a great tool for finding what type of baitfish are present on a given structure,then put it away or you will send all day looking instead of fishing or you will spot an inactive Hawg and waste the day on herSteve_Cady: Waste time on a fish?Steve_Cady: They all bite I thought?Punch_and_Judy: Got to go, we have spent a day on the water with Larry and learned a lot! A great Muskie Man, thanks Larry!Jamie_Schmidt: sooner or later they do CadyToddM: what reels do you like to use for trolling and casting?MNesox: larry, do you use plastics at all?LarryJones: For Reels I like Okuma Titus 50L Levelwinds with adjustable Leverdrag that can per set for trolling and upon stopping the boat you push the lever forward to a stop and it is preset for fighting the fish but not over tightenedmuskzilla: other than belivers, terminaters, wileys, what baits would you use on lake st clairEsox_Maniac: What about casting reels/LarryJones: For casting I Like Mitchell SCP-900- Reel and ABU 6500 C$ Reels for Jerkbaits that need to be worked fastLarryJones: C4 modelEsox_Maniac: How about electronics? What’s your preference?Steve_Cady: Larry when can we see you again featured in Musky Hunter?LarryJones: I use some plastics,mostly Reapertails,BullDawgs and Big Grubtails,but I did catch a 48″er last fall on the New Tiger Tubes,I will toss those more this year,they could be the stream ticket as wellLarryJones: April / May Issue will have a peice on Understanding Big Waters by Capt. Don Miller & ISmith_&_Ballisti: Do you ever use jigs…like creatures?Jamie_Schmidt: thanks for all the info Capt…always good to chat with you..I gotta runEsox_Maniac: Jigs- is this walleye forum?Steve_Cady: Larry are you fishing any PMTT events this year?Smith_&_Ballisti: MUSKIES….EAT JIGSEsox_Maniac:LarryJones: I use all Lowrance Electronics,X-85,X-75,and Global Map 2000,I wil;l wait for all the bugs to be worked out of the New ones before I make a change,therte is no unit clearer to see then an X-8LarryJones: I will fish Cave Run and one other,not sure could be CassKrappie: Larry do you use FlouroCarbon Leaders on your trolling rods?Steve_Cady: Cass has no fish Larry stay home………..ToddM: larry how much better is the x-85 compared to the x-75?Trophymuskie: 2400 Watts worth or 5 times moreLarryJones: Muskies love jigs,we got 8 ounce versions to stay down in 7 mph water currentGregM: with the clear water on the x-85, do you use auto and crank up the sensitivity or use manual and adjust??Trophymuskie: Larry how hard is it to get boat controll in 7 MPH currents?Esox_Maniac: Larry- What about trolling motors- you must have seen your share. What’s you current preferance & why?LarryJones: The X-85 is better for determining baitfish,higher RMS and is also better for deeper water,but if you spend most of your time sallower then 20 feet buy an X-75Oneida_Esox: Larry, we used to measure the current on the MISS. in flow, not MPH, ever hear of that type of measurementEsox_Maniac: CFM?LarryJones: I use a Honda 4-Stroke 15 hp Outboard for all my power trolling aplications,can go all day on a little more then a gallon of gas,and in the gin clear water I believe the much quieter 4-Strokes mean more fish to the boat with less noiseEsox_Maniac: What about electric troller?Smith_&_Ballisti: Thanks Larry…Muskie First thanks you a TON for being our guest tonight… Like everything you have to say, its educational to say the least….Please come again.Steve_Cady: GREAT JOB LARRY THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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