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 Feb 5th, 2009 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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MIKE HULBERT Onlie Seminar 2/05/09
Steve_Worrall:  MuskieFIRST Welcomes Mike Hulbert to the online Seminar room, Thanks for joining us!
Mike_Hulbert: thanks for having me Steve!
Steve_Worrall: Let the questions begin…
Mike_Hulbert: Fire away…I’ll try my best to keep up

Mike Hulbert Guide Service

heckster: hey mike- would you rather fish the barbee chain or webster?
Mike_Hulbert: Heckster: depends on the time of year.  Both can be awesome or both can suck…it’s musky fishing!
JimtenHaaf: what do you find to be the biggest trigger for getting the webster fish to bite?
JimtenHaaf: not uncommon to have 40 follows in a day
Mike_Hulbert: Jim, BIG figure 8’s and erratic movement with baits
JimtenHaaf: erratic— fast?
Mike_Hulbert: yes, speed is a huge factor
suicknut: what would you say is the best way to convert following fish into strikes(change of speed, direction ect.)
Mike_Hulbert: suicknut, BIG figure 8’s and speed.  Longer rods are a must for BIG figure 8’s
JimtenHaaf: If you were to go south during the winter, what lake would you choose?
Mike_Hulbert: Kinkaid maybe…I would really like to get down to TN sometime!
figure8: I fish a lake that has very little structure.  I have a hard time finding fish in the spring until the weeds really start coming in.  Lake has a few cribs and points.  How could I find more fish.
Mike_Hulbert: Figure8, go to open water.  25-60 ft.  Look for bait and start casting!
figure8: What kind of lures would you use for that dept of water ?  Do I need deep running cranks or could i throw something that runs 10 feet or less.
Mike_Hulbert: Throw lures that are 10 ft. and less.  Dawgs, big bucktails, topwaters.  WEAGLES ROCK IN OPEN WATER
figure8: Thanks!
JBL: What was your biggest Indiana musky last year?
Mike_Hulbert: 48.75
JBL: Webster vs Barbee Chain. which is better?
Mike_Hulbert: JBL, depends on the time of year.
JBL: which one for 50 inch fish? webster or barbee
Mike_Hulbert: JBL, neither
JBL: no 50’s in Indiana?
Mike_Hulbert: JBL, yes a few legit 50’s, but not with any consistancy.
JBL: How’s the Indiana night fishing in May and June?
Mike_Hulbert: JBL, it can be pretty good.  June the temps can be way way way to high on some years though.  Also there can be alot of floating weeds which can suck!
JBL: Best big fish lake in Indiana?
Mike_Hulbert: Depends on time of year JBL
JBL: spring
riebe: Mike at what water temp do you start to throw top water in indiana?
Mike_Hulbert: riebe, upper 40’s to low 50’s
heckster: Do you have a favorite on the chain?
jason: what temps do you usually start catching fish on blades?  Not spinnerbates
Mike_Hulbert: 45-50 as well
BWold: Mike….does your strategy differ from fishing the Indiana lakes to fishing the lakes in Minnesota?
Mike_Hulbert: Bwold, in Indiana I fish open water ALOT, in Mn it is mostly shallow water fishing.  But the baits are pretty much the same.

jason: Use big joes at all in northern MN?
Mike_Hulbert: jason, I have, just hard to put down my DAWGS!!!!
lambeau: when fishing in MN, would you describe yourself as more of a “run and gun” or a “camp” style fisherman? and what conditions will lead to you choose one over the other on a given day?
Mike_Hulbert: I am not a run and gun guy.  I fish the spots that I know are holding fish hard.  Sometimes stupidly hard.
lambeau: will you be spending more time guiding on Mille Lacs again this year?  (last year seemed to be a tough one to move that direction…)
Mike_Hulbert: I will be on Mille Lacs in June, but not for a very long stint…maybe like 7-10 days….who know.  Depends on how well the metro is in June
chang: will you be staying put in one area in minnesota this summer or do you move to differnt areas?
Mike_Hulbert: I will be moving around a little this year.  Starting at the metro, moving to Mill Lacs, then off to Bemidji and Lake X….:)
Slamr: Mike, what main thing do you think fishing Minnesota has taught you that you now apply to fishing in Indiana?
Mike_Hulbert: Slamr, big fish can be found shallow at times and night fishing rocks
Slamr: What lakes in Indiana do you find a ROCK bite on?
Mike_Hulbert: none…:)  As in night fishing can be awesome
mstanforth: Have a place about 40 miles from Lake Vermillion, but never have fished it. How or whom would be a good place to start- preferably accessing from the western side (Cook, Minneosta).
Mike_Hulbert: I haven’t fished Vermillion in about 4-5 years…sorry can’t help you out there.

MuskyRuss: Mike,  Wheres the next show youll be attending? Will you have any of you rods with you?
Boji: will you be at the MN Expo this year?
Mike_Hulbert: Boji, yes I will be there again this year.
Boji: any chance you’ll have some rods along for sale?
Mike_Hulbert: Boji, probably not by then.  Still in the works as of now.
eagle: how many hours is a average day of fishing
Mike_Hulbert: eagle, depends on the client.  I have no set number of hours.  My clients get 8, but if they want to go 10, 12, 14 hours that is totally cool with me as well.  Many of my trips are 12+
Pointer: What is the most difficult thing about guiding, that you deal with?
 Mike_Hulbert: Pointer, have no free time.  Pretty much my entire life revolves around my book…not much time for anything

lambeau: at times some people have been critical of the amount of pressure that paid muskie guides can bring to certain small or out-of-the-way waters. as an influential guide, what are your thoughts?
lambeau: it’s an opportunity to share your thoughts on a topic that can be contentious at times.
Mike_Hulbert: I don’t see guiding on bodies of water as bring a “bunch” of extra pressure on lakes.  Lakes are lakes, anybody can fish them…or so I thought.
Mike_Hulbert: I also handle “fishing pressure” very easily.  It doesn’t bother me to see musky boats on a body of water.  But you got to remember, here in Indiana our lakes are pounded by out of state folks.
 Mike_Hulbert: Which is totally fine and cool with me, that is what they are there for.
lambeau: do you do anything to mitigate that kind of impact from your own guide business?
Mike_Hulbert: I also just like to do my own thing.  I show up, fish, go to bed and do it all over again.  You can’t be worried about who is fishing “your” lake….just go fishing and enjoy it.

dirt_esox: top 3 baits late June?
Mike_Hulbert: Pacemaker, DC10 and Mag Dawg
JimtenHaaf: when you say dc10, are you talking about liberace? 😉
Mike_Hulbert: Licerace is KILLER….Elton John can be good too!
JimtenHaaf: hahahahha
mich_boy: do you down size your baits in the spring
Mike_Hulbert: Mich, no not really….
dirt_esox: Mike, your thoughts on walk the dog topwaters and when/where do you throw them
Chris_K: What do you find works best to “charge” glow beads at night so they last longer?
Mike_Hulbert: Chris, I don’t use glow beads at night.  But I am sure a really strong 5+ million candle light power spot light would work really well.
figure8: If you could only have one lure in your box what would it be?
Mike_Hulbert: Figure8…wow…tough one….Hard to beat a dawg and a DC10 or Spanky Bait….but then there is always my favorite Weagle to….hard to pick just one!
JBL: Is the kickin minnow your best bait in Indiana?
Mike_Hulbert: JBL, it’s definately a good bait.
GotOne: Have you used the 8″ kickin’ minnow yet?  if so, how was the action?
Mike_Hulbert: Haven’t used one yet, and probably won’t
figure8: What do you throw at night?  I see everyone is catching night fish on double blades.  How about a helidawg or even a crank.  What are the best colors for night fishing.
Mike_Hulbert: Double ten are definately deadly at night, but Heli Dawgs are great around rocks at night.  Color depends on how much moon is out.
jason: favorite crank for twitchin?
Mike_Hulbert: Big Game and Grandma’s
casting: do you like using loud baits with rattles in them
Mike_Hulbert: Casting, at times.  depends on the conditions.
Mike_Hulbert: I am looking forward to using the new Krisko at night this year, should be deadly.
JBL: How about Big Game baits at night?
Mike_Hulbert: Big games are good.
heckster: Do you use the same baits in Indiana as you do in Minn?
Mike_Hulbert: Heckster, yes I do.

cband: Any details on the rods you might be working on?
 Mike_Hulbert: They will be 8, 8’6 and 9 ft.  All one piece, no extentions in the handles.  Both thick and thicker cork.  Fuji guides and reel seat.   Heavy to Med-Heavy action.  Really like the first few I have got
Chris_K: When were the rods available?
Mike_Hulbert: Chris, I am hoping by mid spring, but I want to make sure everything is perfect before I come out witht them.
bobtodd: Any idea on a price range for your 9′ rods?
Mike_Hulbert: I am going to try and sell them somewhere between 120 and 140.  Price will be determined soon.
Smokin_Joe: What brand are the blanks?
Mike_Hulbert: Smokin Joe, they will be our own private lable blanks
DRPEPIN: You described the rod as utility.  Does that mean single bladed buck tails to mag dogs?
Mike_Hulbert: DRPEPIN, yep. I am a one rod type of guy.  I like to use one rod for everything I throw.
lambeau: along the lines of those rods, what are your thoughts on appropriate gear (rods, reels, line, leaders) for muskies?
Mike_Hulbert: I like long rods, I only throw 9 footers.  I use a Calcutta 400 TE with a power handle, 80 pound Cortland and Stealth 130-150 flouro leaders.  That is what I throw every bait on, from March-Dec.
lambeau: why that one setup in particular?
Mike_Hulbert: Lambeau, I am just most comfortable with that set up and I have had very little failures.  Long rods are less fatigue, excellent for fig. 8’s.  The reel….well reels are reels in my opinion…:)
Mike_Hulbert:  also the longer rods allow the angler to fight the fish better in my opinion.  I haven’t found one down side to using 8-9 ft. rods
Slamr: you say you’re a “single purpose rod” guy (while I’m a 5 rods ready at all times person), tell me what rod you use that can do all the things you do?
Mike_Hulbert: There are two that I have used the past few seasons that I can “do all” with.  My 9 ft. Edge Rod and my Hamernick rod.  I had the opportunity to design my own rod, so I am looking forward to it.
Chris_K: Do you crank your drag as tight as it will go or how is it set?
Mike_Hulbert: Chris, yes my drag is totally cranked down.
JBL: Freespool or drag during fig 8?
Mike_Hulbert: Free spool all the way
Mike_Hulbert: unless it is a little fish
plantan_midj has left the room.
DRPEPIN: Little fish? 45″ or less?
Mike_Hulbert: DRPEPIN, yeah

heckster: why 80 lb line and such a heavy leader?
dirt_esox: ya I keep going back and forth between 100 and 80 lb
Mike_Hulbert: 80 pound line won’t break as easy as other lighter lines, and is strong enough to horse them in.  I want the fish in the net NOW.  And with leaders, clear is clear.  I also use 180.
Chris_K: What kind of Cortland do you prefer? and why?
Mike_Hulbert: I like green cortland spectron, 80 pound test.  Isn’t really waxy, or have memory.  Also holds up really really well.  I also use the bronzeback in the late fall as it doesn’t hold much water.
muskyfvr: Mike, Have you used the stringease snaps with the Stealth leaders? If yes, do you like them.
Mike_Hulbert: Yes, I only use the stringease Stay Loc snaps.  They rock.  Never had one open on me yet, but I also change them out when they start to turn silver

lambeau: Mike, it looks like you are starting to expand beyond guiding into producing some muskie equipment. aside from the rods you’re working on, what else is on your gear horizon?
Mike_Hulbert: I have my net light out this year, which is a pretty cool little tool.  I am also working on some lures as well.
bobtodd: what type of lures?
Mike_Hulbert: bobtodd, what type of lures when?
bobtodd: are you working on?
Mike_Hulbert: that’s a secret for now…..:)
bobtodd: we’ll have to wait….
Mike_Hulbert: it not another bucktail though!!! LOL
JimtenHaaf: I’m guessing a pacemaker type
Mike_Hulbert: you won’t have to wait long….
JimtenHaaf: with a nice clicker
JimtenHaaf: 🙂
Mike_Hulbert: Nope, hard to improve the pacemaker…pretty much rocks the way it is
JimtenHaaf: Where are your net lights available?
Mike_Hulbert: Jim, they are availble through me, Steath Tackle, Rollie and Helens and will soon be at Musky Tackle On Line, Thone Bros and Musky Armor’s website

chang: how do you like the new glowin outdoors products? i understand you tested it last year.
 Mike_Hulbert: chang, Glowin Outdoors has an awesome product.  I put them on my trolling motor in April and they still glow like crazy.  Great product to have for sure
GotOne: i owe ya a beer…

mich_boy: what would you rather fish sunset or moonset
Mike_Hulbert: Moonset and moonrise, hands down
 JimtenHaaf: why moon phases?
Mike_Hulbert: Jim, just what my records tell me…fish the moon!!!!
JimtenHaaf: even if they are not anywhere near the sunset and sunrise?
Mike_Hulbert: yep.  I fish some pretty crazy hours at times to hit the moon phases.
JimtenHaaf: don’t get me wrong, i love the moon too, but it just doesn’t coencide with the low-light factors that usually move fish
Mike_Hulbert: Sunset is definately good, caught a lot of fish during sun set, I just prefer moon rise and moon set
JimtenHaaf: My PB (a 48.5 from webster) came 15 min. after moonset
JimtenHaaf: nothing happened at sunset
JimtenHaaf: so i’m partial too! 🙂
magdawg: please explain a lunar major and minor and how to calculate them for any given day
magdawg: can you calculate a major and minor off of the moonrise and moonset times? How?
Mike_Hulbert: magdawg, I use websites for all my moon info, or newspapers
magdawg: what is the website you recommend
Mike_Hulbert: to get a good print out you can use the moon phase chart on Musky Hunter, I also have one in my favorites on my laptop, not for sure the name of it.
JBL: moonrise or moonset which is better?
magdawg: are major’s and minor’s on the same level as moonrise,moonset in terms or big fish movements?
Mike_Hulbert: Magdawg, they certainly can be for sure
DRPEPIN: You talked about moon rise and set and sunset, but not sun rise.  Do you ever fish sun rise?
Mike_Hulbert: yes, I fish sunrise alot.
figure8: So if you  have a lot of moon what is you favortie color vs less moon.
Mike_Hulbert: Lot of moon, pink, white, chart.  Less moon, silver and gold

GotOne: What boat are you going to be running next year?
Mike_Hulbert: I will be running the same boat as last year.  2008 Polar Kraft 1910 with a 225 Suzuki….tough year to sell a boat!

Steve_Worrall: Mike, that was a well spent and fast hour for all of us,  MuskieFIRST thanks Mike Hulbert for a very informational and entertaining hour, thanks for joining us, Mike!
Mike_Hulbert: Thank you Steve, I greatly appreciate it.  Thanks for having me.

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