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 Feb 28th, 2005 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Jason_Smith: Scott Jenkins……buddy old pal…..Welcome to the MuskiefIRST chat room…..I know you are going to tell us all your muskie secrets…….Live its Scotty!!!Fenchy_LeMay: Mr. Jenkins, Wich one of my spots did you get your big one at?sworrall: Scott, how was your year overall?Scott_Jenkins: This was my worst year ever. Three kids took time away from fishing.Jason_Smith: yea but you got a PIGGYZach: yeah i can relateScott_Jenkins: Did manage some good times on the water thoughWV_Musky: scott, welcome, and what has been your hottest baitScott_Jenkins: Best bait this year by far was a Slammer crankScott_Jenkins: 7″ and 8″WV_Musky: thanksScott_Jenkins: Twithching deep waterScott_Jenkins: That was twitchingScott_Jenkins: Sport show special colorsSchuler: how deep do you consider deep water?Scott_Jenkins: I had my best luck between 12 and 20 feetScott_Jenkins: Deep weedsToddM: Scott, besides current areas, where do you like to target post turnover muskies on millfoil lakes?Scott_Jenkins: Deepest water I can find adjacent to steep breaksWV_Musky: ok muskieE yes I did just checkedFenchy_LeMay: What’s a better fishery Fox chain or Madison Chain?Scott_Jenkins: Frenchy – depends on the time of the yearJason_Smith: What do you consider your top three go to baits in the Spring.. on Madison and the Fox Chain?Scott_Jenkins: I like the Fox earlyScott_Jenkins: Mad Chain in the Summer and FallSlamr: Scott, is there a suspended bite on Silver Lake in Kenosha?Scott_Jenkins: Spring baits – Mann’s 1-minus twitching, small bucktails, squirkosFrabillNetlover: Scott, Do you fish different states waters differently? Or will we always find you starting in the 12 to 20′ range? I’m comparing Fox vs. Mad Vs. Chip Vs. CanadaWV_Musky: scott what is your favorite lure this time of yearToddM: When do you do your most trolling?Scott_Jenkins: Slamr – we’ll have to hook up on Silver. I haven’t been there since May and I live two blocks awayScott_Jenkins: Frabill – I definitely fish different waters differentlyScott_Jenkins: I have only been to Canada once and that was this yearScott_Jenkins: Canada was shallowMuskieE: do you modify your slammers?FrabillNetlover: Have you fished Leech or Mille Lacs?Scott_Jenkins: Waters around here I stay on the breaks for the most partScott_Jenkins: I troll mostly in the summer timeScott_Jenkins: E – I don’t modify my Slammers. I do change out all of the hooks and add bigger ones though.musky_fever: Scott, What would you say is your most productive lake on the ChainFenchy_LeMay: How many days do you guide in a year?Scott_Jenkins: I fished Mille Lacs for the first time this year.Scott_Jenkins: Most productive lake on which chain – Madison or Fox?musky_fever: FoxScott_Jenkins: I guide between 30 and 40 days a year.Schuler: Scott, this time of the year when the water temp gets around 40-45, what kind of pattern do you use?Scott_Jenkins: Fox – Definitely Marie.Scott_Jenkins: I stay in that 12 to 25 foot range.Scott_Jenkins: Casting baits and dragging suckersmusky_fever: what baits do you use this time of year?Scott_Jenkins: I usually don’t venture too far from where I know big fish are.FrabillNetlover: How about the Mad chain in fall? What lakes would you focus on?Scott_Jenkins: Slammers, Big Joe’s, Bulldawgs and Squirkos are my go toos right now.Scott_Jenkins: Monona is my go to lake on the Madison Chain in the FallSchuler: will the fish come up from 20 foot and hit a squirko just under the surface?Scott_Jenkins: It used to be Wingra because of the good sucker bite but that hasn’t been good the last two yearsToddM: Scott, what makes one millfoil lake especially tough and another especially great in the post turnove ie pewaukee and silverScott_Jenkins: Schuler – absolutely!Jason_Smith: I have fished with you and NO DOUBT you are a pounder………….Why do you work baits so fast?Scott_Jenkins: Todd – good question. That might take me a bit.Scott_Jenkins: Jason – I usually let the water dictate the speedScott_Jenkins: Depending on conditions, I may slow down or speed up.Scott_Jenkins: I am not good at watching paint dry (LOL)!Scott_Jenkins: Todd – I think the water clarity has a lot to do with itScott_Jenkins: It seems to me that I have the best luck post turnover when the water has cleared up quite a bitScott_Jenkins: Lakes that are still green so to speak seem to be pretty slowSchuler: since you fish southern lakes like I do, what do you do most when the water temp soars abouve 85?Jason_Smith: You mentioned Suckers………..what rig….how do you present it?Scott_Jenkins: I don’t generally fish around here when the water is that warm.plitzzz: if muskys don’t seem to like suckers in the summer months then why do so many throw that pattern on cranks that time of yearScott_Jenkins: I would rather spend that time up north and not take a chance on killing a fish.Scott_Jenkins: I use my own quick strike rig on suckers. I like to run one deep and one shallow while castingScott_Jenkins: plitzzz – I think the sucker pattern is a confidence color for many peopleToddM: Scott, will you be hitting the tiger cat really hard next year, so you can be the only one who can say they got their personal bast from there?Scott_Jenkins: It’s hard to believe that a 51″ came from the Tiger CatScott_Jenkins: I wouldn’t have believed it either. Glad I had plenty of witnesses and good photos!ToddM: I think somebody put that one in there from another lakeMark_H_: NO Sh….. I knew they were in there, Al from Pastika’s popped a good one two years agoFenchy_LeMay: Good smallie spotScott_Jenkins: Could have been. It released great.musky_fever: Scott, nice fish by the way, way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Scott_Jenkins: Thanks!Scott_Jenkins: My knees shake every time I look at the picsMuskieE: scott whats your favorite bait mod?Scott_Jenkins: E – I don’t spend a lot of time tinkering if you can believe that.Scott_Jenkins: One of my best though is for the spring timeJason_Smith: Who broke in your new Frabil net for the first time this year….so you could handle that hog?Scott_Jenkins: I call it a ClackTailfish_on: the crane mod?Scott_Jenkins: It’s a small Crane bait with the middle hook taken out and a colorado blade in it’s placeScott_Jenkins: It’s is an awesome bait!MuskieE: what size blade?Mark_H_: Crank it or troll itScott_Jenkins: Mr. Smith had the honors of blessing my new Frabill for the first time!GregM: interestingToddM: does the blade beat up the finish at all?Scott_Jenkins: Twitch it.Scott_Jenkins: small bladeToddM: thanks for that tip, that got me to thinking, does not happen oftenMark_H_: That’s one way to get noise out of a wood baitScott_Jenkins: Todd – that’s the best partScott_Jenkins: It is at it’s peak when all the wood is pounded away and you are clanking on the metal!Scott_Jenkins: I have some pictures on my website if you want to take a better lookMuskymike13: Can anyone out there tell me the best way to tie HARD MONO leadersScott_Jenkins: Can’t help on the Hard Mono Leaders.ToddM: scott, what baits do you like to troll?Scott_Jenkins: Slammers are my best trolling baitsScott_Jenkins: I also like Ernies, JakesGregM: can we get a link to scotts site?Shep: Mike13, look back a few weeks, there was a post on FLouro leaders. Use nailsScott_Jenkins: Spinner baitsScott_Jenkins: Legendsfish_on: what spinner baits do you like?Muskymike13: Shep, what kinda knot do you use?ToddM: do you troll 8″ jakes and how fast? mine blow outmusktothe: r we allowed to ask to sell stuff here?Shep: Scott, did the big one come on peak time according to the watch?Scott_Jenkins: I don’t troll my Jake’s that fast. Usually about 2-1/2ToddM: thanks, how about the shallow slammers, how fast?Scott_Jenkins: Shep – LOL – I am not sure, I was shaking too damn much!MuskieE: short line or long?Scott_Jenkins: Slammers I go up to 4 and 5ToddM: have to try them shallow ones for that, thanksScott_Jenkins: I short line and long line them and I have one in the propwash – 5 total – that is all I will troll withRabid_Perch: musktothe….anytime there is not a live chat going on..right noe there isScott_Jenkins: I don’t believe in dragging fish aroundScott_Jenkins: Once we get a fish on trolling, the boat goes into neutralmusky_fever: are you doing a lot of trolling now, or are you dragging suckers all the timeScott_Jenkins: Draggin suckers and casting at this time of the yearScott_Jenkins: I’ll start trolling when it is too cold to castjlong: I suppose your big fish story has already been told. Can I get the short version?GregM: more fish by casting or suckers this fall?Scott_Jenkins: I hate trolling!!musky_fever: what is you favorite bait to troll at that timeToddM: Do you stick with the same baits when it’s that cold?ToddM: trollingScott_Jenkins: Here’s the big fish story!Scott_Jenkins: Chip – Pete’s Bar – 5 feet from the boat – 8″ Crane – I nearly crapped my pants!Fenchy_LeMay: Wishing you could copy and paste huh/sworrall: nearly??jlong: Nearly???jlong: jinxScott_Jenkins: Todd – I stick with bigger baits trolling in the late FallToddM: thanksScott_Jenkins: I will generally slow things down a bit tooScott_Jenkins: Slow troll along the steep breaksjlong: How do you stay awake while trolling?Scott_Jenkins: Legend Plows are great late Fall trollersJason_Smith: jlong…loljlong: Seriously… I’d like to try it… but afraid I’ll crash my boat.Scott_Jenkins: My friend taught me long ago to bring good reading materials with lots of pictures!ToddM: my dad fell aslepp once driving while trolling, run right into a weed bedSchuler: Scott, did that 8″ crane have a blade on it?MuskieE: loljlong: hahah… that just might work!Scott_Jenkins: LOL – I have almost fallen asleep many timesScott_Jenkins: 8″ Crane had no blade – Crappie coloredSchuler: thanksmusky_fever: twitching?Scott_Jenkins: Anyone know where I can find more 8″ Crane?Scott_Jenkins: I was twitchingScott_Jenkins: 6 feet of waterSchuler: you can get custom colored cranes from durstScott_Jenkins: saddle areaScott_Jenkins: Thanks!Scott_Jenkins: 8″er’s?Mark_H_: Scott try Crazy D Tackle at 715-874-6996Schuler: yeahRabid_Perch: did they stop making the 8″Scott_Jenkins: CoolSchuler: 208, right?Scott_Jenkins: I heard they stopped making them too – that’s why I asked.Scott_Jenkins: 208Schuler: maybe they dont’ have them, i dont’ knowMark_H_: Tell’em I sent ya and they’ll probably hang up on ya…:)Scott_Jenkins: LOLMuskieE: lmaoScott_Jenkins: When trolling – I generally troll a little then cast a little to break things upScott_Jenkins: I give guys credit who can stick with it all dayMark_H_: As Sharon and the others age the availability of Cranes is going to get more slimSchuler: ahh, they dont’ have 208’sScott_Jenkins: great way to get a monster fishSchuler: better keep mineScott_Jenkins: Schuler – trade ya?Schuler: my 208 has a hole in itMark_H_: I”m sure someone will buy the company but ya never know what the quality will b..Schuler: someone shoved it in a plano box and the hook went right throughScott_Jenkins: I was so excited, I threw the lip off of my other two working them so hard after getting that fishMark_H_: LOLScott_Jenkins: Now I have three 8″ Cranes that are lipless………………….//8musky_fever: Scott, it was good chatting with you, take care and stick another “PIG”!!!!!//40Scott_Jenkins: Thanks you too!Mark_H_: Crazy D’s should be able to get you lips too.Scott_Jenkins: I was thinking of that too so I kept them just in case.Scott_Jenkins: WE CAN REBUILD THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GregM: heard cranes are a one fish bait, but if their oinkers, guess its ok lolScott_Jenkins: LOLJason_Smith: Scott……What are some June patterns on the Madsion chain?Rabid_Perch: moores lures sells the lips alsoScott_Jenkins: I definitely don’t consider them a one fish baitScott_Jenkins: June on the Madison Chain – I am generally fishing 3 to 12 feetFenchy_LeMay: They should make a plastic CraneScott_Jenkins: Looking for the good weeds in areas that I know good fish areWV_Musky: i know bill crane the maker,he’s my neighborfish_on: do you only fish the 8 inch crane?Scott_Jenkins: Bucktails, spinnerbaits, Slammers, Undertakers, Squirkosfish_on: what is your favorite spinnerbait?Scott_Jenkins: The fish are still pretty close to spawning grounds at that time.Scott_Jenkins: Shumway Funky Chickensmusktothe: Scott do you still consider using topwater or bucktails in cold water?Scott_Jenkins: Bucktails in cold water for sure. I throw topwater in cold water but usually if I have client throwing my known producers.Scott_Jenkins: I haven’t had much luck with topwaters once the water ducks down into the 50’smusktothe: oh I’m talkin in the low 40’sScott_Jenkins: If it is that cold, I generally throw a hawg wobblerScott_Jenkins: Never in the 40’s. Probably my mistake though………….. You just never knowScott_Jenkins: When it’s that cold, I am generally throwing Bulldawgs when casting and dragging suckersmusktothe: is it just too fast for them?Rabid_Perch: scott, what type of retreive on the bulldawgsScott_Jenkins: No – I don’t believe it is. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that surface activity has slowed down and the fish can sense ice up is comingmusktothe: thnxScott_Jenkins: I like to pop and reel my dawgs.Scott_Jenkins: Almost swimming it up and downScott_Jenkins: Quick pops so it comes up fast and has a chance to go down while I am reeling up the slack linemusktothe: when u sense a fish is it right away or till weight on the dawg?MuskieE: you like rubber baits?musktothe: the hookset that isJason_Smith: Jenkins, How do you approach new water……I have seen you do real good before…..How do you do it?Scott_Jenkins: I hit anything that I feel on the dawg – no matter what – never take chancesmusktothe: right away?]Scott_Jenkins: E – I like rubber baits – just have trouble fishing them slow!Scott_Jenkins: Hit them right away on the dawg!musktothe: sorry jasonScott_Jenkins: New water – great questionScott_Jenkins: Get a map and study itScott_Jenkins: Depending on the time of the year – come up with a gameplanScott_Jenkins: Spring – shallow bays and feeder creeksScott_Jenkins: Summer – points and breaks adjacent to spawning baysScott_Jenkins: Summer – long stretches of Millfoil that have good turnsMuskyPippo: Hey guys, hey ScottScott_Jenkins: Fall – Deep water breaks adjacent to steep shorelinejlong: Ummm… what if that NEW lake doesn’t have any of those you listed?Scott_Jenkins: HOWDY!Scott_Jenkins: Good point JasonToddM: what’s your favorite summer trolling patter? shallow over the weeds, breakilinnes, open water?Scott_Jenkins: I look for irregularities in the shore or things that are out of the ordinaryScott_Jenkins: Irregularities always seem to lead to fishMuskyPippo: Scott just let me say, after drifting Pete’s 19 times in a course of 6 days, after seeing your fish it was like salt on a open wound….CongratsScott_Jenkins: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!MuskyPippo: You and Sennett must be the only boats able to pull fish offScott_Jenkins: Todd – Deep weed pod trollingToddM: thanksScott_Jenkins: Two baits short lined, two long lined, one propwashScott_Jenkins: LOL!ToddM: do you use planer boards?Scott_Jenkins: I saw your name on the board at Deer Foot!Scott_Jenkins: No planer boards. I like to keep it simple.MuskyPippo: Yeah, I guess my 46 is still tops at Treelands, Ty dominates Deer Foot..Scott_Jenkins: Ty had some awesome days on the Chip this year.MuskyPippo: Oh yeah, he’s a lucky little manScott_Jenkins: Oh yeah – it was Treelands – great place to stopMark_H_: //37 That’ll bring him backScott_Jenkins: Bucktails with large fluted blades are my favoriteScott_Jenkins: Had great luck this year on Sennett PacemakersToddM: You said you like the mad chain in the summer, the algae bloom does not slow it down?Scott_Jenkins: Canada – had the best luck on jackpotsMuskyPippo: When you went to the Chip was the bog still on Birch?Mark_H_: Me too Pacemakers Rockmusktothe: where in CanadaScott_Jenkins: Todd – noScott_Jenkins: Yes – the bog was still there on the Cedar Tops side. I couldn’t believe it.MuskyPippo: I was giving Ty crap for it getting me a wee size northern after dark, Corey’s face was just shocked.Scott_Jenkins: Lake of the Woods – Monument Bay Lodge – great place!Scott_Jenkins: Undertakers were good to me too this year – walleye pattern was the bestScott_Jenkins: Slammer Cranks – 7″ and 8″ twitched were by far my #1 bait this year thoughsworrall: Scott, do you ‘pop’ the Undertakeer top to mid depthScott_Jenkins: Hopefully will put some more in the boat before the year is over.Scott_Jenkins: I keep the Undertaker between 2 and four feet down.ToddM: Scott, how deep do the shallow slammers get for you trolling?Scott_Jenkins: I am running my Slammer Deep divers between 4 and 15 feet for the most part.fish_on: do you fish the undertakers around the milfoil or work them over the breaks?Scott_Jenkins: Undertakers work the best for me casting right to the edge of the millfoilJason_Smith: sorry…puter burpScott_Jenkins: On the Fox Chain, they were working great right over the tops of the shallow millfoil Scott_Jenkins: Jason Smith turned me on to the UndertakersMark_H_: Jim makes a great bait..Scott_Jenkins: After he popped the first 40+” of the year in my boat – you da man!ToddM: I had to discover them myself, thanks jasonSlamr: EVERYONE MARK YOUR CALENDARS: NEXT TUESDAY, BUCHER TACKLE WILL BE HOSTING OUR TUESDAY NIGHT INDUSTRY CHAT!!!Schuler: what kind of rod do you use for the undertakers?Scott_Jenkins: I like the 6’6″ LamiglasJason_Smith: Scott Jenkins……..Thank you very much for telling us all of your secrets on the mad chain and fox chain. Congrats again on your fish of a lifetime….Thanks again……from everyone at MuskieFIRST

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