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 Jun 15th, 2021 by Keith Worrall 

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Tip of the Month: Supplemental Feeding and Whole Herd Health

If you’re like many hunters, when you think of supplemental feeding your mind likely goes straight to big bucks hammering protein and calcium to hopefully add inches to their rack. While that can be a great side benefit to supplemental feeding, an often overlooked and critically important objective for supplemental feeding should be whole herd health, in particular does and their new fawns hitting the ground. If we start back at square one, producing a health deer herd requires a number of key elements –Good food and nutrition sources, a water source, and secure shelter. When considering nutrition sources, a great place to start is with Momma.

Does going through and coming out of pregnancy require elevated levels of key nutritional elements to help their bodies recover and to aid in nursing their new fawns. Similarly, having quality nutrition available for young does can put them leaps and bounds ahead of their counterparts that are born where nutrition is limited or scarce. When does are healthy, they produce healthy fawns. When fawns have adequate nutrition, they maximize their potential and grow into, you guessed it, healthy does and bucks. And when healthy deer mature, those does can repeat the pregnancy process with ease and high success rates, and those bucks have the foundational elements needed to produce trophy sized wall art for your man cave. Focus on whole herd health as your primary objective, and the results will speak for themselves for many years to come.

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