Traditions Media Aims to Educate

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 Jun 16th, 2021 by Keith Worrall 

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Traditions Media Aims to Educate

Top marketing-strategy and PR company in hunting, fishing, marine, and outdoors welcomes two inspiring collegiate interns

Minneapolis, MN (June 16, 2021) – Nothing beats on-the-job training. Throw a newbie into the lion’s den and the results are a crapshoot. Walk an educated and enthusiastic aspirant into the workplace and industry, however, and it’s not betting; it’s investing.

To that, Traditions Media recently onboarded a pair of collegiate interns to show the ropes, as well as add fresh faces and youthful exuberance.

Olivia Behn

Olivia Behn studies at Iowa State University, where she’ll soon enter her junior year. Enrolled in the Business School, Olivia hopes to learn the innerworkings of the outdoor industry she loves, while infusing her knowledge of social and digital media into Traditions Media’s core competencies.

Outside of school, Olivia enjoys a wide breadth of related activities, including hiking, exploring and travel. She hopes to learn more about how the business world works from a hands-on experience at Traditions Media, gaining customer-relations skills, while adding value to Traditions Media’s social presence.

Mitch Dickie will be a sophomore at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. Mitch majors in Business Management, where he concentrates on finance and marketing. On the sporting side, Mitch is a bigtime turkey and whitetail deer hunter, as well as a bass-fishing enthusiast. In fact, this past fall, Mitch harvested the biggest buck of his life near Henderson, Minnesota.

Mitch Dickie

As the Traditions Media staff opens the curtains to the outdoors industry in real-time, the company will benefit from the generational insights Olivia and Mitch offer. “We’ve been in business for over a decade and have steadily progressed with the evolution of marketing and communications – in fact, pioneering contemporary strategies and techniques – but by adding young people who grew up with social media and digital communications we’ll improve our understanding of how the next generation of consumers get their information, and, ultimately, shop,” says Traditions Media Vice President, Leslie Sundahl-Vick.

Traditions Media President, Noel Vick, adds: “Beyond what we can teach Olivia and Mitch, as well as what we’ll learn from them, this is really about investing in the future of the hunting, fishing, marine, and outdoors industries. Batons are being passed from old-schoolers to up-and-comers daily. You see the faces change at every tradeshow. New people are joining these great industries and we want to do our part mentoring the next group of leaders.

“School will always teach the nuts and bolts. But only time in the trenches yields that much-deeper understanding of what makes these worlds go round. That, and building relationships. Because as we’ve always said, long lasting relationships and building an identity come from handshakes, spending time in the boat or blind, and then a cold one back at camp.”

Olivia Behn

About Traditions Media

Traditions Media is a uniquely specialized media communications, public relations, marketing strategy, content creation and influencer marketing group laser-focused on the hunting, fishing and outdoors industries. Our partners include Aqua-Vu, Raymarine/FLIR, Northland Fishing Tackle, Bagley, Sharkbanz, Daiwa, St. Croix Rod, Hobie, Z-Man, ScentLok, OZ, Blocker Outdoors, Howard Leight and Minelab.

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