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 Mar 2nd, 2006 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Slamr: MuskieFIRST Welcomes to the Chat Room, Todd Forcier, professional muskie guide and tournament promoter on the Petenwell Flowage in Central WI! TForcier: thank you, Slamr Slamr: Thanks for coming in tonight Todd muskyboy: What lures do you like on the Pete? TForcier: spinners, gliders, topwater Slamr: Todd, can you start off by telling us a little about where the Petenwell Flowage is, how long there have been muskies in it, etc. TForcier: The mighty Pete in Central Wis. 2nd largest body of water in the state. been stocked by the DNR, PMC and the consolidated club nwild: Other than current, what other structure items do you look for on the Pete TForcier: i love current…however, we have timber and timber and some more, breaklines, rocks to name a few Slamr: How long have muskies been in the Pete? TForcier: I believe muskies have been in the Wisconsin River system since the river has been here Lee_Tauchen: what is your favorite month for fish over 40″ and over 45″ TForcier: May into June Slamr: Speaking of early season, can you tell us a bit about your approaches just after the opener? jonnysled: If you’ve fished other parts of the WR system, is there anything unique that distinguishes the Petenwell section? TForcier: the fall has produced big fish but with kids it tough for me in the fall Lee_Tauchen: What is the average size of fish caught TForcier: Early fishing i’m looking for the back bays C_Nelson: What is the max depth on the Pete? TForcier: I try to focus on good cast ghoti: Do you fish the southern half much, and if so, what kinds of presentation and location: casting, trolling, channel breaks, flats??? TForcier: 42 ft ostdc: Does the summer algae bloom have a big effect? TForcier: The south end is a great trolling water TForcier: Some humps that can be casted nwild: I know the white bass tend to run. In the early part of the musky season, does that affect location TForcier: The algae is hard on us then the fish TForcier: Great forage for early season TForcier: Also on the south end you have some sharp breaklines to cast or troll Lee_Tauchen: What is the average size of fish caught Slamr: How dark is the water on the Pete? TForcier: Big bay on the south end…strongs prairie TForcier: Average size is pushing 40, water is dark water GOTONE: What are average water temps by the opener? TForcier: Mother nature will dictate that Slamr: Can you give us a semblence of HOW dark? TForcier: If you’ve fished boom it’s like that ghoti: Do you tend to go with gaudier colors on lures, or match the hatch? TForcier: I try both, try to find out what they want, I love orange nwild: How long have you had the 45″ minimum on the Pete TForcier: This will be out second season…i think jonnysled: What make Petenwell different than say other sections of the WR system ie: boom? TForcier: Or it the third season jonnysled: Or brokaw TForcier: On weeds, a section of river and a very large body of water jonnysled: Structure in the large body section? TForcier: Brokaw would be a good comparison with out the weeds jonnysled: or cribs? TForcier: Old fences, some old building from the 50’s, humps, inside turns, and timber TForcier: No cribs, man made that is muskyboy: Where are some good launches on the Pete jonnysled: Do you transition from the river section to main body, or fish both areas throughout TForcier: We have two on the Westside in the river, sewage plant landing and plank hill landing, east side, devils elbow and chest creek. Then the two county parks on both sides Lee_Tauchen: what is the largest fish you know of caught in recent times TForcier: I’ll live and die in the river, but come summer, I’ll venture out in the big water TForcier: 52-inches jonnysled: Lots of current turns and stump fields in the river section? Creeks there, too? TForcier: Three creek inlets…Lynn creek, 10 mile, 14 mile and brown’s creek (spring feed) jonnysled: All in the river section? Slamr: For someone just starting out on the Pete, what do you recommend as a starting point, or starting strategies? TForcier: Lynn and 10 are in the river, 14 is on the north east side of the lake same with browns but west side TForcier: The river….work your shorelines. Safe to move around TForcier: Good shore lines up and down the river TForcier: With the two creeks Troyz_: Todd what is your bait rotation early season TForcier: Hi troy… I don’t believe in small go slow, I want to make good cast TForcier: Spinners, gliders TForcier: Depending on weather…topwater TForcier: Warm that is Lee_Tauchen: What are your favorite surface baits jonnysled: Do you find topwaters that work better for dark water? Troyz_: Does the shoreline in the river have a lot of down timber, riff raff TForcier: Mr. top radiar and his brother the super top, creeper, TForcier: I feel top water works any where…right norm nwild: I never throw it, lol ghoti: I know a few people who target carp schools as structure. Have you tried this and successful? TForcier: Lot of timber along the shorelines, stuff you don’t even see with the eye TForcier: Carp…yes, need to watch the size of them. I’ve seen the ski nwild: Todd are you still making those first aid kits TForcier: Oop,s I’ve seen the ski’s push them around Troyz_: Are they any weed in the Pete? TForcier: Troy, no. Norm, i’m all sold out at this time; however, I’m looking into making some more Slamr: What is in the first-aid kit you sell? TForcier: I developed the sportsmans first aid kits, two models. Standard and deluxe Slamr: What is in them? Mikes_Extreme: Great kit, a must-have for guides TForcier: Seems too many fisherman, hunters get hurt and have nothing to use. muskyboy: Bring some when you speak to our club TForcier: Came up one day guiding with a client…and went to work putting them together, and here we are TForcier: If I have some made up…I hope, too Lee_Tauchen: What is the average depth of water fish are taken in spring and summer TForcier: It contains everything and anything you need to stabilize and injury jonnysled: Do you have any special river boat secrets you’ve developed over your experience … rigging, type etc… nwild: Todd, do you just guide on the Pete or do you go to other lakes as well TForcier: The boat will be in 7-10 ft (river) and casting to shore….2-4 feet or at the boat Slamr: Todd, can you tell us a bit about your tournament you run on the Pete? TForcier: I guide on three lakes, different stretches of the river Troyz_: Todd, how is the Pete doing musky wise, what is your typical musky, and is the fishery improving with the stocking efforts TForcier: this will be our 10th anniversary. A catch and release…no transport tourney. Two-day event with a dinner and raffles, which are used to stock muskies. Great time Slamr: Todd, what is the average number of boats that fish the tourney? TForcier: yes, we are improving each year. Shows the PMTT is coming. Plenty of forage and tons of water Lee_Tauchen: Have you fished musky with any success below Petenwell TForcier: Below Pete has only been walleye fishing with good success jonnysled: Is there variable current from man-made control, or do you have flow most of the time? Got_Esox?: Todd, has night fishing been successful for you on the Petenwell throughout the year, or is there a time of year when you focus you efforts on fishing @ night? Slamr: What are the prizes for the tourney? TForcier: Last two years we been full…70 boats with a waiting list Slamr: And where can you get some information about the tourney? Slamr: Web site? TForcier: Must have flow jonnysled: Does it vary? TForcier: Night fishing has been good. I’ve haven’t been out all night…just till 11’oclock Slamr: Todd, as a guide, what is the number 1 thing you see as a mistake that more junior muskie anglers make? TForcier: Send me an e-mail at [email protected] for an entry form. As of today, I’m at 57 boats. Past contestants have till march 11th , march 13th open to everyone GOTONE: What is your personal best on the Pete? TForcier: Current does vary, slower during the summer months. Last year we need rain TForcier: Expect to catch a fish every time out, over work themselves Lee_Tauchen: When using bucktails or spinnerbaits, do you have a preference to painted blades or metal finish TForcier: Just short of 48-inches, best in the boat is 8 skies, 12 northerns Slamr: Todd, what are you using for rods/reels/line? TForcier: I like chart yellow, silver, orange copper, and copper TForcier: St croix rods and reels I have just about everyones reels TForcier: Im liking the big game reels, just ordered one BRIANSWENSON2004: how much pressure does the Pete get through out the year? TForcier: St. Croix reels have been really good to me, tested by clients Slamr: What do you see different in terms of patterns on the Pete, that might be different than on more traditional lake systems? TForcier: Not much, it’s growing each year. TForcier: I think we get more bits, less follows, meaning if they want it they’ll eat Lee_Tauchen: Do you like mornings or eves better Troyz_: Todd, what is the most fish you have lost in a day TForcier: Lee, big Colorado blades, and the big willow blades on my spinners Slamr: Overall, in the muskie industry, what do you see as positive trends, and what do you see as negative? TForcier: Im not a morning person…evenings Lee_Tauchen: Me, either TForcier: I think we’ve grown to handle and care for the fish more…increase size limits, nets, ect. Today’s tech. is making it easier to find spots or mark them Slamr: How can someone contact you for a day on the water (e-mail, Web site)? GOTONE: Is there much of a sucker bite on the Pete? TForcier: One thing about Pete, you look and all you see is water, it’s what’s under the water that get people in trouble. It’s a flowage! Mikes_Extreme: Todd, what is some of your client rods go to baits they can easily work and have the best chance to score a fish on in spring? TForcier: Suckers have put some nice fish in the boat. TForcier: Manta’s are easy to work, spinners/tails, topwater, some days we have a casting and reel clinic TForcier: I also put white tape on the top side of lures so the client can see it come in Mikes_Extreme: Good idea, Todd TForcier: Shallow radiers work well for beginners Lee_Tauchen: Seen any freaks out there (not other musky fishermen) TForcier: Mike, it’s water-proof medical tape Slamr: Who do you pro-staff for, and what new exciting products do you see them coming out with in 2006? Troyz_: What is the visibility of the Pete, have you tried Rattle Traps TForcier: Some days the bathing suits are looking good. ive seen several guys mishandle fish….not good TForcier: St. Croix rods, Heckels, Pepsi, Mepps, Roberts outdoors, my mind went blank Slamr: Speaking of Heckels, what rig are you running in 2006? TForcier: Rattle traps should work, no different than the cave but haven’t had success TForcier: 2005 618 ranger Lee_Tauchen: Any huge fish spotted nwild: Is it worth the time to fish the back water areas in the river, or do the fish mainly stick in the current TForcier: Lee, we’ve seen large fish, had them one, but….. Lee_Tauchen: How big about ulbian: As far as approach…does it differ from the Pete, to Biron, or the point flowage or would you say approaches are relatively similar? TForcier: Just as I say stay in the river the back bays produce. Try both TForcier: We’ve had 45 plus class fish on, new people to the sprot, not paying attation…. Slamr: Do you find that with the darker water, you fish slower or faster, or is it a day to day thing? TForcier: Very similar, at least that’s how i approach them Lee_Tauchen: Make sure to give your website TForcier: Speed is something i’m always playing with, any body of water, something changes like wind i’ll try different speeds, ect’… muskie: Maybe this was covered, are you accepting entries for the tourney yet? TForcier: You can see more of me at www.forciersguideservcie.com TForcier: After march 11th if theres any room, i’m at 57 boats today muskie: How many is the permit for? TForcier: We are open for 70, past contestants have a first chance to get in by march 11th Lee_Tauchen: Thanks for all the great info Todd Mikes_Extreme: Good chat Todd, Take care TForcier: It was my honor muskyboy: Thank you Todd jonnysled: Thanks Todd .. outstanding! Slamr: MuskieFIRST thanks Todd Forcier for a great chat tonight! Thanks again Todd!

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