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 Feb 3rd, 2005 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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MuskieFIRST Chatroom Seminar with Steve Jonesi Steve_Worrall: MuskieFIRST Welcomes Steve Jonesi, a true Musky Nut, a good friend, and one heck of a good stick. Steve will share his insight on muskies and all things muskie fishing!! Let the questions begin!!! Steve_Jonesi: Good to see you at the show Steve_Jonesi: Thanks Steve Mike_Hulbert: #1 Steve, when I can get more WEAGLES Netman: Jonesi are you coming to Milwaukee Steve_Worrall: Steve, when did you begin your muskie fishing addiction? muskyboy: What new MN lures are on the horizon? Mike_Hulbert: just joking man! Steve_Jonesi: I’m working in the Store Steve_Jonesi: I type slow Steve_Jonesi: I released my first legal in 1977 muskyboy: Good crowd at TB tonight? Steve_Jonesi: 7″ suick Mike_Hulbert: Damn Steve, I wasn’t born till 1978!!! Kid_Derringer: Cool, my son was born in May of 1977 Steve_Jonesi: Youngun Kid_Derringer: He’s a keeper! Steve_Jonesi: 31″ Steve_Worrall: What is your favorite all time lure? Steve_Jonesi: beast Steve_Worrall: the first one is always a BEAST.. Steve_Jonesi: The suick in it’s various configurations Mike_Hulbert: Steve, tell us about how the Weagle came to a realization last spring…. Steve_Jonesi: weighted Steve_Worrall: do you modify the Suick, or toss it as is? Kid_Derringer: Weighted Suicks are a fave of mine also. Steve_Jonesi: Pk caught 4 fish in 3 hrs on it Steve_Jonesi: iola Steve_Jonesi: holy cow Steve_Jonesi: what have we here Netman: Steve Can you tell us about the weagle how did you get the design? Steve_Jonesi: Got serious about throwing it and worked it awaker: any secrets for those high ski clear minnesota days on the water Steve_Jonesi: Steve Cady , who types faster should take all the credit Netman: How long did it take you to get want worked Steve_Jonesi: he wanted a jackpot on steroids Mike_Hulbert: the 3 hooks is a key factor Steve_Jonesi: nose screweye changed to get todays weagle muskyboy: A jackpot that hooks fish, genius Steve_Jonesi: HEAVIER Steve_Jonesi: 4.8 oz!!!!!!! Steve_Worrall: And a darn good big walleye lure, too! Steve_Jonesi: No head bob tuffdaddy: that’s why the jet skiers stay away when it’s being chucked. 🙂 Steve_Jonesi: horizontal in the water on the glide Steve_Jonesi: twitch Steve_Jonesi: pop Mike_Hulbert: slack Steve_Worrall: what is the ‘death march’? Kid_Derringer: Jet skiers can be a plus sometimes. esoxmn: doe’s it ride lower in the water than the Jackpot? Steve_Jonesi: Keep slack and reallty pop it in a rythem Muskydr: Work em hard !!! Ach March!!!!! Steve_Jonesi: 80% lover Steve_Jonesi: horizontal not head up tuffdaddy: do you like to put pauses in the retrieve, or only when you know there’s a fish on it? archerynut36: hey steve what about T ing the hooks will that help on hookups and not tearing up the clearcoating on the weagle Netman: Steve are you bringing the Weagel to the tank at Milwaukee? Steve_Jonesi: Huge pauses will get fattie to eat Steve_Jonesi: Steve will have it in the tank tuffdaddy: //36 lambeau: what is the trick to getting it to “hover” rather than “march” forward? Mike_Hulbert: I wil be throwing the Weagles at Milwaukee Steve_Jonesi: I like mine t-d Steve_Jonesi: Do it proud son Netman: What day are you there Mike? Mike_Hulbert: No prob dad Mike_Hulbert: Saturday and Sunday Steve_Worrall: What is your favorite muskie water, Steve? Steve_Jonesi: Hope to be there too Steve_Jonesi: LOTW Netman: Great Steve_Jonesi: my happy place Steve_Worrall: That’s alot of water, any favorite areas there? Steve_Jonesi: I will retire and die there Steve_Jonesi: Nestor Falls and go west lambeau: do you do anything when fishing LOtW that is non-traditional? Kid_Derringer: Take $$$$$$$$$$$$444 just to die their Steve_Jonesi: I love real slop Netman: Steve do you jig fish for muskies? Steve_Jonesi: Make Long casts with a spinnerbait and rip it through Steve_Jonesi: locate and catch later if not now muskyboy: What spinnerbaits do you like? Steve_Jonesi: Love jigs Steve_Jonesi: learned all from Mr Worrall and fishin bass Netman: Do you use bucktails? Netman: What colors work on Cass? Muskydr: Steve gave me a milk run map a few years back for LOTW , mind you this was 15 years in the making, but it had 100 spot on the spots, good trip!! Steve_Jonesi: Cj’s Radogs Violent Strike, M/G Steve_Jonesi: Ace tandems Slamr tells you: how is it going? Slamr: white llungen tails? Steve_Jonesi: LOve Llungen tails Slamr: I figure tuffdaddy: any secret bulldawg tricks in the J bag? Steve_Jonesi: Keith Makes a killer bait that catches fish and is durable Steve_Jonesi: RED BLADE Slamr: Steve, can you give us your OVERALL theories of ,muskie fishing? Steve_Jonesi: TIME ON THE WATER Slamr: explain a bit more Steve_Jonesi: k Steve_Jonesi: experience is the best teacher Steve_Jonesi: value every moment on the water Steve_Jonesi: never enough time make it count Slamr: did we cover THE BAIT yet? Steve_Jonesi: a bit Netman: Any new colors? Slamr: your setup for throwing it? Steve_Jonesi: questions? muskyboy: Tell us about the MN custom rod Steve_Jonesi: cool colors in Milwaukee Slamr: tell us your setups for throwing the weagle, and what you have seen work for other people Steve_Jonesi: sage 579 , 8′ WOW!!!!!!! Slamr: ok, why is that the “weagle rod” Netman: Have you trolled the weagel Steve_Jonesi: I threw a 7’3′ rank rod most of the season Slamr: why did you like that rod? Steve_Jonesi: Heavy 2Rodknocker: What was the biggest fish caught on the Weagle to date? Steve_Jonesi: also threw it on an 8′ heavy Steve_Jonesi: I think Hulbert has a 52″ Mike_Hulbert: Steve, the actual strike with a Weagle is usually different than most other topwaters, why do you think that is? Netman: Do you tear-up the reels throwing it? Steve_Jonesi: I had a 51 1/2 on the Woods this summer Slamr: when, where for the the weagle. and then were where for the wabull? Steve_Jonesi: Weagle anytime Steve_Jonesi: never seemed to be a bad time sorenson: What do you think makes it seemingly drive fish crazy? Steve_Jonesi: day 2Rodknocker: What was the coolest water temp you had success in? Steve_Jonesi: night , until dark Slamr: when did it perform best for you, and under what conditions did it outshine the pacemaker that I know you like to throw also? Steve_Jonesi: don’t like side to side after dark Slamr: why not?Steve_Jonesi: When work in specific spots Steve_Jonesi: not as a search bait Steve_Jonesi: I work it slower than most 2Rodknocker: Steve, do you have any thoughts on why one lake is a “good” topwater lake and others never seem to produce with topwater presentations Slamr: why? Steve_Jonesi: Start throwin them there Mike_Hulbert: I’ve never seen a lake that didn’t perform with topwaters… Steve_Jonesi: think outside the box Slamr: what does that mean for fishing, thinking OUTSIDE the box muskyboy: topwater, ice out to ice up Steve_Jonesi: lakes can be idiosyncratic but isn’t that just color? Steve_Jonesi: Outside the box Steve_Jonesi: Hazel Creek fish love topwater Steve_Jonesi: Iowa fish Steve_Jonesi: Illinois fish 2Rodknocker: I’m definately going to be giving topwaters more of a chance. Steve_Worrall: do you mean break all the rules, so to speak? Steve_Jonesi: Not the preferred presentyation all the time 2Rodknocker: Kinkaid seems to be one that isn’t the best topwater bite…EVER Steve_Jonesi: may be shad movements, other baitfish Steve_Jonesi: even with those shad Slamr: (speaking of Chad Cain….he will be a chat guest sometime in April if not sooner) Slamr: color and topwaters, its a big debate, what are your thoughts GM: Is it because musky relate higher in the water column rather than lower? 2Rodknocker: Kinkaid Steve_Jonesi: I like contrast, and plain black tuffdaddy entered the room. Slamr: contrast as in belly to sides, or as in stripes along the sides…..or both? Steve_Jonesi: Never fished kinkaid sorenson: Conditions permitting (weather, etc.), what will be your first lure thrown at the Goon? Steve_Jonesi: hope to soon Mike_Hulbert: Steve, when throwing the weagle, do you like calm or choppy water? Steve_Jonesi: I like a chop on the water, but seeing them snake up on it in calm is cool Steve_Jonesi: worked in 2 footers Slamr: being that we had basically 5 baits working between 8 of us at the Goon all week…..pretty easy to figure that one out…..a weagle or a topraider….a spinnerbait or a bobbie/suick muskyboy: Do you add twister tail teasers on Weagles and Wabulls? Steve_Jonesi: Must have slack Mike_Hulbert: Have you had any success over open water with the weagles Steve_Jonesi: boat control is critical or it will dive, which isn’t all bad either Steve_Jonesi: YES Slamr: do you find a better hookup ratio with different retrieves with the weagle? Steve_Jonesi: Shad lake I fished a bit last year Steve_Jonesi: SLOW Slamr: slow is what? better hook ups? Steve_Jonesi: Pop………..POP………….POP Steve_Jonesi: Hookups and triggering a response Mike_Hulbert: swoosh…………………….swoosh………………………………….swoosh………………….. Netman: Do you have any design for a smaller version of the weagel? Steve_Worrall: They gave me one, it’s a really cool lure Steve_Worrall: short Steve_Jonesi: Hae some protos, but not an impact player like the weagle Slamr: and i gave one to TommieV, and he wont give it back! Steve_Jonesi: same diameter but not nearly the sound hrjohnny: How about a bigger one? 10″ ? Steve_Jonesi: I love that Idea! sorenson: no; smaller! tuffdaddy: I don’t think my skinny butt could throw a bigger one. LOL Slamr: Steve, you’ve fished from down South in KY, Central in Illinois, throughout WI., MN and in Ontario….can you tell us how you approach the different waters Steve_Jonesi: I’ll take care of youKent sorenson: LOL Steve_Jonesi: It all starts with a map Steve_Jonesi: now with the net, tons of resources Kid_Derringer: Hires great guides? Steve_Jonesi: Muskies Inc is a great resource Steve_Jonesi: Guides are ! Magnummusky: Not too many better than the kid!!! Steve_Jonesi: Best way to shorten the curve Steve_Jonesi: nice or seasoned Steve_Jonesi: I agree tuffdaddy: if there was one thing you would teach a newbie, what would it be? Steve_Jonesi: best day on the for me Slamr: but for the rookie: how do you first look at that map, what are you looking for? Steve_Jonesi: Prepare for sucess Kid_Derringer: Good question Slammer Steve_Jonesi: best rods aren’t as important as release tools Steve_Jonesi: Where do they spawn and where do the baitfish do their thing Steve_Jonesi: lake size makes a huge diffeence Kid_Derringer: You have maps that tell you that? Slamr: but if you dont know where the baitfish are, where do you start? Steve_Jonesi: LOTW for example DOGFISH_DON has left the room. Steve_Jonesi: location through out the season Steve_Jonesi: Shallow weedy bays and structural elements associated with them Muskydr: nope, Dave Jonesi EsoxDan: how long is the Weagle? Steve_Jonesi: 8″ Steve_Jonesi: Man I type slooooow slimm: yes you do. Slamr: dont worry, take your time Szqwral: Evening, Mr. J, any chance I can get a pink Weagle?!? Steve_Worrall: doing great, sir Steve_Jonesi: I’ll see if he can do a run jzdank: Hey steve, heard you will be guiding up in MN this year. What lakes will you be guiding on? Steve_Jonesi: lots of requests for pink 2Rodknocker: yeah how about a Weagle for everybody chatting 2Rodknocker: great idea Szqwral: Thanx will look forward to seeing if can do Magnummusky: Now that sounds great!!!!!!!!! muskyboy: Make it hot pink Steve_Jonesi: Mille Lacs and some other Metro/ within a few hour drie lakes archerynut36: I dont think we all can get that lucky archerynut36: I already have a few but can always use more Slamr: what do you hope to bring to your guide clients (other than fishes of course) Steve_Jonesi: Guiding will be one of my focus this year archerynut36: pint sound like a good one for these lakes muskyboy: How often will you guide? Steve_Jonesi: Kids, Thornes, Guiding, in that order Steve_Jonesi: Whenever I can fill dates Steve_Worrall: How would one contact you to hire you for a day, week, whatever? Szqwral: Course you know any lures/weagles I get, will have to wrestle old man (Steve Worrall) for use of same //3 Steve_Jonesi: I work for a great company that wants me to be successful and helps me a ton Kid_Derringer: Prepare to be hungry n broke! Steve_Jonesi: My # is 612-799-2034 and I can be reached at the store also Steve_Jonesi: Lots of gas $$$$ Steve_Worrall: email? Magnummusky: Kid you don’t look hungry LOL! tuffdaddy: can I call you now? heh heh heh Steve_Jonesi: [email protected] Kid_Derringer: I’m handsome too Steve_Worrall: thank you, sir Steve_Jonesi: I’m just getting things off the ground 2Rodknocker: handsome and modest? Slamr: Steve, tell us about a day on the water with you guiding? Steve_Jonesi: A great time!A full day is till you fall over archerynut36: well if he is like he was in the madness2 dvd he would be a trip to fish with Steve_Jonesi: Weather permitting(lightning) Steve_Jonesi: Basics to experienced Kid_Derringer: LOL Steve_Jonesi: lake stuff as well as boat control rick_hess has left the room. Steve_Jonesi: lots of conversation sorenson: graph interpretation? Kid_Derringer: 2Rodknocker is quick! Steve_Jonesi: For sure as well as gps Slamr: what do you suggest in terms of “boat control” for a novice? Netman: Steve What new for you in 2005? Steve_Jonesi: I don’t know everything, jzdank: Steve, with all of the great press surrounding the weagle, it seems as though the wabull (great bait) has been put on the back burner. When should we expect to see the wabulls being produced again? Steve_Jonesi: How to approach certain structures hrjohnny: it’s kinda like there are 33 paparazzi and …steve….LOL Steve_Jonesi: weedlines Steve_Jonesi: wind and how to use it to your advantage Steve_Jonesi: Late spring at best tuffdaddy: How do you work your bulldawgs at night? sorenson: In keeping w/ your ‘time on the water’ theory, do you expect to learn a little something from your clients as well? Netman: Are you fishing any Wis consin waters May or June? Steve_Jonesi: Fast w/ the mag just below the surface Slamr: when do you throw the mag versus the medium dawg? tuffdaddy: I think I try too hard with those bugger baits. I will conquer this year Steve_Jonesi: May be doing the north sorenson: versus spring dawg? Steve_Jonesi: Lots of pretty colors! lambeau: what are your general thoughts/advice for nightfishing in the summer? Steve_Jonesi: I caught 34-35″ fish on Mags, tough to throw a lot but are great Steve_Jonesi: Not too big Steve_Jonesi: Big baits slow Steve_Jonesi: subsurface also Steve_Jonesi: If I’m on top, verrry slow Steve_Worrall: ouch… Steve_Jonesi: Sorry Steve_Jonesi: Too funny Kid_Derringer: You like twitchen or bangen rock at night on point, break or boulder fields? Slamr: of all the waters you’ve fished Steve, where do you see yourself having the best shot at the biggest fish? Steve_Jonesi: I like to make contact as much as possible, day or night Muskydr: Sand Bay!!!!!! Steve_Jonesi: LOTW, Mille Lacs or the Goon 2Rodknocker: On a lake without much rock structure, what do you contact with…milfoill is too tough to work through Steve_Jonesi: Rip baits through it Steve_Jonesi: sledges are great 2Rodknocker: like what? Kid_Derringer: Whats a fave metro Milfoil technique? 2Rodknocker: ok Beaver: Good evening friends Steve_Jonesi: single spins Mark_Gostisha: WOW,,,standing room only to hear Mr. Jonesi, and I am late! Steve_Jonesi: tough ones Steve_Worrall: good q, Slamr, Steve, if you were fishing for a PIG, over 50# where would you go? Steve_Jonesi: Hey Mark! Steve_Jonesi: The Goon Steve_Jonesi: Or Mille Lacs this year sorenson: *that answer didn’t take long…* Steve_Jonesi: One here and one there Steve_Jonesi: neer been east Muskydr: dude type faster Rob_Stratton has left the room. nwild: brotherly love!! Muskydr: lol Steve_Jonesi: I taught him all he knows Slamr: how much do you troll, versus casting? Steve_Jonesi: me too Steve_Jonesi: I’ve trolled more in the last 3 yrs than the previous 20 Slamr: anyone else have any questions? Muskydr: Steve was going to join our little tuesday nite fracas thing but he got scared and moved to Minnesota Muskydr: 🙂 Steve_Worrall: ok, let’s break down the terminal tackle… slimm: haha Steve_Jonesi: I love tackle!!!! Steve_Worrall: Leaders, what do you prefer? Steve_Jonesi: MORE BAITS jzdank: give us a hint, WHAT IS X? nwild: Sorry if you covered this, but if I were to take an early trip to Iowa when is a good time period generally speaking Steve_Jonesi: in time Steve_Jonesi: water temp 57 degrees Muskydr: normie we will hook up nwild: I’m in dr Netman: What line do you prefer to use with the weagel Steve_Jonesi: 100lb stealth or power pro or 80 Spectron Netman: Do you use a leader Muskydr: water 50 something and they eat surface baits, it’s a beautiful thing Steve_Jonesi: Leaders are solid wire, welded ring Netman: What reel are you using Steve_Jonesi: only storebought leaders for me in 20 years tuffdaddy: do you ever use 7 strand? Steve_Jonesi: TE’s and CT’s Steve_Jonesi: and 7000’s Netman: Cool Steve_Jonesi: On jigs EsoxDan: What is your favorite topwater trick? tuffdaddy: Who makes the best bucktails? 😉 Steve_Jonesi: Tyger is interesting too 2Rodknocker: not losing them when they hit Steve_Jonesi: You do man! tuffdaddy: good answer. LOL Steve_Jonesi: Change of direction with a tail bait or globe Steve_Jonesi: weagle, slow LOUD and in her face Steve_Jonesi: Long rods help a lot Steve_Jonesi: bucktails too Steve_Jonesi: zig zag retrieve jzdank: i’ve hear that before… Kid_Derringer: Who make s a good 8 footer for a cripple like the Kid here? Steve_Jonesi: Gregg Thomas showed me a few yrs ago Steve_Worrall: If you had a choice for a one week trip, anywhere in Muskiedom, where would you explore where you’ve never been fishing? Steve_Jonesi: You need alight stick my friend Steve_Jonesi: Call me at the store Muskydr: Alittle lake in Woodruff????? Muskydr: lol Steve_Jonesi: Casting the River systems of Ontario. hrjohnny: which ones? Steve_Jonesi: Winipeg Steve_Jonesi: French Steve_Jonesi: Wabigoon Steve_Jonesi: I’m an old river rat Muskydr: you should try casting the river systems o wisconsin:) Steve_Jonesi: the Wolf River LOL sorenson: and I thought for sure he was gonna say ‘Utah’…tuffdaddy: shhhhhh Magnummusky: Wisconsin River tuffdaddy: 🙂 Steve_Jonesi: I’ve heard things Steve_Jonesi: Love deep lakes of wisco tuffdaddy: Jonesi, you and I LDF this year Magnummusky: LDF Chain???? stickboy: in large river water type of areas do you look for current breaks, weeds, rocks or you would you just cast a shoreline. Kid_Derringer: Steve, coming to my neck O the woods on weekends a few times this year? Netman: What about Ockauchee ? tuffdaddy: 🙂 Steve_Jonesi: At night even Steve_Jonesi: that too Steve_Jonesi: Next October tuffdaddy: for sure!!! Steve_Jonesi: big fish in that pond Netman: No more hurricanefishunt: Steve, what is your favorite way of working the big soft plastics deep? Slamr: its about that time, MuskieFIRST gives a big thanks to Steve Jonesi and Musky Nut tackle for a great chat night! Steve_Jonesi: Slow and close to bottom Steve_Worrall: MuskieFIRST Thanks Steve Jonesi for a very informative hour!! Amazing how fast an hour slips by, isn’t it? Steve_Worrall: Thanks Kid_Derringer: Thaks Dude! hrjohnny: Thanks Jonesi, If you are coming up to Georgian Bay …drop me a line.. 2Rodknocker: Indeed Thank you sorenson: Thanks Steve, and thanks MF staff for putting it together! Mark_Gostisha: Thanks Steve, wish I could have seen the whole talk!!!

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