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 Jan 24th, 2008 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Slamr: MuskieFIRST Welcomes back Steve Worrall to the MuskieFIRST Chat Room to kick off the 2008 chat season, thanks Steve Steve_Worrall: Evening! muskycrazy: hey Steve Dre322: hey Slamr: please everyone feel free to hit Steve with some in-depth questions Steve_Worrall: slowly… MUSKYBOY: what’s the biggest fish you saw this year?netman: we’ll be easy on ya lambeau: Steve…perhaps start with a (brief) overview of your ’07 season…i know it was a good one. Steve_Worrall: On the Goon, maybe that big, in WI maybe 53 Muskellunged: What is your jigging setup (i.e. line, rod, reel) ? Steve_Worrall: I had the best year I’ve had in a very long time pro_edge: tell us about your september……hear one of you favorite baits pulled through again Steve_Worrall: fishing small lakes, looking for lakes in the prime with little or no pressure lambeau: what made it such a great year??? Steve_Worrall: Weather, lambeau, I think, and learning some water I needed to learn kreegz: Steve, What is your go to throwback lure? Steve_Worrall: I had several multiple fish evenings, and the Weagle was King Dre322: basic question here Steve but what do you see as the ideal water temp for switching from a fast presentation to a slower presentation? Steve_Worrall: Jigging rod… Steve_Worrall: Med Hvy Bass rod, 7′ Steve_Worrall: Reel… Steve_Worrall: any spinning reel with a small body and a large spool Steve_Worrall: line… Steve_Worrall: 14# to 17# mono muskellunged: thanks Steve! Vince_Weirick: What do you consider brought you closer to your children and friends …fishing or hunting? Steve_Worrall: there is no ‘slower’ presentation for me Steve_Worrall: fast all the way Dre322: thanks Steve_Worrall: throwback lure…what I have on the rod Steve_Worrall: what the fish followed, move it differently Steve_Worrall: Both, in equal doses, Vince Vince_Weirick: any reason on each? Sids_minnows: Ever ice fished the goon? Steve_Worrall: Hunting is intensely personal, at least for seer, and really a challenge to teach tuffdaddy: Steve, if you’re fishing a jig, what types of structure do you favor? Weedlines, Deepweeds, rocks? How would you fish each of those? Steve_Worrall: muskie fishing isn’t much different, except one can do that in the same place as one’s kids and friends lambeau: revisting the throwback question: what kind of presentation tricks do you try to use to trigger fish? Steve_Worrall: Yes on the GoonSteve_Worrall: Any structure, TD Steve_Worrall: BUT Steve_Worrall: I really like sharp breaks and weeds or big rocks tuffdaddy: How would you fish a sharp break with a jig? On the bottom, suspended…. Steve_Worrall: triggering the fish isn’t a trick, really, it’s a process in my opinion lambeau: process…? Steve_Worrall: I use a jig as a ‘jump lure’, TD Steve_Worrall: let it hit, ZIP in three handle turns keeping the rod tip pointed at the jig Steve_Worrall: let it hit bottom, repeat Steve_Worrall: process, yes Dre322: Steve Have you used tubes (tiger tubes or Red October)? If so what is your type of retrive? Steve_Worrall: each day the fish can and do behave a bit differently Sids_minnows: Talked to a gentlemen from Dryden who kept a 47 lber from the western arm about 8 years ago fishing for pickerel. What do you think about fishing for big jacks on the goon late ice? Steve_Worrall: tubes are basically badly shaped creatures, work the same waytuffdaddy: So being a good jig fisherman, does that mean you like fishing cranks too? I don’t hear ya talk too much about fishing cranks. Steve_Worrall: Big jacks is what the Goon really likes to turn out Steve_Worrall: I do fish cranks, and will more this year after the Super Pro on the Goon last year Steve_Worrall: SO to return to the triggering deal Sids_minnows: Yes in mid summer, slop. But what about thru the ice………………………mid lake humps at that time of year or traditional bays and shallow weeds? Steve_Worrall: I try to trigger them the FIRST time Steve_Worrall: each time after is harder lambeau: what did the walleye guys on the Goon teach you about muskie fishing last summer? Steve_Worrall: and on some days requires a speeding up Steve_Worrall: others a slowing downSteve_Worrall: that 4″ Flicker Shads catch 53″ Muskies Steve_Worrall: every day Steve_Worrall: and numbers of them Steve_Worrall: it was where, not what tuffdaddy: any particular weather conditions or h2o temps that made fish eat faster or slower triggers Steve_Worrall: got a lesson, big time el_anti: how do you sort out a pattern on that Moen’s sewer? Steve_Worrall: through the ice, fish the first fast break, 14 to 18′ Steve_Worrall: on the Goon Steve_Worrall: done it, it’s a blast Steve_Worrall: water temps don’t do it, actually Steve_Worrall: weather, mostly Steve_Worrall: light penetration, etc Steve_Worrall: and the ‘attitude’ of the Muskies they have shown me Steve_Worrall: Moen is a wonderful lake system, I love that water Steve_Worrall: flowage Steve_Worrall: LOTS of nice fish Steve_Worrall: and in small areas el_anti: what differentiates the pool for you there? Steve_Worrall: So some days, if the fish when following, turn off if I add a bit of speed to a wabull, for example Steve_Worrall: will convince me to use a slower glider, and give it fast but short bursts Steve_Worrall: pool? el_anti: most places have points, breaks, humps, stumps, flow etc … Moen’s is just a weed pit ..how do you sort it out? Steve_Worrall: ahhh, no it is not el_anti: help me love it … Steve_Worrall: it has the same structure elements, just hidden Steve_Worrall: in 2′ el_anti: how to you sort it out sorno: So in reality, your interpretation of their mood depends on seeing more than 1 fish? Steve_Worrall: Sorno, yes Steve_Worrall: no comparison, no idea el_anti: slow down sorno … I’m onto something here Steve_Worrall: I have a general feel for the day, as we all might, but am frequently wrong. Moen, look for the shallow breaks of 1 to 3, and pockets of 3 surrounded by 2 or less. Sids_minnows: ever fish the Wabigoon River downstream from the mill? They use to have some pictures at the guard shack of a monster walleye that got stuck in the grates of the dam. Steve_Worrall: did years ago, but haven’t since el_anti: he knows not of what he speaks… el_anti: now, about Moen’s Steve_Worrall: yes Slamr: Steve, what gives you the “feeling” in a day to go faster or slower? el_anti: slow down the questions slamr … he’s not done Steve_Worrall: Give me an approaching front, and skies darkening, the fish are going to be active, right? Dre322: right kreegz: I hope . Steve_Worrall: the structure in Moens is classic slop, flowage style Steve_Worrall: just like…exactly like…the Goon, and other places I love to fish Steve_Worrall: weed structure, that is el_anti: have you ever tried just ripping aggressively through … or do you do the creature swim thing? el_anti: and Im talking the slop now Steve_Worrall: heavy weeds don’t like jigs tuffdaddy: They like Slammers though. Steve_Worrall: Spinnerbaits Steve_Worrall: surface lures Dre322: what kind of spinner baits? Cowboyhannah: buzz baits on slop, Steve? tuffdaddy: Do you fish the thick slop even in the summer, or is it more of an early and later (transition periods) pattern. Steve_Worrall: Some buzz baits, IF the fish are going crazy el_anti: depth related? … or type of vegetation? … Steve_Worrall: type of veggies el_anti: Im listening Steve_Worrall: force one’s hand to a style of lure Steve_Worrall: match conditions Vince_Weirick: When do you think we will be able to download movie clips to Outdoorfirst? Steve_Worrall: now if the fish are on the edges on Moen… Steve_Worrall: then all styles are fair game, run ’em along the edge Steve_Worrall: the guy in back might get a bit irritated, though el_anti: do you fish boom in a similar fashion or do you consider your moen’s approach unique? Steve_Worrall: Vince, we are literally just a little bit away from launching Steve_Worrall: the testing went very well lambeau: tell us what to expect with the new video upload site, Steve Vince_Weirick: can you elaborate for others? Steve_Worrall: Boom has water just like that Steve_Worrall: and I fish it, but only when I have to Steve_Worrall: too many anglers out there Sids_minnows: Ever catch a musky on the Goon (excluding surrounding lakes) with an artificial lure running any deeper than 20 feet? el_anti: like moen’s LOL Steve_Worrall: Sids, nope Steve_Worrall: I usually am on my own on Moens Steve_Worrall: and a dozen other little Northwoods jewels Justin_Gaiche: Steve, would you say the fishing near your home is the best it’s ever been? Steve_Worrall: YES Justin_Gaiche: For quantity, quality or both? el_anti: do you use a channel on moen’s? … seems many features on boom are non-existent on moen’s … quite different? Steve_Worrall: some because of waters coming of age, some because folks don’t fish here as much as they used to, some because of other factors, and all because of CPR Steve_Worrall: there’s a definite channel, yes Steve_Worrall: I ice fish that alot Steve_Worrall: SLAM the crappies Steve_Worrall: both J Vince_Weirick: Can you elaborate more on the video upload site? Steve_Worrall: sure, we are launching a new website dedicated to uploading fishing and hunting video clips for our registered users Steve_Worrall: crystal clear playback, your own ‘channel’ muskellunged: genius! Steve_Worrall: easy to use, and should be quite a bit of fun to watch shaley: How do you target fish you see under the ice once seasons open again? Steve_Worrall: been working on it for three years, actuallyJustin_Gaiche: With this new website, are you going to be too busy to fish on the river with me now? ­čÖé Steve_Worrall: shaley, those fish are in the late fall pattern Steve_Worrall: I go back in the late fall Steve_Worrall: one fish is in trouble Sids_minnows: Makes you wonder what the other 73 percent of the water on the Goon deeper than 12 feet has to offer now doesnt it? Why not use live bait and allow the critters to “crow” in on your line? Steve_Worrall: Justin, heck no Steve_Worrall: I tried that, S Steve_Worrall: I trolled Steve_Worrall: and trolled Steve_Worrall: and trolled Steve_Worrall: and nothing Sids_minnows: Me too Steve_Worrall: they just plain live in the bait, and the food Dre322: Steve just want to say thanks for all you done with this site and and all the coverage you do at the shows that some people cant get to.. Steve_Worrall: and the cover shaley: she never shows herself in the fall or any open water that we know of Steve_Worrall: if you see her on camera now Sids_minnows: You do gotta wonder though when you see those monsters what percent of the time they spend out in the big lake, ay? Steve_Worrall: she’s there in late November shaley: I fish gin clear blue water no camera needed dcates: Steve, Kim said to tell you hello. Steve_Worrall: that was answered to a degree by the study up there, S Steve_Worrall: HI! Slamr: beyond the video upload site, Steve, what new offerings will OutdoorsFIRST be bringing to the public? shaley: we’ll work on her harder then Steve_Worrall: in order… Steve_Worrall: WhitetailsFIRST Steve_Worrall: BassFIRST Justin_Gaiche: Is there a SmallmouthFirst coming? Ajohnson: yes Ive been waiting for the Bassfirst Steve_Worrall: beat you to it Steve_Worrall: the structure around SalmonFIRST Justin_Gaiche: Do we really have to include the green ones? Steve_Worrall: yes we do Steve_Worrall: those are REAL fish sorno: green = $$ Steve_Worrall: Sorno knows… Cowboyhannah: Steve, what baits do you anticipate being your top search lures during stable weather periods for upcoming season? Steve_Worrall: and through this all, better and continuing new technology, and better and new forums, look, etc Steve_Worrall: Zach is a busy man el_anti: steve … have you , do you fish the river section below the paper mill to hat-rapids … or have anything to offer on that underfished section of river relative to other sections musky – smallie? Lucy: Will there be coverage from Milwaukee and what can we expect from that? Steve_Worrall: Search lures… Steve_Worrall: that gives me pause sorno: any help for those of us stuck in dial-up land? Steve_Worrall: I use the boat and my noggin to ‘search” AWH has left the room. lambeau: Lucy…yes, we’ll have reports from Milwaukee. Steve_Worrall: so, I guess the lures are what I expect to catch a fish on lambeau: pics, video, etc. kreegz: how many people usually attend the lure swap after the Milwaukee show? shaley: how early in the season have you had sucess on the double 10’s?? Steve_Worrall: I know what you mean by that, but ‘search lure’ is a confusing term to quite a few folks kreegz: i agree Justin_Gaiche: Do you believe in a search lure for a low density fish? kreegz: i fish with a lure i hope gets eaten Steve_Worrall: I have never thrown a 2X10 until this summer Justin_Gaiche: Excluding tournaments. Steve_Worrall: I’ll throw them more this year, that’s a fact shaley: me either thats why I asked LOL Steve_Worrall: low density fish means one has to look for the best water Steve_Worrall: throw a good lure for the conditions in that water, and you will know if the fish are there and active Justin_Gaiche: If I write search on the side of my bait, will you throw it all of the time. Slamr: what were some suprisingly positive products that you used in 2007 that you liked, and what have you seen so far new for 2008 that catches your eye? Steve_Worrall: that’s true netman: Steve you talked about jigs, what’s your favorite jig? Steve_Worrall: My Dads Standup jig designed in 64 positive products… sorno: do you fish many places where, despite what seems like obvious good spots, the fish are elsewhere? Steve_Worrall: Okuma reels, beat them horribly, liked them a lot Steve_Worrall: liked the Rumbler netman: Any colors Steve_Worrall: Liked the new Okuma telescoping rods Steve_Worrall: liked the new 175XS Opti Max Justin_Gaiche: I want one. kreegz: how about lots of new hybrids… rubber lures are becoming more common Steve_Worrall: color IS contrast to me Steve_Worrall: Doug said it best, if it moves Steve_Worrall: it’s food Steve_Worrall: and for electronics Steve_Worrall: not sonars… Steve_Worrall: Archos DVR and a Helmet cam Justin_Gaiche: Steve, what would you say the ‘pinnacle’ of your career? Is it still coming? Steve_Worrall: rocking combo dave: steve is muskiefirst heading to LOTW this summer Steve_Worrall: Justin, I don’t have a clue Steve_Worrall: my career is, as I see it, a constant work in progress Vince_Weirick: I second the combo, Steve!Justin_Gaiche: It’s all been good! kreegz: im going to LOTW this summer Steve_Worrall: LOTW, no, not this year kreegz: I believe Muskiefirst is going to Vermillion Steve_Worrall: Yes Steve_Worrall: and I’m going to the Goon Steve_Worrall: twice Steve_Worrall: YES!!! Steve_Worrall: the big plastics are interesting Steve_Worrall: do they prove big baits =big fish? Sids_minnows: The “hardcore” experienced/trophy hunter that you are, why do you do devote such time; responding, politely in every fashion and so openly???? You’re fingers must be cramped from typing continually! Steve_Worrall: or are they used where the big fish ARE more? Slamr: Steve, can you tell us a few quick, or in depth tips as to how people can have better boat control? jlong: What are some examples of Big Plastics? dave: kreegz where you staying Steve Worrall: Indian Point CampSteve_Worrall: jlong, anything that is 12″ or longer, I guess, some of that stuff weighs in at 16 ounces to 32 ounces kreegz: canadian haven jlong: gotcha Steve_Worrall: boat control is a matter of reading the water Steve_Worrall: can’t control the boat well if you can’t read the water dave: in at sabaskong bay lodge lambeau: Steve…what do yo think is the appeal about the various MuskieFirst outings? what do the MuskieFirst outings have to offer that makes them so special from your perspective? Steve_Worrall: and can’t read the water unless one has the gear and knows how to use it Ajohnson: its to bad you couldnt make it my Muskie club to have a seminar on boat control Steve… Ajohnson: it got cancelled Steve_Worrall: for sure, some day, man kreegz: how easy is it for a guy with out a boat to tag along on one of the Muskiefirst trips? Steve_Worrall: the Outings are not for MuskieFIRST Steve_Worrall: they are for you folks Steve_Worrall: and there it is Sids_minnows: Check out Larry Dahlberg’s Hunt for Big Fish Site, he, as well as yourself, answer all questions………..no matter how simple (some would consider stupid) with class in all ways. Steve_Worrall: very easy dcates: any good way to improve the learning curve for electronics? Steve_Worrall: nice people, at the outings Steve_Worrall: YES Dave kreegz: i’d love to go this year, but i already had that week booked for LOTW Steve_Worrall: watch the new video upload site for a cooperative project between the true MASTER of electronics and mapping software, Doc Samson, and Aqua VU Steve_Worrall: you’ll learn a ton shaley: Doc will shorten your learning curve for sure Vince_Weirick: any muskiefirst outings in Indiana? sorno: Hopeful knows dcates: how soon will Doc Samson be “up”? Steve_Worrall: he will be placing all sorts of cool videos on the new website Slamr: probably no on an M1st Indiana Outing this year Steve_Worrall: Vince, we need to look at that, for the near future el_anti: on the ice this weekend Steve? Steve_Worrall: yes I am, thank goodness, the shows gave me a short break Slamr: Steve, if there is ONE bit of advice that you would give to newer muskie fisherman, what would that be? Steve_Worrall: Dahlberg is a great educator and a nice guy too Steve_Worrall: listen to those who have experience Steve_Worrall: read all one can Dre322: Steve what is the best book you can suggest that would help the beginners learning curve other than the complete guide to musky hunting? Steve_Worrall: make sure one has quality gear kreegz: slamr, since i was new a few years ago… i can say i learned a TON by visiting this site tb: and troll with TB on the bay…if you want a 50 tb: cause HE can’t catch one Steve_Worrall: and above all, get time on the water out fishing, the greatest teacher of all is experience kreegz: the quality of responses, the context of all the posters on the boards beats all the other muskie sites Steve_Worrall: tb, you are just generous tb: yea, that’s it.tb: some days more than others Steve_Worrall: Books Steve_Worrall: well, they are all good reading Sids_minnows: The best fishermen don’t follow the flock! Al Linder stated three things all great fisherman have that arent related to the tackle box……..Faith, Patience and Persistence! Steve_Worrall: some are from one perspective, others try to give all Steve_Worrall: just read anything Muskie dave: steve whats the best lake you fished for muskie Got_Esox?: Lake X Steve_Worrall: best is a relative term kreegz: Lake X is located in X county right? Steve_Worrall: I have several within 1 couple minutes of my house that are pretty incredible, right TJ? kreegz: off of Hwy X el_anti: tj? … what’s the best lake Steve has ever fished … lolSteve_Worrall: and others I deam about Merckid: haha Steve_Worrall: like the Goon, Minaki, LOTW… Ajohnson: whats the biggest ski taken out of lake x? Steve Worrall: 54Justin_Gaiche: My advice is to be a sponge everytime your around Steve. Absorb everything you can. el_anti: how bout the river below the papermill to hat rapids … Steve_Worrall: there are about 10 lake x-s el_anti: ????? kreegz: any suggestions on some one fishing LOTW sab. bay for the first time in mid july??? lambeau: Steve…you fish a lot of relatively small lakes (less than 1000 acres) in NE WI and manage to consistently find big fish. what do you look for when selecting/seeking out lakes with trophy potential? Steve_Worrall: kreegs, sure Steve_Worrall: topwater everywhere dcates: Steve – Any speaking engagements coming up? Steve_Worrall: 4″ crankbaits on the rock walls, look for cracks and cast at them VMS: O.K. Steve, what lake is one you would love to try but have not yet…(anywhere for ski;s) el_anti: don’t drive past Rhinelander … like 80% of the travelers do shaley: good luck with top water here no ones been able to make it work yet Steve_Worrall: hair in the bays and topwater in the bays Steve_Worrall: Lake I would like to try… Steve_Worrall: really I have tried the ones I want badly to fish sorno: Dane wants to know if you like to fish muskies w/ your Grand kids Steve Worrall: Sorno, you betSteve_Worrall: no time to look around for new ones, too many left i need to visit I have figured outSids_minnows: If you need freezer space for a 63 incher in Dryden, look me up………….. Darrell Steve_Worrall: hehehe Steve_Worrall: not likely, sir, but the beer will be cold I bet kreegz: i’d rather eat a 24″ pike mmmmmm Justin_Gaiche: Steve, are you excited about the direction our sport is going? el_anti: sids … do something about that 40 dollar case o’ beer eh Steve_Worrall: looking forward to the Can Am PWT up there Merckid: me too Steve_Worrall: Justin I really am Justin_Gaiche: Me too. Steve_Worrall: as a segment, muskie angling is growing quickly Steve_Worrall: but spread across the country Justin_Gaiche: Are you ok with how fuel prices will affect it? shaley: what if any impact will the pending recession make ? Steve_Worrall: Europe has dealt with high fuel prices for years Steve_Worrall: they seem to do ok tb: you will simply have to plan more and fish smarter Steve_Worrall: we will adapt, the economy will change some to do that, and equipment will change too Justin_Gaiche: Are you going to run vegetable oil in your next diesel? Steve_Worrall: recession is largely a cycle, of which I have seen a few Got_Esox?: Steve, can you touch on a few things we should all keep in mind while on the water with the increase in popularity of Musky Angling. Steve_Worrall: this too shall pass, as a smart guy once said Steve_Worrall: on the water… Steve_Worrall: courtesy Steve_Worrall: share the knowledge and the conservation ideal Steve_Worrall: do it well, and honestly Steve_Worrall: not the chest pounding noisy bull I see so often Steve_Worrall: TAKE someone fishing, someone who has never gone Steve_Worrall: and above all, remember it’s supposed to be fun Justin_Gaiche: I see bass and walleye industries try hard to recruit youth, is musky fishing missing on that? . Dre322: do you beleve in the spring go small theory? Steve_Worrall: Justin, not as bad as one might think, but we have a long way to go Steve_Worrall: 32, no Steve_Worrall: the fish eat what is in front of them kreegz: most muskie anglers were raised muskie fishing, now its stepping out of that shaley: so your saying any size may go in the spring? Steve_Worrall: the small bait thing had more to do with the fish being shallow dcates: Justin – MI chapters work with tens of thousands of kids annually! Viince_Weirick: As a guide…what is the best way (advertising) you have found to increase your client pool? Steve_Worrall: not a sudden desire of a 50″ fish to eat 3″ minnows Steve_Worrall: word of mouth, Vince kreegz: steve, any suggestions on ways not to catch 20″ pike on 10″ suicks? Steve_Worrall: muskie anglers talk alot, and now REALLY talk alot with the internet Steve_Worrall: nope, K, just eat those northerns, i guess, so they become a bonus el_anti: your league team has struggled the past few years … how will you raise their level of play this year? el_anti: is Norm’s injuries hurting your chances? kreegz: yeah, if they didn’t taste good… Id be REALLY mad el_anti: will he retire or return for another season? Steve_Worrall: Sue was off her oats, Norm was hurt, we will be back now that they are both fixed up kreegz: ok time to finish my work and get outta here for the night . ! Slamr: MuskieFIRST thanks Steve Worrall for another great chat. Thanks for making the time Steve, and we hope to see you all next week when Jason Sloan of Badfish Outdoors is our guest baldy: yo Steve_Worrall: A pleasure Steve_Worrall: BALDY! dcates: Thanks, Steve Ajohnson: thanx steve!!! Vince_Weirick: Thanks again, Steve! . Cowboyhannah: ditto Justin_Gaiche: And I love MI dearly for it. Justin_Gaiche: Good point. Justin_Gaiche: Thanks Steve, always a pleasure. baldy: hey steve. baits heading your way soon Merckid: thanks dad

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