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 Mar 8th, 2006 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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sworrall: MuskieFIRST Welcomes The Extreme One, Mike, thanks for joining us big_gun: hello Mike, looking forward to the guide trip early season!!!! esoxlady: This ought to be FUN 🙂 Mikes_Extreme: you will be into it. lets get it set sworrall: Mike, let’s talk muskies Mikes_Extreme: BG e-mail me and we will get it set big_gun: I will PM you on FridayMikes_Extreme: Ready to rumble sworrall: You guide in SE Wisconsin, yes? Slamr: Mike, I’m sure everyone is interested to hear your thoughts on Pewaukee lake, can you tell us where it is, how large a body of water it is, etc.? Mikes_Extreme: you bet Mikes_Extreme: P is just one of the larger bodys of water around here Mikes_Extreme: It’s actually the largest and the best in my opinion esoxlady: How many acres ? nwild: Mike, there have been a lot of big fish coming off your pond recently. Is that a product of catch and release, or some other variable. Mikes_Extreme: Norm, both. Lots of people getting in on the c&r Mikes_Extreme: 50’s comming every year awaker: i have heard in recent years this the number ice fishing kill lake.Has it been better this year? Mikes_Extreme: as for size, I don’t know the exact number Merckid: H ow is the pressure on the lake throughout the season? Mikes_Extreme: Yes the icefishing hurts the muskie, this year was great for no icefisbing from non locals MuskyHopeful: Mike how much does recreational boat traffic affect you on weeknights early in the year? Seems like it might get unbearable later in the summer. awaker: good tuffy1: In years that the ice has been iffy, do you think that the spring bite will be better than normal due to a lack of ice fishing? Mikes_Extreme: boat traffic is not an issue, muskie don’t care. You just have to change some patterns if too much traffic in spots you want to fish. Mikes_Extreme: Spring bite will be great if it’s a early Spring nwild: I have heard that you use a lot of small baits down there to match the forage, what forage are you matching awaker: are you and peckles fishing any pmtt events,you guys have done really good esoxlady: what is the primary structure in the lake- weeds/rocks? Musky911: does any1 have amma bama they would be willing 2 trade//58 Mikes_Extreme: Bluegills, crappies Mikes_Extreme: both are stunted Mikes_Extreme: small baits/small forage Mikes_Extreme: I got one from Jonesi esoxlady: small baits all year round? Mikes_Extreme: weeds/milfoil nwild: does “shocking” them with big baits ever become the pattern? MNmatt: what are some of your favorite presentations for dealing with the milfoil? Mikes_Extreme: spring-look for peet soil and first weeds-two rivers also attract fish Mikes_Extreme: norm, at night Magruter: Mike, are there any specific techniques for fishing spring muskies in pewaukee, lures, size of live bait, etc… ?? Mikes_Extreme: working the inner edges and outside edges 911 MuskyHopeful: When there is a lot musky guys on the lake, do they end up spread out, or does everybody kind of line up and take their turns at proven spots Mikes_Extreme: Slammers, Undertakers, Reef Hawgs, small bucktails work great. Suckers work until the water warms Sober_BFH: Do you troll Sober_BFH: ND IF SO DOWN RIGGERS? Mikes_Extreme: I will show you that getting in line will get you a fish at times. I let most guys get the fish active and we will score them Mikes_Extreme: No downriggers, flat lines and boards sworrall: What is your favorite crank bait, Mike? esoxlady: what is your typical trolling rig set up? Mikes_Extreme: I never worry who is in a spot awaker: do you jig for them there as it looks they are suspended deep sometimes Mikes_Extreme: D raiders, large and small, ernies and bagleys all work great MNmatt27628: mike do you fish in canada much? Mikes_Extreme: I wish I could MNmatt27628: is that where your PB came from? Mikes_Extreme: I fished out East and caught two 50 lbers in two days MuskyHopeful: Mostly casting or some trolling in the spring? bigggdoggg: Has anyone had or tried Humingbirds GPS system? Magruter: can you tell us little more about that day? Mikes_Extreme: 57 and 53 two days apart MNmatt27628: on the larry? Magruter: 2 50’s in a weekend is almost unheard of! Mikes_Extreme: ottowa MNmatt27628: baits? Mikes_Extreme: 110-inches total esoxlady: when was that tuffy1: Is there a good topwater bite on Pewaukee Mike? Mikes_Extreme: enough about out east———got to zip it Sober_BFH: and if so when do you go top? Mikes_Extreme: 65 degrees and I am top watering it Magruter: 65 degrees water temp? Any suggestions for baits? MuskyHopeful: What are your favorite topwaters? Mikes_Extreme: Good weedline bite first and then most of the action is at night or low light conditions tuffy1: So would you throw a topwater over the slop in the east end during the summer, or would the rec boaters keep the fish in tight? Mikes_Extreme: Top Raider, Head Banger and creeper big_gun: How does weather effect your decision making? Mikes_Extreme: weather is very much involved with patterns and spots Mikes_Extreme: Dark rainy days will have the fish up and going———–run and gun tuffy1: Mike, when are you going to fish Okauchee with me? Mikes_Extreme: sunny will have them tight————pick apart the tructure Mikes_Extreme: Iron man MuskyHopeful: Where do you most often go after you get off the lake? Is there a musky fisherman hangout? Mikes_Extreme: you be, its required at the waterfront tuffy1: For the 1st time person fishing the lake, what would you tell them to look for? nwild: Mike, you have fished up in my area, what’s the biggest difference between Southern waters and up north? Mikes_Extreme: water inlets, spawning areas, north shore new weeds MuskyHopeful: Mike, I’m a real estate appraiser, and I see where many of the older lake properties are being torn down and bigger properties are put up that fill the lots. Do you think this construction has Mikes_Extreme: I think the weeds are the biggest. Up north you have bueatifull cabbage and rocks, here we have mud and milfoil……it’s not fair MuskyHopeful: Affected the lake negatively big_gun: Can you give us a brief summary of the tagging study on P. Mikes_Extreme: That study is on the muskies inc site…great studys with lots of info Mikes_Extreme: Kevin, no its been getting better every year. The lake is getting cleaner and better bottom content since the septic went to sewer sworrall: When you decide to troll, is there a ‘trigger’ that gets the kicker going and the electric stowed? Musky911: do you like legend jr//58 MuskyHopeful: Thats good to know, Its amazing whats gone on both on pewaukee and okauchee in the last five years. Mikes_Extreme: Steve, when the bluegills move out the casting bite slowes Mikes_Extreme: I will troll when the fish move out Mikes_Extreme: I would rather cast because trolling I have to do all the work, casting I will work the boat and maybe fish some sworrall: any specific details you can share, reading the water and trolling the right areas? Theedz: Hey Mike, When trolling are you using bigger or smaller baits on Pewaukee. I’ve heard the smaller baits 3 or 4 inch have historically done well. Do the bigger baits bomb or are they just not used? Mikes_Extreme: Watching the electronics is your best friend. The bait will hold the fish. Find the bait and your in the zone sworrall: do you follow a specific contour line? Justin_Gaiche: Good evening, who’s the guest tonight? Mikes_Extreme: I have used all sizes and most of the time the smaller baits will work the best. Large depth raiders are among the largest I use. Bruce got a real fat 48-incher on a 10-inch Jake a few years back so Mikes_Extreme: you are Theedz: OK, what about your trolling setup. What rods and actions are you using, and are you using boards? Mikes_Extreme: Steve, it all depends on where the bluegills or crappies are. I have caught fish in 30 ft of water 10 ft down and 25 ft down Mikes_Extreme: Theedz, boards yes, walleye extreme planner board rods in 8ft 6 men heavy work great for smaller baits. I have 6 of them and LC27’s for reels sworrall: So you are litrerally targeting the baitfish, yes? Theedz: Thanks Mikes_Extreme: Trolling, that months away. July/august Slamr: do you find much difference in your bait/board performance with different rod types/power? Mikes_Extreme: Baitfish and structure Steve sworrall: do you lay in a trolling track on the GPS and repeat? Magruter: Mike do you run you straight lines with the rod in the water? Mikes_Extreme: Slamr, the lighter rods seem to hookup and catch way more fish, smaller baits work because the gills and crappies are on the small side. Mikes_Extreme: yes, rods down are a must. Milfoil is everywhere during the July/August trolling season. Rods down will keep the lures clean. Mikes_Extreme: murph Murph!: Hey Mike Slamr: with trolling, do you have a specific progression of how you set your lines, ie. boards then flat lines, then short prop wash? jdsplasher: Mike; there’s a spot you like to fish east of your Brothers out about 200yds.out from the tressel. Whats out there? Mikes_Extreme: Steve, I have a layout I did on the lake with gps and I will addapt off that. Sometimes deeper and sometimes shallower. bait is the key. sworrall: ok Mikes_Extreme: I like to follow the little blue ranger.LOL Murph!: Mike what are your’re go to baits when trolling? Mikes_Extreme: Jim, that sopt is a holding spot after the spawn, I like to work across that looking for active fish after the spawn. Lots of muskies go into that river. You have to fish it hard before the weeds grow Mikes_Extreme: Depth raiders, Ernies, Shad Raps, Bagley’s DT16’s Believers and Shallow Raiders esoxlady: Mike what brand of line are you using for your casting and your trolling rigs Mikes_Extreme: Baits depend of the time of year and size of the bait I am working around Slamr: are there specific times you match the hatch, versus going with the brighter, more obnoxious colors? Mikes_Extreme: Brighter is always better in the slop and match the hatch trolling seems better Slamr: line weight, type? Mikes_Extreme: Spring every thing is open to try, summer I go match the hatch, Fall is eather way. tuffy1: do many guys cast Pewaukee during the summer Mikes_Extreme: I like to cast the East end if I have clients that want to cast. Or I will cast the points and deeper weeds close to deep water with cranks Slamr: Mike, in addition to guiding Pewaukee, you fished the PMTT for a number of years, and you still fish tourneys, what did/does that experience teach you about chasing muskies dayin and day out? Mikes_Extreme: Power Pro in 50 and 65 lb for casting. Trolling I will run super lines at night if running shallow and co-polomar in 15 to 20 for deeper sets. Slamr: and, how do you fish tournaments DIFFERENTLY than you do guiding vs. different then you do when you just fish for fun Slamr: (you did say you wanted challenging questions, didnt you?) Mikes_Extreme: Muskie can be caught everywhere shallow to deep. You just have to find the pattern and the window esoxlady: what is the average depth of the lakeMikes_Extreme: Tournaments are won and lost by good sticks, being confident and sticking to the plan is the key. Pre-fishing is also a must in my mind if you don’t know the water. ESOX_Maniac: Mike- when do you go to soft plastics or creature jigs? Mikes_Extreme: 30ft and up in the west end and 5 to 10 in the east end Mikes_Extreme: I wish I could fish more plastics esoxlady: how many guide days a season do you average? When you night troll do you prefer a full moon or dark? Mikes_Extreme: Steve W is going to teach me more plastic patterns sworrall: Mike, if one wants to hire you, how would one contact your Guide Service? Mikes_Extreme: 262-691-8909 home phone—414-640-1642 cell phone —–or my web site at mikekoepp.com Murph!: Mike are you going to the Cave on the outing? Mikes_Extreme: Peg it’s been unbelievable the last two years. I might go full time soon Justin_Gaiche: Mike, do you think Pewaukee is capable of producing a “super fish”, 50 pounds or more? Mikes_Extreme: Murph, Green River in early April ESOX_Maniac: If you were to pick only two colors/patterns for lures on a lake like Pewaukee in the spring, what would they be? Mikes_Extreme: I used to think no but Steve Miljat saw one that he said was way over 50-inches. he thought more like 57 and up. Justin_Gaiche: That’s exciting for the area. Definately deserves respect as a top notch fishery. Mikes_Extreme: Al a slammer in Golden Shiner and a fire tiger would be all you would need for the first few weeks if that is all you had. Mikes_Extreme: Pewaukee can be very good if everyone watches and help all the new to the sport muskie fishermen. Most of all the killed fish are misshandled. Mikes_Extreme: Teaching is the key, we all can help MuskyHopeful: Mike, I will probably drive you crazy with questions when you take me out. I hope you don’t mind, but you’re a main part of the plan. Lee_Tauchen: just got here, what is average fish length from Pewaukee? sworrall: Mike, I watched you pick apart Cass trolling and casting, any advice on learning new water? Justin_Gaiche: Do the water temps get dangerous out there like Webster and other southern waters? Slamr: what is the NUMBERone bit of advice you would give to a novice muskie fisherman new to the sport? Mikes_Extreme: 38 is about the average Mikes_Extreme: over 45 is tough Mikes_Extreme: Ask questions all the time and listen to the locals MuskyHopeful: Andrew, that’s my question. I hired Mike Koepp ESOX_Maniac: Mike, what about the influx of fertilizers & pesticides from the lake shore properties? Do they have a good handle on that now? Mikes_Extreme: Al, we now have a restriction on that and its being watched very close. ESOX_Maniac: great! Mikes_Extreme: water temps get into the high 70’s and then its time to go to Lake Michigan and have fun with the salmon and Trout Murph!: yes sir Mikes_Extreme: 80 degrees is not here long if it get that high sworrall: Mike, will you be happy when SalmonFIRST.com opens up shop? Justin_Gaiche: I hope there is a receipe section! mr_wonderful: about time that salmon first is coming, Mikes_Extreme: Anyone that is new to the sport and needs some great advice can call me or should go to Smokey’s muskie shop for some free help. Great shop with great info. Murph!: how is this Mikes_Extreme: Salmon First Wolf Pack Ready to Rumble Theedz: Smokey’s??? Where’s that?? I wasn’t there yesterday…… sworrall: thought so… esoxlady: So Mike- You know I’ve got that nite bite guide trip with you this season- should I pick a date around the full or dark moon ? ESOX_Maniac: Mike- what was the dumbest thing a client has ever said too you? Mikes_Extreme: Smoke’s rocks, John is a great guy. mr_wonderful: Lil’ Playin’ Hooky ready to help GOTONE: Are you able to fish the shallow east end all year round? Mikes_Extreme: Stop by for the Pweaukee lake Opener. Smokey’s is throwing a party Mikes_Extreme: yes, the slop always holds fish Mikes_Extreme: fish the deeper pockets, the fish will drop into them. Theedz: Yeah, was just to Sanks today. Will be there for the opener again. Looking forward to it. sworrall: The Opener down there is always somewhat of a party on Pewaukee, isn’t it? Mikes_Extreme: Figure 8 every time, they will come up from under the boat and rock you Mikes_Extreme: Pewaukee opener will be a huge hit this season…………. Theedz: I hope it’s warmer than last year. sworrall: looking forward to it, I’ll be there! Justin_Gaiche: Can’t wait for opener! tuffy1: I hope I don’t stay out as late the night before this year Mikes_Extreme: The fish always go. 6 fish last year by Sunday at noon. 8 fish the year before by Sunday at noon Mikes_Extreme: you will Joel Sober_BFH: Great info Mike, I have a full page of notes, I really appreciate it MuskyHopeful: Thanks mike Mikes_Extreme: Steve, it’s all set up, your going to like it Sober_BFH: Thaks to First for providing the place to go to school Magruter: do you think there will be room for a someone without a boat at the pewaukee opener? sworrall: Mike, one more time, contact information? Mikes_Extreme: Kevin, your in the main plan Slamr: TOMORROW NIGHT: CHUCK NELSON WILL BE OUR LIVE CHAT GUEST, DISCUSSING ABU GARCIA, FENWICK AND ALL PURE FISHING PRODUCTS! Mikes_Extreme: 262-691-8909 home—-414-640-1642 cell—-mikekoepp.com web site C_Nelson: I will be here Sober_BFH: me too Sober_BFH: can’t wait for Chuck hope it’s as informative as tonight Slamr: MuskieFIRST would like to thank Mike Koepp for a great chat nightJustin_Gaiche: Thanks Mike! nwild: Thanks Mike!

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