Drifter Tackle announces New Baits for 2008

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The Milwaukee Musky show set the stage for 4 new baits from Drifter TackleToledo, Ohio; February 15 — On February 8th -10th, Drifter Tackle set-up at the 2008 Milwaukee Musky Expo. This expo is held annually at the Wisconsin State Fair Park in West Allis, Wisconsin. The show featured 100’s of exhibitors of all things musky, including manufactures, retailers, resorts, publications and guides from all over the country. This year Drifter Tackle had all existing products from Drifter Tackle, Musky Mania as well as ESOX Research in their newly updated color patterns. But even more exciting this year, Drifter Tackle introduced 4 brand new baits under the Musky Mania and ERC (Esox Research Company) brands.Pearson’s Bump & Grind™ from ERC™ (ESOX Research Company)The Pearson’s Grinder just got louder!Inspired by Dick Pearson’s Grinder, this bait comes armed with a large Colorado blade that delivers a thump that you will first notice at your rod tip. You will also feel the shake right through your rod handle. While maintaining its unique grinding action, the big Colorado blade creates a more noticeable audible footprint and greater lift as it comes through the water. Bump and Grind™ through those thick weed beds that big predators like to submerge in and watch for the wake to appear behind the bait as slumbering giants come up to inhale the sound and vibration that calls and drives them to attack!The Bump & Grind™ comes in 1oz. 2oz. 3oz. and 5oz. sizes and 6 exciting colors.More info at http://esoxresearch.com/prodBumpGrind.phpTurbine™ from Musky Mania™This bait screams ‘Big Fish’!The Turbine™ is a tandem bladed in-line spinner bait aptly named for it’s ability to move large quantities of water. You’ll feel the Power and Electricity the TURBINE creates when large Muskies and Northerns begin appearing and crushing the Turbine™. The Large twin #8,#10, or #12 Colorado Blades create enormous vibration and a distinctive Sonic Impression as it comes through the water. A vortex created behind these huge blades brings the SiliFlash™ & Flashbou® skirts to life as the strands and tentacles dance and pulsate to the beat of the blades, mimicking the shimmering flash of fleeing bait fish. This Awesome combination of Power, Vibration and unparalleled Flash accompanied by massive razor sharp 7/0 Trebles results in a signature that spells one thing? BIG FISH!The Turbine™ is Available in (3) Sizes and (6) Amazing Colors:8KW (Kilowatt) #8 Colorado Blades, 8″ long and weigh 3oz.)10KW (Kilowatt) #10 Colorado Blades, 10″ long and weigh 4oz.)12KW (Kilowatt) #12 Colorado Blades, 12″ long and weigh 5oz.) More info at http://muskymania.com/products/turbine.php Lamprey™ from Musky Mania™Finally a Swimbait that actually swims!Inspired by the Burt™ Jerkbait, the Lamprey™ is a cast and retrieve softbait with realistic paddle tail action. The Lamprey’s™ shape and design combines the enticing paddle tail motion with a side-to-side rocking motion of the head and body. This hard-nosed bait gives an unparalleled life-like action compared to conventional swimbaits, where all the motion comes solely from the tail. The Lamprey™ combines the rock and roll action of traditional crankbaits with the life like action and feel of traditional soft plastic swimbaits. Bottom line, this bait is alive and once they bite down fish won’t let go! The Lamprey™ is 10″ in length, 5oz. in weight and available in 7 Amazing Colors:More info at http://muskymania.com/products/lamprey.phpExo™ from Musky Mania™This craw does it all!EXO™ is a hand poured soft plastic imitation swim bait that represents a natural food source within the predator food chain. When casting this CRAWFISH FORM as a crankbait the live action curly tail virtually brings this bait to life, making it irresistible to even the pickiest of big game fish. The Exo’s™ life-like qualities and Flashbou® tail accents, create a highly visible target very similar to real crawfish. The added flair of a curly tail that creates a vibrant footprint and attracts large game fish such as Muskie, Northern Pike and Striper…EXO™ LOOKS, SWIMS and FEELS like the REAL DEAL !The Exo™ is 20″ from head to tail, weighs in at 12oz. and available in 7 Amazing Colors:More info at http://muskymania.com/products/exo.phpDrifter Tackle Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of fishing lures under the Drifter Tackle™, Musky Mania™ and ERC™(ESOX Research Company) brands. These lures combine unique action, acoustics and finishes that trophy fish find irresistible. The finishes are all hand-made with air brushes in our Toledo, Ohio manufacturing faciltiy by skilled American craftsmen. Each lure is hand painted and coated up to sixteen times in proprietary processes that create images second to none. Here at Drifter Tackle we continue to strive to bring our customers innovative new products that are made 100% in the USA. For more information on Drifter Tackle or its products:6979 Wales Road, Toledo, Ohio 43619 Ph. 419-662-3933 Fax. 419-662-3955 E-Mail: [email protected] | muskymania.com | esoxresearch.com

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