O’Brien Summary Report

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O’Brien Summary Report

*All Tackle Canadian Record Muskellunge / O.F.A.H. / Ontario Record Fish Registry

*Line class record / International Game Fish Association

*Power Trolling subdivision all-tackle record muskellunge / Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame

Angler, Mr. Ken O’Brien

October 16, 1988

Length 58″, girth 30 ½”, weight 65lb. 0oz.

Georgian Bay, Ontario Canada

Woodstock, Illinois 4-3-2011 – Attached link ( http://worldmuskiealliance.com/WMA_OBrien_Summary_Report.pdf ) is the World Muskie Alliance (WMA) report on Mr. Ken O’Brien’s Muskellunge Record as currently acknowledged at the Ontario Record Fish Registry / O.F.A.H. The International Game Fish Association / I.G.F.A. The Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame / FWFHoF. The WMA O’Brien Summary Report questions the validity of Mr. O’Brien’s Canadian Record with scientific and circumstantial evidence.

The WMA will allow a reasonable summarization and/or excerpts of the contents of this report. The entire report may not be reprinted without the expressed written permission of the WMA. This report is property of the World Muskie Alliance.

Formed in January of 2004, The World Record Muskie Alliance (WRMA) assembled a dedicated group of muskellunge anglers who felt strongly that the controversy over the legitimacy of the largest currently recognized muskellunge could be resolved by the use of modern technology and unbiased methods of authentication. This report completes the original mission set forth by the WRMA and the WMA redirection strategy can now begin.

(1) promote and maintain trophy muskellunge fisheries throughout the species’ native range by supporting ongoing scientific efforts to determine optimal species reintroduction strategies; (2) protect vital spawning and nursery habit to ensure integrity of designated trophy waters; (3) library and disseminate scientific data regarding muskellunge.

The WMA is a registered IRS 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization ID #75884.

Employer ID # 20-1741826. State of Illinois CO # 0145457.

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