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 Jul 21st, 2021 by sworrall 

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(Stuart, FL) Created through artificial intelligence, Premio AI is the world’s most advanced, innovative fishing plier. Revealed on Tuesday at ICAST, danco utilized generative design to create a product that defies imagination and goes beyond innovation. Barely tipping the scales, this plier weighs only 3.2 ounces, an astonishing 60% lighter than other titanium pliers. Light: but not a lightweight. premio AI can withstand 500 pounds of crimping force.

How did they do it? Artificial intelligence. When our minds conceive something, we are bound by convention. Confined by what we have seen and experienced. What we think something should look like, what we think it should do limits us. Computers are not bound by these limitations. Powerful supercomputers running Artificial intelligence can determine precise tolerances down to tiny fractions of an inch over every surface of an object, creating tools that our minds would not conceive. This technology is expensive. Frighteningly expensive. Which is why it’s been confined to realms like biotech and aerospace. Until now. Until danco. Until premio AI.

premio AI is made in America, but it emerged on the world stage at ICAST. The pliers are elite in every way, including price point. With a market entry price point at $699, Premio AI stands in a category of its own; a tool that delivers elite performance for elite customers.

danco got here through a strategic partnership. Working with Don Schumacher Racing and Don Schumacher Manufacturing, DSR is the winningest organization in NHRA Drag Racing history accruing +345 wins and 18 world championships. A team who builds 11,000 hp drag racing motors has the precision, expertise – and technology – to deliver the exceptional quality that the most discerning anglers demand. Backed by a lifetime warranty, this revolutionary tool puts all other pliers in its shadow.

Brian Yankello, Senior Project Manager at danco tells us, “As I studied the history of the fishing plier, I realized not much has changed over the past century. danco’s lightweight halo hinge led me to think about weight savings and how we could improve upon this. My personal passion for automotive racing led me to look for innovations from industry leaders such as Bugatti. What really caught my eye was how they use artificial intelligence to take a giant leap forward in innovation for parts like their brake calipers by using generative design technology. Generative design doesn’t just incrementally improve a product by reducing weight by say 10%. It can reduce weight by 50% or even more – surpassing decades of traditional innovation. We decided to take this technology and bring it to the outdoor industry. Our first step in doing so was reimagining what the fishing plier could be. We used our current 6.5” premio titanium pliers as a base model and focused in on the key constraints such as the jaws, handles, and the gripping strength to optimize this plier to be stronger yet significantly lighter. Through this process we were able to come up with over 400 different designs in a matter of hours to ultimately choose the best option with the serious angler in mind. We’re proud of the result, and we think that everyone who handles these will be stunned.”

Premio AI ICAST Introductory Video

It’s no surprise this is the product that people at ICAST already can’t stop talking about. To get your hands on a pair, contact Christina Apgar at [email protected]. For press or media inquiries, contact Brittany Maki at [email protected].

About danco sports
danco sports is an industry leading manufacturer of pliers, knives and accessories for anglers worldwide. Since its start in 2006, danco has been committed to providing affordable, high quality products and outstanding customer service to anglers and fishing tackle retailers alike. Located in Stuart, Florida they wear flip flops to work year-round, and are all about innovating new products and redeveloping existing ones. The danco team strives to create the highest quality products by using the best materials. They are passionate anglers who make products that they’re personally proud to use, and that customers can rely on.

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