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 Feb 25th, 2010 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Steve_Worrall: Sorno, want to Talk Tigers?

sorno: tigers, yeah, I’ve heard of ’em

sorno: I’d be happy to talk about them, I have a bit of a bias I suppose
Steve_Worrall: Sorno has some experience in fishing Hybrids, how big was that Lax reproduction, S?

sorno: mmm, let me turn my head to the right and check…

sorno: 51.25 x 24

muskydeceiver: thats a huuuge fish

Steve_Worrall: how old do you figure that fish was?

muskellUnged: niiice
sorno: it had me plenty rattled til it was in the net

sorno: probably 8 years

Lightning: Are tigers more aggressive? I have heard yes and no

sorno: yes and no

muskydeceiver: that seems young for that big of a fish

muskydeceiver: wow

Lightning: Well ok I am hearing right

sorno: they seem to be on the extremes – either on fire or awol

lambeau: you caught that trolling a J-13 Rapala…do you run standard hooks on those or do you upsize for tigers.

Panfish: tigers jump a bit more ?

sorno: standard hooks, but change split rings

sorno: well, I have very limited experience w/ pures, so in my experience, yes they jump a bit more

lambeau: wow…have to take it easy with the big ones then to not bend the hooks?

Steve_Worrall: Some of us know Sorno and what he does for a living, let’s say he knows Utah fish and fisheries in his area…and the fish in all of them… pretty well

sorno: yes

sorno: lol

sorno: the older J-13s had beefier hooks, I might change the ones that they come with now

muskydeceiver: what is the forage in the lakes out there?

sorno: panfish and carp mostly

muskydeceiver: do you think your moustache helps you catch fish?

sorno: utah won’t stock esocids and salmonids together

sorno: it used to…

Steve_Worrall: Were Hybrids originally stocked to control those species?

Lightning: Are the lakes very clear
sorno: yes, they were destined for panfish control with the fishery for muskies only being a by-product

sorno: seasonally clear, yes, but we do get algal blooms too

TJ: sorno, do you troll all year round or are there times casting is better?

sorno: up to 12-15′ visibility down to about 2′

sorno: I usually cast in the spring – the flooded vegetation isn’t easy to troll – it’s all flooded willows and they eat lures

Steve_Worrall: As a rule, do you downsize your lures for Tigers?

muskydeceiver: you ever use a fly rod?
sorno: I actually cast about 3x more than I troll year-round

lambeau: downsize. hehe.

sorno: of course not; I use baby wabulls just like everyone else!

sorno: a full sized Wabull would be a big lure for me out here

muskydeceiver: when do you use the w/a vs the regular

muskydeceiver: on the baby wabull

Lightning: What are the maximum depths of the  lakes your fishing?

sorno: since I got a W/A I use those about 95% of the time over the reg
sorno: Pineview is 85′ at full pool; summer drawdown varies but can be as much as 40-50′

muskydeceiver: are these all reservoirs?

sorno: yes

sorno: all reservoirs

Lightning: interesting

Muskyhunter247: Do you have many tigers hit in the figure8?

sorno: I’ve had one fish follow through the fig 8 and I got it!  a handful on the first turn but most spook 10-12′ out

sorno: for me – I’ve been told I suck at it though

PE: Do you make any adjustments to your W/A babies to keep the rear hook from hanging up?

Steve_Worrall: What”s a ‘good day’ in numbers and size for your waters; you turned in some impressive numbers in Match fishing last season

sorno: I bend the nail that holds the tail on up about 5 degrees from horizontal
PE: I’ll try that….

sorno: well, ‘good’ is a sliding scale of course, but I have had days of 20, 14, 10, and 9 I think

TJ: what kind of speeds do you troll?

Lightning: Wow
sorno: I expect to get a fish, and over the course of one of my better years averaged over a fish per trip

muskydeceiver: you get most of your fish trolling?
sorno: size…another matter

sorno: troll usually 3.25-4

Lightning: what is typical size

sorno: I troll faster than most out here

peeps: Do you use any spoons?

muskydeceiver: are there very many that have started to chase muskies in the area?

Steve_Worrall: You mentioned that your big hybrid was probably around 8 years old, how long to the Muskies live in that water?

sorno: sizes of fish tend to clump in the upper 20s to mid 30s – but that all depends on what the dominant year class is

sorno: very few do it by midwest standards – there’s about a dozen of us that are pretty hard core
Panfish: whats the stocking like yearly ?

sorno: I’ve never seen any data from Utah DNR or Colorado DOW that showed hybrids in western waters living any longer than 9 years

Steve_Worrall: Do you think you released a State record….maybe?

sorno: we’ve had problems with availability for the last few years, but now have our own source

Lightning: Any reason why they don’t last long
sorno: Pineview quota is about 10-15,000 fish a year )2-3″ fish)
sorno: I think I did Steve

sorno: the brightest candles burn the shortest duration
sorno: they put all their energy into growth

sorno: and then burn out

sorno: currently there is a c&r only reg in place

sorno: the existing state record is 33#10oz- 48″x21.5″

Steve_Worrall: What’s the general public perception of the muskies out there, positive or negative…other than for those who fish them?

Steve_Worrall: Then you DID release a record

sorno: mostly positive

sorno: but most are just scared of them

Steve_Worrall: too many Monster Quest shows

Lightning: Just like the fishermen down south

sorno: well, when you live your whole life in an area where a fish over 20″ is a monster, you can kind of understand it

Steve_Worrall: I suppose so

Tdiddy: Do you ever sight fish for those dudes in spring time?

Steve_Worrall: are there particular structure elements the fish use seasonally other than the willows in the Spring floods?

Tdiddy: up in the sand

sorno: yeah, sight fishing is fun, but often frustrating – they are pretty cowardly

Lightning: Is it the splash that gets them

Lightning: or is it more the boat

sorno: the main lake points (mostly rock) get some of my attention as to the steeper parts of the reservoir by the dam

sorno: not sure what spooks them most

Tdiddy: How do you approach them sight fishing?  I do it for the naturals, but never really for tigers.

Steve_Worrall: are they seemingly oriented to current at all?

Steve_Worrall: Probably what spooks them the most is Sorno….

sorno: I actually don’t sight fish them much T

Tdiddy: Gotcha.  Something to put on the list for this year. 😉

peeps: Have used any spoons, like cleo’s?

sorno: early spring they seem to be near the river mouths where runoff water is coming in, but I haven’t noticed it much otherwise

lambeau: what’s your most productive bait type/technique: spinner, jerkbait, plastic, topwater, etc.? and why do you think that is?

sorno: spoons have worked – mostly Red eyes and Len Thompsons

Tdiddy: I might have missed this earlier, but I know you do “ok” trolling for them, are you fishing structure or open water, and are you usually running baits fairly deep, or do you find they hang higher?

sorno: lambeau – it seems to vary by year; the last couple years the wabull has been my go to, prior to that spinnerbaits were king and the year before that small cranks

sorno: it might havce something to do w/ preference by year class

Steve_Worrall: What are water temps like during the summer out there?

sorno: I don’t troll real deep – they’ll come up for it if they want it

sorno: max summer surface temps where i fish for them run about 76-77 or so
sorno: it’s still runoff water all year

Steve_Worrall: Do you have to adapt quite a bit as the reservoirs are dr awn down during the year?

Tdiddy: what kind of baits are you running?  Ever do good on the bigger baits, or just the smaller baits?

sorno: constant adaptation; good spots one week might be literally dry the next depending on irrigation demand; each trip is a new adventure in finding them again

Tdiddy: Do they slide deeper as that happens but similar locations, or do they totally relocate on you?

peeps: Why do they stock tigers only and not pure?

sorno: I like the mid sized baits since I can get a combination of action and confidence that the bait won’t get completely destroyed

muskydeceiver: I just looked through the tiger pictures in the research forum, your pictures with the mountains in the background have to be some of the prettiest I have ever seen…..

Steve_Worrall: So you frequently are fishing a new reservoir every trip…what do you look for, just extensions of the same points, or do you have a process in place?
sorno: they just seem to slide deeper or to the next adjacent available  habitat

Tdiddy: Makes sense

sorno: no pures because we have an active ‘bucket brigade’ and pures reproduce

sorno: often I just fish deeper in the same areas, but I’ll slide to the deeper side of the basin as the water drops

Steve_Worrall: explain ‘bucket brigade’, please

sorno: citizens that take it upon themselves to stock a water with a new species illegally
Steve_Worrall: interesting

sorno: it’s very common with most cool and warm water species out here

TJ: very interesting

Steve_Worrall: so if the ‘stock’ hybrids, illegally, it’s a single tier population of a couple, no harm no foul?

sorno: yes, and then usually only a very very limited number of fish
sorno: no harm ecologically; if they’re caught, Class B misdemeanor

Steve_Worrall: How many acres in each system…about?
Tdiddy: Do they have the death penalty for that?

Steve_Worrall: wow, some serious fines then, yes?

sorno: Pineview – 2800 at full pool, Newton 250 acres

sorno: it can be serious, but I don’t think they’ve ever caught, and been able to successful prosecute anyone

Steve_Worrall: What’s the main sport fish there?

sorno: wildlife law is viewed as pretty unimportant overall

sorno: main sportfish is trout of various species

Steve_Worrall: is a trout really a fish?

sorno: I think they’d work just fine on a quick strike rig

sorno: but alas, no live fish for bait here…

Steve_Worrall: I bet!

sorno: in fact, no dead fish or amphibian parts bigger than 1″ on any of our muskie waters

Mark_Gostisha: Hi Steve and all

sorno: it’s essentially artificial bait for muskies

Steve_Worrall: Sorno, I understand you also know how to provide libations…home made, are you still making Beer?

sorno: I do on occasion, the brewery seems to only have produced cricket sounds lately…

sorno: I need to get another batch going

Steve_Worrall: What’s the reaction from the trout folks when they see your net?

lambeau: it’s hard to find good yeast analysts.

sorno: They just don’t understand

sorno: true lambeau very true

Mark_Gostisha: Sorno has the most beautiful musky fishing in the  world

sorno: thanks Mark, wish the fish would have cooperated for ya though

Steve_Worrall: Yes, I agree, and beautiful fish, too

Steve_Worrall: You said you have a source now, where are the Hybrids coming from for stocking these days?
Mark_Gostisha: a slimy net is only a small part of a great trip

sorno: we have gotten them from Nebraska the last 2 years, but we have pures in a secure facility now too, so we’ll be making our own once the pures mature sexually

sorno: anyone want to get into a strain of hybrid debate?

Steve_Worrall: Now that, sir, is funny…

TJ: lol

Steve_Worrall: Sorno, MuskieFIRST Thanks you for bailing us out tonight, we need to have you on as a regular next year!

Tdiddy: Thanks Sorno!

sorno: lol; sure anytime

lambeau: the funny thing…those are MN strain pures…

Steve_Worrall: one more question for you

Mark_Gostisha: Nice job sorno

sorno: were, my friend, were

lambeau: lol

Panfish: thank you all for your time

peeps: Thanks for stepping in

MuskieMike entered the room.

MuskieMike: I missed a chat with Sorno?

Steve_Worrall: If muskies can hear, what tunes do you think they like and will respond to with a strike?

sorno: aw jeez, look who drug himself in…

Steve_Worrall: MM usually IS late

MuskieMike: How could this be?

MuskieMike: Unhappy camper right here folks

sorno: first, muskies CAN hear, and second – they will respond to anything they can hear over the annoying thump of a Magnetic Resonance Imagery machine!

Steve_Worrall: Hoo boy

Steve_Worrall: Very noisy indeed…
MuskieMike: Sorno can catch nice muskie, AND take AMAZING photos of fish you catch as well.


Watch for more amazing images from Sorno’s boat in 2010!

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