New Frabill shelter trio

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 Nov 12th, 2009 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Jackson, Wis. – Looks can be deceiving on a remote North Country lake. Perched atop the ice, Frabill’s clever new trio of pop-up shelters loom large on the icescape, seemingly slow and immobile. But the same miscalculation has been made by those eyeballing an angler the likes of Brian “Bro”Brosdahl, the Crocodile Dundee of the ice shing world.

Frabill Cube Shelters

Before they know it, Bro has left them in a poof of snow-dust, leaving only ice shavings  in his wake. On trips like these, there’s a good chance Bro is basing operations out of a Frabill Frontier, Outpost or Headquarters, and kicking serious sh-tail in the process.

“There’s a standard misperception that large cabin-style houses are slow and clunky,”says Bro. “Obviously, they’ve never tried one of these. Even with the mansion-sized Headquarters, a simple lift, pull and set, and the big hacienda is up and ready to rock.”

Bro sings more pop-up praises: “Frabill’s new pop-ups are what I call ‘sweet situation shelters’. First o, they’re awesome for roominess and comfort. But here’s the surprise: for trekking into those backwater lakes, these houses can’t be beat. They fit neatly into small tote bags that strap to your back, so there’s always room to bring ’em along. With a group of shermen, you can use these shelters, literally, as a warming ‘headquarters.'”

The trio of expedient pop-ups starts with the Frontier-a 5-foot by 5-foot by nearly 7-foot (tall) two-person shelter that packs into a small, one-handed duel bag. From condo to cabin to castle, the Outpost comfortably shes up to three anglers plus gear, while the cavernous Headquarters boasts a huge “living”space-over 12-feet long by close to 6-feet wide by almost 7-feet tall. This on-ice dwelling comfortably houses up to six anglers, plus a mountain of gear.

All three share the same premium, lightweight and durable 300 Denier tent material, including extra polyurethane coatings to keep things toasty and dry within. And the dark black material creates a perfect portable environment for sight-shing and absorbs sunlight to keep the inside warmer. Each shelter in the trio comes with a fully-zippered transport bag, which makes removal and storage a cinch. They provide large front (Frontier and Outpost) or both front and rear (Headquarters) zippered doors, eight safety reectors, and four to six removable 12″x12″windows. For steadying the houses in wind, anchoring kits are also included.

One more Frabill exclusive, the new MaxVentâ„¢ system, makes each house a model of energy eciency. “MaxVent is a brilliant solution for adjusting and maintaining proper air flow, without losing interior warmth,”explains Frabill’s Product Manager, Andy Schmelzer. “It’ll help you save on heating costs, too.”

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