Introducing the New OFM Underwater Recording Studio

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 Nov 11th, 2009 by OutdoorsFIRST 

Modified Nov 11th, 2009 at 12:00 AM

The all new IcefishingFIRST-OFM Mobile Underwater Recording Studio featuring MarCum and OutdoorsFIRST technology working seamlessly in tandem will offer multiple fields of view recorded DTE and all safely encased utilizing a custom Just Encase Clearview Enclosure.

The OFM Underwater Studio will provide you with the best underwater Ice Fishing video ever recorded…anywhere… during the 2009/2010 Icefishing season. All IceFIRST Videos will be brought to you by Frabill, Lindy, MarCum, Fishouflage, and our IceFIRST Promotional Partners.

The all new OFM Studio features superb audio recorded using a super sensitive Hydrophone, allowing you to actually experience the ENTIRE underwater event filmed as it is streamed flawlessly to your computer screen direct from the OFM Servers employing H264 Server Side Encoded Video and Audio. The OFM Mobile Underwater Studio also has the capacity to shoot above and below the ice simultaneously, and will record direct to edit, allowing us to post video from any Ice Outing MUCH faster than ever before. Soon, we’ll be uploading video right out on the Ice…live!

We’re awaiting the addition of the MarCum technology to the studio, and will offer final details and images of the Studio once we have all the equipment ready to rock. Here’s a preview of about 50% of the OFMUW Studio.

OFMUW Studio

The Studio will also be employed to complete the Hydrophone Series of Muskie Lure Footprint videos featuring the top Muskie lures on the market in action.

It’s going to be a great Winter!!

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