Perch Patrol Fishing Report

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 Mar 27th, 2014 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Wednesday, March 26

Well it’s been a very good week of fishing but we did have some tough days too where it was tough to get perch to bite. These were mainly due to some of the fronts that hit us especially last weekend. For the most part, we have still been catching most of our perch in deep water. Some places we have been have been 29ft, some 39 ft, and some places as deep as 52 feet of water. We had one of our best days of the year where every group that was with us enjoyed catching their limits and then we went to the same spot the next day and we were hard pressed to even mark fish. But that’s what near blizzard conditions and a cold front can do.


We have been rather lucky the past 10 days. For a while we had warm temps that melted all our snow on the lake. We went through a period of time where we had water on the ice and then Mother Nature gave us some cold temps that refroze everything and healed even the accesses. So as I write this report, we are still driving our trucks on the lake, we are still drilling through 40 plus inches of ice and we are still able to safely travel every where we want to go. The bridge areas are opening up and you need to stay away from them. Bring your ice cleats and your auger extensions or you may find yourself flat on your behind with no water in your hole.

The end of our season is near. Our last day of guiding for the Perch Patrol is April 1st. We do realize the opportunity to ice fish on Devils Lake will go on in to April. But we have to be honest, this crew has worked long and hard this winter without many days off and there comes a point in time where everyone is starting to feel the burn out taking over.

Have a great week everybody and be safe out there!

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