SneakyHunter Bootlamps: An Ice Fisherman’s Dream

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 Sep 29th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

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SneakyHunter Bootlamps: An Ice Fisherman’s Dream

SALMON, Idaho (Sept. 29, 2020) — Ice fisherman risk slipping and taking a dangerous fall every time they hike to and from their huts in the dark. Bundled up and carrying gear makes it difficult to keep your balance on slick, uneven ice. SneakyHunter Bootlamps – essentially, headlamps for your feet – make navigating slick, uneven ice surfaces safer and easier. By keeping the light low to the ice, Sneaky Hunter Bootlamps help eliminate glare as well as highlight potential “gotcha’s” that can trip you up. They also eliminate the problem of inadvertently temporarily blinding your companions by accidentally shining a headlamp or flashlight in their eyes.

SneakyHunter Bootlamps attach to your boot via an easy-to-use 18-inch long, 1-inch wide elastic cinch strap. The Velcro strap is placed under your instep, and the two prongs on the front of the unit are slipped under your boot laces, resulting in a slip-proof attachment. The unit is made so that when it is mounted in the proper position, the light will shine where you’ll be walking. The lights operate using three AAA batteries and have three settings – white, for general hiking; red, for hiking with a red light that will not spook animals and easy-on-the-eyes use inside enclosures, like your hut; and green, which offers less eyestrain over time, or a soft violet. You activate them by simply pushing the button on top – one click for white, two clicks for red, three clicks for either green or violet. The lid is rated as highly water resistant. They can also be attached at the knees for situations of high snow or deep water.

Avid outdoorsmen and entrepreneurs Jim and Annette Manroe wondered why isn’t there a lighting system that solves the obvious problems with headlamps and flashlights? It was when Jim was reviewing the reason he often spooked elk when hiking in the dark that he conceived the concept of this ingenious product. Manroe reflects, “I realized there were missed opportunities from my headlamp illuminating the eyes of big game, or generally disturbing them with scattered light when I inadvertently flashed them.” The solution? A lighting system that allowed Jim to turn his head without shining his light in that direction.

SneakyHunter Bootlamps are proudly made in the USA and are available in two models: The Hunters Bootlamps with colors that include white, red, violet (for blood trailing) and Hikers Bootlamps with lighting colors of white, red, and green. MSRP is $59.99 for two bootlamps, and they come with a one year limited warranty. More information is available at www.sneakyhunter.com.


Bulb Type: 5mm LED
Bulb Detail: x6 LED (x2 each mode)
Beam Type: Flood
Max Light Output: 40 Lumens per Boot lamp
Max Beam
Distance (feet): 50 meters
Modes: White, Red, Green (Hikers Bootlamps)
White, Red, Violet (Hunters Bootlamps)
Average Run Time: 70 hours
Batteries: 3 AAA each (not included)
Dimensions: 2.875” wide x 2.0” long x 1.75” high
with Batteries: 2/7 oz. each

About SneakyHunter
Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Salmon, Idaho, SneakyHunter offers state-of-the-art boot lamps that are perfect for hunting, fishing, hiking and other outdoor activities. These boot lamps provide solutions unseen before with conventional lighting, including three separate, hands-free lighting modes including white, red and a particular wavelength in the violet spectrum of light that causes blood to stand out so it can easily be tracked in the dark. For more information on SneakyHunter visit www.sneakyhunter.com; call 208-742-0083 or write to SneakyHunter, 10 Kelly Road, Salmon, ID 83467.

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