Recap of NWT at Lake Sakakawea, remembering Tommy, & next 6 Podcasts

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 Sep 23rd, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

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Tommy had “IT”

Few people have “IT”, Tommy did. That unique ability to make a lasting impression regardless of the situation. From meeting people in an elevator to motivating a crowd of thousands on stage, Tommy had the gift. “IT” is hard to describe but you know it if your around “IT”. That rock-star/super-hero persona, that turn the head of everyone in the room when they enter personality. Larger than life at times and emotionally connecting with groups of people at one time. It’s almost as if people are pulled towards “IT” for reasons they love or maybe not. If you were lucky enough to ever be in his vicinity you understand. Maybe you loved it, maybe you loathed it, both reactions existed–both made an impression. Tommy could be polarizing. More than once I thought, OMG–you’re a genius, yet I also quipped a few times OMG–what the hell did you just do, but that was Tommy. Always willing to push himself, take the risk for the moment. He was always un-apologetically Tommy, and that was the gift. Read more.


National Walleye Tour – Lake Sakakawea

Chip Leer (left) and Cody Northrop (right)

Interested in learning more about walleye fishing – especially fishing this fantastic reservoir? Here are some lessons from some of the best about where, when, and how to fish Lake Sakakawea, along with some good insight into life as a pro-angler.

Podcast: Lake Sakakawea Preview

Podcast: Interview with the NWT Champion: Skeeter Pro Cody Northrup

Blog: National Walleye Tour, Garrison, ND Wrap-up


NFL and Fishing

The odds of becoming a paid NFL athlete is .08% after playing High School football. Frank Ragnow made the dream a reality by facing his fears, overcoming personal tragedy and using the outdoors to balance his football passion. Drafted in the 1st round of the 2018 draft he now suits up each week for the Detroit Lions. Let Frank Ragnow inspire you to follow your passion and suit-up for life, regardless of what it tosses at you.

Check out the Frank Ragnow podcast here!

Upcoming Podcasts

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September. 22: NWT Recent Winner, Cody Northrop. Chip Leer joins the most recent winner on the NWT, Cody Northrop, for an in-depth discussion on the locations and tactics he used to capture his first NWT win on North Dakota’s Lake Sakakawea.

September 24: Pro Angler Joe Carter. A candid discussion on racism in fishing.

October 1: NWT Angler of the Year 2020 Preview. Who will it be? Chip Leer leads an open discussion including input from 2X National Walleye Tour Angler of the Year Robert Blosser and Walleye Pro & Stat guru John Balla.

October 8: 2020 NWT Championship Preview. Final event of the season takes place on Lake Erie Oct 14-16 where a Championship Champion and AOY will be decided. Chip hosts a round table discussion on what to expect at this Huron, Ohio event. Taking part is 5X NWT Champion and AOY Points leader Korey Sprengel, Local Pro Ryan Buddie who finished 2nd last NWT on Erie and with statistics provided by walleye pro John Balla.

October 22: NWT Championship Champion Interview.

October 29: 2020 NWT Angler of the Year Interview and NWT Season Wrap.


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