NPAA Member Spotlight Tanner Wildes #213

 Dec 17th, 2010 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Tanner Wildes, NPAA Member #213

1-Briefly describe yourself and where you are from?

My name is Tanner Wildes, I am a full time fishing guide in Hayward, WI.  I guide for Musky, Walleye, and Ice fishing.  I fish mostly on the Chippewa Flowage, and St. Louis River.  I also fish on other lakes in the Hayward area too.

2-What was your reason for joining the NPAA?

I joined the NPAA because I make 100% of my income from fishing, and I wanted to be a part of an organization that represents professional fisherman, and keeps an eye out for political issues that can affect fishing and my guiding.

3-Has the NPAA helped you in your career as a professional angler?

Yes the NPAA has helped me as a fishing guide, the annual conference is very informative, and Networking with fellow fisherman who make their living from it, has helped me out in more than one way.

4-How long have you been fishing? Do you fish tournaments?

I have been fishing since I was a little kid, and I have been guiding full time since I was 18 years old.  The only Tournaments that I fish are the Professional Musky Tournament Trail (PMTT), but I do not fish the entire trail, or fish the tournaments every year, I mostly concentrate on guiding.

5-Do you have any fishing idols?

No not really

6-Who do you enjoy fishing with the most?

The person I enjoy fishing with the most is my wife, because during fishing season I am so busy, that if I can get a bit of time to fish with her, I really cherish it.  And she is a really good fisherman, so that helps too.

7-If you could fish with anyone who would it be?

I don’t really know.  Probably one of the Lindners. 

8-What is your most memorable moment in fishing?

With guiding I have a lot of memeroable moments in fishing.  The thing that I always remember and really love is when one of my clients, especially a kid catches his first musky, or his biggest fish.  I remember those moments the most, and is why I love guiding, when anybody catches there biggest fish, or there first musky, especially a kid.

9- What is a must have in your boat; don’t leave the dock without?

The thing I cannot leave the dock with out in my boat, is probably my Frabill Nets, I know everybody has had it happen where they have lost a big fish because they forgot a net, I always make sure I have the right net for what I am fishing for.

10- What is your strength as an angler?

My strengths as an angler is versatility, whether it be casting, trolling, jigging, whatever, not sticking with only one technique, being able to switch techniques and have confidence in it.

11-What is your weakness as an angler?

My weakeness as an angler would probably be mental, when fishing gets tough I start getting upset, instead of keeping a cool calm head, and thinking of what I can do make the day more productive.

12-Who are your sponsors?

My sponsers are: Frabill, Marcum Technology, Cortland fishing line, Lakewood tackle boxes, Pure Fishing, River 2 Sea, Optimum Swimbaits, Ranger Boats, Musky Mahem Tackle

13-What tournaments do you fish?

I occasionally fish the Professional Musky Tournament Trail (PMTT) but not the whole trail and not every year.

14-Someday you would like to???

Keep doing what I am doing, make a living fishing everyday!

15-If you were to ask your fellow anglers/competitors, what stands out the most about you?

Probably my gut!

16-In what ways do you promote angling?

The ways that I promote fishing, I feel are through guiding.  Showing somebody a good and hopefully successful fishing trip, will leave them with a positive experience that they will remember.

17-What is the biggest fish you have ever caught?

The biggest fish I have ever caught is about an 80 pound lake sturgeon on the Flambeau River.

18-Where can people find out more about you? Such as Facebook and websites etc…….

People can find out more about me and guiding by loging onto www.tannerwildes.com, or check out my facebook page at Captain Tanner Wildes.

19-Outside of fishing what other hobbies do you enjoy?

Outside of Fishing, I love hunting, especially duck hunting, along with deer, grouse and feral hog hunting in Texas.

20. On closing, what advice would you have for those considering fishing in tournaments or guiding?

Advice that I have for anybody looking to get into guiding is to make sure you have a backup plan or a part time job when starting out.  You can’t expect your first year that you will be booked up enough to make a living, and you need to be making money when you are not guiding.  Also a lot of support at home helps out a lot too.

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