NPAA and Learn 2 Fish With Us Educates Youth at Aim Walleye Tournament

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 Jul 31st, 2014 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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July 26th, 2014 in Oconto, Wisconsin before the final day AIM Walleye tournament weigh-in, a youth and family fishing clinic was held by the NPAA and Learn 2 Fish With Us organizations.   Angler Educator, Greg Karch #138 presented his Fishing Basics seminar to the families in attendance where they learned everything from safety while fishing, how to cast with an open and closed spinning combo, different types of fishing presentations, bait, knots and fish identification. 

The family fishing clinic ended with all in attendance yelling out ‘Clean’ and Greg explained that when fishing he makes sure to clean all the weeds from his boat and trailer.  Next, everyone yelled out ‘Drain’ and Greg explained that he makes sure to always drain his live well and pull the boat plug so all water is drained from his boat.  Finally, everyone yelled out ‘Dry’ and Greg explained that he dry’s his boat for a couple days before going to a new body of water to fish.

After the Future Angler event, thanks to the NPAA and Future Angler Foundation all youth went home with a Shakespeare fishing combo and Future Pro shirt.  Many of the youth had the pro’s fishing the tournament sign their shirts.

Organizations coming together to educate and protect the great sport of fishing!!!  To learn more about the organizations that held this event check out the following websites; www.Learn2FishWithUs.com , www.nppa.net and http://www.futureangler.org/.

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