Row Trolling With Patricia Strutz

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 Apr 24th, 2006 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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DVD TITLE: Row Trolling – Bringing Back a Classic Fishing Technique (93 minutes) – with your guide Patricia Strutzrow – (‘rO) verb – To propel a boat by means of oars.troll – (‘trOl) noun – To pull through the water from a moving boat.Sun dappling on the water. The rhythmic swish and drip of the oars pulling through the water. You can almost imagine yourself rowing around the lake as you watch this enjoyable video about an increasingly popular way to fish for muskies “old-school” style.Patricia Strutz has been fishing for most of her life, and has added row trolling to her long list of expertise in the last 12 years. In this video she guides you through: Advantages of this method of fishing; History of the tactics and boats used by “old-time” guides; How to set-up a row trolling boat and make use of time-proven techniques; and Getting you ready to buy or build and equip a row trolling boat.This is not your typical muskie fishing video full of hook-sets, fish poses, and the predictably testosterone-filled dialog. Instead, this video focuses on the art, history, and style of row trolling, including interviews and helpful “how-to” demonstrations. It’s more of an instructional video with some very entertaining discussions, explanations, and story-telling. I particularly enjoyed the interviews about restoring old boats, and stories about the old-time guides rowing clients around northwoods lakes.And the boats, the beautiful wooden row trolling boats! Patricia Strutz shares her appreciation and love for the building, restoring, and use of traditional wooden boats.The last time that I row trolled for muskies was over nine years ago, and watching this video made me want to get back out there and pull the oars – this time with a better understanding of how to go about it based on tips in the video. Whether you’ve been rowing up muskies for years, or are just intriqued by the idea but have never tried it before, this video will both entertain and guide you to a traditional fishing technique with a modern application!”Row Trolling: Bringing Back a Classic Fishing Technique” is available for around $25:Guide’s Choice Pro Shop, Eagle River WI, www.guideschoiceproshop.com (715) 477-2248Smokey’s Muskellunge Shop, Pewaukee WI, www.smokeysmuskieshop.com (262) 691-9659Rollie & Helen’s Musky Shop, Minocqua WI, www.muskyshop.com (715) 356-6011

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