Stealth Tackle Fluorocarbon Leaders

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 Apr 24th, 2006 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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John Bette has been perfecting his fluorocarbon leader building technique over the past 5 years, getting input from a number of notable fishermen and guides who spend as much or more time on the water as anyone out there.He describes being uncomfortable with the quality of retail “fluoro”, so started to make his own, experimenting with a couple of different brands and styles. He now sticks exclusively to Seaguar and Climax, as he has found these to be the highest quality available, even if it does cost slightly more than some other kinds. John’s leaders have boated fish up to 50″, and he notes using one leader for 20 fish without problem before he “retired” it! The hardware is top-shelf as well, Stringease staylok snaps or Berkley crosslok snaps, saltwater quality ball-bearing swivels and solid rings.In my opinion, the key feature that distinguishes Stealth Tackle leaders from some other brands is the knot and crimping. All Stealth leaders have hand-tied nail knots, are glued after tying, and also have a 200# crimp on the tag end. I tested one of the sample leaders in a hand-crank, and once enough pressure was applied (a LOT of pressure), and the leader finally snapped: the knot and crimp did not give or slip, maintaining full leader strength. In my own experience with fluorocarbon leaders, the attachments are always the weak point, and these leaders passed the toughest test I could dream up. In limited early-season fishing, all of the hardware also performed flawlessly. Most important to me was consistently free-spinning bearings in the swivels.Stealth Tackle leaders are available mainly in 12″ lengths of 100# or 130# test. Custom lengths or type of fluoro or mono leaders are available upon request.Leaders are priced at $12.00 for a 2-pack, quite affordable by most standards. Bulk dealer rates are also available. Available direct: John Bette, [email protected], (708) 466-5066 or through Mike Gregg, mrgmuskies.com.

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