International Angling Rules and Requirements

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International Angling Rules and Requirements for Muskellunge and Hybrid Muskellunge RecordsThe following rules and requirements were developed by the International Modern Day Muskellunge Records Committee in order to establish uniform angling guidelines for modern day muskellunge or hybrid muskellunge records. Please read carefully. Angling is defined as fishing using a line or rod and reel with line and hook or hooks, or a plug or artificial lure with hook or hooks as described in the criteria listed below. Only muskellunge or hybrid muskellunge will be considered. All materials submitted, unless noted otherwise, become the property of the International Modern Day Muskellunge Records Committee. A record application is contained herein. The application, or an exact copy, must be completed in full and returned to the Committee. Your application for a modern day record muskellunge or hybrid muskellunge will be evaluated promptly. There are no charges or fees. Note: The minimum qualifying weight for a muskellunge record is 60 pounds or 27.22 kilograms. The minimum qualifying weight for a hybrid muskellunge record is 40 pounds or18.14 kilograms. Equipment criteria:1) Rod: Any type of rod may be used.2) Reel: Power driven reels including motor, hydraulic and electric drive models are not allowed unless the angler is unable to use conventional equipment. 3) Line: Any conventional manufactured line may be used.4) Leader: A leader is not required. 5) Hooks: Single, double or gang (treble) hooks may be used. Note: The angler is encouraged to submit a photograph of equipment used for the catch.Angling Rules and Requirements:1) Your catch must be in compliance with applicable state or province angling regulations.2) Your catch must be made in public waters. Fish caught in a fish hatchery, fish sanctuary or private waters are not eligible.3) Your catch must be made during the open season within legal fishing hours.4) The applicant must hook the fish or gain possession of the rod, fight and bring the fish to boat or shore without aid. Should a line become obstructed with an item that will not pass through the rod guides, assistance may be rendered. Landing assistance is allowed. Your Catch Will Be Disqualified IF:1) You do not comply with all rules and requirements, herein.2) Your catch is not weighed, documented and witnessed in accordance with the rules and requirements set forth herein, including scale certification after weigh-in. 3) Your weigh-in documentation and witness affidavits are not notarized. 4) A fisheries professional has not made positive identification of a fish as required for application of a hybrid record. 5) A fisheries professional or Committee representative has not weighed the fish or examined the stomach contents of the catch and provided a written report of the findings. 6) You fail to cooperate with a record application claim reviewer or a designated record application claim review representative.Application:1) An official application or an exact copy must be used.2) Incomplete applications will not be accepted. 3) In certain circumstances, an International Committee member or representative may be instructed to document information provided on a record application. Cooperation with this process is mandatory. Failure to comply will result in rejection of the application.4) Application for record may be made for catches made in prior years, provided that all Modern Day Record rules and requirements are met as set forth, herein.5) There are no application charges or fees.6) The Committee reserves the right to refuse an application. 7) Formal protest of a Modern Day Record will be taken seriously and evaluated promptly. There are no charges or fees for a protest. 8) The Committee decisions are final. Catch Witnesses: It is highly desirable to have a witness or witnesses to the catch. Each witness, if any, must provide a signed and notarized statement detailing the catch. Fish Identification:1) Hybrid muskellunge must be positively identified by a fisheries professional. A written statement of identification from the fisheries professional must be signed and submitted with the application for it to be considered. A full close up side-view photograph of the fish is required. The intent of this rule is to fully verify that the fish is indeed a muskellunge x northern pike cross. Multiple photographs, while not required, of a close-up of the head and under the jaw, as well as a close-up of the full length side view of the fish from different angles, are encouraged.Weight Documentation:1) Use of a digital or balance beam scale legal for trade and certified for accuracy within the previous twelve months, is recommended. The use of a commercial spring type scale is discouraged but will be considered. If possible, weighing should be supervised or conducted by the owner or operator of the scale. The scale operator must provide a notarized statement. 2) The scale used to weigh the entry must be certified for accuracy AFTER weigh-in. Undue delays in scale certification will be considered for extenuating circumstances when adequately documented. A full written and signed explanation of the post weigh-in scale certification process from a certification professional must be included with the application. Photographs of the entire process would be helpful. A photograph of the scale is encouraged. THE COMMITTEE RESERVES THE RIGHT BASED ON THE SCALE CERTIFICATION RESULTS, TO ADJUST OFFICIAL FISH WEIGHT. IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT A FISH BE WEIGHED ONLY ONCE ON A CERTIFIED SCALE. ADDITIONAL WEIGHINGS ONLY TEND TO CONFUSE THE ISSUE, HOWEVER, IF MORE THAN ONE CERTIFIED SCALE IS USED, ONLY THE SCALE WEIGHING THE LESSER AMOUNT, IF ANY, WILL BE CONSIDERED!3) Prior to weighing your catch, you are encouraged to establish and record scale conditions at zero. Scale conditions at zero should include the weight of all permanently attached contrivances used to attach the fish to the scale. The weight of those contrivances that are not a permanent part of the scale, such as removable hooks, net, cradle or rope that are not included in the establishment of zero, must be accurately determined and deducted from the total fish weight. A written, signed and notarized documentation of the weigh-in, including a description of all contrivances used during the weigh-in, the accountability of the weight of contrivance(s), the scale setting conditions at zero (if established), and the final recorded weight of the fish, is mandatory. Photographs of the weigh-in are encouraged. 4) No weight estimation or scale interpolation, also known as visual fractionalizing, shall be permitted. If a scale is used that shows only pound or half-pound (or kilogram) increments and the weight indicator falls between two of these graduations, the lesser weight of the two graduations will be recognized as the official weight. There shall be no exceptions to this rule. A photograph showing the fish on the scale, including any contrivances used, and another photograph showing the actual scale reading is encouraged. 5) Fish weighed only on the water in a boat will not be considered for record. There shall be no exception to this rule. 6) There must be at least two witnesses to the weighing of the catch. These witnesses must be disinterested persons not associated with the angler. Witnesses to the catch can not also be weight witnesses. Each witness must provide a notarized statement attesting to the accuracy of the fish weight. 7) The fish must be weighed by a fisheries professional or Committee representative BEFORE the fish is skinned for mounting or cut open in any manner (see Handling of Fish after Weighing, below). Handling of Fish after Weighing:1) It is strongly recommended that the fish be kept frozen until the Committee has completed its review of the application. If the fish is retained in a frozen state, arrangements will be made by the Committee to have a fisheries professional or Committee representative present immediately after the fish is thawed and prior to the fish being opened. However, should the angler turn the fish over to a taxidermist for skinning, it is mandatory that a fisheries professional or Committee representative be present prior to the fish being opened. Arrangements in either case must be made by the angler for a fisheries professional or a Committee representative to be available to weigh the fish on a certified scale prior to opening the fish. 2) Once the fish is opened, a fisheries professional or Committee representative must examine the stomach contents of the fish. Failure to follow this procedure will result in the application being rejected. A complete written report of this entire procedure, signed by the fisheries professional or Committee representative is mandatory.3) The angler, fisheries professional or a Committee representative must obtain a scale sample and a cleithral bone from the fish and submit it to the Committee. These items are for scientific information, verification and study.Fish Measurement:1) Total Length: The fish must be measured lying down upon a flat surface. Measurement shall be taken ALONG THE FLAT SURFACE, from the tip of the longest jaw to the farthest tip of either lobe of the tail. The tail may be pinched. A photograph of the fish lying down with the measuring device clearly shown in the photo is encouraged. Measurement of the fish hanging in a vertical position is not allowed or accepted. 2) Fork Length: The same method employed in taking the length measurement as outlined above shall be employed with the exception that the rearward measurement on the fish shall be only to the fork or center of the V of the fish tail.3) Girth Measurement: Girth measurement is also a very important dimension and must be measured as accurately as possible. Girth denotes the largest circumference on the fish at any place along the body. It is strongly recommended that a flexible measuring tape be used if available. If none is available, a piece of string or other soft piece of material may be used, marked, and measured against an accurate measuring instrument. When taking the girth measurement, do not pull so tight on the measuring devise as to indent the skin, while at the same time assuring that the device is snug and accurate. Photograph Requirements:1) All photographs should be clear and all fish photographs should show the entire fish. 35mm or other negative type film is desirable but digital format is acceptable. A VIDEO OF THE ENTIRE PROCESS, IF AVAILABLE, THAT COVERS ALL RULES AND REQUIREMENTS WOULD BE VERY VALUABLE FOR RECORD CONSIDERATON, IN ADDITION TO THE REQUIRED PHOTOGRAPHS. Video will returned if requested and treated as copyright property. Submission of additional photographs not pertaining to rules is encouraged.2) One clear photograph of the fish and the angler is required. This photograph should show the complete length of the fish and the full height of the angler. Submission of additional photographs is encouraged.PLEASE READ ALL RULES AND REQUIREMENTS ABOVE (May 2006 revision) TO ASSURE COMPLIANCE, AND FILL OUT THE APPLICATION BLANK COMPLETELY. FOLLOWING THE APPLICATION IS A CHECK LIST TO HELP YOU TO ASSURE ALL RULES WERE COMPLIED WITH. FAILURE TO COMPLY FULLY WILL RESULT IN YOUR APPLICATION BEING REJECTED. International Committee of Judges: Peter J. Barber, Treasurer, Muskies, Inc. International–Joe Bucher, Editor Emeritus Musky Hunter Magazine; Legendary Hall of Fame Muskie Angler Steve Budnik, Past President and Research Committee Chairman, Muskies, Inc. International–Jim Bunch, Chairman, Muskies, Inc. Members Only Fishing Contest; Muskie magazine Lunge Log Editor– John M. Casselman Ph.d., Adjunct Professor Queens University, Department of Biology & Senior Scientist Emeritus, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Applied Research and Development Branch Glenora Fisheries Station; Member Muskies, Inc. & Muskies Canada–Rich Delaney, President World Record Muskie Alliance; Member Muskies, Inc.Terrie DuBe, Muskies, Inc. International Secretary; Professional Muskie Tournament Angler–Brad Latvaitis, AFS Fisheries Professional Emeritus; Owner, Environmental Solution Professionals; Enshrined, Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame 2006; Muskie Historian & Researcher; Contributing Editor Musky Hunter magazine–Mike Lazarus, Member Muskies Canada; Ontario & Quebec Muskie Guide, Ron Lindner, Publisher Emeritus In-Fisherman Communications Network & Hall of Fame Angler–Pete Maina, General Manager/Co-owner Esox Angler magazine; Contributor Wisconsin Sportsman magazine & Member Muskies, Inc.,Diana Mindar, Muskies, Inc. International Board Member; Professional Muskie Tournament Angler– Jerry Newman, Founder World Record Muskie Alliance; Member International Game Fish Association (IGFA); Member Muskies, Inc. & Muskies Canada–Steve Pallo, Management Programs Section Head Illinois Department of Natural Resources-Fisheries; American Fisheries Society (AFS), Certified Fisheries Scientist; Past Director-Research Muskies, Inc. International; Past Chair AFS Esocid Technical Committee; Life Member of Muskies, Inc. & Co-Chair of Fisheries Habitat Committee Muskies, Inc.–Gord Pyzer, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (Ret.) Kenora; Fishing Editor, Outdoor Canada Magazine; Field Editor, In-Fisherman Magazine and Television Co-Host; The Real Fishing Radio Show; President, Canadian Angling Adventures Ltd.; Outdoor Editor/Columnist, The Kenora Daily Miner and News, The Fort Frances Times, Just Fishing and Grainews–Larry Ramsell, Research Editor Musky Hunter magazine; Muskie Historian & Dual Hall of Fame Muskie Angler; Past President, Muskies, Inc. International; Former Represenative IGFA; Former World Secretary NFWFHF; Former World Record Advisor NFWFHF–Jim Saric, Editor/Owner Musky Hunter magazine; Contributing Editor Fishing Facts magazine; Contributing Editor, MidWest Outdoors magazine– Steve Sarley, Host of CLTV’s “The Great Outdoors” television program – 2002 to 2005; Host of “The Outdoors Experience” radio program on Chicago’s NewsTalk 560-AM WIND – 2003 to present; Weekly columnist for Shaw Newspaper’s “Northwest Herald,” “Kane County Chronicle,” and other Shaw daily newspapers; Monthly columnist for “MidWest Outdoors magazine” – 1996 to present.–Tim Simonson, Fisheries Lake Sampling Coordinator, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Spokesman, Co-chair State Musky Committee, Wisconsin Deptartment of Natural Resources–Marc Thorpe, Past President Muskies Canada; Ontario & Quebec Muskie Guide–Steve Worrall, Owner Muskie First Internet Website & Member Muskies, Inc.Send completed Application to:International Muskellunge Record Review Committee,17805 57th Avenue,Chippewa Falls, WI 54729For immediate contact:Larry Ramsell, Chairman715-462-9880email: [email protected] Jim Bunch 715-723-8343 email: [email protected] FOLLOWING THREE PAGES CONTAIN THE “OFFICIAL”INTERNATIONAL MODERN DAY APPLICATION FOR RECORD.Modern Day Muskellunge and Hybrid Muskellunge Record ApplicationInternational Committee of Judges: Peter J. Barber–Joe Bucher– Steve Budnik–Jim Bunch — John M. Casselman Ph.D.–Rich Delaney–Terrie DuBe –Brad Latvaitis –Mike Lazarus,Ron Lindner –Pete Maina, Diana Mindar — Jerry Newman –Steve Pallo–Gord Pyzer –Larry Ramsell–Steve Sarley–Jim Saric –Tim Simonson –Marc Thorpe–Steve Worrall1) An official record application form or an exact reproduction must be used for record claims. All rules and requirements must be fully complied with. 2) All applications must be signed by the angler and notarized.3) The angler is responsible for obtaining all required signatures, statements and documents and for assuring that all are properly notarized in accordance with rules and requirements. 4) The angler is responsible for assuring that all required photographs are submitted and that photographs encouraged within the rules, regulation and criteria are included, if available.5) If present, a Committee representative may sign in place of a Notary.6) Any falsification of an application or supporting documents shall disqualify the applicant from any previous, current or future record application. 7) Witness information must include full address, email address, if any, and telephone contact number for both application and any supporting documentation.8) Decisions of the Record Review Committee shall be final.Name of Angler: (print)___________________________________________________________________________Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________City: _______________________________________________ State/Prov.: ___________________ Zip:________Phone: ______-______-________ Email: ________________________________________ Height: ___________Date of Catch: ________________ Location of Catch: ________________________________________________State/Prov. Of Catch: _____________________________ Nearest Town: _________________________________See Rules and Requirements, if necessary, to Complete the Following:Weight of Fish: _____________________lbs/kilos (circle one) ________________________oz./grams (circle one) Total Length of Fish: ______________________________________ inches/centimeters (circle one) Fork Length of Fish: _______________________________________ inches/centimeters (circle one) Girth of Fish: _____________________________________________ inches/centimeters (circle one) Type and make (if known) of Line Used: ___________________________________________________________Name of Plug or Artificial Lure or Bait used: ________________________________________________________Check: Method of Catch; Casting: __________ Trolling: __________ Live bait: ________ Dead bait ________Check: Method of landing; Gaff: _________ Net: ________ Other (describe) _____________________________ANGLER AFFIDAVIT: I, the undersigned, do hereby affirm and attest that my catch has complied with all Angling Rules and Requirements as set forth for record consideration by the International Record Committee, as well as all regulations where caught, and that all required photographs and supporting documentation, is provided herewith:Signature of Angler: ___________________________________________________________________Signature of Notary: _____________________________________________ Seal:CATCH WITNESS AFFIDAVIT: I/we the undersigned do hereby attest and affirm that I/we actually witnessed the capture of this fish being applied for record and have provided the required statement detailing the catch.Printed Name: _________________________________________________________________________Signature of Catch Witness #1: _________________________________________________Address: _____________________________________________________________________________City: _______________________________________________ State/Prov.: _________ Zip:________Phone: ______-______-________ Email: __________________________________________________ Signature of Notary: _____________________________________________ Seal:Printed Name: _________________________________________________________________________Signature of Witness #2: _________________________________________________Address: _____________________________________________________________________________City: _______________________________________________ State/Prov.: _________ Zip:________Phone: ______-______-________ Email: __________________________________________________ Signature of Notary: _____________________________________________ Seal: WEIGHT WITNESS AFFIDAVITS: We the undersigned do hereby affirm and attest that we witnessed the actual weighing and measuring of the above noted fish and that the application weight is correct. We also attest that we are not associates of the angler:Printed Name: __________________________________________________________________________________Signature of Weight Witness #1: ___________________________________________________________________Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________City: _______________________________________________ State/Prov.: ___________________ Zip:________Phone: ______-______-________ Email: ___________________________________________________________ Signature of Notary: _____________________________________________ Seal:Printed Name: __________________________________________________________________________________Signature of Weight Witness #2: ___________________________________________________________________Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________City: _______________________________________________ State/Prov.: ___________________ Zip:________Phone: ______-______-________ Email: ___________________________________________________________Signature of Notary: ____________________________________________ Seal:SCALE OPERATORS AFFIDAVIT: I, the undersigned, do hereby attest and affirm that I was the person that did the actual weighing of the fish above noted, that the weight is correct and that I have no association with the angler:Printed Name: __________________________________________________________________________________Signature of Scale Operator:_______________________________________________________________________Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________City: _______________________________________________ State/Prov.: ___________________ Zip:________Phone: ______-______-________ Email: ___________________________________________________________Signature of Notary: ____________________________________________ Seal:SCALE CERTIFICATION: Registered Scale #: ____________ Make of Scale: __________________________Date Certified: ____________________Scale Location (store, etc., town/state/prov.): ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Please also attach new and signed post weighing scale certification (mandatory); weight and stomach contents statement of findings (required); and certification of fish identification for hybrid muskellunge (required), if applicable. Also include a cleithral bone and the scale sample (required). Send completed Application to:International Muskellunge Record Review Committee17805 57th Avenue,Chippewa Falls, WI 54729Following is a check list to help you assure that you have complied with all application requirements, along with additional recommended items desired if available.Record Application Check ListApplication:_____ Official application or exact copy used_____ Angler information complete and notarized_____ Catch witness information, if any, completed and notarized_____ Weight witnesses information complete and notarized_____ Scale Operators information complete and notarized _____ Original scale certification information is complete_____ Certification of scale after weigh-in complete _____ Fish identification statement included for hybrid muskellungeEquipment Criteria:_____ Photograph of equipment (optional)Weighing and Scale Requirements:_____ Rule 4; Signed and notarized documentation statement_____ Official weight adjusted (if necessary) _____ Original Scale Certification information _____ Post weigh-in scale certification information _____ Photograph of scale (optional) _____ Photograph of fish on scale (optional) _____ Photograph of scale reading (optional)_____ Rule 4; Photograph of scale contrivance if used (optional)Fish Measurement:_____ Fish total length measurement_____ Fish fork length measurement_____ Girth measurement _____ Photograph of fish total length measurement (optional)Photograph Requirements:_____ Photograph of Angler with the fish _____ Photograph of hybrid muskellunge if applicable_____ Negatives if film was used (optional) OR_____ Digital photo format description _____________________________________Handling of Fish: _____ Post weigh-in completed and stomach contents statement obtained _____ Scale sample and a cleithral bone collected and submittedTHANK YOU AND GOOD LUCK!

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