See the Entire Picture with the Aqua-Vu Quad HD

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 Jul 21st, 2021 by Keith Worrall 

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See the Entire Picture with the Aqua-Vu Quad HD


No Fish Can Hide from this All-seeing Underwater Camera

Crosslake, MN – Complete anglers learn everything they can about the world beneath the surface, leveraging that knowledge to find and catch more fish. Modern electronics — especially underwater video systems — play a pivotal role in our quest to locate and identify structure and fish. Aqua-Vu, the industry leader in underwater viewing systems, now introduces the innovative QUAD HD, revealing fish and structure in every direction, all at the same time.

Unlocking a panoramic underwater landscape in true color high-definition video, the Aqua-Vu QUAD HD packs four 720p underwater lenses into a single all-seeing camera module. Deploy the optics and immediately view four directions at once — forward, backward, left and right — leaving no fish unseen.

Vaunted ice fishing aficionado and Aqua-Vu pro angler Brian “Bro” Brosdahl is a big fan of the QUAD HD — for a good reason. “The Aqua-Vu QUAD HD is the ultimate tool for ice spying. You drop the camera into the hole, and you instantly see everything all around you. There’s no turning or aiming the camera to get a good look around; the design is totally hands-free. With the QUAD HD, there’s no more guesswork involved: The fish are there, or they’re not.

The QUAD HD features a 10-inch daylight-viewable LCD with four touchscreen-selectable quadrants and touch zoom for even greater up-close examination of underwater terrain. “Since the QUAD HD lets you see in four directions all at the same time,” Brosdahl continues, “you’ll often see fish swim through one frame and right into another. If all the action is in one quadrant, all you have to do is tap that portion of the display, and the individual camera view expands to fill the whole screen. Tap the display again, and you get instant zoom in that direction. When the fish start moving around again, it’s just as easy to tap back to the view with all four quadrants. The responsiveness is excellent; you won’t miss a thing!”

The QUAD HD features digital on-screen displays of camera depth, water temperature and camera direction to provide anglers with as much detail about the underwater environment as possible. The system is equally valuable for ice fishing or in-boat applications, and is compatible with Aqua-Vu’s family of XD Quick Attachment accessories. Dr. Jason Halfen, Aqua-Vu pro angler and owner of The Technological Angler, leverages the versatility of the QUAD HD to catch more fish in the heat of the summer. “When I’m fishing bass and walleye on deep weedlines, I use the QUAD HD to give me an all-around perspective of everything happening below. Because of the unique camera design, I get one lens that looks directly at the weeds, a second that looks into the deep water opposite the weeds, and then two more key perspectives — one that parallels the weedline to my left and another to the right — all on the same display. If I’m casting to the left and see fish appear to my right, I can immediately reel up and get a bait on those fish before they disappear. That’s a unique real-time capability that no other modern electronics can provide, and it puts more fish in the boat — guaranteed!”

The innovative QUAD HD underwater viewing system comes complete with 125-feet of camera cable, adjustable infrared (IR) lights, a 12-volt 9 amp-hour battery and Smart Battery Charger, and a custom soft carry bag. Use the integrated HDMI video output to connect the QUAD HD to a larger display — like the big screen TV in an ice fishing hard house — or the new AV CONNECT HD to view and record underwater video on compatible smartphones and tablets. The Aqua-Vu QUAD HD is available now with an MSRP of $1799.99.


Add the Aqua-Vu QUAD HD to your fish-catching arsenal today, because seeing everything is believing!



10” Super Bright (1800nits), Daylight Viewable LCD

4-Way QUAD HD Cameras for Panoramic Underwater Viewing

Modular XD Camera Housing with Quick Attachment Accessory System

On-screen displays of Digital Depth, Water Temperature and Camera Direction

720p Color High-Definition Cameras

Opti-RX Lab-Quality Lenses for Ultimate Clarity

125-feet of Cable

Super Low Light Vu™ Technology

High Intensity, Adjustable IR Lighting

HDMI Video Output

IP67 Waterproof, Heated LCD

Boat Ready / RAM Mount Compatible

12v 9Ah Battery

Power Saving Mode with up to 6 Hours of Run Time

Smart Battery Charger

Custom Soft Carry Bag


About Aqua-Vu

The Original Underwater Viewing System, Aqua-Vu is manufactured by Outdoors Insight, Inc., and has led the underwater camera category in design, innovation and quality since 1997. The Central Minnesota-based company builds many popular outdoors products, including Aqua-Vu Underwater Viewing Systems and the iBall Trailer Hitch Camera. Learn more about Aqua-Vu and our innovative products by visiting https://www.aquavu.com.

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