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 Jan 4th, 2006 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Slamr: MuskieFIRST.com is very proud to open our 2006 Chat Season with Steve Worrall, guide of 30 years and well respected muskie educator Slamr: thanks for making the time tonight Steve Steve_Worrall: you bet, Slamr Slamr: Steve, first question, one that was on the board for a while: one bit of advince you would give to all anglers that fish muskies? Steve_Worrall: that’s an easy one Steve_Worrall: bear with me a minute Steve_Worrall: I had a professor in college Steve_Worrall: who started the first semester telling us that he didn’t give a hoot about what we actually retained from the class Steve_Worrall: his goal was to get us to THINK Steve_Worrall: there it is Slamr: explain Steve_Worrall: too many days we hit the water and repeat the same things over and over Slamr: versus? Steve_Worrall: same places, same baits Steve_Worrall: break the mold, branch out, learn new techniques Magruter: sorry, but can we ask questions.. Slamr: what techniques do you find muskie anglers “getting into a rut” with too much, and not enough? Steve_Worrall: accept that there are more ways to catch a nice muskie than most of us will ever learn sorno: fish more than 1 water…? Slamr: sure Scott, and everyone else, please feel free to ask questions, just allow some time for steve to catch up lambeau: Steve, what are the characteristics of a good spincasting reel for jigging up muskies? any specific recommendations for rod and reel? Steve_Worrall: well, the biggest problem I see is not learning boat control Steve_Worrall: and not learning how to read a sonar Steve_Worrall: and therefore, understand the water pgaschulz: Thompson Lake have you fished it and with any success havent been there in over 20 year but my family used to fish it all the time and saw some nice pictures of musky Steve_Worrall: PG, yes, nice lake Steve_Worrall: it’s just a couple miles from my house SVaerst_(VMS): So let’s explore that boat control a bit…What or how do you define good boat control on a given piece of structure? pgaschulz: Musky still present Steve_Worrall: being able to see it three d SVaerst_(VMS): can you elaborate? Steve_Worrall: and control the boat at ALL times so the lure lands where it should Steve_Worrall: yes, good muskies there Steve_Worrall: the lake is basically a field filled with water pgaschulz: thank you Steve_Worrall: there are hills, lowareas, rock shelves, etc Steve_Worrall: the water hides all of that Steve_Worrall: mission is to be able to see that, in the mind’s eye pgaschulz: Breezy Point was the resort we would stay at would you guide the lake muskie_man: steve what is your favorite brand of jig and your favorite color that i could use on kentucky waters Steve_Worrall: yes, I do KidDerringer: That would be true any place. sorno: would you say that it’s usually much easier to do that on reservoirs vs. natural lakes? Steve_Worrall: I like the Cobra jigs, and make my own Slamr: and could you go back to the rod/reel combo for jigging Steve_Worrall: reservoirs are tough, sorno Steve_Worrall: they change SO much Steve_Worrall: your water, for example, goes up and down what, 30′? sorno: sometimes as much as 50′ SVaerst_(VMS): O.K…Given you know the structure well… how do you go about determining what depth/contour to run your boat along? lambeau: good question SV. Steve_Worrall: jig colors, favorite, black Steve_Worrall: find the road Slamr: define “the road” EsoxDan: What would say is the biggest problem with people controling their boats. Speed or missing points that you are aware of and they are not Or? Brian: we had a reservior just about dry up here last year – with the draw down – a guy had an arial photo taken for future referemce. Steve_Worrall: Lambeau, remember this fall me running the boat with the transom to the wind? Steve_Worrall: did that to keep the suckers on the ‘road’ Steve_Worrall: largest problem…moving WAY too fast Steve_Worrall: and not following the contour Steve_Worrall: no patience means no learning the water, IMHO SVaerst_(VMS): But if you are casting, the road may be a different contour…so how do you determine which “road” to follow? Slamr: speaking of speed, is there a time you move faster, versus your usual ____ pace? Steve_Worrall: there may be several on one piece of structure Steve_Worrall: sorno, you here? Steve_Worrall: remember that bay on the Goon? Steve_Worrall: We started in 6′ sorno: yes EsoxDan: What would you benefit from staying on the contour? Verses not? Steve_Worrall: hit the outside edge, moving along the weedline which is NOT consistent Steve_Worrall: then we went in to 4’sorno: I use that lesson often… Steve_Worrall: and hit the middle, casting both ways sled: if you are in a known structure cluster why would you ever want to work “fast” Steve_Worrall: then to the inside, casting out, that is 3′ Steve_Worrall: good Q. sled sled: angles, depths and contours …. you could fish the same place differently 5 times through Steve_Worrall: I take the water apart, a section at a time Steve_Worrall: one casting distance lambeau: so each pass is on a single “road”, thorough dissection of spot by following various contours? Steve_Worrall: the road is the depth on my sonar that keeps the boat in the position for me to hit the correct water SVaerst_(VMS): How long will you spend on a certain contour before abandoning it and changing up? Steve_Worrall: lambeau, exactly Steve_Worrall: since a single 100 year stretch of weedline can be so complex Steve_Worrall: I can stay there for over 2 hours and only hit the same water once lambeau: SV: he’ll stay forever. Slamr: forEVER sled: agreed … BFH: 🙂 sorno: longer if he sees a fish… sled: BigMo gets mad at me Steve_Worrall: it pays off, I know the fish are there, somewhere Slamr: Steve, what things do you find muskie anglers focus TOO MUCH on? KidDerringer: Very hard for people to understand this. KidDerringer: They want to go go go. KidDerringer: Drive me nuts inside. SVaerst_(VMS): But at some point in time, there has to be a determination made that the specific contour is not working, even though the fish may be right there… Steve_Worrall: TOO much focus on the size of the fish Slamr: versus? Steve_Worrall: instead of what the fish are doing, and why Steve_Worrall: big fish come because one knows why they are there Steve_Worrall: ‘targeting’ big fish is a concept Steve_Worrall: not a real practice Slamr: so you dont believe in “big fish spots”? Steve_Worrall: fish MUSKIES where they are, which is where the food is, and Steve_Worrall: the big girls will show Steve_Worrall: there are GREAT ‘spots’ Steve_Worrall: like the ‘pen’ on the Goon Steve_Worrall: current break, deep edge, island complex, and dead water JUST outside of the current in the weeds Steve_Worrall: LOTS of fish, but also, BIG fish lambeau: is there one aspect of structure you look for first? Slamr: you fished shallower all over this year, any specific reason? (and because you caught fish there is not an answer) Steve_Worrall: sure, moving water Steve_Worrall: the shallows have always been a favorite, I’m an old Bass guy Steve_Worrall: slop fish are there sled: steve … do you ever just fish for bait fish first and not worry about other things? Steve_Worrall: and this year really was good in the shallow water BenR entered the room. Steve_Worrall: especially during the late summer Slamr: like Labor Day time period? Steve_Worrall: I caught most of my fish this year in less that 3′ Steve_Worrall: from August to the cool down, yes muskie_man has left the room. Brian: steve – how do you target feeder stream inlets on resreviors? EsoxDan: Why the change or better in the shallows do you suppose? sled: yup Steve_Worrall: any moving water is a magnet sled: yes SVaerst_(VMS): How far away from deep water are these slop spots you fish? Can fish get there quickly? Steve_Worrall: water coming in, if it’s cooler than the area, can really be good Steve_Worrall: or, in the early part of the year, warmer KidDerringer has left the room. Steve_Worrall: some of those areas I hit hard this year are hundreds of yards from anything deep Steve_Worrall: why last year? sled: I haven’t been to the site … need to check it out, great guys in Shawano! muskyme entered the room. sled: big, dumb river fish SVaerst_(VMS): How thick do some of these slop areas get? Steve_Worrall: the heat, then the cool down, water was warm everywhere, cooled first shallow Steve_Worrall: hard to get a spinnerbait through them esox2: I plan on joining before the season starts Slamr: and what do you find most affective for keeping clean through the weeds, attracting fish and good hookers? sled: good call, worth the money and great club Steve_Worrall: best? Steve_Worrall: Spinnerbait BenR: Steve do you think increased boating and fishing pressure has pushed these fish into the slop? Steve_Worrall: 7/0 hooks esox2: i mostly fish shawano anyways Steve_Worrall: actually, no, I don’t think boat pressure has much to do with it Steve_Worrall: I catch fish in very shallow slop where there IS no pressure Steve_Worrall: another great slop lure Slamr: beyond spinnerbaits, what else do you find you can work through the slop, such as Goon Slop (clumpy) versus Moen slop (shallow reedy distinct line) Steve_Worrall: Big Sluggo Steve_Worrall: and beleive it or not, some gliders sled: anybody seen the single hook plastic frog baits? lambeau: so…single hook or high riding basically? Steve_Worrall: work ’em along on the top, skimming the weeds, keeping the hooks sideways sled: they were new last year without any hype Steve_Worrall: not all that hard to do Magruter: trailer hook on the spinnerbait?? Steve_Worrall: 7/0 trailer, yes SVaerst_(VMS): So what do you think holds them there? food and temp only? or is there something more about the spot that makes it better than others? Snowcrest_1 has left the room. esox2: single blade or tandem blade spinnerbait? sled: nope … monster hook with a screw and trailing legs … great action Steve_Worrall: cover, food, sometimes water temps Steve_Worrall: Single, mostly SVaerst_(VMS): Any particular weed type you look for? esox2: willow? sled: i worked a ton shallow in league last year and made lots of plastic baits just to work the slop Steve_Worrall: tandem is too much work, have to keep it high and clean lambeau: any advice for fighting a fish in shallow slop like that? sled: steve if you remember our night on boom, you could hardly work a bait due to slop Steve_Worrall: exactly, sled Steve_Worrall: I let them move, Lambeau sled: cut weeds and crud from pontoons and jetskis make you have to improvise on boom anyway Steve_Worrall: don’t pressure them too much, they move through the open water, keep pressure on them and take the boat to the fish Slamr: Steve, can you talk about a few of the waters you call “home”, specifically that you guide on? Steve_Worrall: Pelican Steve_Worrall: Moen Chain sled: those crazy fish will still follow a bait full of weeds KidDerringer has left the room. Steve_Worrall: some little lakes Steve_Worrall: and all the popular area muskie waters Steve_Worrall: We have clear and deep, weedy and dark, and everything in between in Oneida County Slamr: can you share ONE sleeper lake with us, tell us a bit about it, the whens and wheres of fishing it? lambeau: how do you decide which lake to head to on a given day? first priority? Steve_Worrall: sure, George Steve_Worrall: 500 acres sled: any of you that drive past Rhinelander to “better” lakes are missing a lot! Steve_Worrall: very little pressure Steve_Worrall: dark water, BIG fish sled: I drive south for hogs Steve_Worrall: that lake is a slop fisherman’s dream Steve_Worrall: sled, that’s a fact lambeau: how shallow are you fishing on George generally? sled: amazing how they are left aside Steve_Worrall: in the summer, most of the time I have the boat in 4 to 5 feet Steve_Worrall: casting IN Steve_Worrall: and parallel sled: inside out? Steve_Worrall: gliders in the slop, topwater, and hair, spinnerbaits too Steve_Worrall: sled, yup lambeau: do they use the reeds much there? Steve_Worrall: yes esox2: where is george lake?? lambeau: in heaven. sled: hwy 8 east SVaerst_(VMS): What kinds of gliders are you able to work in slop? sled: next to thompson esox2: sounds like it Steve_Worrall: I like the dark water on sunny days, evenings after a hot still day can be explosive in the slop, and on the weed humps and islands Steve_Worrall: Undertaker Steve_Worrall: Wabull Steve_Worrall: Perka, that thing is magic Slamr: Its almost show season, anything specific, baits or gear (can be rods/reels/electronics/nets) that has caught your eye? Steve_Worrall: this season, not really Slamr tells you: give us a little Frabill ad there Steve_Worrall: lots of great stuff out there, but nothing that I just have to buy lambeau: any thoughts on the “right” combo for jig fishing? reel and rod characteristics? specific recommendations? Steve_Worrall: jig outfit Steve_Worrall: Now I’m talking Creatures Steve_Worrall: not Fuzzy Duzzits sled: carolina style? Steve_Worrall: shhhhh sled… Steve_Worrall: I use a spinning rod Steve_Worrall: in a ‘heavy’ sled: was a bass tourney carolina junkie … methought we thought alike Steve_Worrall: bass action sled: yup Steve_Worrall: spinning reel spooled with 14 or 17# mono Brian: mono with your jigs? sled: did a lot of home-made crud last year that way Steve_Worrall: seven strand leader Steve_Worrall: the best ctreatures are made on the table at home Steve_Worrall: the reel needs to have a large spool sled: carolina was a question …. Steve_Worrall: so it picks up line FAST Brian: what makes a specific creature good or better than another? Steve_Worrall: carolina or slip rigging plastics really works well Shane has left the room. Steve_Worrall: is a great slop or heavy weed (milfoil) presentation Steve_Worrall: yes, mono Steve_Worrall: mono Steve_Worrall: for several reasons, but mostly because it is forgiving Steve_Worrall: I miss too many on superlines, set the hook before the fish has the jig Steve_Worrall: plus, I fish left handed Steve_Worrall: and have my left hand index finger resting on the line while the jig sinks after each ‘burn’ SVaerst_(VMS): If I can go back to boat control for a moment, what style of bow mount do you prefer and why? Steve_Worrall: I like the Powerdrives Steve_Worrall: I started with the AP, then went to the PD SVaerst_(VMS): didn’t find the AP worth it? Steve_Worrall: buy the largest you can afford Steve_Worrall: but rarely used autopilot, so… Steve_Worrall: I use a 24 volt, but this year will probably go 36 Steve_Worrall: the turning speed is fine, I never have an issue with boat control because of that SVaerst_(VMS): Do you ever use a kicker to help with boat control? Steve_Worrall: not up here, it’s illegal Slamr: Tuffy has a number of changes happening with their line up this year, can you tell us a bit about the new rigs, or changes to existing rigs that will be seen in 2006? Steve_Worrall: I have fished with Gary Parsons a few times on rivers where he had the kicker and the bow mount running, ran that rig like a watch KidDerringer entered the room. Steve_Worrall: sure, all new Walkthrough windshield models Steve_Worrall: three of them SVaerst_(VMS): I’m curious…how is that considered different than ‘posisiton fishing’ as per wisconsin regs? Steve_Worrall: a new 19′ model Steve_Worrall: a new 1760 Esox Steve_Worrall: the Wisconsin regs prohibit motor trolling on most water north of Hwy 64 Steve_Worrall: can’t have a line in the water with a gas engine running madmusky: Did Tufffy increae the width (beam) for 2006? Steve_Worrall: silly law, has to do with tradition, not biology Steve_Worrall: they built a new 1890, that is 97″ wide madmusky: how about 1760? still 80 or 83? 2060? Steve_Worrall: the 2060 is 90 Steve_Worrall: 1760 84 Steve_Worrall: but the interiors are new, way more room lambeau: how much “fishable” beam do you figure the GT (capless) model has over the standard? Steve_Worrall: saw the first 2060 DCW yesterday, nice ride Steve_Worrall: easily twice, Lambeau KidDerringer: 2060 a V hull Steve_Worrall: yes, KD KidDerringer: Hold a 225 Steve_Worrall: big girl, rates at 250 KidDerringer: Cool KidDerringer: I could did that. Steve_Worrall: zoom… KidDerringer: Big wave need more power. Steve_Worrall: big water muskies changed everything KidDerringer: Big water where I live, fish / work Steve_Worrall: the average muskie rig in the early 80’s was 16′ Steve_Worrall: and was powered by a 40 KidDerringer: Bud Shane has a nice tuffy KidDerringer: Beats it to death. madmusky: any talk about changing the WI motor trolling deal? KidDerringer: Tuff Steve_Worrall: Shane is a great guy, good stick KidDerringer: Nice guy to have on yer back some days. KidDerringer: BIG Steve_Worrall: no, mad, that law is written in concrete Slamr: lets talk Goon, why do you fish it, and what advice would you give to someone new to the waters? KidDerringer: //1 Steve_Worrall: right in the center of Madison Steve_Worrall: ahhhh, the Goon Steve_Worrall: it’s a very confusing body of water magnummusky entered the room. sled: do the pike swim with the muskies on the goon, or do they sort out like lotw Steve_Worrall: that holds true monster fish sled: pike seem huge there Steve_Worrall: they live together, sled Steve_Worrall: in no water at all, lots of the year Steve_Worrall: I’m on that water because I have seen the One there sled: BigMo Steve_Worrall: nad haven’t anywhere else Steve_Worrall: and not just one, either Slamr: how big? Steve_Worrall: well, I caught a 56.6 sled: wow sled: girthy Steve_Worrall: and a few minutes later, lost one KidDerringer entered the room. lambeau: and 30 minutes later? Steve_Worrall: much Steve_Worrall: larger Steve_Worrall: my son was with me Steve_Worrall: we didn’t say a thing until dinner, hours later Steve_Worrall: he looked up, and said ” at least 6″ Steve_Worrall: he was right Slamr: but to the novice, what advice would you give for someone on their FIRST time on the Goon, say they have 6-7 days to fish sled: gotta go get the kids a snack … will try to come back later Steve_Worrall: so that fish was somewhere in the 61, 62″ class Steve_Worrall: any water similar to the Goon Steve_Worrall: is current driven as far as Muskies go Steve_Worrall: find the current breaks, you find the fish Steve_Worrall: but think cover, moving water(so cooler water in the very shallows) Slamr: from looking at the water, and the structure, how can one identify the “current breaks”? Steve_Worrall: hahahaha Steve_Worrall: the locals thought I was out of my mind BigMo: Balloons…tell us more Steve_Worrall: you can also watch the weeds, moving water turns them over sorno entered the room. Steve_Worrall: I took a TON of baloons, tied 4′ of line to them, and let them go up system Steve_Worrall: where a boloon stopped, the current stopped Steve_Worrall: picked a still couple of days, it was fun sorno: I got kicked for being lazy… Slamr: colors, basic approaches for the Goon? Steve_Worrall: spinnerbaits, shallow running stuff Steve_Worrall: top water Steve_Worrall: gliders ripped through the stuff Slamr: focus on weeds, or rocks, or where and when? Steve_Worrall: and fish shallow Steve_Worrall: very shallow madmusky: How many places did you move fish where the baloons stopped (that you wouldn’t have found w/o baloons) vs. spots you would have fished normally? Steve_Worrall: actually, most of them madmusky: how many spots did you find with the baloons, that would have gone over looked? Steve_Worrall: the areas where the current really pooled off the front of a bay were also my BIG pike spots, just deeper, as in 5 to 6′ Steve_Worrall: easily 50 madmusky: Wow…was the claimed 60+ crusin’ one of those spots? Slamr: more questions? Steve_Worrall: but I could have gotten by with 25 baloons, once I saw what was happening Steve_Worrall: yes, right off the boat landing KidDerringer: Any photos of the 2060 around? Steve_Worrall: will be very soon, Kid KidDerringer: Keep me in mind Steve_Worrall: a week, she’s unveiled Steve_Worrall: yessir KidDerringer: Coooool Slamr: and….what new features do you see for MuskieFIRST in 2006? Steve_Worrall: that big fish wasn’t alone, either KidDerringer: Thanks you please. Steve_Worrall: I got a 49 off that same rock earlier that day Mark_Hintz entered the room. Steve_Worrall: MuskieFIRST will be expanding, as always, Steve_Worrall: Hi Mark! madmusky: how close was deep water? to that spot Steve_Worrall: Zach has some plans for the summer, as do Slamr and I Steve_Worrall: expanded video Steve_Worrall: expanded tournament coverage Steve_Worrall: and ALOT more radio, come Spring, one show a week. Mad, a long way, probably 100 yards. Thanks for listening to my rambling, everyone!

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